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Collyer, Sacred Interpreter, or Practical Introduction to Beneficial Reading and Thorough Understanding of Bible, thick 8ro. cloth.U. pub. 12*. . Ox/ 1831

Cottin, Elizabeth, or Exiles of Siberia, translated, 24mo. cloth. Sharps't neat edition, Westall't plates. 2s. pub. bs. 6d


Cowper, Poems, Table Talk, Task, Minor Poems, 4 vols, in 3, Sharpe's beautiful edition, in 3 rols. 12mo. dlo/A, Westall't plata. 6s. pub. 11.3s. . 1825

, Table Talk, Wettall's plates, 2s. pub. bs. 6d. Sharpe, 1825

, Task, 12mo. clolA, Wettall's plates, is. pub. 7s. 6d.

Crescemblni, della Poesia Italiana, et Stona della Academici, 4 vols. 12mo. 3>. id. pub. II. 11*. 6d. 1803

Debrett, Baronetage of England, Descent, Present State, Collateral Branches, Births, fee. 2 thick vols, cloth, numerous coats of arms. 4s. pub 28*. 1824

De Coetlngon, Protestant Reformation of 16th Century, celebrated as a Motive to National Gratitude, 8vo. port, of Luther. Is. pub. it. Sd. . . 1818

Defoe, Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, 3 vols. 12mo. cloth, 2>. 6d. pub. 10«. . Chisurick, 1812

Dihdin, Introduction to Greek and Latin Classics, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth. 6s. p'tb. 2 gs. . . 1827

Dillon, Eccelino da Romano, or Tyrant of Padua, 8ro. cloth, is. pub. Us. . . 1828

Disraeli, Literary Character or History of Men of Genius, if vols. 12mo cloth, 5* pub. Its. . 1828

Dohell, Travels, Kamtchatka, Siberia, with Residence in China, 2 vols, cloth, cold, plates, is. pub. II. 1830

Drummond (W.) Poems, edited by Pinkerton, 12mo. cloth, is. pub. 9s. . 1790

Du Hausett, Lady's Maid to, Madame De Pompadour, Private Memoirs, translated, 8vo. 1«. pub. 6s. . 1825

Eldon, Continental Traveller's Oracle, or Maxims for Foreign Locomotion, 2 vols. 12mo. cloth, 2s. 6d. pub. 155. 1828

Erasmus, Christian Manual, with copious Scripture Notes and Life of Author, by Crowther, 8vo. 2s. pub. 8s. 1816

Ferdinand the 7th of Spain, Memoirs, translated by Quin, Svo.cMa, Is. pub. \0s.6d. . 1824

Fitiosborne, Letters, with Memoir by Melmoth, 8vo. cloth, 2s. pub 9s. . 1814

Foscolo (Ugo) Ricciarda Trasedia, 8vo. 6d. pub. Is. 1820

Friend of Woman, translated from French of Villimert, by Morrice, 8vo. cloth. Is. pub. 5s. . 1802

Fuller (Rev A.) Miscellaneous Pieces on various Religious Subjects, with Notes by Morris, 8vo. 2s. pub. Is. 1826

Fussefl, Journey round Coast of Kent, Remarks on Objects, Penshurst, Tunbridge, Rye, &c. 8vo. cloth, map, 2s. pub. 9s. 1818

Gait. Life, Studies, Works of Benj. West, 8vo. cloth, port. 2s. 6d. pub. Us. . 18 >0

Gait, Lives of the Players, cloth,\t. 1831

Garry, Treatise on Perspective, for Schools, 8vo. 16 plates. Is. pub. 6s. . . 1826

Genevieve, Legend of, with other Tales and Poems, by Delta, sm. 8vo. cloth, 2s. pub. 10*. . 1825

Glovani Finati, Life and Adventures, translated from Italian, by Bankes 2 vols. 12mo. cloth, is. 6d. pub. lis. 1830

GOLDSMITH, History of Earth and Animated Nature, 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, numerous plates, 10*. pub. 21. 2s. 1828

History of Rome, Foundation to Destruction, 2 vols.

8vo. cloth, 3s. pub. 12*. . 1825

— Poetical Works, Life and Critical Dissertation on his Poetry, by Aikln, 12mo. 1». pub. 6s. . 1817

— Poems, Traveller, Stc. Wettall's Designs, 12mo. eioiA, 2». pub. 7>. . Sharpe, 1826

— Vicar of Wakefield, Westall't Designs, 12mo. cloth, 2s. pub. bs.6d. . Sharpie. 1828

Graves (Dr.) Arguments for Predestination and Necessity, contrasted with established Principles of Philosophical Inquiry, 8vo. rlolh, Is. pub. Hi. id. . 1829

Graves (Dr. R.) 26 Sermons,Practical clbW.2s.Pui. 10».6d,1830 Gray, Works, Memoirs of Life and Writings, hy Mason, 8vo.

cloth, portrait, 2l.6d pub. 10t.6d. . 1827

Heber (Bp.) Poems and Translations, 8vo. 2s. pub. 6s. 1829 Hewlett, Commentaries and Annotations on Holy Scriptures, 5 vols. 8vo. cloth, 12s. pub. 31. lis. . 1«16 Hill (Dr. G.) Lectures on Old Test, to Illustrate Jewish History, Scripture Characters, 8vo. cloth, 3s, pub. lis.

Edin. 1812

Hobhouse, Histor. Illustrations of Childe Harold. Dissert, on Ruins of Rome, Essay on Italian Literature, 8vo. cloth, 3s. pub. lis. . 1818

Ireland (Dr.) Paganism and Christianity Compared, Course of Lectures to King's Scholars at Westminster, cloth, 2i. pub. IDs. ... 1809

Italy and Italian Literature, by Herbert, 8vo. cloth, 2s. pub. 10s. . . . 1835

Italy and Italians in 19th Century, Civil, Political, Moral State, and Treatise on Modern Italian Literature, by Vieusseux, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 2s. 6d. pub I6». 1824

Jacob, Historical Inquiry into Production and Consumption of Precious Metals, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 6>.pu6.1< is. 1831

Jacquemont, Letters from India, Journey in Tibet, Lahore, Cashmeer, 2 vols. 12mo. cloth, p'ates, 3s. pub. 12s. 1835

Jennings, Jewish Antiquities, with Dissert, on Hebrew Language, 8vo. cloth, plate, is. pub. 9s. . 1837

Johnson's Pockrt English Dictionary, Is.

Joyce (Rev. J.) Love to God Considered, with Remarks on Common Errors of Thelogical Controversy, &c. 8vo. cloth, 2s. pub. 9s. 1826

Justin, Histnria Philippica, Delphin Edition, 8vo, cloth, . . 1814

Las Cases (Count) Letters, Account of Arrest and Re moval from St. Helena, History of Sir Hudson Lowe's Oppressive Conduct to Napoleon, with Official Correspondence, Bvo. Is. pu6. 8*. . . 1819

Leighton (Archbp.) whole Works, with Life, by Aikman, Bro. cloth, 15*. . . 1832

Lives of Pocock, Pearce, Newton, and Skelton, edited by Chalmers, 2 vols.8vo. cloth, 3s. pub. II. . 1816

Locke, on Toleration, 12mo. 2s. . 1800

Lowe,Present State of England, Agriculture, Trade, Finance, S;c, 8vq, doth, 3s, pub, lit, , 1823

Lowth on Isaiah, with Dissertations, Notes, Crit. Pbilol. Explan. 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 5>. pub. II. Is. . 1824

Maclean. Clan, Historical, Genealogical Account of, from First Settlement to Present Tirae.8vo. c(. lis. 1838

Maltby. Greek Gradus, thick 8vo. cloth, 7*. pub. It. 1840

Mant, the Young Naturalist, a Tale, 12mo. gilt leaves, 6d. pub. 5*. . 1826

Marmion, a Tale of Flodden Field, by Sir W. Scott, 8vo. cloth. 2s. 14*. . . Edin. 161j

May, 29th of, or Rare Doings at the Restoration, by Hardcastle, 2 vols. 12mo. cloth, 3*. pub. lis. . 1825

M'Leod, Voyage to Africa, with Account of Manners, and Customs of Dahomian People, 1 Smo. plates. Is. pub. 5s. 6<i.


Men and Manners In America, 2 vols, cloth, is. pub. 12. 1834 Milman, Anne Boleyn, a Dramatic Poem, 8vo.2*.uu6. 8*. 6d.


