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ATTORNEY'S NEW POCKET BOOK, NOTARY'S MANUAL, and CONVEYANCER'S ASSISTANT, containing Precedents of all Ordinary Forms, with Practical Instructions for Abstracts of Deeds and Wills, also NOTARIAL FORMS, Abstractor Real Property, Statutes, late Act on Wills, &c. &c. ; with numerous Notes, Cases, &c, by RICHARD SHIPMAN, Esq., a netcEdition, with very considerable Alterations and Additions by EWEN HENRY CAMERON. Esq.. Barrister-at-Law; thick cr. 8vo. (741 pages) just ready. No pains or expense have been spared on this work.


Abbe (Prevost) Histoire Generate des Voyages, on Nouvelle Collection de toutes les Relations de Voyages, 19 vols. 4to. half elf. maps andplates, {vol. I imperfect,) \l. liis.Par.lHQ

Abbey of Canterbury, Graphical Illustration of, with History and Description, by Woolnoth, 4to. half morocco.Jine plates, 13*. Gd. pub. 3 gs. . . . 1816

Agricultural Works of Marshall, (Rural Economy of Glocestershire, Wiltshire, Herefordshire, Midland Counties, Norfolk, Southern Counties, Yorkshire, and Review of Payne Knight,) 15 vols. 8vo. elf. neat, U. cost 31. 13s. Gd.

Ainsworth's Latin Dictionary, thick4to. neatly Imd. 9*. 1751

Albrechtsberger's Methods of Harmony, Figured Base, and Composition, adapted for Self Instruction, translated from German, &c. 2 vols. 8vo. 13*. Gd. pub. 2 gs. 1835

Almanacs and Companions Complete, 1828 to 1832, half elf. neat, and from 1833 to 1839, cloth, 11 vols. II. 5*.

Amherst's Journal of the Embassy to China, 4to. halfclf very neat, maps and coloured plates, 12/. pub. 2 gs. 1817

Arabians, History of, by Abbe De Marigny, translated, with additional Notes, 4 vols. 8vo. good copy, elf. lis. 1758

Arbuthnot (Dr.) Tables of Ancient Coins, Weights, and Measures, 4to, elf. Gs. 1727

Architecture, Civil, Chambers* Treatise on, best edition, with Illustrations, Notes, and Examinations of Grecian Architecture, by Gwilt, small 4to. numerous fine plates. It. 10*. pub. ijs. . . . . 1825

Architecture. The Manuscript Book of a late celebrated Architect, containing his MS. Notes, Measurements, Receipts, numerous coloured Designs, &c. &c. thick folio, invaluable for young Architect, Surveyor, $c. lis. 6d.

Athens Oxoniensis, an Exact History of all the Writers and Bishops educated at Oxford, by Anthony a Wood, 2 vols, in f, folio, elf. 15*. . . . 1692

Becchey 'Capt.) Narrative of a Voyage to the Pacific and Bcering's Strait, 2 vols. 8vo. maps and fine plates, 12*. pub, W.18*. .... 1831

Ben Jonson, Beaumont and Fletcher's Dramatic Works, edited by Colman, complete in 4 thick vols. 8vo. elf. neat, 11. 10*. pub. 5 gs. . . . 1811

Beveridge (Bp,) Thesaurus Thcologicus, or Complete System oi Divinity, in Notes on the Old and New Testaments, with Explanations, &c. from the Ancient Fathers, Councils, fee. 4 vols. 8vo. 10*. . . 1711

BIBLE, HOLY, a remarkably clean and fine copy of Baskett's Bible, Utick royal folio, nctcly bnd. in calf, in old style, II. 10*. .... 1751

Biographia Dramatica, best edition, by Reed and Jones, 4 vols. 8vo. elf. neat, 11*. pub. 2 gs. . . 1812

Biot, Traite Eleraentaired* Astronomic Physique, aver Additions par Rossel, 3 vols. 8vo. half russia, best edition, very scarce, 16*. 6d. . , Paris, 1810

BIRDS. Vaillant, Oiseaux d'Afrique, 16 parts, 4to. containing numerous beautifully coloured prints of birds, 11. Is.

Blackwood's Magazine, T first vols, half russia, and rol. 15 to vol. 46, inclusive, half c/f. clean and neat, (3 last vols, in Nos.)1l.1s. . . . 1818-39

Bolingbroke (Lord) Works, with Life, by Goldsmith, 8 vols. 8vo. hlf. c(f. 21. 12*. 6d. pub. 31. 12*. . 1809

BOSWORTIUS Anglo-Saxon Dictionary, with larger preface on Germanic Tongues, Map of Languages, and Essentials of Anglo-Saxon Grammar, thick royal 8vo. scarce, 21. 2s. . . * 1838

Botany, Redoute Plantes Grasses, 13 Nos. 4to. numerous beautifully coloured plates, 13*.

BridgwaterTrcatises.Bellon the Hand, 8*. pub. 10*. 6<f. 1833

— Chalmers on the Moral and Intellectual Constitution of Man, 2 vols, cloth, 11*. pub. 16*. . . 1833

*— Kidd on Physical Condition of Man, cloth, 7*. pub, 9s. Gd. . . . 1833

— Prout on Chemistry. Meteorology and the Functions of Digestion, 9*. pub. 15*. . . 1834

— Whewell's Astronomy and General Physics, 7*. pub. 9s. Gd. . . . . 1833

Burnet (Bp.) History of his Own Times, 2 vols, royal folio, remarkably fine copy, elf. very neat, 14*. Gd. . 1724

Burnet's History of the Reformation of the Church, with Notes, by Dr. Narcs, 4 thick vols. Svo. hlf. elf neat, 22 portraits, 11. 10*. pub. 31. bds. . . 1830

Burnett's Power, wisdom and Goodness of God, as displayed in the Animal Creation, thick 8vo. plates, 9*. Gd. pttb. 15*. .... 1838

Byron (Lord) Works, original and best edition, i vols. 8vo. very fine portrait by C. tf'arren, 11*. Gd. pub. 2 gs. 1823

Catalogue of Hcber's Poetry, with Prices and Purchasers' Names, nearly ready to bevublishett, by Ed. Lumley.

Catholic. Duquene (Abbe) Devout Meditations on the Oospel for Every Day, from the French, 4 vols. Svo. 10*. 1831

Hart's View of the Real Power of the Pope, and Power

of the Priesthood over the Laity, and how they use it, 8vo. elf. rare, 6*. 6U . . 1733

Clarendon's History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England, 6 vols. 8vo. clean, in bds. II. 8s. pub. 31. 6.*,

Clarendon Press, 1819

CLERICAL TRACTS, a collection of 31 best Modern Pamphlets, from the late Bishop Butler's, on Tradition, Dissent, Minor Canons, Church Reform, Ecclesiastical Commission, Tithes, Church Patronage, Church Rates, &c. by Perceval, tMSS. /Votes,) Hale, Dr. Nicholl, Archdn. Wilkins, Denison, Bowles, Christ. Hodgson, Hampden, Burton, &c. &c. 10*.

