A Compend of human physiology

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P. Blakiston's Son & Company, 1886 - 166 pages

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Page 165 - Cloth, 2.00 ***The object of this book is to unfold to the beginner the fundamentals of pathology in a plain, practical way, and by bringing them within easy comprehension to increase his interest in the study of the subject.
Page 160 - Human Osteology. Comprising a Description of the Bones, with Colored Delineations of the Attachments of the Muscles. The General and Microscopical Structure of Bone and its Development. With Lithographic Plates and Numerous Illustrations.
Page 158 - Marshall and Smith. On the Urine. The Chemical Analysis of the Urine. By John Marshall, MD, Chemical Laboratory, Univ.
Page 160 - English Edition, revised and improved. 758 pages. This volume was specially prepared to furnish students with a new text-book of Physiology, elementary so far as to avoid theories which have not borne the test of time and such details of methods as are unnecessary for students in our medical colleges. " The brief examination I have given it was so favorable that I placed it in the list of text-books recommended in the circular of the University Medical College.
Page 158 - When the blood is emptied into the right auricle, it is directed by the Eustachian valve, through the foramen ovale, into the left auricle, thence into the left ventricle, and so into the aorta to all parts of the system.
Page 162 - For the use of Students and Physicians. By the late Prof. John B. Biddle, MD, Professor of Materia Medica in Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia. The Eleventh Edition, thoroughly revised, and in many parts rewritten, by his son.
Page 160 - Third American, from Fifth German Edition. Translated by Prof. Edgar F. Smith, PH.D. 89 Wood Engravings and Colored Plate of Spectra. Cloth, 2.00 Richter's Organic Chemistry, or Chemistry of the Carbon Compounds. Illustrated.
Page 166 - I have become thoroughly convinced of its great value, and have cordially recommended it to my class in Yale College." — Prof. David P. Smith. " I have examined it with some care, and think it a good book and shall take pleasure in mentioning it among the works which may properly be put in the hands of students.
Page 157 - Pereira's Physician's Prescription Book. Containing Lists of Terms, Phrases, Contractions and Abbreviations used in Prescriptions Explanatory Notes, Grammatical Construction of Prescriptions, etc., etc. By Professor Jonathan Pereira, MD Sixteenth Edition.
Page 161 - Rearranged by Louis STARR, MD, Clinical Prof, of Dis. of Children in the Hospital of the Univ. of Pennsylvania, and Physician to the Children's Hospital, Phila. Containing many new Prescriptions, a list of over 50 Formulae, conforming to the US Pharmacopoeia, and Directions for making Artificial Human Milk, for the Artificial Digestion of Milk, etc. Illus. " The author has avoided the not uncommon error of writing a book on general medicine and labeling it ' Diseases of Children,' but has steadily...

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