Miscellanea Sacra, or Abstract of Scripture History of the Apostles, by Barrington, 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, map, bs. pub. II. 10*. . . . 1770

Monkeys, Memoirs of (a satirical attack upon modem travellers, by Rose, 12mo. cloth. Is. 6d. pub. 5s. 6d. 1825

Moore (Sir John) Life, by his Brother, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, portrait, is. pub. It. Is. . . 1834

Murray, Historical Account of Discoveries and Travels in ASIA, 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, maps, 6s. pub. 21. 2s. 1820

Murray,ditto in Africa, 2 vols, maps, it. pub. II. 7*. 1818

Murray (Lindley) Memoirs of Life and Writings, with Preface and Continuation, by Frank, 8vo. cloth, port. it. pub. 9S. 18*7

Narrien, History of Origin and Progress of Astronomy, cloth, plates, is. rub. 14o. . . 1833

Newton (Rev. J.) Works, with Life, by Cecil, complete in 1 vol. 8vo. cloth, bs. pub. II. Is. . 1834

— Omicron, Letters and Life, by Brewster, 12mo. 1*. 6d. pub. bs. 1824

Ney (Marshal) Memoirs, published by his Family, translated, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, port. 4s. pub. 24s. 1834

Nuttall, Dictionary, Classical, Archaeological, of Manners. Customs, Laws, &c. of Nations of Antiquity, thick 8vo. Cloth, 5s. pub. II. . . 1840

Paley, Evidences, 8vo. cloth, 2s. pub 5s. Cadell, 1851

Ditto, Nat. Theology, 8vo. cloth. 2s. pub. 5*. Ditto, 1388

Parke, Musical Memoirs, General State of Music in England, with Anecdotes, &c. 2 vols, cloth, it. pub. 18s. 1830

Paterculus, History of Rome, translated by Baker, 8vo. Is. pub. St. . . 1814

Paul 8c Virginia, translated by Williams, 18mo. cloth, Wett. all's plates, 2*. pub. bs Sd. . Sharpe, I82H

Penrose, Inquiry, chiefly on Principles of Religion, Into Nature, Discipline of Human Motives, 8vo. cloth, 2s. pub. 10*. . . 1820

Pinkerton, Literary Correspondence, edited by Dawson Turner, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, is. pub. II. 12*. . 1830

Plumptree, Popular Commentary on Bible, ill Series of Ser mons, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 5*. pub. II. 6s. . 1827

Porteus (Bp.) Sermons on Several Subjects, 2 vols. 8vo.cI/A.

4s. pub. 16*. . . 1823

Ditto, Tracts, Various Subjects, complete, 8vo, cloth, it.

pub. 9s. . 1836

Projector, The, a Periodical Paper, edited by Chalmers, 3 vols. 8vo. clolA, 4*. pub. 27*. 1811 Pyle, Paraphrase on Acts, Epistles, Revelation, 3 vols. 8vo.

clolA, 5*. II. is. . Ox/. 1817

Raffles, History of Java, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth,


Rambler, by Johnson, 3 vols. 12mo. cloth, 1826 Raumer, Histery of 16th and 17th Century, Illustrated by

Original Documents, translated, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 4s. pub.

II. Is. . . 1835

Religious Life. Great Importance of, considered, with

Prayers for Morning and Evening, by Melmoth, 12mo.

«d. pub. it. 6d. . . 1803

Rirciardetto of Forteguerri, with Introduction, Notes. &c.

by Lord Glenbervle, 8vo. cloth, port. 2s. pub 10*. Sd. 1822 Kobinson, Scripture Characters, 4 vols, 12mo. cloth, 8*. pub.

11.8*. . . 1814 Christian System, Practical Essays on Doctrines, Duties, 3 vols. 8vo. clolA, 3s. pu6. 24». . 1825 Romance, Book of. Stories, Romantic, Humorous, and

Pathetic, by 30 Authors, with Crit. and Biogr. Notices,

lime, cloth, is. pub. ts. . Glasgow. 1820

Rose (SirG.) Selection from Papers of Earls of Marchmont,

3 vols 8vo.cWA, 7s pub. II. 16*. . 1831

Russell, History of Modern Europe, with Continuation to

1825, by Jones, 10 vols, cloth, II. . 1829

Russell (Lord W.) Life, and his Times, by Lord J. Russell,

2 vols. 8vo. clolA, port. 4s. pub. II. . 1820

Saffo, Dramtna Lirico, sul modello Tosoano, dall' Inglese dl

Mason, tradotto da Matthias, !2nio. 6d. pub. 6s. 1809 Sallust. Cataline, Jugurthine Wars, Cicero,Orations against

Cataline, translated, 2*. pub. 8*. . Oxf. 1841

Sandlord (Rev. J.) 8 Lectures, Fellowship with God, 12mo.

1*. pub. 5*. . . . 1835

Scott (Rev. T.) Works. Force of Truth, Growth in Grace,

Sermons, Essays, &c. 8vo. clolA, it. pub. lit. 1H31 Scolt (Walter) Tales, Romances, vols. 10 to 20 (Highland

Widow to Cattle Dangerous) 11 vols. ctotA, plates, 13*. 1833

Lordof the I«les, 8«o. cloth, 2t. Sd. pub. 14s. 1815

Ditto. Miscellaneous Poems, 8vo. cl. is. pub. lis. Edin. 1820 Scribleomanla, or Printer's Devil Polichrouicon, tcilh full

Notes on Literary Characters, 8vo. cloth, is. pub. 14*. 1815 Shepherd, Carpenter, Joyce, Systematic Education, Elementary Instruction, Literature, Science, Practical Rules,

&c. 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, many plates, is. pub. II. 11*. fid. 1822 Sheuherd (Rev. W.) Paris in 1802 and 1814, 8vo. U. puo. 7*.


Sherlock, on Death, 8vo. I«.pu6. 5». . 1810

Sherwood (Mrs.) Bible History, or Scripture its Own Interpreter, 18mo. 6d. 1823

Sibbes, Divine Meditations and Holy Contemplations, 18mo. 6d. . . 1808

Simond, Journal of Tour in Gr. Britain, with Appendix on France, 9 vols, 8vo, cloth, plole*, 3*. pub, 11, 111. 94. 1*17

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This Publication is intended to be the organ of communication between the Book-buying and Reading public, and the Booksellers of the whole kingdom. It is more especially designed to be the means of procuring for Authors, Scholars, Sec. the rarest and most valuable books; and as each number will be strictly confined to literary subjects, no Advertisements can be admitted, except those which have reference to matters of analogous character. The literary portion will present unusual attractions from its sterling merit, original information, and news.

*.* Advertisements for rare and scarce Works, odd Volumes, or Numbers, to complete Sets, inserted in this Advertiser free of expense.

Seven Lines and under, 5s.


Each Line after, 6d ; Quarter of a Column, 15s. Half ditto, If. 5j.; Three Quarters ditto, 21.: A Column, 2f. 5*.

It will confer a Favour on the Publisher, if the Parties to whom this Circular it addressed, will give it as much Publicity as possible. Should any difficulty arise in procuring Books, tec. from this Advertiser, a Direct Application made to E. Lumlby, lit. High Holhorn, London, will be immediately attended to

Books cannot be sent to those who do not settle their accounts promptly.

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The whole tone of these works is of the highest character, and vastly superior to any others.

Books at Threepence each

ADVENTURES of a PLY, inculcating humanity to Insects AGNES and CLEMENT, aTale iurChildren 1814 BEAUTIFUL LITTLE ROSE, from German of GU1DO

Gorres . ■ 1828

BIDDY K.VVANAGH (scene in Ireland) Pet Rabbit,

Heedlessness, Ellen and Kitty, Honour, Delahunt, Peggy

Doran, frontispiece. The BROTHERS, from German of Bchmid. CANARY BIRD, Oi Vnlley of Schwarzenfels. CHEICR1ES. or OVERSEER of MAHLISOURG and


the German of Schmid. DORCAS GREEN, and other Storirs./rond'sjjiece 184S DOVE, or CASTLE of FALKENBOURG. ESTHER SIMMONDS, a Tale, frontispiece. EUSTACE and his FAMILY, from German of Schmid./ron


REV. JOHN KETTLEWELL, Life and Death, with his Ditctions fur a Holy a .id Happy Death, portrait.

KING and the WOODMAN, by Fouque,yron<ispi>«.

LOST CHILD, a Tale, fnim German of Schmid 1848

LOUIS the LITTLE EMIGRANT, Child lost in the Wood,
Night Lodgine,, Mother's Grief, Peasant of the Village,
Clergyman, Country Life, Foreign Soldiers, Wounded

M A III AN MRRETON, or See and Judge.