Coleridge's Friend, best edition, 3 vols. cr. Svo. 15*. pub. JUU6A . . . . . 1818

Collingwood (Lord) Life and Correspondence, best edition* 2 vols. 8vo. hlf. elf. neat, 12*. 6d. pub. 11. 8*. 1828

Comber's Companion to the Temple, thick fol.clf.18s.Gd.n01

Dibdin (Thorn. Frognall) Bibliographical, Antiquarian, and Picturesque Tour in France and Germany, 3 vols. 8vo. new, fine plates, 15*. pub. 21. 15*. . . 1829

D'Israeli's Curiosities of Literature, best edition, both series, 6 vols. 8vo. neatly half bnd. russia and elf W. 9*. pub. 31. 12*. .... 1817-23

Donnegan's Greek Lexicon, thick Svo. elf. nt. 11. 10*. pub. 2gs. . ... . 1831

Drake (Dr.) Gleaner, a Series of Periodical Essays, from Scarce or Neglected Volumes, with Introduction and Notes, 4 vols. 8vo. clf.verynt. 13*. Gd. pub. 21. 2s. 1811

Dupin, Force Militaire et Force Navale de la Grande Bretagne, 4 vols. 4to, half elf. neat, and large atlas of plates, 18*. ... Pans, 1820-1

Evans' Collection of Old Ballads, collected from rare copies and MSS. last edition, bv his Son, 4 vols. cr. Svo. new, cloth, 18*. pub. 2 gs. . . . 1810

Evans' Improved and best Edition of Aikin's esteemed Essays on Song Writing, with a Collection of the most Eminent, cr. Svo. new, cloth, 2s. pub. 9*. . 1810

Evelyn (John) Sylva, or; Discourse on Forest Trees, best edition, by Hunter, thick 4to. elf, very neat, numerous plates, 11. 5*. York, 1776

England's Life of Rev. Arthur O'Leary, with Historical Memoirs of the Irish Catholics, 8vo. portrait, 5*. Gd. pub. 12*. ..... 1822

Farmer (Hugh JDisscrtation on Miracles, 8vo. finecopy, elf. bs.Gd. . . . . 1771

Fox's Martyrs, 3 thick vols, folio, good copy, old elf numerous cuts, 21. 12*. Gd. 1641

FATHERS, Bernardi, Sancti, OpeTa Omnia ("dernier des Pores de 1'Eglise, instigateur de la Guerre des Croisades," Xftdier,) thick folio, elf. It. . . Arust. 1616

FRENCH NOVELS, 114 vols. 18mn. hlf. red morocco, elf. extra, 8;c. including Novels by Paul de Kock, Pigault Lebrun. La Fontaine, Mine. Cottin, Picard, #e. Ac. 21. 6*.

Paris, 1808, #c.

Froissart and Monstrellet's Chronicles,with Plates, in24 vols.

8vo, and 4/o. plates, clean in bds. til. 6*. . 1805, &c. Gibbon's History of Rome, complete in 4 vols. Svo. 12*.

pub. II. 15*. . . . . 1810

Gibbon's Miscellaneous Works, best edition, 5 vols. 8vo.

clean in bds. scarce, 21. 5s. pub. 31. 5*. . 1814

Godwin's Life of Chaucer, or rather History of his Times, 2 vols. 4ro. very fine copy, elf. 16*. pttb. 21. 12s. Gd. 1803 Goethe's Faust, translated by Birch, royal 8vo. cloth, 29 fine plates after Retszch^s Designs, 12*. pub, 16*. 1839 Goethe's Theory of Colours, translated with Notes, by Eastlake, Svo.'colouredplates, 10*. pub. 12s. 1840 Hallam's History of the State of Europe during the Middle Ages, 3 vols. Svo. 24*. pub. 36*. . . 1819

Headley's Early Poetry, best edition, with Life, by Kett , cloth, 5*.

2 vols. cr. 8vo. netc,

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Historical Register, 25 vols. 8vo*. rery clean copy, in old elf.

XL St. . . . 1716-38

Hamilton's Account of the Kingdom of Nepal and Territories, 4to. ren/ fine copy, elf. lis. pub. 2 gs. bds. 1819 Holland's Britisli Angler's Manual, or Art of Angling in England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland, with account of the Lakes, Rivers, See. cr. 8vo. cloth, numerous fine plain and engravings, lis. Gd. pub. It. Is. . 1839

Home (Thomas Hartwell) Introduction to the Study of Bibliography, with Memoir on the Public Libraries of the Antients, 2 vols. 8vo. 14*. Gd. nub. 11,8s. . 1814 Home (W. W. of Hephzibah Chapel, Limehouse) Riblical Criticisms, and Illustrations of Experimental Gudlinoss, the Solutions to Critical Questions publiclv discussed,

2 vols. Svo. elf. neat, 6*. . . . 1825 Hume and Smollett, 13 vols. 8vo. cloth, fine portraits by

IForthinglon, 21. 14*. pub. 31. 18*. Oxford Classics, 1826

HUNT (GEORGE) Compilation of Scripture Passages, with Scripture Demonstrations that " 7'he Angel of the Lord," "The Angel ojGodand " The Angvl ojhtsPresence," &c. (tn contradistinction to the commonly-received opinion of being a Created Angel,) is uniformly Jehovah, roval Svo. (pp. 74) 1*. . . . 1831

Johnson (Dr.) English Dictionary, 2 thick vols. 4to. half elf. netc, 11. 8*. pub. 21. 12*. Gd,' . Cadell, 1816

Jondot, Tableau Ilistorique des Nations, ou Rapprochement des Prineipaux Evenemens, arrives a la meme epoque, sur la Surface de la Terre, 4 vols. Svo. elf very neat, 10*. . . . Paris, 1808

Jortin's Sermons, 7 vols. 8vo. old elf. neat. U. Is. 1774

Kant's Metaphysical Works, in German, 5 vols. 8vo.l2*. &<l.

Higa and Konisberg, 1783-97

Kettlewell (Rev. John) Life, with Account of Transactions in his time, from Hickes and Nelson's Collections, Svo. elf is. Gd. . ... 1718

Lacroix, Traite de Calcul Differential et du Calcul Integral,

3 thick vols. 4to. (wants 3plates, cost 21. 12*. Gd.) 15*.

Paris, 1810

Langland's Vision of Piers Ploughman, with Commentary

and Notes, by Whitaker, thick 4to. 21. 5*. pub. 8 gs. 1813 —- Pierce the Ploughman's Credc, 4to. beautifully reprinted

in Black and Bed Letter, 6*. . 1814

Latimer f Hugh, Bp. of Worcester) Sermons and Life, 2 vols. . Svo. clj. neat, scarce, lit. . . 1788

Le Clerc, Bibliotheque Choisie, 28 vols. 12mo. elf. ren/ neat

and clean copy, 15*. 6d*. . . 1713, &c.

Lingaru's Antiquities of the Anglo-Saxon Church, best

edition, Svo. elf. neat, scarce, 11. is. . 1810

Lyson's Magna Britannia, 3 vols, in 4, (Bedfordshire to

'Cornwall inclusive,) and the additional plates, original

copy, 3*. 10*. pub. 121. . . . 1806-14

Lyte's Niewe Herball, or Historie of Plants, small folio,

hlf. elf. neat, good copy. Black tetter, numerous cuts, 7*. 1578 Mackenzie's Historical, Topographical, &e. View of Nor

thombcrland, See. {wants some plates t) 2 vol*. 4to. hlf. elf.

map and plates, 12*. 6rf. . . . 1825

Mallbv's Greek Gradus,with Latin and English Translation,

Metres, Quantities, &C thick 8vo. IK jntb. 11. is. 1830

Millot (Abbe) Elements of General History, with Continuation to 1815, translated, (" mostelcgant and comprehensive."Edinburgh Review,) 6 vols. 8vo. 1S23

Mills' History of Chivalry, 2 vols. 8vo. 13s 1824

Mill, History of the Crusades, 2vols.8vo.l4*.6d.in0.1/.4*.1621

(Mills) Travels of Theodore Ducasat the Revival of Letters, 2 vols. 8vo. 5*. Gd. pub. 11. is. . . 1822

Milner (Rev. Joseph) Practical Sermons, edited, with Life, by Rev. Isaac Milner, 2 vols. 8vo. 1C*. Gd. pub. II. is. 1821

Montaigne's Essays, translated by Coste, 3 vols, royal 8vo. scarce, 18s. pub. 21.10*. . . , 1811

Morell, Lexicon Grscco-Prosodia, cura Maltby (" rate and accurate edition,") ito. new, in cloth, lis. pub. 31.3s. . . 18*4

Nimrod's Remarks on the Condition of Hunters, Choice of Horses, and their Management, 8vo. Is. pub. 15*. 1631

Peck (Rev. Francis) Desiderata Curiosa, or Collection of Scarce and Curious Pieces relating to English Histurr, 2 vols, in I, royal 4to. plates, brds, singular state, 11. AsAt *y

Porteus (Bp.) Works, 6 vols. Svo. new, 18*. pub. 21. 8*. 1811

Pritchard's Natural History of Animalcules, containing Descriptions of all the Known Infusoria, with Instructions for Procuring and Viewing them, 8vo. ZQOfigures, 6*. pub. 8*. Gd. . . . 1834

Pritchard and Dr. Goring's Microscopic Illustrations, roval Svo, fijiely coloured illustrations, 5*. Gd. pub. 10*. 1830

Radcliffe (Delme) The Noble Science, a few General Ideas on Fox Hunting, for Sportsmen, royal 8vo. gay, in cloth, numerous illustrations, 13*. pub. 11. 8s. . . I*s39

Scot's Magazine, from its Commencement in 1739 to 1781, 43 vols. 8vo. elf. clean copy, (wants vols. 7, 13, 19, 22, £3, 35.) 21. 2s. Roxburghe copy soldjor 381. lis.

