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At Woodlands Stud, Knitsley Station, Co. Durba n. Apply to Stud-groom for full particulars. W ACGREGOR (winver of 2000gs, he beat winners of

W Derby, Oaks, and Leger), by Macaroni, at 15gs; winners (ur their dams) of 200 sov. half-price.

STENTOR (winner of French 2000gs, sire of Absalon and Salmigondis, two of the best three yrs old in France), by De Clare--Songstress (winner of Oaks), at 10gs,

IDUS (best four yrs old of his year, winner of Newmarket H'cap, he beat Rosicrucian, Musket, Paganini, &c.), by Wild Dayrell, at 10gs; winners (or their dams) of 200 sov. half-price.

At Middlethorpe, near York, M OULSEY (sire of Morocco, Malplaquet, Marlow, Mex

V borough, Bargee, and other winners), by Teddington, out of Sabra, by Pantaloon, will serve a limited number of mares, besides those of his owner, at 10gs a mare, and one guinea the groom. Any winners, or dams of winners, and all mares by Newminster, Stockwell, Y. Melbourne, and The Flying Dutchman, at 5gs.

Moulsey was the winner of thirty-four races at all distances, and was eighteen times placed second.

Apply to Mr H. Smallwood, Middlethorpe, near York.

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At Burghley, near Stamford, NSLOW, by Cambuscan, out of Dulcibella, by VoltiV geur, at 20ys a mare; at two yrs old he won six out of seven races, and beat Cremorne at even weights.

Apply to Mr J. Thompson, as above.

At Yardley Stud Farm, near Birmingham, OXFORD.


PLAYFAIR. Only a limited number of approved mares can be taken. For further particulars apply to the Stud Groom.

At Nuasbam Hall Stud Farm, near Darlington, DALMER, THE (brother to Rosicrucian), by Beadsman,

I out of Madame Eglentine, by Cowl (by Bay Middleton, out of Crucifix), grandam, Diversion, by Defence, thirty public mares at 25gs each, and one guinea the groom.

Foaling mares at 25s., barren at 18s., per week.
Apply to the Stud-groom, as above.

At Bonchill Paddocks, Tamworth.
DERO GOMEZ, at 50gs a mare.
I MUSKET, at 40gs a maré.
For further particulars apply to Mr P. Scott, as above.

At Heath House, Stud Farm, Newmarket, UEEN'S MESSENGER, a limited number of thoroughbred mares at 10gs each, and one guinea to the groom.

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At the Glasgow Stad Paddocks, Doncaster, if not previously

disposed of, PAKE, THE, | at 15gs each mare, including the N FRIPONNIER,) groom's fee.

BOTHERATION, by Cambuscan, out of Troublesome, at 5gs each mare.

All expenses to be paid before the removal of the mares. Apply to Mr Cunningham.

At Mentmore, Leighton Buzzard, RESTITUTION will serve a limited number of mares at N 30gs each.

Apply to Mr Markham, as above. .

At Middle Park, Eltham, Kent, DOSICRUCIAN, a limited number of mares at 100gs each.

N SAUNTERER, a limited number of mares at 50gs each.

VESPASIAN, a limited number of mares at 30gs each.
D’ESTOURNEL, a limited number of mares at 30gs each.
VICTORIOUS, a limited number of mares at 30gs each.
LIDDINGTON, a limited number of mares at 10gs each.

Groom's fee, 21s. to each of the above horses; keep of foaling mares, 25s. a week; barren mares, 20s. a week.

All charges to be paid, if demanded, before the mares are removed.

For further particulars, apply to the Stud-groom.

At Plas Gwyn, Pentraeth, Isle of Anglesey, AT MUNGO, by St Albans, out of Crochet, by Melbourne, D at logs each mare, and 10s. to the groom.

Grass for mares at 10s. per week.

At the Stud Company's Paddocks, Cobham, Surrey, SEE SAW, by Buccaneer, out of Margery Daw, thirty D mares, besides a few of his owner's, at 25gs each, and one guinea to the groom. Apply to J. Griffith, Stud-groom.


At Moorlands, near York, SPECULUM, a limited number of mares, at 50gs a mare D and one guinea the groom.

KNIGHT OF THE GARTER at 25gs a mare, and one guinea the groom. MARTYRDOM at 10gs a mare, and 10s. the groom. Foaling mares at 25s. and barren mares at 18s. a week. Apply to Mr Huby, as above.

At the Castle Farm, Tickhill, STRATHCONAN, by Newminster, out of Souvenir, at

25gs. SILVESTER, by St Albans, out of Silverhair, by Kingston, out of England's Beauty, at 10gs, half-bred mares half-price; hay and grass, 12s. per week.

W. Goode, Stud-groom.

At Baumber Park, near Horncastle, Lincolnshire, SUFFOLK, by North Lincoln, out of Protection (dam of

of Margery Daw), by Defence, at 15gs a mare, groom's fee included. All Suffolk's stock, with one exception, that have started are winners, including The Ghost, Sailor, Baumber, &c., &c. Apply to Mr Sharpe, as above.