MONTHS of the YEAR, beautiful woodcuts of/lirds, Stc.
J'INOHPENNY (ISAAC) or the Unmasked Hypocrite.
IMtASCA LOUPOULOFF, or Filial Piety exemplified, a

Russian Narrative.

Village Tale, neat cuts . 1842



ST. CHRISTOPHER, a Painting in Fordholme CluiTch, neat woodcuts.

S TORIES and FABLES, cuts.

STORIES from BEDE, with his Life, neat cuts.

V ALLEY of ALMERI\, frontispiece.

The WREN, or the FAIRY of the GREEN House, 18 beautiful wood engravings.

Books at Sixpence each.

ASLAUGA'S KNIGHT and TWO CAPTAINS, 3 Romances, hy Fouque, translated.yine engravings.

BIK.LVS NEST and other TALES, from German, Daisies, .Sluggard, Lobsters, Festival of Roses./ronjispiece, Sic.

C ALD14RON, Justlna, a play. "oeitanrfpreHiWt of hisplays, Scencat Anlioch, Reign of Emperor Ccesar Decius, 249 years alter Christ," translated from the Spanish, by J. 11. cloth,


EDMONSTONE (Sir Archibald) The PROGRESS of RE. LIGION, a Poem, cloth, . . 1842

LI ESL1 E, a Beauliful Swiss Tale, has been translated into almost every European language; also HE1NRICH and BLANOA, or the Three Brothers, engravings.

Life of REV. ISAAC MILLKS, Rector of Highclere "agood man's life, one far from the clamorous din of controversy, inculcating plain religious trutlts, and etery day religious duties,'' cloth, beautiful cuts . 1842

LILLIAN ARUNDEL, a Story for Children, cloth 1843

LOST HAPPINESS, or the Effects of a LIE, a tale for Young, by LADY CHATTERTON elegantly printed, larse type', plates. '•

PICTORIAL ALPHABET, or Child'aPictureReadingBook, (su/'erior in execution, both print and pictures) 24 COLOURED PLATES.

REU-BREAST, Porget-Me-Not. Ingratitude, Vanity, Appearances are Deceitful, Veronica.TALESfrom the GERMAN . . .1843

SIMPLE TALES. Tor ihe Young.

SQUARE SIXPENNY SERIES, Aristocratic. Editions, with tine borders, exquisite WOOD CUTS, gay covers, gilt leaves.



Books at Ninepence each.

UNDINE, by FOUQUE, last and best Translation, with

Author's Preface, '■ most graceful fiction of modern timet,"

"most exquisite," fi engravings. EAGLE and the LION; also, other TALES. Victor's

Wrath, Lantern in Casile Yard, &c. translated from ditto,

ENGRAVINGS. Unknown Patient, Vow, Eugenia Berthold, Rose, by ditto,

translated, 5 iltuttratiotii.

Books at One Shilling each

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branccr, cloth, . . 1845

SCHILLER, JOAN of ARC, or Maid of Orleans, "omon» most beautiful of his conceptions, abounds with phssages of highest standard of excellence," gilt leaves, cuts.

Ditto, WILLIAM TELL, " mosj excellent, admirably pourtrayed, best thing he ever wrote, Wfseriotions -of Alps exquisite,"—Carlyle, Frontispiece by TEWNftiL. 4Sf

Sintram and his Companions, " demghsful romance, universal favorite." by Fuuque, best trbnslation,./rneengravings.

VOICES from the EARLY CHURCH, a Series of Poems, elegantly printed volume, cloth. s

Books at Eighteen-pence each.

HOUSEHOLD TALES of England. France, Germany, 82 most Interesting Nursery and Fireside Popular Legends, &e. 21 engravings. %

P"ETER SOilLElSrHL, or SHADOWLESS MAN. translated from German of Ohamisso, "most enchanting romance." best edition, with Appendix, 6 engravings.

PLUTARCH, LIVE-i of GREEKS, condensed, with Additions from Thirlwall, Mullar, Mitford, Keightlry, Robinson, &c.; also, Introduction, with Chronology, Geography, Szc. of Greece.

Ditto, of ROMANS, Additions from Niebuhr, Gibbon, Fergusson, Adam, &c.

WHITE LADY', from the German of Von Woltmann, "consiiiered equal to Undine," also, BARONESS MOTTE FOUQUE, IV. TALES, Physician of Marseilles, Christmas Tree, Revolutionists, Valerie, 2 works in I.

Books at Two Shillings each. Ballads and Metrical Tales, from Percy, Ritson, and

other Collections, with full Notes and COPIOUS GLOSSARY, fine wood engravings by Tcnniel, Selous, Sec. Ditto, and SONGS from GERMAN, a collection of 46 best Translations from Uhlaud, Burger, Schainisso,Becker,&c. both parts in one, beautiful engravings by Warren, Selous, Vorbould. tfc.

Bellair8 (Kev. H. W.) Tales of the Town (Henry Howard, Ambrose Elton) cloth, lieautiful engravings.

Book of Fables and Allegories, 131 of best Specimens extant " very delightful book, most unexceptionable collection ever ptiblished," cloth, numero'is wooducts.

Ditto, of Foetrv, selected by REV. B. G. JOHNS, includes the choicest Specimens of Southey, Wordsworth, Elliott, Macauley, Coleridge, Alford, Crashaw, Hood, Sandys, De Vere, &c. precisely the volume so long wanted, rich materials for Reflection, tending to exalt and purify the taste," cloth, frontispiece by It'arren.

Bunyan, Pilgrim's Progress, Mason's Notes, /;/. bnd. 100 cuts by Bonner.

Domestic Tales. (Friend in Disguise, Right Thing to Do, Bob and Dog Quit, Sic.) "Fascinating little book," cloth, neat Illustrations.

Elements of Knowledge, Short Compendium of useful Information for Children, " Short Scriptural Catechism, Division of Time, Articles of Food, of Clothing, of Utility of Ornament, Minerals, Heavenly bodies, Various Natural Phenomena, Geography, History," "simplest style of arrangement, and scientific and technical terms generally avoided in definitions." by C. M. A. beautifully printed, large iype,Jlne engravings, cloth, i*ib. 3f. 6d. 1843

(Continued on page 144.)

CATALOGUE— (New Serws)—of a portion of EDWARD LUMLEY'S EXTENSIVE ASSEMBLAGE of BOOKS—selected and partially classified, from upwards of 40,000 volumes in all languages—highly interesting to the Scholar, Student, Theologian, and Readeruf every description; and they may be obtained through any respectable Bookseller in the Three Kingdoms, the Colonies, or the United Slate As the great secret of E. L.'s business consists in the speedy turning of his Capital, and purchasing every thing with ready money, it must be evident that his terms can be for CASH ONLY.

Books (all New) from the late Mr. Mackat, to be

sold at Ed. Lumlcy's, 126, High Holborn. Addison, Evidences and other Discourses collected, \s. pub.

3s. 6d. . . Whitlimjham, 181'J

Address to Young Lady on entrance into World, 2 vols.

ctuth, 2i. pub. \0t. M. . . 1813

Adventures of a Guinea, Views of Striking Scenes, with

Anecdotes of Noted I'ersons in every Rank, 3 vols. 12mo.

cloth, plates, 3s. Gil. pub. 15s. . 1823

AfTfriunte ai Componimento Lirici dc piu illustri Poeti

il'ltalia, BCelte da Mathias, 3 vols, fronts. 2s. 6VI. pub.

it. ii/. w. . . i

Aikin (Ur.) Collection of ENGLISH SONGS, with Essav on Song Writing, cfc/A, is. pub. Vs. 1810

Ditto, Translation of the Kulojrii'S of Members of French Academy with Notes and Preface, 2 vols. clth. -a. 6J. pub.

i5». . . na'j

ALKIERI, Trnpedies, translated by Lloyd, "only English translation of the it noble poems,"Uuartei l*j Review, 3 vols. cloth, pub. lbs. . . 1819

— — Memoirs oT Life and Writings, by ditto, cloth, 2s. pub. OS. r>(. . . . 1821

Anderson (Rev. M.of Dulwich) Discourses on LifeofMoses, cloth,2t. pub. 6s. . . Hiritujton, 1S34

Anstey, New Bath Guide, or Memoirs of B.N. It. D. r'amilv, iimo.plalet, Sd. pub.2t. 6tl. . 17*4

Bacon. Kssa\ s,Pounsels,Moral, Economical,Political, Hints for Conversation, &c. limo. cloth. Is. 6s. 1818

Ditto, Sharpe's beautiful edition, WestalVt Jine plates, cloth, St. pub. it. , . . 182'.!

