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Joseph: Good men, Moyses take in mynde,

as he was made through god all-might,
ordayned lawes vs to bynde,
w(hi)ch that wee should keepe of (right),
man and woman for to bynde,
lawefully them both to light.
to fructifye, as men may fynde,
that tyme was wedded every wight.
Therfore wedded to her I was,
as lawe would, her for to lere,
for noyse nor slander nor trespasse,
and through that deede the devill to dere,
as tould me Gabriell, full of grace,
when I had trussed all my gere,
to have fled and to have never seene her face,
by him was I arested there...
ffor hee sayde to me sleepinge,
that shee lackles was of sinne;
and when I hard that tokeninge,
from her durst I not waye twynne.
Therfore goes forth and preach this thinge,
all together and not in twynne,
that you have seene your heavenly kinge

common all mankynde to wynne. [48a] Prim(us) pastor : Great god, syttynge in thy troone, 541

that made all thinge of nought,
nowe wee may thanke thee eychone;

this is hee that wee have sought.
516 take ] takes H B Wh

518 vs ) as H B Wh 519 which ) wth D right) wight D 526 nor) or H, and B 527 dere ) dare Wr. 530 to have never seene ) never to see HB h Dm., never to have seen Wr. her ] his B 535 not] no H B waye ) omit Wh 536 forth 1 omit H B h Dm. andi omit HB Wh preach) preach forth H B WL 539 all ] one all B h, and all W wynne) mynd B, myne Wh 541 thinge thinges B Wh 542 nowe) omit H 543 here is this is BW, for thou arte h





S(e)c(un)d(us) pastor : Goe wee neere anone,

with such as we have brought,
ringe, brooche, or, preciouse stone,

lett see whether we have ought to proffer.
Terti(us) pastor: Lett us doe him homage!
Prim(us) pastor : Whoe shall goe first, the page ?
S(e)c(un)d(us) pastor : Nay, yee be father in age, 550

therfore ye must first offer.
Prim(us) pastor: Hayle, kinge of heavon soe hye,

borne in a cribbe!
mankynd unto thee
thow hast made full sybbe.
Hayle, kynge borne in a maydens bowre,
profette did tell thou should be our soccour,
this clarkes do saye.
loe! I bringe thee a bell,
I praye thee save me from hell,

566 for that I may with thee dwell,

and serve thee for aye.
S(e)c(un)d(us) pastor : Hayle the, Emperour of hell,

and of heaven als !
the feynd shall thow fell,

that ever hath binne fals. 546 brooche) brush H B Wh or ) ner Wh 5 47 lett) lets H, Lett us Wh whether ) yf Wh to proffer ) Deimling says " unnecessary and spoiling the rime, but in all four manuscripts.If we do not retain it, however, we have no word to rime with line 551, and if we do retain it we have the effect of a rime with 543 in 'ought. As all the manuscripts include it I see no reason for discard. ing it. 549 goe first ] furst goe H 550 yee you H Bh Dm. father fathers Bh Dm. in ) of HB Wh 551 ye must) must you H first] omit Wh 5 52 and 553 ) written as one line in H, as are each succeeding pair through line 571. 554 unto ) to H

555 full ) all H, fullye Wh sybbe ) omit Wh 558 do doth H B Wh 560] omit H 661 for ) so H B Wh 662 serve thee ) fare well H aye ] ever W 664 als) alsoe D 565 shall thow] shall thee Wr., thou shalt H Bh Dm. fell ) fall H






Hayle the, maker of the star[n]e,
that stoode vs beforne!
hayle the, blessede-full (barne)
that ever was borne!
Loe, sonne! I bringe thee a flackett,
therby hanges a spoone,
for to eat thy pottage with at noone,
as I myself full ofte tymes have donne.

with hart I pray thee to take yt.
Terti(us) pastor: Hayle, prince withowten any pere,

that mankynde shall releeve!
hayle the, fooe vnto lucyfere,
the w(hi)ch beguyled Eve!
Hayle the, graunter of (happe)!
for one yearth now thow dwelles.
loe, sonne! I bringe the a cappe,
for I have nothinge elles.