Scott (Sir Walter) Life of Napoleon, 9 vols, post 8vo. brds. 11. Is. pub. 4M4*. 6>i. . ... 1627

Seeker (Arrhbishop) Works, best edition, with Life, by Porteus, 6 vols. Svo. It. 2s. pub. 21.14*. . 1811

Sever (Rev. S.) Historical and Topographical Memoirs of Bristol and its Neighbourhood,complete, with the Charters and Letters Patent, 3 vols. 4to. W. 1*. pub, 1 gs.

Bristol, 1812-21

Shakespeare's Plays, Reprint of the first folio edition, thick folio, 1/. 11*. Gd. . 1623, rejtrint. 1808

Shakespear's Plays and Poems, with the collations, corrections, illustrations, essays, dissertations, &c. of various Commentators, with Notes by Malone, 16 vols. cr. Svo. remarkably nice book, hlf. russia, contents lettered, 21. 17ti

Shakcspcar s Plays, w ith Glossarial Notes, 10 vols. 12mo. a desirable edition, very noaily bnd in elf 18*. 1823

Sinclair (Sir John) Code of Health and Longevity, lariv paper, royal Svo. 8*. [mb. II. . . 1 ^-3

Statistical Survey of the County of Rc^common, drawn up by the Royal Society, by Isaac Weld, thick 8ro. cloth, (a most valuable icork,) Gs. pub. 15*. . Dublin, 16o2

Swift (Dean) Works, edited, with Notes, by Sheridan, 17 vols. Svo. elf neat, 31. . . 1784

Thomson's Seasons, best edition, with Life, Aikin's Essay, Glossary, &c. royal Svo. handsomely bound, c/f. extra, plates, Gs. 18W

Thorcsby (Ralph) Topography of Lecdes, folio, fine clean copy, elf. gilt leaves, with plates, 11. lis. . 1715

Tomline's Life of Pitt, 3 vols. Svo. 12*. pub. U. IGs. 1822

Tooke's Diversions of Purley, best edition, with Sharm't fine print, 2 vols. 4to. 12*. Gd. . . 1738

Vaughan (Rev. Robert) Causes of the Corruption of Christianity, 8vo. 5*. Gd. pub. 10*. 6o*. . . 1834

Walpole (Horace) Anecdotes of Painting in England, and Edwards' Anecdotes of Painters, 6 vols. 4to. old cLf. gilt, fine copy, it. . . . 1765

Waller (Rev. II. 1 History of England, considering Men and Events on Christian Principles, 7 vols. cr. 8vo, doth, clean, 35*. pub. 21. 12*. . . 1839

Wedgwood's Manifold Writer, small 4to. hlf. roan, with 8s. pub. 2 gs.

Willis' Survey of St. Asaph's Cathedral, enlarged by Edwards, 2 vols, royal Svo. large paper, rcry fine i russia extra, gilt leaves, 18*.

Yorke (Philip) of Erthige, Royal Tribes of Wales, 4to. elf. neat, fine copy, portraits, 12*. Gd. . . 1799

BABER (Rev. H.) Psalterium Gra^cum, e Codice MSS. Alexandrino, 4to. blue morocco, gilt leaves, most beautifully printed on vellum, bl. 15*. Gd. Bowditch (T. E. the Traveller) Analysis of the Natural Classifications of Mammalia, and Introduction to the Ornithology of Cuvicr, 2 vols. Svo. pits. elf. gitt,lis. *corce,1831 Dillwyn's Descriptive Catalogue of Recent Shells, 2 volt.

8vo: russia, 18*." . . . 1817

Dryander, Catalogus Bibliotheco?i Historico-Naruralis. Jo

sephi Banks, 5 vols. 8vo. russia, marbled leaves, 31. 10*.

rery rare. .... 1798

Fleming's Zoology, Philosophy of, 2 vols. Svo. scarce, bds.

21*. . . . . . 1822

Graves (G.) British Ornithology, being the History of every

known Species of British Birds, 3 vols. Svo. ol. 3s. 144

coloured plates, pub. at 11. 17*. 6d*. . 1821

Leach and Sowerby's Malacostraca Podonhtlialma Brittan

niie, or a Monograph of British Crabs, Lobsters, and

Prawns, &c. 17 parts, 4to. complete, 31. 5*. pub. 67. 9*. 6d.

V 1817-20 Lc Long, Bibliotheca Sacra, 2 vols, in 1, fob with numerous

MS8. Notes, by Dfsmotcts, his successor and editor, 36*. 1723 Novum Testamentum Syriaee, ex editionn Wamstadt, 4to.

blue morocco, gilt leaves, 26*. 1556, cost 31. 13*. Gd. Turton's Shells of the British Islands, 4to. morocco, gilt

leaws, plates, 11, 16*. . . 1822

Whilaker's History of Whalley, &c. folio, large j

half russia, uncut', il. 10*.

London Printed by William Stkvkks, 37, Bell Yard, Temple Bar, in the Parish of St. Dunstan in the West, in the County of Middlesex; and Published by Edwakd LtMLKY, 56, Chancery Lane, in the Parish of St. Andrew Holborn, in the County of Middlesex, aforesaid. WVrfnesday, Sept. 9, 1840.

No. 15.] LONDON, MONDAY, OCTOBER 12, 1840. [-pR1CE Slx pENCE.


This Publication is intended to be the organ of communication between the Book-buying and Reading public, and the Booksellers of the whole kingdom. It is more especially designed to be the means of procuring for Authors, Scholars, &c. the rarest and most valuable books; and as each Number will be strictly confined to literary subjects, no Advertisements can be admitted, except those which have reference to matters analogous character. The literary portion will present unusual attractions from its sterling merit, original information, and news.

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»>f the translation of the Bible into English, by John tVickliffe, the New Testament is known to most who have made the different versions their study, from the printed editions which have been long before the public: but it is not so generally known, that an earlier translation, both of the Old and New Testament, exists in MS., copies of which are of the most extreme rarity. Biblical students vjill rejoice to hear that the Old Testa ment 6f H'ickliffe's translation, which has never yet been printed, will, conjointly with the earlier version, shortly be issued from the Clarendon Press, edited by Sir F. Madden and Mr. Forshall, whose names will at once guarantee the correctness and exec 'lence of the laborious undertaking.

The following are specimens of both. The second column is that of Wickliffe.

Eufet r ti).

And lo a wise man of the lawe roose temptynge hym & seyinge; mayster what j And lo a wise man of the lawe roos up temptyng hym & seijnge, maister what thing doinge, achal I welde euerlastynge lijf; and he seyde to hym ; what is writen | thinge schal I do to haue euerlasting lijf. and hee seide to hym, what is writen

in the lawe? how redist thow? he answerynge seyde, thou schalt loue the lorde thi god of al thin herte & of al thi soule or lijf & of al thi strengthes & of al thi mynde ; and thi neyghbor as thi self, and ihu seyde to hym, thou hast answeride rightly, do this thing and thou schalt lyue. forsothe he willynge for to iustitie hymself, seyd to Ihu, and who is my neyghbore? sothely Ihu biholdynge up seyde, summan came douue fro irlm in iericho, and felde into theefes, the whiche also robbiden hym aud woundis putte in, wenten awaye, the man lefte halfe quicke. forsothe it bifel that some prist came doune in the same weye, and hym seen, passide forth, also forsothe & a deken whanne he was bisides the place and sighe hym, passide forth, forsothe sum Samaritan makynge iourney, came bisidis the weye, and he seinge hym, is stiride by mercy, and he comynge nigh, bonde togedir hit woundis, heldynge in oyle & wijn, and he puttynge into hys iument or hors, Iedde into a stable, and dide the cure of hym ; and another day he broughte forth two pens, and gaue to the keper of the stable, and seith, haue thou cure of hym, and what euer thou schalt gyue ouer, I schal yilde to thee whanne I schal come aghen. Who of thes thre semeth to thee to haue be .^eygh'jore *p hym that fel into theefes? and he seyde he that dide mercy into hym. and ihu seith to bym, go thou & do thou on like maner.