■ on Proficiency and Advancement of Learning. Divine

and Human, cloth, 2s. pub. 8*. . Payne, 1808

Barnard, Divinity of Jesus, Demonstrated from Holy Scriptures, and Doctrine of Primitive Church, thick l2mo. {371 pages) 6d. pub. 9s. . . 1TK9

Basfa and Becundus, Kisses of, translated from Latin, with Memoir of Life and Writings, port, and plates, it. pub. 6s.


Baxter (Richard) Memoira of his Wife, also of her Mother,

ltrno ef M, 1>. ;»<6. 4*. . iHiO

Beatlie.Mlnstrel, and other Poems. 12mo. port.Is. pubis.]-U7 Another, Sharpe's beautiful edition, with ll'cslaWs line

plate: cloth, is. pub. 5«. Be/. I8S7 Beattie (J.) Life, Correspondence, &c. by Forbes, hf. cf. nt.

•it. 6.1. pub. 6s. . . 1824

Relisurius, by Marmontcl, translated, Is. put). 3s. 1806 Bernard (Manager of American Theatre) Retrospections of

the Stage, J vols. cr. 8vo. cloth, purl. it. pub. 18s. 1830 BlanchardfLaman} Sketches frum Life, with Memoirs by

Hulwer Lyttou, 3 vols, cloth, cuts. Is. pub. 15s. 1819 Bland, Proverbs, from Erasmus' Adagii, witb Explanations

and Examples from Spanish, Italian, French, English, 2

vols, in 1, sm. Svo. hf. bnd. 4s. pub. 10s. . 1814

Blair, Grave, and other Poems, Lifebv Anderson, best edition, limo. cloth, plates, \s. 6<i. pub. 7s. . 1826 Bloomfleid, Poems, Dove's pocket edit. Is. . 1824 Boston, Human Nature in its Fourfold State, Lifeof Author,

Notes, Sic. 12mo. cloth, Is. M. Edinb. lfc.23

Bowles, Missionary, a l'oem, Is. 6.7. pub. 7s. Gd. 1H16 Bracciolini (Poggio) Life of, by Shepherd, Hvo. cloth. Is. puli.

13.t. . . 1837

Bridges' Theory, Solution of Cubic lliquadratic Equations,

Equations of'Highrr Orders, Is. pub. 7s. 1831 British Bards, Choico Selections from Principal Poets from

Spencer to Cowner, with Lives, S:c. "finest specimens its

whole range of knulish poetry,''cloth, 2s. puli 7s. till. 1820 Buchanan (Claudius) 8 Sermons, 8vo. 2s. pub. la. Eilinb. 1812 Buncle, Life of, by Amory, 3 vols. sm. 8vo. cloth, Is pub.

II. ft.. . . . 1825

Bunyan, Pilgrim's Progress, with Life, Key to Allegory,

Critique on its Beauties, large type, thick Svo. cloth. 2s.

pul: Ifts. . . . Is;i4

Burgh, Anecdotes of Music, 3 vols, cloth.te. pub. 31s. Cel. 1811 Burns. Poetical Works, Glossary, Life, 2 vols. 12mo. cloth,

plates, 2s. pub. 10s. 6d. ■ 1816

Butler, Analogy of Religion, Natural and Revealed, sin. Svo.

cloth, 2t. pub. it. 6d. . . 1833 1 j Sermons, preached at Rolls, also others, cloth, 2*.

pub. 4s.6.l. . . . 1835

Butler (C.) Life of Ernsmus, History of Literature, between

10 & 16 centuries, Hvo cloth, is. pub. Is. M. 1£2'> Ditto, of Grotius, with Civil, Kcclesiastiral, Literary History

of Netherlands, Svo. cloth, is. pub. 7s. 6ti. JSSii Reminiscences, both relies, 2 vois, Svo. cloth, is. pub.

19s. . . . 1827

Butler (Fanny Kemblo) 2 vol J. cth. 4s. pud. 18s. 18).r) C<c<ar, Commentaries. 4 books (Litlin. with English

Translation) and huge N- tea, by Mair, cloth, 1 >. pub. 3i.

Edmb. 1840

Cambridge English I'rize Poems, complete, Is. pub. is. IHlx Cary Translation of Dante, cloth, 3s. . 1817

Chatelar, tffusions of Love to Mary Queen of Scotland, from Gallic MBS. in Paris, Is. pub. 5s. . 1805

Chesterfield, Letters to celebrated Individuals Time of Ch. II. James III Will. III. Aunc, witb replies, Svo. cloth, port. IS. pub. lit. . . 1H29

Cneyne ( DrJ Practical Rules for Restoration and Preservation of HEALTH, and best means for Invigorating and Prolonging Life, 6tl pub. It. . 1834

i . (Continued on page 143.)

HiMlibms (by Butler). 36(13 Complete, ALL 3 PARTS, Original Editions, collected, Voltaire declared he had never met with to much wit in any book, 8vo. cf. 2s. Gd. 1693-4 3664 Foulis edition, 2 pocket vols. cf. 2s. 1761 3G65 Suttaby's neat pocket edition, 2 vols. hf. cf. is. . . 1802

3666 Neat Edition, with woodcuts, 2s. pub. 6s.

Vernor, 1811

3667 Ilubner, De la Saisie des Batimcns Neutres, ou du Droit qu'ont les Nations Bclligerantesd'Arreter, lea Navires des Peuplcs Amis, 2 vols. cf. 2s.

Haye, 1759

3668 Huetiana, Pensees Diverses de Huet, Evrsque d'Avrnnches, 12mo. cf. \s. Gd. . 1722

3669 Mufeland (Dr. C. W.) Art of Prolonging Life, translated from German, 2 vols. Svo, 2s. 1797

3670 Hufeland (W. C.) Practice of MEDICINE, result of 50 Years' Experience, Comprehensive Descriptions, Jast and Philosophical Reasoning and Practice, Intelligible and Rational, abounds in Facts and Principles, translated from GERMAN, by Bruchhausen and Dr. Nelson, thick8vo. inn*. 5».

New York, 1844

3671 Hug (Profess. Theol. at Freybourgh University) Introduction to N. Test, translated from German, with Introd. and Notes, by Rev. Wait, "rery valuable, entirely opposed to fanciful German rationalism,"T. H. Home, 2 vols. 8ro. cloth, Gs.pnb. 11. 12s. . 1827

3672 Hughes (H.) Female Characters of Holy Writ, SERMONS at St. John's, Clcrkcnwell, 2nd Series (24 Sermons) cloth, 3s. pub. 7s. 1846

3673 3rd Series (New Test. 21 Sermons) cloth,

3s. ... 1847

3674 Hughes, Summaries of Sermons and Discourses of Jeremy Taylor and Sherlock, 8vo. \ 7s.Gd.


3675 Hughes, Outlines of Physical Geography, descriptive of Inorganic Matter of Globe and Distribution of Organised Beings, cloth, 8 maps, 2s. pub. 3s. Gd. . . 1850

3676 Hughes (J.) Poetical Works, with Life, 2 vols, in 1, hf. cf. nt. portrait, \s. . 1796

3677 Correspondence (including Letters by

Swift, Steele, Addison, Pope, Hoadley, Herring, Spence, Src.) with Life and Notes, by Duncotnbc, 3 vols. cf. nt. 2s. Gd. . . 1773

3678 Hugo (Victor) Notre Damo, with Prefatory Notices, Literary and Political, of his Romances, translated, best library edition, " eloquent horrorist, fertile imagination, never dull," 3 vols. cr. 8vo. 6s. pub. 2is. . . 1833

3679 Excursions along the Rhine, "admirable

account, with its historical and legendary associations," 8vo. cloth, plates, is. pub. 10s, 1813

3680 Hlifjriienot Fuinll.T, on Night of Massacre of St. Bartholomew, 1572, by Scott, a very well arranged and most exciting picture, Bursting Open of Door, Inmates preparing for Resistance, Lady, Child, Bedridden Old Man, &c. fine modern engraving (14 Ay 10) 24.

