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“ Have mercy up

id thou speakest, and be clear when which was publickly read, and was

thou judgest.” He realized that made a part of the public psalm. the law which he had broken was ody at the tabernacle. Every holy, just and good, and was true penitent has such a sight of sensible, that he deserved to suf. his vileness, and such an abhor. fer its curse. This curse is noth. rence of sin, that he desires to ing less than endless punishment; condemn himself, and to express and this punishment is what ev. his disapprobation of his wicked. ery sinner deserves. " As it is ness, without the least reserve, written, cursed is every one, who and as publickly as truth and continueth not in all the things, duty may require. which are written in the book of 7. The psalmist pleads for the law, to do them.” Every pardon wholly through the mer. true peritent beartily approves cy of God. of the law, and accepts the pun- on me, O God, according to thy ishment of his iniquity. If man. loving kindness; according unto kind do not deserve endless pun. the multitude of thy tender merishment, the gospel is not found. cies, blot out my transgressions.”' ed in truth; but is absurd and David had been a man of eminent false : for the gospel offers a de. piety before his fall, and per. liverance from endless punish. formed great and signal services ment, and declares that none can in the cause of God. But of be saved from it only through these services he makes no acthe atonement of Christ. But count. He says nothing to jus. it were rather an insult, than an tify himself, or to excuse, or exact of kindness to offer salva. tenuate his guilt. As he made no tion from a punishment, which mention of past services, so he is not deserved. Every true made no attempt to obtain for. penitent feels that he is unwor. giveness by good resolutions and thy of the least favor, and that fair promises. The mercy, the he deserves the wrath and curse loving kindness, and the multi. of God, both in this life and that tude of the tender mercies of which is to come. No one, who God were the only foundation of does not view himself as deserv. his hopes and of his prayers. ing of endless punishment, can His prayers were very earnest. consistently ask for

mercy He knew, that if mere sovereign through the gospel of Christ. grace did not forgive and save When the psalmist expressed a him he must perish. sense of the justice of God, in his the views and exercises of all own condemnation, he expressed penitents, as to the way of obnothing more, than what is felt by taining forgiveness. Tell a true every real penitent.

penitent of his good character 6. The psalmist confessed his and conduct, and he will exclaim, sin. When reproved by Na. 5 Behold, I am vile. I abhor than, he made no attempt to hide myself. I am as an unclean or excuse his sios, but said, "I thing and all my righteousnesses have sinned against the Lord.” are as filthy rags." Promise him He then composed the fifty-first the favor of God, on account Psalm, a Psalm of confession, of his own righteousness, and he

VOL. I. New Series.

Such are

is grieved at his heart. The mer. and die with an humble heart, cy of God is all the hope and all saying, “God be merciful to me the plea of every penitent; and a sinner.”

SERAIAH. he will be happy if he may live (To be continued.)



From the London Evangelical Magazine, 1806.

after age

Two great events are render. that in consequence of the wick. eil certain by the unerring voice ed lives of men calling themselves of prophecy,--the conversion of christians, and the cruel treatment the Jews, and the gathering of they have received age the fulness of the Gentiles to the Jews may be supposed to have Jesus Christ. To the Jews it imbibed the most inveterate prewas first sent; and myriads be- judices against Jesus, his religion lieved on Jesus as the promised and his disciples. Now and then Messiah ; the mass of the na. indeed an individual of the Jewish tion, however, remained still in nation is converted to the faith of anbelief. Since that time their Christ, as a proof that God has not situation is changed only for the finally cast off his people, but worse ; and it may be doubted that he will gather them in again. whether during the last ten cen. Of these persons how surprising is turies so many Jews have been it, that we do not read of one, who brought to embrace christianity, ever devoted himself to the service as during the first ten years after of the Jewish people, and who the death of Christ. So remark. spent his days in seeking their con. able a thing should not pass un. version! But such a person has oliserved. Multitudes of the now been raised up. most abandoned of the human Joseph Samuel. F. Frey of the race, in every other country, seed of Abraham, born in Germa. where the truth has been preach. ny, having learned of the Father, ed, have submitted to Jesus, and and been brought to believe in the taken his yoke upon them; but name of the Son of God, studied how seldom has a Jew been pre for some time at Berlin, and was vailed on to deny himself, to afterwards upwards of three years take up his cross and follow in the Missionary Seminary at Christ? Are we to ascribe this Gosport, receiving instruction, to the wrath of Jehovah, and to with a view to preach the gospel the manifestation of his awful to the Jews. He has since set. justice on that devoted nation, for tled in London with this view; rejecting the true and promised and has labored not without Messiah, and to hold before the