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lEbrucg tb rf).

Drede we therfore bretheren leste parauenture the bihest of entrynge into his I Therfor drede wee lest parauenture while the bihest of entrynge into his reste

reste lefte or forsaken or deniyde for to be, any of vs be gesside awey. forsotl it is tolde to vs as & to hem, and the worde herde profitide not to hem not mengide to feith of thes thingis that thei herden. forsothe we that haue bileuyde schulen entre into reste, as he seyde as I swore in my wrath, gif ttrei schulen entre into my reste. and sothely the workis made parfite fro the o.denaunce of the worlde. forsothe he seyde thus in sum place of the seueneth iay, and god restide in the seueneth day fro alle his werkis. and in this eftesone, *if thei schulen entre into my reste. therfore for it leeueth or is ouer, snramen for to entre into it and thei to whiche the firste it is tolde entreden not for here vnbileue. eftesone he termyneth sumday to day, seyinge in dauyd aftir so myche of tyme as it is bifore seyde, to day gif yee haue herde his voyce, nyl yee harden youre herds, as in the ilke wraththinge. for whi gif Ihu hadde gouen reste to hem, he schulde neuer speke of other aftir that day. therfore saboth halowyng is lefte, to the puple of god. forsothe he that entride into his reste, & he restide of his werkis, as & god of his. therfore haste we for to entre into that reste, that no man falle into the same ensaumple of vnbileue. forsothe the worde of god is quycke & spedy in wirchynge, & more able for to peerse than al two eggide swerde and Btretchynge departide of soule & spirit & of ioyntours & merywis, and the departer or demer of thoughtis & intenciounis of hertis. & no creature is inuisible in the sighte of god. forsothe alle thyngis ben nakide & open to his eyzen, to whom a word to us. therfore we hauing a greet bischop that perside heuenes Jhu the sone of god, holde we the confession of oure feith. forsothe we haue not a bischop that mHy not suffre togedir to oure infirmytees or freeltets, but temptide orprouedeby alle thingis for licknesse withouten synne. therfore go we with trist to the trone of his grace, that we gete mercy, and fynde grace in couenable helpe.

is lefte, that if ony of us bee gessid to bee awey. for it is teld also to us, as to hem, & the word that was herd profitid not to hem, not mcynd to feith, of tho thinges that thei herden. for wee that han bileiud scholen entre into reste, as he seyde, as I swor in my wraththe, thei scholen not entre into my reste. and whanne the werkis weren made parfite at the ordinaunce of the worlde, he seide thus in a place of the seuenthe day, and god restide in the vij day from alle his werkis. and in this place eftsone, thei scholen not entre into my reste. therfor for it sueth that summeu scholen entre into it, & thei to whiche it was telde bifore entriden not for here vnbileeue. eftsone hee termyneth sumday, & seith in dauid to day aftir so myche tyme, of tyme as it is before seid, to day if yee han herd his voyce, nile ye hardne youre hertis. for if ihu hadde gouen reste to hem, he schulde neuer speke of other aftir this day. therfor the saboth is lefte to the pceple of god. for hee that is entride into his reste, restide of his werkis as also god of hise. therfor haste wee to entre in to that reste, that no man falle into the same ensample of vnbileue. for the worde of god is quik & spedy in worchynge, and more able to perse thanne ony tweyne egged swerde & stretchith forth to the departynge of the soule & of the spirit & of the ioyntnig & merewis & demere of thoughtis & of ententis & hertis. and no creature is unuisible in the sight of god, for alle thingis been nakid & open to his izen, to whom a word to us. therfor we that han a grete bischop that persid heuenes ihu the sone of god, holde we knowleching of our hope, for we han not a bischop that may not haue compassioun on oure infirmytes but was temptide by alle thingis by the liknesse without synne. therefore go wee with trist to the trone of his grace, that we gete mercie, & fynde grace in couenable helpe.

Just received from America, Price 12*. Vol. II. of

IT'RANCIS LIBBER'S MANUAL OF POLITICAL ETHICS, designed chiefly for the Use of Colleges and Students at Law, being " Political Ethics Proper."

"A profound work, full of deep rcuYetion and solid principle, —//on. Chancellor Kent. "One of the best theoretical treatises on the true nature and objects of government in modern times."—Judge Story.

ETA PHYSICAL TRACTS, by EMTUSfnplllLOSOPHER8 of the 18th CENTURY, collected and printed, but never published, by Dr. Parr, 8vo. 61.

I. Rev. Arth. Collier's ClavisUniversalis,beine. a Demonstration of the Non-Existence or Impossibility of an External World ..... 1713

II. Rev. A. Collier's Specimen of True Philosophy, in a Discourse on Genesis. "In the beginning," . . 1730

III. Hartley (David; Conjectural Quatdam deSensu. Motu, et Idearum Generatione.

IV. (Smith) Inquiry into the Origin ofthe Human Appetites and Affections, with Account of the Entrance of Mural Evil into the World, &c. . . . 1717

V. Cuthbert Comment {Tucker, author of the Li»lttofNa. ture) Man in Quest of Himself, or a Defence of the Individual^-of the Human Mind or Sell . . . 17C3

*' Eminently deserving of the notice of the i'rw who, in this oountry, take an interest in those higher speculations to which, in other countries, the name of Philosophy is exclusively conceded."—lulintmrL'h Review.

MEMOIRS of the Life and Wiitings ol the Rev. ARTH. COLLIER; also his Correspondence with lloadly, Winston, Clarke, ,X;c. ; and Sermon on Christ's Resurrection; with Account of his Family, by Hob. Benson, Esq. 8vo. Gs.

See a long Review of this "rery interesting ww?wioir," in the Gentleman's Magazine. The EdiuburghjReview justly asserts, that "it is an indispensable accomiKiniment to the Tracts."

BLAKEY'S (R.) HISTORY of MORAL SCIENCE, including Criticisms and Analyses of the Works of Hobbes, Cudworth, Locke, Archbishop King, Bishop Cumberland, Wullaston, Sam. Clarke, Mandeville, Pope, Bolingbroke, Shaftesbury, Hutrheson, Rutherford, Butler, Hume, Hartley, Priestley, Paley, Fcrjiusson, Karnes, Smith, Price, Godwin, Gisbomc, Cojjan, Stewart, Brown, and Dewar, with Brief Notice of Foreign Authors, 2 vols. 8vo. 7j. 6d. published at his. .... 1836

"Most valuable for students at college and others, for an accurate idea uf the various systems, from the peripatetic school downwards."—P.rangeiical Magazine.

BLAKEY'S (R.) ESSAY on the Connexion between our Notions of Moral Good and Evil, and our Coneoplions of the Freedom of the Divine and Human Wills, 8vo. 3s. published at 7«. .... 1834 BLAKEY'S (R.) ESSAY towards an Easy and Useful SYSTEM of LOGIC, cr. 8vo. Is. published at is. 6d. 1834

CATALOGUE—continued from No. 12—of a portion of EDWARD LUMLEY'S EXTENSIVE ASSEMBLAGE of BOOKS—selected and partially classified from upwards of 40,000 volumes in all languages—highly interesting to the Scholar, Student, Theologian, and Reader of every description. It must he self-evident, from the low price at which these books are marked, that they can he had for CASH ONLY; and may be obtained through any Bookseller in the Three Kingdoms, the Colonies, or the United States.

%• Country Booksellers will find it " to their interest," to send their " orders direct," for inclosure, with orders for payment, on their agents.


N.B.Cfct #0. ano JFfrStVBaxts muitbe siben.

Is Schurman (AnnaMaria) Opuscula (Hebrsea, Grteca, Latina, et Gallica,) Prosaica et Metrica, 12mo. elf. beautiful portrait of this extraordinary woman, 3s. . . Traject, 1652

2s Science, Readings in, being Explanations of most Interesting Appearances and Principles in Natural Philosophy, in simple language, and with Familiar Examples, cr. 8vo. many cuts, 4s. . 1834

Scotland and Scotch.