3681 Huguenots, Browning, History of, continued to Present Time, large Svo. 3». Gd. pub. Gs. 1840

3682 Hufsb, on BEES, Nature, Economy, Management, Systems of British and Foreign Apiarians, Preserving Lives, Description of Hives, with New Inventions, Svo. 3*. pub. 10s. . 1817

3GS3 Hulbert (Rev. D. P. M.) Ordination, Matrimony, Vcctigalin, Extreme Unction, Theologically Considered, cloth, 2s. pub. 5s. , 1850

3684 Hull (Rev. J. D.) The Church of God, a Dook for the Age, cloth. Is. pub. is. Nisbet, 1840

3685 Hull (T. of Covent Garden Theatre) Genuine Letters to Young Pupil to form Taste, regulate Judgment, improve Morals, with Notes, &c. 2 vols. . . . 1772

3686 Hull (R.) Cursory Notes oa the Morbid EYE. 8vo. cloth, 2s. pub. St. . . 1840

3687 Hullah, Method of Teaching SINGING, Wil. hem's Method, large vol. cloth, 3s. cost's. 1812

3688 Huliey (of the Globe), Tables of Values of Annuities and Assurances upon Lives, Equal Aga, Single, Annual Payments, according to Northampton Table of Mortality, Rate of Interest, 3 per Cent., also Value Analytically, 3». pub. 10s. 18.'3

3689 Ilullmandel, Manual of LITHOGRAPHY, clearly Explaining whole Art and Accidents in Printing, methods of avoiding them, Selections from Brcgeaut, 8vo. plates, 2s. Gd. pub. liM. 18.3.'

3690 Hullman (Profess. K. D.). Handelsgeschiciite der Griechen, Bonn, 1839, Ditto Urgeschichte des Staats, Konigsberg, 1817, 2 books, 3».

3591 Hultmann {Juris Consult), Miscell. EPIGRAPHICORUM, large paper, large 8vo. (500 fega) 2s. . . Zutphan.liii

3692 Human Form, Rochard, French Progresiire DRAWING BOOK for the Head, after the best Models, The EYE, to large finished HEADS.folio. 18 very clever plates, 5t. . Parts, 1S19

3693 Human Races, Unity of, proved Doctrine of Scripture, Reason, Science, with Review of Preseat Position and Theory of Profess. Agassii, by Dr. T. Smyth, cloth, portrait and cuts, it. 1851

3894 Humble (Dr.) Dictionary of GEOLOGY jnd MINERALOGY, Terms in Botany, Chembtrt, Comparative Anatomy, Conchology, EntomolotT. Palaeontology, Zoology, and Natural Historv," i Cyclopaedia of Knowledge, much vmltd" Svo. cloth, is. ... 1813


3695 Cosmos, authorised Translation ISttbnei). 2 vols. 4». . . Murref, 1819

3696 Ditto, Bohn's edition, 2 vols, cloth, it. fti. 7s. ... 1848

3697 Travels, Equinoctial Regions of America, 1799—1804, translated, vols. 1 and 2, 5s. H11. 5s. . . . 1818

3698 Ditto, Bohn's reprint, vol. 2 only, cloth, 1».

3699 Fragmens de Geologie et de Climatologie Antiques, 2 vols. 8vo. 4*. Gd. . Peris. MM

3700 HUME, Essays, Treatises, Moral, Politics:, Literary, 2 vols. Svo. cf.fine copy, 7s.

3701 Essays, 4 vols, in 2, Svo. uncut, is. Gd.

Basil,] IS

3702 Essays, Moral, Political, Dissertations it5 vols. 12mo. cf 5f.

3703 II lime and Smollett, History of ENGLAND, 13 vols. 8vo. fine library copy of ytttru edition, calf, neat, If 13». CadeU, If;?

3704 Hume, 8 vols. Smollett, 5 vols. 13 vols. 8vij.if. cf. nt. II. . . 1769-18W

3705 England, 16 vols. 12mo. cf.nt. 19s. 1*1?

3706 Ditto, lfi vols. 12mo. red morocco, gilt lata, plates, 11. 2s. . . 1'"

3707 Ditto, with Introductory Essay, by Ret- H. Stebbing, 16 vols. 12mo. cloth, lis. Is

3708 Complete,large8vo./i/.c/.n/.15s.coi/ll.8i.l810

3709 Ditto, with Continuation, or ChronolojieilRecords, to Coronation of George IV. by Burke, and very full Interrogatories on the Hiitory of Estland, 6 vols. 8vo. hf. cf. new and neat, grarings, 31. . "J

3710 Ditto, with Continuation to 1835, by Hughes. 21 vols. 12mo. cloth, 11. \ 5gs. 183"

3711 Ditto, with Continuation to 18S7, 6 Tols.8vs. hf. cf. many plates and woodcuts, 16». 1838

3712 Smollett's Continuation, Miller's ditto to Coronation of Geo. IV. thick 8vo. 7s.

3713 Scott, Continuation of Smollett (History * George 3) 5 vols. elth. new, port, 6t. J"*' j^'

371 I Hume. History of England, BOWYER'S splendid EDITION. 10 very thick and large vols, folio, hf. russia, splendid plates, very fine impressions, 61. pub. 701. in bds. ." 1806

3715 HUME(Rer. W. of Mill on Abbot, Devon) the Sacred Succession, or a Priesthood by a Divine Right, Originated, Stated, an dMaintained through the Several Changes and Dangers of the Militant Church, 8vo. calf, very neat, 3s. 6d. 1710

3716 Humourist, Miscellany of Mirth, Humour, Gaiety; also Stevens, Lecture on Heads, calf, nt. 2». 1804

3717 Hunchback of Notre Dame, by Victor Hugo, translated, cloth, it. . . 18:13

3718 Hunchback's Chest, Tales, &c. by Rev. W. Wickenden, cloth, new, 2s. . 1852


3719 A Kclet Nepe, 1841, Masodik Kiadas, 8vo. 3s.

Pozsonyban, 1641

3720 Horvatb Mihaly, a Magyarok Tortenete, 4 vols. 8vo. hf. cf. nt. 8s. . Papan, 1842

3721 Orosz Ungarus Gesetzge-bender Korpcr auf dem Reichstageiu Presburg in Jahr, 1830, 2 vols, in 1, 8vo. ,'s. . Leipzig, 1831

3722 Stadium, Irta Grof Szechenyi Istvan, 1831, 8vo. hf. cf. nt. 3s. . Liseben, 1833

3723 Szechenyi Einigcs uber Ungarn Nach dem Nehany szo a loversey Koru!, von Klein,3*.Peslh, 1839

3724 Uber (lie Donauschiffahrt, Aus dem Un

grischen, von Paziazi, 8vo. 2s. Of en, 183fi

3725 Hunt (Dr.H.) Nature, Treatment, of TIC DOULOREUX, Sciatica, other Neuralgic Disorders, 8vo. cloth, 2s. 6d. pub. fix. . 1844

3726 Hunt(R.) on Skin Diseases, Artificial, Natural Classifications, 2s. pub. 5s. Canlerb. 1838

3727 Hunt (R.) Hand-book to Official Catalogue, Explan. Guide to Nat. Productions, Manufactares, 2 vols, cloth. 5s. . . 1851

3728 Poetry of Science, or Studies of Physical

Phenomenaof Nature, 8vo. cloth, 7s. pub. 12*. 1848

Hunt (Leigh).

3729 Companion, Original Edition, 8vo. 3*. 10s. . . . 1828

3730 Feast of the Poets, with much Poetical Criticism, not reprinted, Lectures for Modern School of Poetry, 2s. . . 1815

3731 Imagination and Fancy, Selections from Poets, Illust. of First Requisites, with Markings of Be3t Passages, Crit. Notices and Essay, "What is Poetry ?" 8vo. imperfect, 2i. cos/ 9«. 1845

3732 Indicator and Companion, reprinted, 2 vols. cloth, new, 7s. pub. 16». . 1834

3733 Poetical Works, Collected, 8vo. 3s. 6d. pub. 12s. . . . 1832

3734 Readings for Railways, Anecdotes, Short Stories, Maxims, Poetry, flee. Is. . 1850

3735 Wit and Humour, Selected from the Poets, Illust. Essay,Crit. Comments, 8vo. cloth, 5s. pub. Vs. 1846

3736 Hunter(Rev.Dr. H.) Sermons, Scc.withLife.Crit. Account ofWritings,2 vols.Svo./j ort.2spub. 18*. 1804

3737 Hunter (Dr. A.) Receipts in Modern Cookery, with Medical Commentary, front. 2s. pub. 6s.

York, 1810

3738 Hunter (John) Treatise on the BLOOD, Inflammation, Gun Shot Wounds, last edition, "no more satisfactory book on febrile or nervous affections, which local disease produces,"Abernethy, thick 8vo. plates, 4s. 6<f. pub. 14s. . 1828

3739 Nat. History of Human TEETH, Structure, Use, Formation, Growth, Diseases, both parts, 4to. cf. plates, 6s. . . 1778

3740 Hunter, John (founder of Ilunterian Museum) Memoirs, Life, Doctrines, by Dr. Adams, port. 1818; Lynch, Ilunterian Oration, 1845, 2s.