This gifte, sonne, that I give thee ys but smalle, 585

and though I come the hyndmost of all,
when thow shalt men to thy blys call,

Good lord, yett thinke on mee. [486] Garcius : My deare, with dryrie vnto thee I mee dresse,

my state on felloweshippe that I doe not lose, 567 starne) star DHB Wh

569 barne) baronne D 570 ] omit B Wh, added to line 569 in H 571 Loe sonne) omit H flackett ] flaggette W h, flasket H 572 therby) and thereat H hanges) omit H 573 for ] omit H B Wh with ] withall HWh 574 full ] omit B tymes ) omit H have ] hath H B Wh

575 to ] omit H, for to B yt) omit W 576 any) omit H

578 the fooe ] soe H, thee froo Wh 579 which) wth D

580 the ) omit I happe) hope DB, happes H 581 for one) in H B Wh 584 ] To offer unto thee this gifte, sonne, forsoth it is but small H son, that) omit B Wh I give 1 I bring Wr. 585 and omit H come came HBWh hyndmost] hyndermost H, last h

586 men] them Wr.

587 yett) then H B Wh 588 Garcius ] Trowle Wh dryrie drury HB h, dutye W

589 state ) foce H on ] and Wh not lose ] no lesse H


and for to save mee from all yll sicknesse, 590
I offer vnto thee a payre of my wyves ould

ffor other jewells, my sonne,
have I none thee for to give,
that is worthe anythinge at all,
but my good harte, whyle I lyve,

and my prayers tyll death doth me call. The first boy: Nowe to you, my fellowes, this doe I

for in this place, or that I wynde awaye,
vnto yonder chyld lett vs goe praye,

as our masters have donne vs beforne. The second boye: And of such goode as wee have

lett us offer to this prince so dere,
and to his mother, that mayden clere,

that of her body hasse (him) borne. The first boye: Abyde, syrres ! I will goe first to yonder 605

kinge. The second boye: and I will go next to that lordinge. The thyrd boye: Then will I be last of this offeringe,

this can I saye, noe more.


590 and ) omit Wr. for ) omit H 591 unto ] to H 592 and 593 written as one line in H B Wh 592 jewells) jewell H, dremes W my) omit H

593 have Is I have H B Wh thee 1 omit H B Wh 596 doth ) do H B WL 597–640 1 emit H 597 you 1 omit Wh doel will Wh

5 98 or that] before B wynde ) wende B WL

599 pray) and pray Wh 600 have ] hath Wr. beforne) before B Wh 601 goode] goodes B Wh

604 him ] her D, bene W hasse ) hade Wr. 605 firste boye ] thirde boye b abyde) A by B, I] and I h

607 will I be] wilbe I W last] the last B Wh

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The first boye: Nowe, lord, for to give thee have I

neyther gold, silver, brooch, ore ringe,
nor noe rich robes meete for a kinge,
that I have here in store.
But though hit lacke a stopple,
take thee here my well fayre bottle,
for yt will hold a good pottle;

in fayth, I can give thee noe more. The second boye: Lord, I knowe that thow art of this

virgine borne,
in full poore araye sittinge one her arme,
for to offer to the have I noe skorne,
althoo thou be but a child.
ffor lewell have I none to give thee,
to mayntayne thy royall dignitye,
but my hood take yt thee.

as thow art god and man. 625 The thyrd boye: O! noble child of thy father on hye,

alas! what have I for to give thee?
save only my pipe that soundeth so royallye,
elles truely have I nothinge at all.
Were I in the rocke or in the valey a-lowe,
I could make this pipe sound, I swere,
that all the world should ringe,

and quaver as yt would fall. 609 boye ) plaie W: 610 ore ) nor B Wh 613 though hit lacke that yt lackes Wr. 614 fayre omit W 617 I know that ) omit Wh this ) the h

619 have I ] I have B Wh 621 Iewell 1 jewells B

622 to 1 for to Wh 623 take ] thou take B, then take h Wr., that take Dm. 625 thy father on hye) the B Wh 6 26 to give ) omit B Wh thee ) at beginning of 627 in B 627 that soundeth 80 royallye ) omit B Wh 628 have I omit BW hat all ] omit B Wh 629 the valey alowe) omit B Wh

630 sound I swere ) omit B WL 631 world wood B Wh ringe at beginning of 632 in B 632 quaver ) quiver B Wh would fall) were B Wh


owe ) omit B Wood B W h ring mall) were

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