TRACTS, illustrative of the HISTORY and ANTIQUITIES of SCOTLAND, (containiny Hay's Vindication of Elizabeth More, Queen of Robert II. and her children, 1723; Gordon's Dissert, on the Marriage of ditto, 1759; Waddel's Re

j marks on Innes' Critical Essay on the Ancient Inhabitants of Scotland, 1733; Cunninr/ham on the Inscription on Macduff's Cross in Fyfe, 1678; Memoirs relating to the restoration of King James I. 1716; Taite's Roman Accounts of Britain and Ireland, 1741 ; Lord Ruthven's Relation of the Death of David Rizzio, 1699; Johnston's Hist, of Scotland during Minority of James VI. 1646; Drue Accompt of the Baptism of Henry Fred. Son of James VI. 1594,) 8vo. cloth, 5s. pub. U.

Edinb. 1836

4s Scot's WEEKLY Itlajsrazfne, a

Repertory of Literary Entertainment, Original and Selected, complete in 1 vol. 8ro. new, many wood cuts, (on the plan and uniform with Hone's Every Day Book) is. . . 1833

Edited by Messrs. Hnig and Brunton. Arabian Proverbs, Benefit of Clergy, Law of Bier for detecting Murderers, Eastern and Roman Justice, Scottish Chronicle, Books against Popery forbid, Sec. &c. 5s Aiton's History of the Rencounter at Drumclog, and Battle of Bothwell Bridge, 1679, 8vo. 2s. . . . 1821

6s Ancient Scotish Poems never before in print,

from the MS. Collections of Sir R. Maitland, comprising pieces from 1420 to 1586, with Notes and Glossary, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. bds. clean, rare, 9s. 6d. . . . . 1786

7s Ancient and Modern Scoti9h Songs, Heroic

Ballads, &c. 2 vols. 12mo. elf. scarce, 4s. 6d. 1791

8s Anderson (Dr.) Account of the Present

State of the Hebrides and Western Coasts of Scotland, thick 8vo. elf. large map, 2s. 6d. 1785

9s Anderson (Dr.) Proposal for establishing

the Northern British Fisheries, 12mo. c(f. extra, 2s. (cost 4s. 6rf.) . . 1783

10s Bannatyne (Richard, Secretary to John

Knox,) Journal of the Transactions in Scotland, during the Contest between the Adherents of Mary and her Son, 1570-3, 8vo. 5s. 6d. pub. 15s. 1806

lis BEAUTIES of SCOTLAND, 5 vols. 8vo.

plates, 31. 15*. . Edinb. 1805

lis* British Acts of Parliament, from 6th of

Queen Anne, 1707, to the 12th of George III. 1770, 30 vols, in 34, 12mo. elf. nt. rare collection, (apresentfrom Baron Maule,)ll.Ss. Edin. 1718-72

12s Boswell's Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides,

with Dr. Johnson, with Pieces, Conversations, &c. thick 8vo. best edition, elf. very neat, 4s. 1785

13s Buchan (Peter) Ancient Ballads and Songs

of the North of Scotland, hitherto unpublished, with Explanatory Notes, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. 9s. pub. !/• Is. . . . 1828

Buchan's Hist, and Authentic Account of '^-A^rSnNent and Noble Family of Keith, with full liitof&rainted Scottish Noblemen, 1715-45,12mo. 2iX VXY' 'Peterhead, 1820

^■^Bjiti^ianan on the Rights of the Crown of nslated, with Dissert, on pretended he Getes and Scythians, of Gctes and Goths and Scots, with Defence of ajby Macfarlan, 8vo. 3*. . 1799 et (Bp.) Memoirs of the Dukes of Ham

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Scotland and Scotch.

ilton and Castlehcrald, &c. giving an account of the Civil Wars in Scotland, with Original Letters of Charles I. folio, elf '.portraits, Tho. Chillingworth's Autograph, (worth 11. Is. Lowndes,) 10s. 1677 17s Burnet (Bishop) Vindication of the Authority, Constitution and Laws of the Church and State of Scotland, Glasgow, 1673 ; Observat. on 2 first Canons, containing an account of Primitive Churches, Glasgow, 1673, thick 12mo. rare, 3s.

18s Campbell (Alex.) The Grampians Desolate,

a Poem, with Explanatory and Historical Notes, 8vo. bds. 3s. pub. 10s. 6rf. Edinburgh, 1804

19s Catalogue of the Loids of Session from

the Institution of the College of Justice, in 1532, with Historical and Biographical Notes, 4to. hlf. elf. 5s. . . frivat. printed, 1794

20s Chalmers (Geo.) (" very interesting") Life

and Anecdotes of Ruddiman, Keeper for 50 Years of the Advocates' Library, Edinburgh, with singular chronological list of Newspapers, from the Civil Wars, 8vo. port, and facsimiles, 4s. 1794

21s Clarenswold, or Tales of the North, dedicated to Professor Wilson, 12mo. vignettes, 2s. Gd. pub. Is. 6d. . . Edinb. 1832

22s Collection of Informations, Memorials,

Petitions, &c. to the Lords of Session, Trials, Stc. 8vo. 4to. and folio, done up in thick folio, uncut, some very curious, 10s. . 1732 to 17—

23s Another Collection of Bills, Informations,

&c. &c. thick folio, uncut, 10s. Nov. 1721 to 1745

24s Compleat History of all the Rebellions, Insurrections, &c. in England since the Conquest, and Conduct of the Government, 8vo. elf. 2s. 1718

25s Confession of Faith, the Larger and Shorter

Catechisms, with Scripture Proofs of Publick Authority in the Church of Scotland, thick 8vo. 2s. 6rf.

Glasgow, 1746

26s Correspondence of Sir John Gordon of In

vergordon on occasion of the Rebellion of 1745, only 30 copies, Edinb. 1835: Letters from Lord Pollock to Rev. Robert Wodrow, 1703-1710, (containing much curious historical matter) Edin. 1835,

2 small works, only 30 copies, priv. print. 3s. 6d. 27s Critical Examination of Dr. Macculloch's

Work on the Highlands and Western Isles of
Scotland, cr. 8vo. 2s. 6d. . 1825

28s Defoe's History of the Union with Scotland, 4to. fine clean copy, elf. portrait qf Defoe, edited with Life, by Chalmers, 12s. 6(1. 1786

29s Drake (Dr.) Historia Scotica, or impartial

History of all that happened between England and Scotland, from Wm. the Conqueror, 8vo. ("ordered to be burnt by the Common Hangman,") 2*. 6d. . . . 1703

30s Fragmenta Scoto-Dramatica, 1715-1758;

(a very few copies of this curious collection of Notices on Early History qf Drama in Scotland, privately printed,) Edin. 1835,- Miss Carstair's Hubbleshue, a Mystification, circa 1780, (only 30 copies reprinted, with Notice and Poems,) Edin. 1834; Memoir of Archibald Macluren, Dramatist, with List of his Works, (only 25 copies printed,) Edin. 1835, cr. 8vo. 4s.

31s Glencairn Peerage, Petition from Sir Adam

Fergusson on, July, 1797, Svo. (22 pages,) Is. 6d.

Privately printed, 183

32s Gordon's Collection of papers relating to the

Rebellion of 1745, 12mo. c//.2s. 6d. Dublin, 1748

33s Grant (Mrs.) Letters from the Mountains,

3 vols. cr. 8vo. 4s. . . 1806 34s History, Distinct and Impartiul, of the Conspiracies, Trials, Dying Speeches, &c. of those who have suffered on account of the House of Stewart, for and against, 8vo. elf. nt. scarce, 3s. Cd. 1747

35s Holford's Wallace, or the Fight of Falkirk,

a Metrical Romance, 8vo. Is. pub. 9s. 1810

36s Hollinshed's Scottish Chronicle, 2 vols. 4to.

ha(fc{f. 10s. , . 1805

Scotland and Scotch.