3741 Hunter (Rev. J.) Hallamshire GLOSSARY, 8vo. cloth, 3s. pub. 8s. . 1829

3742 Hunting, Thoughts upon, by Peter Beckford, sm. 4to. cloth, new, fine frontispiece by BarMozzi, 2s. . . 1802

3743 Hunting with Dogs, Poems upon, by Gratius, the Faliscan, Englished and Illustrated by C. Wase (with the Latin Original) 12mo. cf. 2s. 1651

3744 Hunting the <-■> i iO u\ a Set of large Sporting Prints, illustrating celebrated Song, "Hey, Ho, Tantivy," by MACKRILL, after TURNER, 4

plates, exceedingly exciting (21 by 17) beautifully

coloured, 10s. pub. 3 gi. Ackermann, 1839

3745 Journal of Blackmoor Vale Hounds, 1826

to 1831, 8vo. 2s. . Sherborne, 1831

Hiiiiting-foral (Bp.)

3746 XII. Discourses, "reasoning, straight and manly, style. Scriptural, energetic, appropriate," "eminent Christ, spirit. Faith, Hope, Charity," 2 vols. 8vo. 3s. put. 11. . . 1815

3747 Call for Union with Established Church, addressed to English Protestants, a Compilation from Various Authors, Is. . 1800

3748 Introd. to Writing Greek, Is. pub. 5s.

3749 Metrica Monostrophica, 1782; Apology for ditto, with Sacond Collection, 1584, 2s.

3750 Huntington (Rev. W.) Arminian Skeleton, or Arminians Dissected and Anatomized, 8vo. cf. nt. fine portrait, 3s. . . 1787

3751 Ditto, Works, vol. 5 (Gleanings of Vintage, Moses Unveiled in Face of Christ, Breath of Lord, Sieve of Vanity, Joy of Faith in Shadow of Death, Illness, Death) thick 8vo. cf. 4s. pub. 14s. 1837

3752 Hlll'fl (Bp.) Warburtonian Lectures on Prophecies on Christian Church and Church of Papal Rome, 2 vols, in 1, 1773; also, Sermons at Lincoln's Inn, with Discourse on Christ's driving out the Merchants from Temple, " wary and temperate,"Parr, 8vo. cf. nt. 1776, 2s.

3753 Dialogues, Moral, Political, Chivalry,

Romance (Sincerity in Commerce, Retirements, Age of Elizabeth, English Constitution, Uses of Travel) "all correctness of Addison, strength of reasoning far superior, 3 vols. 8vo. cf. nt. 4s.l788

3754 HURKION (Rev. and Learned John) Sermons at Merchants' Lecture, Pinner's Hall, with Life, "eminent congregational minister, inferior to few, close reasoner, natural, unaffected, manly,'' 2 vols. new, 3s. pub. 8s. . . 1813

3755 Hurter, Tableau des Institutions et Mceurs de 1' Eglise, au Moyen Age, particulierement Treizieme Siecle,sous Pape Innocent 3, traduit de l'Allemand, par Cohen, vol. 3 only (Auguslins, Franciscans, Dominicans, Rapports de I'Eglise, arte Vie Inditiduelle) 8vo. 2s. 6rf. . Paris, 1843

3756 Husenbeth, Answer to Faber, Difficulties of Romanism, 1828; Ditto, Reply to Faber's Supplement on ditto, 1829, 2 books, calf, very neat, is. pub. 12s.

3757 Hussey, Letters from Elder to Y'ounger Brother, on Cenduct in Life, 2 vols. cf. nt. 2s. pub. 9*. 1815

3758 Hussey (Rev. dir.) 20 Sermons, "crit. sagacity, solid judgment," 8vo. cf. 2s. . 1755

3759 Hutchinson,Excursionto LAKES of WestmoreIandand Cumberland, with Tour through Northern Counties, 8vo. cf. nt. 19plates, 2s. . 1776

3760 Spirit of Masonry, in Moral and Elucidatory Lectures, Hvo. cf. 2s. 6d. Carlisle, 1795

3761 Hutchinson (Dr.) on INFANTICIDE, Relation to Physiology, Jurisprudence, important book, best edition, with Index, Is. pub. 5s. 1821

3762 Hutchinson (Lucy) Memoirs of Col. Hutchinson; also, her Life, of singular interest and importance, in highest degree interesting; also, Reprint of Siege of Lathom House by Countess Derby, cloth, 2s. . . 1816

3763 Principles of Christian Religion, addressed

to her Daughter, and on Theology, 8vo. Is. pub. 10s. . . . 1817

3764 Hutchinson (John) Summary of his Disoveries in Philosophy and Divinity, calf, 2s. 1755

37G5 II utter (Hebrew, Greek, Latin, German Alphabets) sm. 4to. large plate of Hebrew Characters, 2s. . Numberg, 1570

3766 HUTTON, Battle of Bosworth Field, Rich. III. Earl of Richmond, Approach of Armies, Consequences; Fali, Treatment, Character of Richard, Life till crowned, last edit, by Nichols, 8vo. plan and portrait, uncut, 4s. pab. 12s. . 1813 HiittOIl (Dr.).

4767 Course of MATHEMATICS, 3 vols. 1799—18; also, Bowling's Key, 1818, 4 books in 2, 8vo. calf, 8s. pub. 11. lis. 6d. . . 1827

3768 Mathematics, 3 vols. Gs. . 1813, flic.

3769 Mathematics, vols. 2 and 3, 4s.

3770 Vol. 3, by Gregory, new, 2s. (id. pub. 10s. 1832 3770* Course of Mathematics, entirely remodelled, by

Ramsay, thick 8vo. hf. cf. nt. 5s. pub. 16s. 1833

HlKtOn (Dr.).

3771 Compendius Measurer, Mensuration, Practical Geometry, Introduction to Decimal and Duodecimal Arithmetic, byMaynard,c/M.2s.6rf./m4.5s.l837

3772 Mathematical Tables, Logarithms, large 8vo. cf. 5s. . . 1794

3773 Diarian Miscellany, All Useful Entertaining Parts, Mathematical and Poetical, from Ladies Diary, 1704—73, with Solutions and Improvements, complete, with the Miscell. Mathemat. large Collection of curious Problems and Solutions, 6 vols. sm. 8vo. uncut, 6s. . 1775

3774 RECREATIONS, Mathematics, Nat. Philos. Amusing Dissertations, Enquiries in whole range of Mathematical, Philosophical Sciences, in pleasing and easy manner, by Ozanam and MONTUCLA, translated, with Additions, by Dr. Hutton, 4 vols. 8vo. cf. nt. 100 plates, 10s pub. 3 gs. 1803

3775 HYMERS' CONIC Sections, and Application of Algebra to Geometry, 8vo. 3s. pub. 9s. 1845

3775* Ditto, TRIGONOMETRY, Trigonometrical Tables, Logarithms, 8vo. 3s. pub. 8s. 1841

377C Ditto, Trigonometry, &c. 1837; Hamilton, Analyt. Syst. of Conic Sections, 1828; Nicholson, Introduction to Natural Philosophy, 2 vols, plates, 4 books in 1 thick 8vo. hf. cf. 4s. dd. pub. 31s.


3777 Caunter (Hobart) for Fasts and Festivals, Music for Organ, Seraphine, Piano, by Phillipps, large 8vo. cloth, 3s. . . 184

3778 Congregational Supplement to Watts, by Congregat. Union of Engl. Wales, cloth, 2s. 1844

3779 Another Edition, bnd. Is. cost 3s. 6d. 1836

3780 German Original Sacred, with English Translations, by F. E. Cox, cloth, 2s. Pickering, 1841

3781 Heber (Bp.) to Weekly Service, 8vo. 2s. 1827

3782 Leeds, from various Sources, Arranged and Adapted for Use of Choirs, cloth, 2s.

Leeds, Priv. Print. 1846

3783 Lock Hospital, 1803; Olney, 1815; Suffolk Union Sunday Schools, 1823; 500 Select, Davis, 1842, 4 books, cf. 3s.

3784 WATTS, Psalms (Baldwin Stereo.) 32mo. 7 copies (folded) for 3s. . . 1815

3785 ■ Psalms and Hymns (Burton) Miniature

Edition, sm. type, 12 (folded) for 4s. 1812

3786 Burder, Supplement (F. Wesley and Mer

ridew) 32m. 12 (folded) for 2s. 6d.