If not previously sold, GUNDEELAH will serve a limited number of thoroughD bred mares at 20gs. each mare.

Apply to Mr Sherman, Rose Cottage, Mamhead, near Exeter. Nearest station, Dawlish, four miles.

For the selling price of the horse, apply to Messrs Weatherby, 6 Old Burlington Street, London.

At Myton Stud Farm, near York, SYRIAN, Chesnut, by Mentmore, out of Princess, by D Autocrat, out of Practice, by Euclid. Mentmore, by Melbourne, out of Emerald. A limited number of mares, thorough breds, 10gs, and 10s. the groom; half-breds, 2gs, and 2s. 6d. the groom; winners and dams of winners of 500 sov. in one stake gratis. For performances, see Racing Calendar.

Apply to Edward C. Munby, Myton, Helperby, York.

At Sutton Place, Guildford, THUNDERBOLT, fifteen mares, besides fifteen of his 1 owner's, at 50gs a mare, groom's fee included.

THE SPEAKER, thorough-bred mares 10gs, half bred mares 5gs.

Apply to G. Payne, Stad-groom.

At Over's Hunting Stables, Rugby, THUNDERER, by Thunderbolt, out of Homily, by Sur

1 plice, at 10gs a mare, and 10s. the groom; half-breds half-price; a limited number of thorough-bred winners of 100 sov., or their dams, gratis, by paying one guinea to the groom. Thunderer, winner of several prizes, is 8 years old, sound, dark chesnut, sixteen hands one inch high, eight and a quarter below the knee, with wonderful power and quality.

At Glasgow Paddocks, Doncaster, M IBTHORPE, at 5gs thorough-bred mares; half-bred

1 mares at half price; dams of winners of 200 in one stake gratis.

For all further particulars apply to Mr. Cunningham.

At the Glasgow Stud Farm, near Enfield, TOXOPHILITE at 30gs a mare.

At Laceby, near Grimsby, MTRENT (winner of the Grand Prix de Paris and other

1 important races), by Broomielaw, out of The Mersey (Shannon's dam); twenty mares at 15gs each.

PALADIN, by Fitz-Roland, out of Queen Bertha (dam of Spinaway and Queen's Messenger); twenty mares at 10gs eaeh. As a two yrs old he ran Gang Forward and Flageolet to a neck.

Apply to Mark Robinson, Stud-groom. W ENLOCK, by Lord Clifden, out of Mineral, will

cover at Rufford Abbey, at 25 sov. a mare, and one guinea to the groom.

At Bushy Paddocks, Hampton Court, V MELBOURNE wil! serve twenty-five mares, besides I. three of his owner's, at 50gs each.

PRINCE CHARLIE will serve a limited number of mares at 50gs each.

TRUMPETER, thirty mares at 20gs each.
ST ALBANS, a limited number of mares at 20gs each.

WINSLOW, by Lord Clifden, out of Creslow, by King Tom, a limited number of mares at 20gs each.

PELL MELL, by Y. Melbourne, out of Makeshift, by Voltigeur, a limited number of mares at 20gs each. MENTMORE, a limited number of mares at 10gs each. The above prices include the groom's fee. Subscriptions juay be taken of Mr W. Scott, Stud-groom.





St Leger.* 1778

Hollandaise 1779


Tommy 1780 Diomed


Ruler 1781 Young Eclipse Faith

Serina 1782 Assassin


Imperatrix 1783 Saltram

Maid of the Oaks Phenomenon 1784 Serjeant


Omphale 1785 Aimwell


Cowslip 1786 Noble

The Yellow Filly Paragon 1787 Sir Peter Teazle Annette

Spadille 1788 Sir Thomas Nightshade Young Flora 1789 Skyscraper

Pewett 1790 Rhadamanthus Hippolyta Ambidexter 1791 Eager


Young Traveller 1792 John Bull Volante

Tartar 1793 Waxy


Ninety-three 1794 Dædalus

Hermione Beningbrough 1795 Spread Eagle Platina

Hambletonian 1796 Didelot


Ambrosio 1797 Br. c. by Fidget Niké

Lounger 1798 Sir Harry Bellissima Symmetry 1799 Archduke


Cockfighter 1800 Champion Ephemera Champion 1801 Eleanor


Quiz 1802 Tyrant


Orville 1803 W.'s Ditto

Theophania Remembrancer 1804 Hannibal Pelisse

Sancho 1805 Cardinal Beaufort Meteora i Staveley 1806 Paris


Fyldener 1807 Election


Paulina 1808 Pan


Petronius 1809 Pope

Maid of Orleans Ashton 1810 Whalebone Oriana

Octavian 1811 Phantom


Soothsayer * In 1776 a sweepstakes on exactly the same conditions as that which was afterwards named the St Leger was won at Doncaster by Ld Rockingham's br. f. by Sampson, and in 1777 by Mr Sotheron's Bourbon; but the first St Leger, so called at the time, was won by Hollandaise.

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