37s Hooke (Col.) Secret History of his Nego

ciations in Scotland in 1707, being the Original Letters and Papers which passed between the Scotch and Irish Lords and the Courts of Versailles and St. Germains, with Narrative of the Pretender's Expedition into Scotland, and Return to Denmark in 1708, 8vo. elf. scarce, 2s. 6rf. 1760

38s Impartial Account of the Affairs of Scotland,

from death of James V., to tragical exit of Earl Murray, 1705; Huet (Bp.) History of the Commerce and Navigation of the Ancients, translated, 1717; Prideaux, Life of Mahomet, 1723, 8vo. hlf. elf. very neat, 4s. 6d.

38s* Irving (David) Lives of the Scotish Poets,

with Preliminary Dissertation on the Literary History of Scotland, and the Early Scotish Drama, 2 vols. 8vo. 11. 4s. . . 1810

39s Jamieson's Etymological Scottish Dictionary, abridged (but yet containing many additional words,) from the Quarto edition, 8vo. rare, 12s. 6rf.


40s Kelly's Complete Collection of Scotish

Proverbs explained, 8vo. elf. best edition, slightly stained, 3s. 6d. . . 1721

41s Kelly's Scottish Proverbs, another edition,

cr. 8vo. 2s. 6d. pub. 7s. 6d. . 1818

42s Letters from the North of Scotland, (" extremely interesting and curious, by Burt,") describing the Manners, &c. of the Highlanders, new edition, with large additions (by Jamieson) 2 vols. 8vo. 4s. pub. 11. . . . 1815

43s (Lockhart's) Memoirs concerning Scotland,

from Queen Anne's Accession to the Union, 1714; Key to ditto, 1714, 8vo. elf. neat, 2s. 6d.

44s Logan's Present State of Scotland in regard

to the Tenures and Slavish Dependencies of the
Subjects, 1733; Memorial and Admonition of Rer.
Synod of Glasgow and Air, at Glasgow, 1745;
Lords' Protest v. Bill for Abolishing Heretable
Jurisdictions in Scotland, &c. 1747; Dalrvmple
(Sir J.) Address on the Distillery Laws, 1786; R.
Watt's Declaration and Confession before his Exe-
cution, 1794; Postscript to Stewart's Facts on
Professor Leslie, 1806, 8vo. c\f. neat, 3s. Sd.

45s Low (Rev. Alex.) History of Scotland,

from the earliest Period to middle of 9th Century, 8vo. 5s. 6d. pub. 12s. 6d. Edin. 1826

46s Mac Allester's Letters, discovering the

Scheme projected by France in 1759 for Invasion of England with Flat-bottom'd Boats, with the Secret Adventures of the Young Pretender, Cause of the Banishment of the Jesuits from France, &£. 2 vols. 4to. 6s. . . 1767

47s MACKAY'S History of the HOUSE and

CLAN of MACKAY, with Account of other Scottish Families.and Historical Notices of the Northern Division of Scotland, thick 4to. privately printed, (" see Croker's Boswell's Johnson,") 7s. 1829

48s Macklin's Selection of Views in Scotland.royal

8vo. vol. 1 ,(all published,fine impressions,) 4«.1794

49s Maclaurin's Arguments and Decisions in

Remarkable Cases before the High Court of Justiciary, and other Supreme Courts in Scotland, thick 4to. 10s. . . .1774

50s Scotland, Map of, (Faden's) from Ainslie

and Gen. Roy's Surveys, on 2 sheets, coloured, on canvass, 1820; Thomson's Plan of Edinburgh,1823, in case, 3s. Gd.

51s Martin's Description of the Western Islands

of Scotland, 8vo. c(f. maps, scarce, 3s. 6d. 1716

52s Memoire touchant I'Ancienne Alliance entre

les Francois et les Ecossois, et les Privilege* det
Ecosses en France, En Parchemin, par un Huissier
de la Cour duPartement de Rouen, Avril, 27, 1599.
A transcript, very legibly written. Privileges ac-
cordes a la Nation Ecossoise, 1612-46, 4
in 1 vol. thin folio, vellum, 10s.

[56, Chtncery La

Scotland and Scotch.

53s Memoirs of Guthry, Bishop of Dunkeld,

relating the Conspiracies against Charles I., 8vo. c(f. 3s. . . . 1702

Ms Miller (Hugh) Scenes and Legends of the

North of Scotland, or Traditional History of Cromarty, is. pub. N. 6d. . Edin. 1S35

Hi Moray, Survey of the Province of, Histoid

cal, Geographical, and Political, 8vo. large Plan and View of Elgin Cathedral, 2s. Aberdeen, 1798 56s Motherby's Pocket Dictionary of the Scottish Idiom, in which the signification is given in English and German, with Supplement, 12mo. scarce, 3s. . . Konigsberg, 1828

57i Narrative of the Massacre or Barbarous

Murder of the Glenco Men in the Highlands of Scotland, by Military Execution, in 1692, with the Commission on ditto, 1700 ; Duchess of Kingston's Case impartially stated, with the Sentence of the Ecclesiastical Courts, Speeches of Lord Mansfield, ic. 1776; Authentic Anecdotes of the Perreaus, hung for forgery, 1776; Polite Philosopher, 1746; Index to Armstrong's Map of Lincolnshire, 1778, Me. 8vo. N. (i<7. 58s Nodier, Promenade from Dieppe to the Mountains of Scotland, 2s. pub. 5s. 6d. Blackwood, 1822

59s Notes on Lord Stair's Institutions of the

Law of Scotland, edition 1693, folio, vellum, a
MS. very neatly written, 3s.

60s Observations on a Tour to the Western

Highlands in 1803, with original Poetry, 12mo. ls.6rf. . . . 1804

61s — Observations on Objects Interesting to the Highlands of Scotland, particularly to Inverness and Inverness-ghire, Hvo.priv.print.2s. Edin. 1814

62s Peerage of Scotland, a Genealogical and

Historical Account of their Descents, Branches, Attainted Peers, Extinct Titles, &c. 8vo. elf. many plates, 2s. 6d. 1768

63s Peerage of Scotland, including the Dormant,

Attainted, and Extinct Titles, with their Descent, Marriage, Issue, &c. cr. 8vo. pits. is. pub. 10s. 6d


Ms Pennant's Tour in Scotland in 1772, small

4 to. many plates, is. . 1776

65s Percy (Bp.) Pieces of Runic Poetry, translated from the Icelandic Language, with the originals, cr. 8vo. bds. 2s. 6d. . . 1763

66s Political and Satyrical History of the Years

1756 and 1757, in 75 Humorous and Entertaining Prints, (or rather Caricatures,) containing all the most Remarkable Transactions, &c. with Explana torj Key to each, thick square 12mo. elf. very scarce, 6s. 6d. . . 17—

67s Psalms of David in Metre, according to the

Version approved by the Church of Scotland, 12mo. new, bnd. Is. . . . 1831

68a Ramsay (Allan) Tea Table Miscellany, or

a Collection of Choice Songs, Scots and English, 4 vols, in 1, thick 12mo. good copy, elf. portrait, scarce, is. . . 1763

69s Report of the Proceedings and Debate in

the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, on the Election of Professor Leslie to Mathematical Chair in University of Edinburgh, 8vo. 3s. 1805

70s Ruddiman, Introduction to Anderson's Diplomats Scotia?, reprinted, with Notes from various Authors, and MS. 12mo. c(f. scarce, 2s. Edin.1773

71s —— Saltonn (Lord) Thoughts on the Disqualification of the Eldest Sons of the Peers of Scotland to elect or be elected to Parliament, 8vo. elf. nt. 2s.


72s Scotch Acts, Vol. 3 only, good copy, elf.

{contains the Laws and Acts, 1 of James VII. to Queen Anne's first Parliament, inclusive,) Edinb. 1731; Brace's Abridgment of British Acts concerning Scotland, 1707 to 1726, 2 vols, small 8vo. elf. 11*.

73s Scotch Preacher, or Collection of Sermons

by most Eminent Clergymen of Church of Scotland, vols. 2 and 4, 12mo. elf. 3s. 1789

748 —— Scotch Presbyterian Eloquence Displayed, or the Folly of their Teaching Discovered from their Books, Sermons, Prayers, 12mo. elf. 2s. 1789

75s Scotland in 1745 and 1819, or the Con

trast, cr. 8vo. 2s. , , 1825

Scotland and Scotch.