as “he does eyes of other nations the heinous. not despise the day of small dess of their crime? It must be things.” As the work is so imat the same time ach now ledged, portant, and at the same time so

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very arduous it becomes the true and fervent should be his suppli. disciples of Jesus' to enquire, cations. The influence of this “What is our duty in respect to glorious event on others, in this great object ?

which we are nearly concerned, A kind and affectionate de. while it adds to its importance, portment to the posterity of Jews, should increase the fervency of

is certainly incumbent on us. our prayers. How many pro. : The miracleswrought in the world fess an earnest and laudable

by love have been greater and more desire for the conversion of the numerous, than those performed Heathen ? But the calling of by power. Prayer for them, and the Jews will, according to for the success of the labors of the unerring decision of the

God's dear servants among them sacred scriptures, contribute in kis indispensably requisite. Too the highest degree to this desired

frequent has been the neglect of issue. And should not this con. this, in public, in domestic, sideration give additional energy and in secret devotions; and to our supplications ? Our when it has not been forgotten, own personal benefit is likewise how often has it been the prayer involved in the act. Not one of custom, not of faith! Cón. prayer of faith ever ascended to sider the obligations which lie heaven without bringing down a upon us. The divine command blessing ! Every supplication and the examples of the saints in therefore, which we offer for scripture, unite in enjoining us the Jews, will return with a ten. to offer our heart's desire and fold benefit into our own bo. prayer to God for Israel, that soms! I may add, the Redeemer they may be saved.

Gratitude will be glorified thereby; and likewise pleads powerfully in “though Israel be not gathered, their behalf! From whom did we shall be glorious in the eyes we derive that salvation through of the Lord.” Let us weigh these Jesus, in which we greatly re. considerations, brethren, in the joice

Were not Moses and balance of the sanctuary. The the prophets Jews? Were result I trust will be a spirit of not the apostles of the Lamb more frequent and fervent prayJews ? Was not our Saviour er for God's ancient people, and himself, as to his human nature, for his ministering servants, who of the seed of Abraham ? Sure. have devoted themselves to them ly, then, whoever is forgotten by for Jesus' sake. Do you feel grief us in prayer, it should not be of heart that you have not at. the Jews? Prayer is God's ap- tended more diligently to this pointed means of accomplishing important duty, and that the the predictions of scripture ; «poor Israelites have been passed and whoever has heard God by in forgetfulness? llence.

say that he will give birth forth let them never be forgotten, • to some auspicious event by the either in the service of the sanc. 3 instrumentality of men, should tuary, in the devotions of the

immediately begin to pray that family, or in the exercises of the it may be fulfilled ; and the closet. If the hundreds of thou. ncarer the season of the fulfilment sands of God's saints in the approaches, the more frequent world were to be found cry.

So our

ing to him day and night for the or an aged friend. They have conversion of the posterity of no apprehension of the angel of Abraham his friend, we might death near them, as though it was soon have the pleasure to hear beyond the reach of his commis. that the Deliverer was come out sion, or the flight of his arrows, of Zion, and had begun to turn to smite any of their station or away ungodliness from Jacob; character.' In the morning of and churches of Jewish believers nature they feel themselves alive, in Christ, would be heard offers and they fancy it is immortality. ing up their songs of praise to

WATTS. God, and the Lamb not only in Britain, but in other countries

A SEASONABLE HINT. where they are scattered abroad.

We should be moderate in our

judgments concerning the appli. THOUGHTLESS YOUTH. A Scrap. cation of promises and predic.