3787 Wesley, with Supplement, bnd. gilt leaves,ls.6d.

Mason, 1843

3788 Williams (Isaac) on the Catechism, 1843; for Public or Private Use, Bums, 184 7; Keeble, for Little Children, 1848, 3 books, cloth, 2s. 6d.

3789 Icarie, Voyage et Aventures de Lord William Carisdale en, par Adams, traduits par Dufrut, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. cf. nt. is. . Paris, 1840

3790 Iceland, Visit to, by Way of Tronyem, in the "Flower of Yarrow " Yacht, in 1834, by Barrow, cloth, new, many woodcuts, 2s. (id. pub. 12a. 1835

3791 Ditto, North of Europe, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, cloth, maps and plates, 2s. 6d. pub. 12s. . . 1835

3792 Idioms, English and Latin, answering in Parallels, each to ye other Alphabetically arranged by Walker, hf. cf. very nt. 2s . 1708

3793 Idolatry of Church of Rome, Conferences between Romish Priest, Fanatick Chaplain, and Divine of Ch. of England, a full Answer by T. G., 8vo. cf. 2s. . 1679

3794 IDOLATRY. Chortarius, Theatrum Ethnico Idolatricum Polit.Histor. Templa, Sacriticia, Deos, Origines, Ritus, Caeromonias, etc. a Uachemberg, am. 4to. 88 plates of Gods. etc. 4s. Mogunt, 1699

3795 Another edition, a Vcrderio, sm. 4to. cf. 88 cuts. 2s. 6d. . . Lugd. 1581

3796 Ignatii Epistolse Genuinse, Gr. et Lat. Pearsoni et Smith, cum Acta Martyrii, Epist. Polycarpi et Smyrnensis, a Smith, "very excellent edition," 4to. cf. 3s. . 1709

3797 Ignoramus Comcedia, coram Jacobo I. n Ruggle, ridicule of Old Law Latin, 12mo. cf. Is. 1630

3798 Ihne (W. Pb. D.) Researches into History of Roman Constitution, also on the Roman Knights, 8vo. cloth, 3s. 64. . Pickering, 1853

3799 ILLUSTRATIONS of Shop fronts of London, their Construction, Decoration) VARIOUS STYLES, for Builders, Carpenters, ShopKeepers, etc. by Whittock, 4to. 18 plate), 2s. 6d. pub. 16». . . . 1840

3800 ■ Pictorial, to Waverley Novels, a series for any Edition, by Cattermole, T. Landseer, Creswick, &c. 4 parts (all pub.) 32 engravings, Is. pub. 4 s. (or 6 for 3s.)

3801 II Narratore Italiano raccolta di Aneddoti,Tratti Storici Novelle, Scelte da Autori Moderni, da Sforzosi, cloth, imperfect. Is. . 1834

3802 Imagination des Femmes Enceintes, Lettres sur le Pouvoir de, contre le Prejnge d'Imprimer sur le Corps, etc. 12mo. cf. 2s. . Paris, 1745

Imitatione t'liristi.

3803 LATIN, best edition, all IV. Books complete, edited from best MSS. by HRABIETA; also Preces Missse et Precation. Curavit Hrabieta, eletjantly printed with ornamental Borders, wood cuts and front. 2s. . . 1846

3804 In GERMAN, uniformly beautiful edition, 2s.

3805 Same edition in BOHEMIAN Language, calf, gilt leaves, plates, 4s. . Leipsig, 1813

3805*Ditto, brds. plates, 3s.

380G Ditto (without plates), 2s.

3807 ENGLISH, best and only complete edition (with all IV. Boolcs), translated, without alteration, most beautiful English edition, cloth neat, red edges, plates, 3s, . . 1851

IMITATIONE, other editions.

3809 Latin (pocket edit.), vellum, \s.6d. Venet. 1772

3811 Latin and GREEK, a Mayr. Soc. Jesu. pocket, vellum, 2s. 6d. . . August, 1615

3B12 Latin, French (in parallel columns), sm. 8vo. bnd. 2s. . . Nanceii, 1726

3813 English, by Dean Stanhope, with Prayers, 8vo. bright calf back, 2s. 6d. . . 1733

3814 English, Parker's neat small edition, cloth, scarce, Is. pub. 5s. . . 1845

3815 French, par Gence, cf. nt. 2s. Paris, 1S20 3815*Par Pere Gonnelieu, 12mo. bnd. Is. 6d. 1777

3816 In ITALIAN, Is. . Milan, 1837

3817 Impey (Sir E., Chief Justice, Bengal), Memoirs, with Anecdotes of Warren Hastings, Sir T. Francis, N. P. Halhed, and other Contemporaries, with Refut. of Macaulay, by E. B. Impey, thick 8vo. cloth, fine portrait, bs. pub. lbs. 1816

3818 Inchbald, British THEATRE, a Collection of the IPlayft, acted at Drury Line, Covent Garden, Haymarket, printed from the Prompt Books, with Biographical and Crit. Remarks, 25 vols. hf. cf. II. 13s. pub. 61. I6s. 6d. . 1808

3819 INCOME TAX Act (5 & 6 Vict.), Explanations, Index, by Paget, 1*. pub. 4.5. . 1812

3820 Independent Whig, Defence of Primitive Christianity, and our Ecclesias. Estab. against exorbitant Claims and Encroachments of Fanatical Disaffected Clergymen (by Gordon, favourite writer of Parson's), 3 vols. 12mo. cf. is. . 1743

3821 Index, Biographical, to House of Lords, thick vol. (666 pages) \s. 6d. pub. 8s. . 1808

3822 Index, General, to Chalmers, British Essayists, and Prefaces Historical, Biographical, hf. cf. 2s. 1823

3tf23 Index, General, to Monthly Review (both Authors and Subjects) commencement to end of vol. 70, 2 vols. 8vo. 3*. . . 1786

3824 Ditto to New Series, to vol. 81, 2 very thick vols. bds. 3s. pub. M. . 1818


3825 ADEN, View of, with BENTINCK Steamship, (23 by 144) richly coloured, is.

3826 Assam, Topography of, by M'Cosh, plates, Calcutta, 1837 j Cooper, Prairie, a Novel, 1844; Michelet, Priests, Women, Families, new translation, 1816; Brent, Notes on Map of World, Configuration of Continents, maps, 1850, roy. 8vo. */. cf. bs.

3827 Bernier, Voyages, Description dea Etats du Grand Mogol, Rtchesses, Forces, Justice, Causes des Decadences des Etats d'Asie, &c. "most curious, great accuracy,"Gibbon, 2 vols. 12mo. cf. nt. 6s. . Amst. 1724

3828 Bishops' College, Calcutta, Missionary Establishment of Society for Propagation of Gospel, interesting View (20 by 13) 1*.

3829 BOMBAY Harbour, BERENICE, Ship of War, off, fine Sea View (21 by 14$) exquisitely

coloured, is.

38.(0 Ditto, with H. E. Company's Ship THOMAS COTJTTS entering, finely coloured, 4s.

3831 BURMESE WAR, a series of ENGRAVINGS, depicting Various Events, beautifuily executed after Drawing! by Captains MARRYAT, THORNTON, &c. with LETTER-PRESS DESCRIPTIONS, BOTH SERIES COMPLETE, 24 fine plates in printed cover, 6s. . 1830

3832 Another Copy, Plates, elegantly coloured, IS*. pub. 61.

3833 A Copy of that SPLENDID WORK, Calcutta and its ENVIRONS, by SIR CH. D'OYLY, large folio, 27 extremely truthful and fine large Views, Government House, CustomHouse Walk, Town and Port, Procession, Banyan Tree, Mosque, S{C. 18*. pub. 5 gs. 1849

3834 Calcutta, inundation of Sea at, near Balasorc, in 1832, Terrific View, 2s.

3835 Coleridge, Six Months in West Indies, 2s. pub. bs.

3836 CUAWFURD, Researches into Laws, Theology, Learning, Commerce of INDIA, Ancient and Modern, "from long residence in India, reference to every Work of interest (Greek, Latin, Modern) aim assistance from Millin, Van Praet, Langles, Delambre, Professor Hamilton," 2 vols, in 1, 8vo. hf. cf. nt. 3s. pub. lis. . 1817

3837 EDEN, PORTRAITS of the PRINCES and PEOPLE, of India, with DESCRIPTIONS, large folio, hf. morocco, 24 plates, \l. bs. pub. 4 gs. 1844

3838 Another Copy, hf. morocco, most beautifully COLOURED and MOUNTED on CARDBOARD, 21. 10*. pub. 10 gs.

3839 Grandpre, Voyage to Indian Ocean and Bengal, in 1789-1790, Character, Arts of People, Remark, able Religious Rites, Voyage in Red Sea, Descript. of Mocha, &c. from Freuch, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, plates, 2s. 6d. pub. lbs. . .1803

3840 Grant (Capt. Bombay Engineers) Memoir to illustrate Creologrical Map of CUTCH, 4to. (41 pages) large coloured map and 6 plates of fossils, 3s.