76s Shaw's Analysis of the Gaelic Language,

cr. 8vo. 2*. . . IT"

77s Sinclair's Observations on the Scottish

Dialect,8vo. (Home Tooie's sold for 17s.)2*.6d. 1782

78s Sinclair (Sir John) Account of the Systems

of Husbandry adopted in the more improved districts of Scotland, &C. 2 vols. 8vo. portrait and plates, is.Gd. . . 1813

79s Sketches of the Coasts and Islands of Scotland, and of the Isle of Man, by Lord Teignmouth, 2 vols. 8vo. clth. (wants map,) 7s. pub. II Is. 1836

80s Smith (Rev. John) Collection of Ancient

Poems of Ossian, Orran, Ullin, &c. collected in the Western Islands and Isles, (in the Gaelic Language,) 8vo. 3s. . . Edin. 1787

81s Spotswood (Archbp.) History of the Church

of Scotland from 203, to end of James VI. folio, portrait of Charles L, 9s. . 1655

82s Statistical Account of Scotland, 2 first

Parts, 8vo. containing parts of Forfar, Selkirk, and Dumfries, maps, 3s. pub. Vis. 1834

83s Steven (Rev. W.) History of the Scottish

Church at Rotterdam, and of other British Churches in the Netherlands, and View of the Dutch Ecclesiastical Establishment, 8vo. (" a very good book,") 6s. pub. IN. 6<f. . . 1833

848 Stewart (Col.) Sketches of the Character,

Manners, and State of the Highlanders of Scotland, and Details of the Military Service of the Highland Regiments, thick 8vo. map, lis. pub. II. Ss. 1822

Ms Stuart (Andrew) Letters to Lord Mansfield,

(on the Douglas Cause,) small 4to. elf. neat, (1st edition, presentation copy, very rare, most copies having been bought up by Mansfield,) is. 6d.

Prim print. 1773

Ms Stuart, another edition, 8vo. 2s.

87s Stuart (Dr. Gilbert) History of the Establishment of the Reformation of Religion in Scotland, 4 to. is, . . . 1780

88s Stuart (Dr. Gilbert) History of Scotland,

from the Reformation till the Death of Mary, 2 vols. 4to. hlf. c\f. 5s. 6d. . . 1782

89s The Scotch Banker, containing Articles

under that Signature, republished, 8vo. 3s. pub. 5s. 6d. . . . 1828

90s Thistle, a Dispassionate Examine of the

Prejudice of Englishmen to the Scotch Nation, (byAretine) 8vo. 2s. . . 174

91s Vindication of the Design of the Scots Colony at Darien, 8vo. elf. 2s. Prim print. 1699

92s Virtue in Distress, or Heroism Display'd

in the Hardships, &c. of the Pretender, 174!); Inquiry into Malone's conduct on Aubrey's MS. Papers, 1797, 8vo. both curious, 2s.

93s Volpone, or Remarks on Proceedings in

Scotland on the Union and Protestant Succession, small 4to. Is. . . 1707

Ms Williams' Account of some remarkable

Ruins in the Highlands, 1777, plate; Fea's Present State of the Orkney Islands, 1775, Ho/yRoodhouse; Account of the New Method of Fishing, 1775, ditto : Col. Hooke'sNegociations, 1760; Narrative of the Barbarous Murder of the Glenco Men in the Highlands, 1692; Present State of the Chieftains, &c. in the Highlands,prim print. 1773, 8vo. c{f. is. 6d. 95s Wilson (Rev. W.) Defence of the Reformation Principles of the Church of Scotland, and the Reforming Period, 1G38 to 1650, Edinb. 1739; Erskine (Ralph) Paraphrase on Solomon's Song, 1758, cr. 8vo. elf. 2s.

A hbotstord CIMiscellany

Ms Account of the Discussion in Parliament as

to the Losses of Campbell of Shawfield, (for his losses by the Riot in Glasgow, on the Malt Taj;,) small 4to. (5 leaves,) 2s. 6d. Ms Complaint of the Muses upon Sir Wm. Alexander, (a literary curiosity, a satirical jcu d' esprit , probably by King James,) small 4to. leaves,) 2*.

98s Dispute between the Abbot and Convent of

Lindores and the Inhabitants of Newburgh, (interesting from the form of proceeding,) small 4to. (3 leaves,) 2s. 99s —— Edmestoun (Mr. John) Verses and Letter

to King James VI., from the Tolbuithe of Edinburgh, 1607, small 4to. (6 leaves,) N. lid.

100s Ellesmere (Lord High Chancellor of England) Letters, 4to. (5 leaves.) 2s. 6d.

101s Epistolu? Virorum Clarorum ad Jacobum

Sextum Brit. Regem. (Com. Van Drebbel. Carleton, Bp. of Chichester, John Cameron, and Father Barnes,) (9 leaves,) 2s. 6d.

102s Epistolae Virorum Doctorum, (Meric

Casaubon and Bp. Andrews,) (4 leaves,) 2s.

103s Hoskyns, Joannis, Supplicatio ad Regem.

(Latin Verses referring to his imprisonment for an allusion to the Sicilian Vespers, now first published, see Bliss's Wood,) (2 leaves,) 2s.

104s James VI.'s Letters to the Countess

Dowager of Angus, with facsimile, small 4to. (4 leaves,) 2s.

105s Letters and Papers Relative to the History

of Gt. Britain in Reign of James I., from the Balfour MSS. (31 leaves,) is.

106s Martyrii Venerabilis Sacerdotis, Thom.

Maxfieldii, Bievis Narratio,small 4to. (3 leaves,) 2s.

107s Sermon, Burlesque, of the Fifteenth Century, (amusing, but rather coarse,) (4 leaves,) 3s.

108s Trial of Mungo Murray for assaulting

Thomas Sydserf, Comedian, June, 1669, small 4to. (6 leaves,) 2s. lid.

110s True Relation of my Lord of Warwick's

Passage (through the Spanish Armatho,July, 1627,) (4 leaves,) 2s.

Ills Scott (John, the Bard of Amwelt) Poetical Works, 8vo. elf. neat, fine front, by Bartolozzi, (Fonthill copy, 11. Is.) N. 6d. . 1786

112s Scott (John) Visit to Paris in 1814, and Paris Revisited in 1815, by way of Brussels, 2 vols. 8vo. best editions, 5s. pub. II. is. . 1816-7

113s Scott (John) Cases of Tic Douloureux and other Forms of Neuralgia, 8vo. 2s. . 1834

114s Scott on the Use and Necessity of Lavements in Constipation, &c. 8vo. 3s. pub. N. 1829

115s Scott (J.R.) Dissertations, Essays, and Parallels, (Influence of Religion on Civil Society, First Peopling of America, Progress of the Fine Arts, Influence of Taste on Morals, Comparison between Wm. III. and Henry IV. of France, Ximenes and Richelieu, Sully and Pitt, Ike.) 8vo.3s.pu4.10s.1804

116s Scott (Rev. John) The Christian Life, with Directions for Private Devotion, and Forms of Prayer, 5 vols. cr. 8vo. elf. neat, IN. 6d. 1700

117s Scott (Rev. J.) History of the Church of Christ, a Continuation of Milncr, vol. 1. 8vo. 4s. 6d. pub. IN. 1826

118s Ditto, vol.3,8vo. bds. N. 12*.1831

119s Scott (Rev. J. of Perth) History of the Lives of Protestant Reformers of Scotland (from Patrick Hamilton in 1528, to Christopher Goodman,) royal 8vo. 3*. Gd.pvb. IN. 6d. . 1810

120s Scott (Rev. Thomas) Essays on most important Subjects in Religion, 12mo. (the origin of Dr. Bateman's Conversion,) Is. 6d. pub. is. 1806

121s Village Discourses, in Sermons at Aston

Sandford, cr. 8vo. Is. 6d. pub. is. 6d. 1825

122s Sermons on Select Subjects, thick 8vo.

2*. 6d. . . 1796

12.'!s —— Letters and Papers of the Rev. Thomas Scott, with Observations by Rev. John Scott, 8vo. port lis. . 1824

124s Scott (Sir Walter) Miscellaneous Prose Works, 6 vols.8vo. II. pub. 3/. IN. 1827

125s Prose Works, vols. 3, 6, 14, 16, 17, 26,

27, 28, last edition, in 5s. volumes, new in cloth, 3s. each.

