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Abowt the house alsoe mevinge there
a man on horse stood, men to steare,
and in his hand hee bare a spere,

all pure dispituouslye.
That horse and man was made of brasse,
torninge abowte that Image was;
save certayne preystes, ther might non passe,

for devyll's phantasie.
But when that any lande with battell
was readye Rome for to assayle,
The gode (Image), withowten fayle,

of that land range his bell,
and torned his face dispituouslye
to god of Rome, as reade I,
in tokeninge that (they) were readye

for feyghting freshe and felle.
The Image, alsoe, aboue standinge,
when the bell beneathe begane to ringe,

torned him, all sharpely shewinge 610

towarde that lande his spere.
and when they see this tokeninge,
Rome ordayned, withowt tareinge,
an oste to keepe there comminge,

longe or they came there.
And on this manere, sothelye,
by arte of neagromancye,
all the world, witterlye,

to Rome were made to lowt. 591 alsoe) was H mevinge) meaninge Wr. 594 all pure] a pewer h 599 when that) omit that Hh 601 Image I may D, I meane Wh 605 tokeninge ] token B they | there D Wr. were wente Wr. 606 for ] to H B Wh 607 aboue about H 609 torned) torninge W him) him self B 611 see) saw H B h Dn., see Wr. they ] the Wr. 613 comminge] torninge Wr. 615 on) in H B Wh







and that temple there, dowbtles,

was called therfore the temple of peace,
that through (t)his sleyt battell can cease

throughowt the worlde abowte.
But hee (that) coyntly this worke caste,
asked the devyll, or hee paste,
howe lange that temple hit should laste,

- 625
that hee there can buylde.
The devill answered suttilly,
and sayd yt should last sickerlye,
untill a mayden wemmostlye

had conceyued a chylde.
They hard and beleeved therfore
yt should endure for evermore,
but that tyme that Christ was bore

hit fell downe soone in hye.
Of which howse is seene this daye 635
somewhat standing, in good faye,
but noe man dare well goe that waye,

for feendes' phantasye,
That daye was seene verament
Three sonnes in the firmament,
and wonderslye together went

and torned into one.
The oxe, the asse, ther they were lent,
honored Christe in theyr intent,
and moe miracles as wee have ment 645
to playe right here anon.

Tunc ostendit stellam et veniet Sibilla ad Imperatorem. 619-623) omit h

619 and that) and in that D BW 621 that) omit W this his D Wr. 623 that to D, twoo Bh Dm, so Wr. coyntly ) cunninglye Wr. 625 longe) omit W hit there h 629 wemmostlye wemmouslie H B h, womanlye W 631 they ) the Wr.

637 well goe) goe well H B h Dm., goe Wr 6 40 three 3 H B Wh 643 were ] be Wr. after 646 ostendit ostendant H, ostendent B, ostendunt Wh




[Scene 11]
Sibilla : Syr Emperour, god thee save and see !

(looke up on height after mee);
I tell you sicker that borne ys hee

that passeth thee of (power).
That baron thow seest that great shalbee,
(as none lyke him in any degree,)
to passe all kinges and eke thee

that borne are or ever were.
Octavyan: A! Sibbel, this is a wondrouse sight,

for yonder I see a mayden bright,
a yonge chylde in here armes clight,

a bright crosse in his head.
honour I wyll that sweete wight
with incense, throughowt all my might,
for that reverence is most right,

if that yt bee thy reade.
Incense bringe, I command, in hye,
to honour this child, kinge of mercye.
should I bee god ? nay, nay! witterlye,

great wronge, I wys, yt were. [40 b] ffor this childe is more worthye

then such a thowsande as am I,
therffore to god, moste mightye,
Incense I offer here.

Tunc angelus cantabit Hæc est ara Dei Cæli;" fiat (nota]

secundum arbitrium agentis. 647-650 ) order of these lines much confused; all MSS. put 648 after 650, in H the original order is indicated by A CDB in another hand that also corrected a former postye' (650) to · power'. 648 up on ] up an H 649 sicker ] trulye Wh 650 power ] postee D B Wh, H also reads thus originally (cf. under 647-650). 651 that great ) so great H, that so great B, greate Wh 651 a ) omit D B W h, found only in margin of H 653) that is borne or ever shalbe W are ] was h 659 throughowt] through H B, with Wh all ] omit H after 669 hic) hec Wr. est esto Wr. Cali] Cela Wr. fiat) fiant Wh nota ) notam D H B Wh


[merged small][ocr errors][merged small]

A! Sybbell, heres not thow this songe?
my members all yt gooth amonge ;
Joy and blys makest my harte stronge,

to heare this melody.
Sy(c)ker, yt may non other bee,
but this childe is prince of postye,
and I his subiect, as I see;

he is most worthye.
Sybbell : Yea, syr, you shall leeve well this,

somewhere one yearth borne he is,
and that hee comes for man's blys

his tokeninge this can shewe.
Reverence him, I read, I wys,
for other god there none yis ;
that hopes otherwise doth amys,

but him for Christe to knowe. Octavyan: Syr senators, goes home anone,

and warne my men everychone,
that suche worshipp I must forgonne

as they would doe to me.
but this child worshipp eych mane,
with full harte, all that you (can),
for hee is worthy to leeve upon,

and that nowe I (well) see.
(Senator): A! lord, whatever this may bee,
this is a wondrous sight to see,

695 670 not thow ) thou not HB 672 makest) makes H B Dm. h, maketh Wr. strongel full strong H 674-678 ) omit B 674 sycker syrker D, trulye W, surely h

678 you shall | thou shalt BWh 680 comes 1 commeth Wr. 681 tokeninge | token WH 684 that he that Wh hopes ) hopeth Wr. otherwise otherwayes H doth he doth H B h Dm. 686 Syr) sires BWh

687 everychone) every one H, every echone B Wh 691 can) omit D 693 nowe I] I now Wh well] wyll DHB 694 Senator omit D B Wh A and Wh 695 wondrous] wonders H




for in the starre as thinkes mee,

I see a full fayre maye.
Syr, shall this child passe yee
of worthiness and dignitee?
such a lord, by my lewtye,

I wend never had binne.
Expositor: Lordinges, that this is verey,

by verey sygne knowe yee maye,
for in Rome, in good faye,

there as this thinge was seene,
Was buyld a church in noble araye,
in worshipp of Marye, that sweete maye,
that yett lastes untyll this daye,

as men know that there have binne.

and for to have full memorye (41a]

of the angells' melody,
and of this sight, sickerlye,

the Emperoure ther knewe,
The church is called St. Marye,
the surname is aracæli,
that men knowe nowe well therby

that this was fully trewe.
another miracle I fynd also

at Christes byrth, that fell thoo, 720

when Salome attempted to knowe

whether shee was a maye.



696 thinkes) thinketh Wr. 698) 'primus Senator' above line in W 700 lewtye] bewtie Dm. 701 binne ] bene none HBWh 703 verey sygne signes true B 705 this thinge thes thingis Wh 7 08 lastes ) lasteth Wr. untyll ] unto H Wh this ) omit B 715 aracæli ] Ara Cæli H B in a racali W, in ra cali h 716 that) tha Dm. now ) omit Wr. 719 at ) a Wr. that) omit BW h fell thoo] fell right tho HB Wh

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