3841 Qui HI, in Hindostan, Adventures of, a Hudibrastic Poem, roy. 8vo. cf. nt. coloured plates, by Rowlandson, bs.6d. pub. \l. bs. . 1S16

3842 Graham (Maria) Letters on India, "8vo. cf. nt. etchings and map, 2*. 6d. pub. 14s. 1814

3813 Life in India, a series of Satirical but Characteristic Sketches (Landing, Court of Justice, Visit of Ceremony, Hearing Petitions in Chambers, Auction, Levy of Soldiers) with Descriptions, oblong 4to. 6 humorous plates, 2s. pub. 18*. 1826

3844 RAYNAL, Histoire Philosophique et Politique des Establissemeuts et Commerce des Europeens dans les deux Indes, "great talent, humanity, eloquence, only inferior to Rousseau,"Quarterly Review, 7 vols. 8vo. cf. nt. maps, fronts. 8*. 1778

3815 Robertson (Dr.) History of INDIA, Progress of Trade, Civil Policy, Laws, Arts, Sciences, Religion. Institutions, 12ino. I*, pub. 6s. 1802

3816 WceilOry of BRITISH INDIA, &o. Tnnjore, Pagoda, Benares, Pegu, Temple, Allababud, Fort (iwalior, ditto, Chunnrghur.Gazipoor, Tombs, Malacca, Government House, Costumes Hindostan, Burmese, Ava, &c. oblong 4to. Printed Cover, 21 fine plates, 2s. 6d.

3847 Ditto of EAST INDIA ISLANDS, &c. Batavia, New Amsterdam, New Zealand, Otaheite Dance, Friendly Islands, St. Helena, Isle of France, Bourbon, Madeira, Marquesas, Sydney, &c. oblong 4to. Printed Cover, 21 plates, 2s. 6d.

3818 Simla, a series of VIEWS of this Wonderful Scenery, with Descriptions by CAPT. Thomas, large folio, 24 exquitile plates, tinted lithography, . . 1846

3849 SOUTHEY (CAPT.) Chronological History of the WEST INDIES, as to research and fidelity, the author's name is sufficient guarantee, of the importance of this work a glance at Us contents will amply prove, 3 vols. 8vo. 8s. pub. 21. 10*. 1827

3849* SUNDA, Entrance of the Straits of, with fine bold side View of Ship SIR DAVID SCOTT (2J by \4\) highly coloured, 4s.

3850 'FaIII 11 Primer, Introductory Grammar,Ki ailing I took,St. Luke's Gospel,4 works, 2».Afadro*,184

I 3851 New Test, in Tamil, 8vo. bd. 2s. Madras, 1840

3852 Common Prayer, Sacraments, Ceremonies of Church, Psalms of David, in Tamil, 8vo. bd. 2s. 6d.

Tinnevelly, 1846

3853 TERRY (Rev. Ed.) Voyage to EAST INDIA, 1G55, 8vo. hf. cf. nt. portrait and maps, Hunter's original edition sold for 6l.\bs.6d.4s. Reprint,\~t~il

3851 Thornton, India, vol. 6, cloth, 16*. 1845 | 3855 Vigne, Personal Narrative of Visit to Ghuzni. Kabul, Afghanistan, Residence in Court of Dost Mohamed. 8vo. cloth, plates, 3s. pub. II. Is. 18J0

385G Wolff (Rev. Dr.) Narrative of Mission to Bokhara in 1843-5, to ascertain Fate of Col. Stoddart and Capt. Conolly, 8vo. cloth, bs. pub. 10*. 1818

3857 Indicator, a Review of Books and Miscellaneous Pieces, Prose and Verse; also, Literary Examiner, by Leigh Hunt,2 vols.iu l.thick 8vo.A/.e/.5*.1822-3

3858 Influence, or the Evil Genius, by Author of "Trap to Catch a Sunbeam," cloth, new, 3*. 1853

3859 Ingon-Housz, Nouvelles Experience* et Obs. sur Objets de Physique, plates, Paris, 1785; Ber thollett, Researches into Laws of Chemical Affinity, translated by Dr. Farrell, 1804; Mathiell, Nouveaa Systeme de 1'Univers et Decouvertes de l'Auteur et Applications aur Arts, plates, 1797; Vocabulary and Tables of Old and New Nomenclatures, before and since Lavoisier, 1796. 4 books, 4s.

3860 Inglis (II. D.) Ireland in 1834 (Spring, Sam. mer, Autumn) 2 vols. cr. 8vo. map, 4s. pub. II. 1835

3861 Switzerland, South of France, and Pyrenees, 2 vols, map, 2s. . . 1831

3862 Ingoldsby Legends, vol. 1, hf. cf. nt. pliles, Is. pub. 10s. 6d. . . 1840

3863 Ingram, and Trotter, Mathematics for Schools, Students, Practical,4W.340 cuts,3s. pub.7s.tid. 1810

3864 Elements of Algebra, Theoret. Pract. Elements, bnd. 2s. pub. 4s. . 1844

167 INHABITANTS of British Islands, Rev. Greatheed, Inquiries on origin of, 1807 ; Rev. Dr. Havland, on First Peopling of this Island, 1/55; Amyot, on Population of English Cities Time of Edw. HI. 1821; Dean of Exeter, Antiquity of Brick Buildings in England, posterior to Romans, 1757. 2*.

3865 Iniquitcs Decouvertes, ou Pieces Curieuscs ft Rares paru lors du Proces de Damiens, I2mo. cf. "Conilamnes auxfeuparlacour,"2s.Londrcs,\16'i

3866 Inman, Navigation and Nautical Astronomv. 1835; ditto, Nautical Tables, 18o9, Urge 8vo. */. cf. 9s. pub. 35s.

3867 Ditto, Nautical Tables, hf. cf. Is. pub. 35*. 1S30

3868 Innes (Alex.) Moral Virtue, with Letter to Mandeville, Svo. cf. no title. Is. . 1728

38G9 Innis (Dr. T.) The SKIN, in Health and Disease, Mode of Treatment, &c. with Cases, Svo. cloth, coloured plates, 3s. pub. 9s. . 1349

3870 Inquiry, Serious and Compassionate, into Causes of Present Neglect and Contempt of Protestant Religion and Church of England, Svo. cf. nt. 2s. 16—


3871 CHITTY, Practical Treatise on !tf ctliral Jurisprudence, with so much Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Practice of Medicine sml Surgery, necessary for Lawyers and Medical Mee. Essential Information for Barristers, Legal Practitioners, Magistrates, in Prosrcutioni for R»[t Sexual Offences, Infanticide, Injuries to Person, Actions in Life Assurances, also best means of eliciting Evidence, large Svo. rery *fne Ulustratnt Anatomical Plates, 10*. pub. U. . 1834

3872 Battie (Dr.) Treatise on Madness, 1758; de Principiis Animalibus Exercitationes, Aphorisoii de Coquoscendis et Curandis Morbis. 1760, thick 4to. cf. 2s. 6d.

3873 Domestic Guide, in Insanity, Causes, Means cf Preventing, Treatment, 8vo. 1*. Aewecutte, 1809

3874 Ducpetiaux Etatdes Alienesen Belgiqueet Moy. ens d'Ameliorer leur Sort, 1*. 6d. Bruxellts, 18.42

3875 Dunne, Report of Brand's Lunacy Case, most interesting, extraordinary Investigation; also. Copious Animad. on Actors, 8vo. 2s. . 1830

3876 Gaubius (Dr. Professor) on Passion*, or l'hilcs. Discourse on Dnty and Office of Physicians, in Management and Cure of Disorders of Mind, translated from Latin, by Dr. Tapsell, Svo. cf. 2*. 17—

3877 Knight (Dr.) Causes, Symptoms, Treatment of

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