When I see the youth of either tions with regard to their seasons. sex arrived at that age wherein Many have contended about the nature is just risen to its ele. time wherein some prophecies are gance and vigor, and when they

to be fulfilled, which have long begin to shew themselves to the since received their principal acworld, my heart pities them as so

complishment. Unbelief hides many borderers upon the grave,

the accomplishment of promises yet most of them are utterly Lord speaking of his coming to

from the eyes of men. thoughtless of dying. Little do they imagine in those years of avenge his elect( referring partic. gaiety, mirth and madness, that ularly to the destruction of Je.' they are treasuring up vengeance rusalem,) adds, “nevertheless, they are treasuring up vengeance when the son of man cometh shall to themselves, by their thought. less rebellion against the Power he find faith on the earth,” (Luke that made them. Little do they

xviii. 8.) Men will not underthink that their lives are every

stand his work through unbelief, moment due to the justice of That God is faithful in all his God, as a sacrifice, each for their promises and predictions ; that own iniquity. Young creatures, they shall all be accomplished in but bold sinners! They are

their proper season ; that they weaned from the nursery, they

are all the fruits of his love and are got loose from their parents' care towards his church ; ands wing, and they vainly exult and

that they all tend to the advance. riot in their new freedom; they

ment of his glory, these are things gad abroad in the wide world,

that ought to be fixed with us; wanton and lavish in all the de. but beyond these limits we ought lights which the vigor of deprav. to be guarded by peculiar cau. ed nature inspires. They know tion; the analogy of faith, modnot how to bear the checks of esty, and patience; prophecies piety, and the restraints of wis.

not being the rule of any actions. dom, nor will they endure the

Dr. Owen on Heb. iv. 6. tenderest admonitions of a parent




Steadfast adherence to the ora- This is the popular cry, the fash

cles of God, as the only rules ionable note of declamation. It of christian faith and duty, has the appearance, indeed, of an indispensable qualification great liberality, as it makes a for the ministerial office. A general sweep without any dis. Sermon preached at the ordi. tinction; but this appearance is nation of the Reo. Arrr only specious. It is well under. WILLIAMS, to the pastoral stood, that the adversaries of care of the congregational evangelical truth have nothing church and society in Lexing- to lose by the general demolition ton, December 30, 1807. By of creeds, for they have none to SANUEL KENDALL,

be demolished. It is in'orthodox minister of the congregational churches only, or with perhaps a church and society, in Weston. very few exceptions, that conBoston: Munroe, Francis & fessions of faith are to be found. Parker. 1808.

The popular cry, therefore, a. The doctrines, designated as gainst confessions, though spe. the doctrines of the reformation, cious in its pretensions, we can the doctrines of grace, evangeli. view in no other light, than that cal und orthodos, have a distince of a masked attack upon the doc. tire character, and are generally

trines of grace. In general it is , known. These doctrines have aimed at the prostration of evan. .. always been opposed; some

gelical truth. Though the strongtimes in a manner more direct holds of truth are not to be car. and open, sometimes in a man.

ried by open assault, the hope ner more indirect and covert. is probably entertained that they Of late, however, the fashion has may be taken by stratagem. been not so much to attack And it must be confessed, that these doctrines directly, as to de. could the 'orthodox churches be ery adherence to any particular prevailed on to give up their , doctrines, as essential or import. creeds, and admit the popular aat. From representations,

sentiment of the age, that no par. which we continually hear, one

ticular doctrines are of any im. would be ready to conclude, that, portance, . or that all religious the very essence and perfection of opinions are equally good, a christianity consist either in great point would be gained., believing in no doctrines what.

The faith once delivered to the iever, or, which amounts to the saints” would no longer be con.

same thing, in holding all relig- tended for, and “the offence of ious sentiments to be equally

the cross would cease.” scriptural and good. Creeds,

The sermon now before us, therefore, and confessions of faith we took up, with sentiments of are all to be utterly discarded, great personal respect for the as no warrantable, unscriptural, author; but we felt in the peru. and of most disastrous tendency sal of it, we confess, very sensi.

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