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At Aske Stud Farm, near Richmond, Yorkshire, LBERT VICTOR, by Marsyas, out of The Princess of | Wales, thirty mares at 25gs each, groom's fee included.

Apply to John Trowsdale, Stud-groom, Aske, near Richmond, Yorkshire.

At Croft Stud Farm, Darlington, A NDRED; thirty thorough-bred mares at 10gs a mare

and one guinea the groom.

At Newbridge Hill Stud Farm, Bath, A STEROID (sire of Siderolite), by Stockwell, twenty A mares at 10gs a mare, and 10s, the groom.

BETE NOIRE (winner of the Ascot Stakes, 1869), by Marsyas, out of Leprosy, by Mildew, at 5gs a mare, and 5s.

the groom

CLAUDIUS (second to Citadel at Royal Taunton), by Caractacus, out of Lady Peel, by Orlando; thorough-bred mares, 5gs; Farmers' mares, 3gs; groom, 5s.

Apply to H. Hopkins, Stud Groom, as above.

At Swalcliffe Stud Farm, near Banbury, DAREFOOT, by Lord Clifden, out of Stockings, by

D Stockwell, her dam, Go-ahead (sister to West Australian), by Melbourne, out of Mowerina, by Touchstone, at 1598 each mare, groom's fee 10s. 6d.

HIGHLANDER, by Blair Athol, out of Bistre, by West Australian, out of Blister, by Bay Middleton, out of Hope, by Touchstone, out of Miss Letty, by Priam, at 15gs each mare, 10s. 6d. groom's fee.

At Easton Lodge, Dunmow, one hour and a half from Lon

don and the same from Newmarket, DERTRAM, a limited number of mares at 15gs each.

D GROUSE (sire of Game Bird, Lady Louisa, &c., &c.) own brother to Laburnum, by King Tom, out of own sister to Blink Bonny, thorough-bred mares 10gs, half-bred 5gs, farmers' mares 3gs.

Apply to Mr Walker, as above.

At Elsham Hall, Brigg, DROOMIELAW, at 25gs a mare. D SALVANOS, own brother to Salvator, at 10gs a mare. Apply to R. Wrightson.

At Finstall Park Farm, Bromsgrove, CYARDINAL YORK, by Newminster, limited to twentyU five mares, at 40gs each.

PAUL JONES, by Buccaneer, limited to twenty-five mares, at 20gs each.

Foaling mares, 23s. per week; barren mares, 188: per week.

Apply to the Stud Groom. DROWN BREAD, by Weatherbit, dam by West Austra

D lian, out of Miss Agnes, by Birdcatcher (dam of Frivolity, Landmark, Windermere, Couronne de Fer, &c.) He is sire of (the few that have been out), Pic-nic (second for 2000gs), Tartine, Mary White, Whitebait, &c. Thirty approved mares, at 20gs each, and 5s. the groom.

Apply to Mr Eyke, Stanton, Shifnal, Salop.

CUCUMBER, by Saccharometer, dam by Birdcatcher, out of License (Cardinal York's dam) by Gameboy, by Octavian, dam by St George, by Highflyer, out of sister to Soldier, by Eclipse. Cucumber, at two yrs old, was a very speedy, game horse; his preparation for the Derby broke him down, when he was a great favourite. His stock are first class. Thirty approved mares gratis, except 1 sov. to the grooın.

THE KNIGHT OF KARS. Thorough-bred mares, 10gs; half-bred, 5gs; and 5s, the groom.

Appls to Mr Eyke, Stanton, Shifnal, Salop.

At the Durdans, Epsom, YOURONNE DE FER, twenty mares at 10gs a mare, U dams of winners of 100 sov. at any one time, gratis. Apply to James Thirkell, as above.

At Rufford Abbey, Ollerton, Notts, NREMORNE, thirty mares, besides his owner's at 100gs U each.

PARMESAN, twenty mares, besides his owner's, at 100gs each. Apply to Mr Coultas, Stud groom, as above.

At Woodfield Stud Farm, Ombersley, Droitwich, D ISTIN (brother to the two yrs old Lady Elizabeth,

D 1867, sire of Lampeto, Distinction, Lady Clifton, Lizzie Distin, and other winners), will serve a limited number of approved mares, at 20gs each.

Jos. Whittingslow, Stud-groom.

At the Warren Stud, Epsom Downs, DTHUS, by Blair Athol, out of Theresa, by Touchstone,

out of Olga, by Charles XII, out of Fair Helen, by Pantaloon, out of Alice Hawthorn's dam, fifteen mares, besides a few of his owner's, at 50gs, winners and dams of winners of large stakes at a reduction, groom's fee, 10s. 6d

VAN AMBURGH, by Van Galen, out of Cavriana (dam of Cecrops); fifteen mares at 10gs each; dams of winners half-price; groom's fee, 10s. 6d.

Both horses very docile, and warranted free from roaring. Apply to Mr Castle, Stud Groom.

At the Stud Company's Farm, Cobham, Surrey, MEORGE FREDERICK; twenty mares (including the W Company's), at 50gs a mare.

CATERER (sire of Pace, Leolinus, Allumette, &c.), at 40gs a mare. WILD OATS; thirty-five mares at 25gs a mare.