126s History of Scotland, (being the 3 series

of Tales of a Grandfather,) 2 vols. cr. 8vo. bnd. 6s. pub. 10s. . . . 1836

127s Letters (3) of Malagrowther on the Currency, &C. of Scotland, 1826; Two Letters in Reply, 1826 ; Harvey's Letters on the Proceedings of the Benchers of the Temple, 1822, and others on Finance, Criminal Law, Reform, &c. 8vo. hlf. elf. 3s.

128s Letters on Demonology and V. witchcraft,

12mo. ctf. neat, is. . . 1830

129s Paul's Letters to his Kinsfolk, 8vo. 3s.

pub. 12*. . . . 1816

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117s Scougal (Rev. II.) Works, Life of God in the Soul of Man, &c. with Life, by Burnet, 12mo. (" Sublime Piety,") 2s.

148s Scraggs (Rev. G.) Questions Resolved, 2 vols, cr. 8vo. 4s. pub. 11. Is. . 1817

14!)s Scraps, a Collection of Cuttings from Newspapers, small thick 4to. 5s. . 1815, &c.

150s Scripture Gazetteer, or Geographical and Historical Dictionary of Places and People mentioned in the Bible, with Time Tables, Weights, Money, &c. roy. 8vo. maps, 6s. pub. 18s. . 1829

151s Scriptures (Holy) Illustrations of, in Notes and Explications from Learned Men, &c. on the Old and New Testaments, by G Oil (I by, 3 very thick vols.royal folio,elf.neat, plates, 11.18s.


152s (Burton's) Explanation of a Hundred Passages of Scripture, with Account of the Samaritan Pentateuch,Talmuds, &c. cr.Syo.mapandplts.3s.6d.

153s Scripture Passages, Compilation of, with Scripture Demonstrations that "The Angel of the Lord." The "Angel of God," and "The Angel of his Presence," &c. (in contradistinction to the commonly received opinion of being a Created Angel) is uniformly JEHOVAH, by G. Hunt, royal 8vo. (pp. 74.) Is. . . 1831

154s Scripture Portraits, or Biographical Memoirs of the most Distinguished Characters recorded in the Old Testament, with Reflections, by Rev. R. Stevenson, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. 2s. 6d. pub. 8s. 1817

155s Scripture Texts selected for every day in

the Year, with Suitable Extract in Verse annexed to each, post 8vo. 2s. . Hatchard, 1822

150s Times, Places, and Persons of the Holie

Scripture, otherwise entituled, The Gcnerall View of the Holy Scriptures, small fol. vellum, .'is. Ki07

157s Scudamore (Dr.) Chemical and Medical Report of the Properties of the Mineral Waters of Buxton, Matlock, Tunbridge, Harrogate, &c.ctc.8vo. 2s. 6d. pub. 9s. 1820

158s Scudamore (Dr.) on Nature and Cure of Gout and Rheumatism, and Morbid State of the Digestive Organs, Regimen, and Gravel, thick 8vo. 3s. 6d. pub. 15s. . . . 1819

159s Sculpture, Paintingand Architecture, Historyof, by Dr. Memes, 12rao. hlf. elf. very nt. 2s. 6d. 1829

160s Seasons of Life, with an Introduction on the Creation and Primeval State of Man, by Mary Ashdowne, cr. 8vo. cloth, new, 4s. pub. 8s. 6d. 1839

161s Seeker (Archbp.) Sermons and Charges, j

best edition, edited by Porteus and Stinton, 8 vols. Svo.fine clean copy, c(f. neat, 11. lis. 6d. 1771

162s SECKER (Archbishop) Works, best edition, with Life by Porteus, 6 vols. 8vo. 11. 2s. pub. 21. 14s. . . . 1811

163s (Archbp.) Lectures on the Church Catechism, with Discourse on Confirmation, 12mo. bnd. Is. pub. 4s. . . 1818

164s Family Sermons, selected from Seeker, for

every Sunday, edited, with Life, by Bp. Porteus, 2 vols. 8vo. hlf. morocco, 7s. pub. 11. Is. 1810 "Nowhere will he find a nobler specimen of practical preaching than in Seeker's Sermons."—Owen.

165s Secret History of the Lives and Reigns of all the Kings and Queens of England, from Wm. the Conqueror, 8vo. elf. 3s. . 1702

166s Sedgwick (Prof.) Syllabus of a Course of Lectures on Geology, 8vo. 2s. Cambridge, 1821

167s Sedgwick (Rev. W. of Ely,) XI Sermons, "Flashes of Lightnings in the Soul of Man," 1648, reprinted, with Life, 12mo. 2s. pub. 4s. 6d. 1830

168s Seed (Rev. J.) Discourses, and Lady Moyer's Lectures, 2 vols. 12mo. elf. neat, (" very fine style."—Dr. Johnson,) 3s. . 1763

169s Segur (Count) Histoire de Napoleon et de la Grande-Armue, 2 vols. 8vo. map, (" a work of complete authority."Scott,) 4s. Bruxelles, 1825

170s Segur, Histoire de Napoleon et la Grande Armee. Gen. Gourgaud, examen Critique de Segur, 4 vols. 12rao. hlf. elf. neat, map and portraits, 5s. 6d.

Bruxelles, 1825

171s Segur (Count) History of Russia, and of Peter the Great, 8vo. 3s. pub. 10s. 6rf. 1829 172s Segur's Women, their Condition and Influence in Society, translated, 3 vols. 12mo. ha(f c(f. neat, 4s. 12s. . . 1803

173s SELDEN (JOHN) Titles of Honour, thick folio, neat, (11. 8s. to 21.—Lowndes,) 14s. 6d. 1672 "A book of so much use anil learning, that 1 know none other more befitting a gentleman and a scholar to read and read again.*'—Dr. J. Taylor.

174s De Diis Syris, auctior Heinsium, 12mo.

c(f. neat, 2s. 6d. . Elzetir, 1629

175s Duello, or Single Combat, with several

Kinds and Ceremonious Forms thereof described,

8vo. 2s.

176s History of Tythes, Practice, Laws, and Opinions, small 4to. elf. (" curious and learned,") it. 6d. . . . 1618

177s Seldeniana, or the Table-Talk of John

Selden, 12mo. 2s.

178s Select Essays on Commerce, Agriculture, Mines, Fisheries, &c. translated from the Journal CEconomique of Paris, thick 8vo. c{f. 2s. 1754

179s Select Pieces on Commerce, Natural Philosophy, Morality, Antiquities, History, &c. translated from Foreign Languages, 8vo. elf. 2s. 6d. 1754

180s Selva di Bellissimi Dubhi, con Dotte Solutioni a Ciascun Dubbio, Accommodate Naturali e Morali, con Annot. Novell!, 12mo. vellum, 2s.

Piacenza, 1597

181s SENECA. Philos. et Rhet. Opera Omnia, (" very excellent edition, with notes of Muretus, Erasmus, Pinlianus, Obsopceus, Christianut and others, by Morell,) thick fol. vellum, 8s. Par.1613

182s Opera Omnia, Lipsii, 3 pocket vols. c\f.

(" accurate and most elegant of the Elzevirs,") 5s. 6d. . . Elzevir, 1640

183s Tragocdise, Notis Variorum Gronovii,8vo.

half morocco, (" very good edition,") 3s. 1661

184s Tragoediae, Notis Farnabii, pocket edition,

bound, Is. 6d. . . Amst. 17

1858 Naturalium Qusestionum Septem ad Luci

lium, a Matthaeo, Erasmo, et Strebae, small 4to. elf. neat, 2s. . . Paris, 1541

186s Seneca's Works, Morrall and Naturali, translated by Dr. Lodge, folio, good copy, elf. 5s. 6d. 1614

187s Epistles, (" excellently") translated, with

large Annotations, contrasting the Tenets of the Ancient Philosophers with the Divine Precepts of the Gospel, by Morell, 2 vols. 4to. 10s. 1786

188s Morals, translated by L'Estrange, 8vo.

good copy, elf. 2s. 6d.

189s Senior's Statement of the Provision for the Poor, and of the Condition of the Labouring Classes in America and Europe, 8vo. 2s. . 1835

190s Sentimens Agreables, Theorie des, avec Ies

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