CHATTANOOGA (sire of Wellingtonia and John Bil. lington), by Orlando, ont of Ayacanora, by I. Birdcatcher, her dam, Pocahontas (dam of Stockwell), at 15gs a mare.

All expenses to be paid before the mares are removed.

Foaling mares, at 253. per week; barren mares, 20s. per week.

Apply to Mr J. Griffith, Stud-groom.

At Blankney Paddocks, near Sleaford, D ERMIT, a limited number of approved mares at 100gs 01 per mare.

For further particulars, apply to Mr Griffiths, Studgroom.

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At Sandgate, Pulbro', Sussex,
OLY FRIAR, a few mares at 30gs.
One guinea the groom.
Apply to Mr Lloyd, at above address.


At the Park Paddocks, Newmarket, INGCRAFT, a limited number of thorough-bred mares A at 10gs each, and one guinea to the groom. Apply to Mr Savage, as above.

Stallions at Highfield Hall, St Albans, TOSKIN (sire of Plebeian, winner of the Middle Park J Plate), by West Australian, ont of Peasant Girl, by The Major (son of Sheet Anchor)-Glance, by Waxy PopeGlobe, by Quiz. At 20gs and one guinea the groom.

THE KNIGHT OF ST PATRICK (sire of Knight of the Crescent, Moslem, Orangeman, Tenedos, The Knight, Queen of the Bees, &c.), by The Knight of St George, out of Pocahontas (the dam of Stockwell, Rataplan, King Tom, &c., &c.). There have been several winners by him this year. Thorough-bred mares 10gs, 108. the groom.

THE WARRIOR, a White Horse, 16 bands 1 inch high, with great power and bone, fine action and temper, by King Tom, out of Woodnymph, by Longbow-Mrs Gill, by Viator -Lady Fractious, by Comus. Thorough-bred mares at 10gs, and 10s. the groom, half-bred mares at 5gs, and 58. the groom.

RUPERT (foaled in 1866), a Red Roan Horse, 16 hands 2 inches high, by Knowsley, out of Rapid Rhone's dam, by Lanercost, or Retriever, her dam, Physalis, by Bay Middieton-Baleine, by Whalebone. Knowsley was by Stockwell, out of Brown Bess (General Peel's dam), by Camel, by Whalebone. Thorough-bred mares at 10gs, half-bred mares at 5gs, unless sold before January 1st.

All subscriptions for thorough-bred mares to be taken of Mr Tattersall, at Albert Gate, half-bred mares of Mr Elmer, at Highfield Hall, St Albans, within two miles and a half of three lines of railway, viz.: the Midland, London and North-Western, and Great Northern.

All letters to meet mares, &c., to be sent to Mr Elmer, Highfield Hall, St Albans.

At Heath House Stud Farm, Newmarket, (ULIUS, thirty mares at 30gs, and one guinea to the


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At Messrs Barrow's Paddocks, Newmarket.
ING O’SCOTS, at 25gs a mare.

At Weston-under-Lizard, near Shifnal, IACYDES, by Orlando, out of Boarding-school Miss, by

U Plenipotentiary; a limited number of mares at 2008 each mare. Apply to John Wilkes, as above.

LECTURER, by Colsterdale, out of Algebra, by Mathe

U matician, will cover thirty-five mares, including those of his owner, at 30gs each, including the groom's fee; three mares the property of the same owner for the price of two.

Keep, Il. per week, inclusive of hay and corn.
Apply to Mr Eshe Oates, Wentworth, Rotherham.

At Glasgow Paddocks, Doncaster, I E MARECHAL, by Monarque, out of Lady Lift, by U Sir Hercules, at lugs. For all further particulars, apply to Mr Cunningham.

At Shepherd's Bush, three miles from Albert Gate, I ORD LYON (winner of the 2000gs, Derby, and St U Leger), foaled 1863, by Stockwell, out of Paradigm (dam of Man at Arms, Bluemantle, Gardevisure, and Achievement), by Paragone-Ellen Horne, by RedshanksDelhi, by Plenipo; the sire of many winners, third on the list in numbers, 1875. Latest winner, Water Lily. At 25gs, and one guinea the groom.

COSTA, a Brown Horse, by The Baron, out of Catherine Hayes (winner of the Oaks), by Lanercost, out of Constance, by Partisan, out of Quadrille, by Selim.

Costa is a bay horse, 15 hands 3 inches high, with large bone and plenty of power. He was a good race-horse at all distances. At 10gs, and los. the groom.

CLANSMAN, a Brown Horse, by Roebuck, dam by Faugh-a Ballagh, out of Makeaway, by Harkaway, out of Clarinila, by Sir Hercules; Roebuck, by Mountain Deer, out of Marchioness d'Eu, by Magpie, out of Echidna, by Economist.

Clansman is a dark brown, without white, and has got prize hunters. He comes of a large stock on both sides. The only thorough-bred mare put to him produced Brown Sarah, a winner. At 5gs thorough-bred, and 3gs half-bred mares, and 5s. the groom.

Apply to D. Dollamore, Old Oak Farm, Shepherd's Bush, for half-bred mares, and to Mr Tattersall, Albert Gate, for subscriptions to thorough-bred mares.

Old Oak Farm, Shepherd's Bush, is within a mile of a first-class station at Kensington, with a communication with almost all the main lines, where mares can be sent.

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