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the which (that) never (hade) beginninge, 355

ne never shal ended bee.
Octavyanus : Sybbyll, I pray thee specially,

by sign thow would me certyfye,
what tyme that lord so royallye

to raigne hee shal beginne.
360 Sybyll speake tho : Syr, I shall tell you witterlye

his signes when I see verelye,
for when hee comes, through his mercye

one mankynde hee will mynne.
Well I wott for soth, I-wys,
that god will bring mankinde to blys,
and send from heaven, leeves well this,

his sonne, our savyour.
(Ihesu Christ, nothing amis,
called he shall be and is,
overcome the Divill and his countise

and be our Conquerour.)
But what tyme, syr, in good faye,
that hee will come, can I non saye;
Therfore in this place I will praye

to greatest god of might.
and yf I see ought to your paye
ghostlye by anye waye,
warne you I shall anon this daye,

and shew it in your sight. 354 that shal D hade hase D HBh 355 ended bee endinge have W, endinge be h 356 specially | especiallye Wh 360 Sybyll speake tho ) omit H B Wh Syr) yea Wh 362 when ) then B 363 mynne wynne


3 64 for ] and Wr. 366 leves) leve Wr. 367 a, b, c, d ) omit D. 367c overcome to overcome W, and overcome h countise Coyntoice HB 369 non) not HBW h 370 I will will I HBW 372 to) in Wh 374 anon) omit Wh, after “you'B




dingo hatshal D heat in your sichis daye,



Tunc orat sibilla

[Scene 5)

dicat preco alta voce : Preco: Peace I byd kinge and knight,

men and weomen, and eych wight,
tyll I have tould that I have tight;

stonde styll, both stronge and stoute !
My lord, Octavyan, myche of might, 380
commandes you should be ready dight,
trybute hee wyll have in height

of all this world (aboute).
Hee wyll have written eych countree,
castle, shyre, and eke cyttye,

- 385 men and women, leeve you mee,

and all that beo therin. a penye of eych man have will hee, the valewe of ten pences hit shalbee, To knowledge that hee has soverayntee 390

fullye of all (mankyn).
Josephe : A! lord! what doth this man now here?

poore men's weale ys ever in were.
I wott by this boster's bere

that trybute I muste paye.
and for greate age and noe powere, [37 b]
I wan noe good this seaven yere,
nowe comes the kinge's messenger

to gett all that hee maye. after 375, st, dir. ) in margin H

379 stonde) stall B styll ] stiffe Wr. stronge) still Wr. stiffe Dm. H B stoute ) stronge Wh 381 should be shalbe h 383 aboute) above D 385 eke each H 389 pences) pence H B Wh 391 mankyn) mankynd DHBWh 393 weale) so Wr., waile H B h Dm. 394 bosters ] bostles H 396 age ] ayde h.




with this axe that I beare,
this perce(r), and this naugere,
and hammer, all in fere,

I have wonnen my meate.
Castle, towre, ney riche manere
had I never in my power.
but as a symple carpenter

with these what I might gett.
If I have store [of] any thinge,
that must I paye unto the kinge,
but yett I have a likinge,-

The angell to mee towlde:
Hee that should man out of bale bringe
my wife had in her keapinge,
that seemes all good to my likinge

and makes mee more bowlde.
A ! leeffe syr! tell mee, I thee praye,
shall poore as well as rych paye ?
my faye, syr, I hoope naye;

that were a wonders wronge.
420 Preco : Good man, I warne thee, in good faye,

to Bethlem to take the waye
lest thow in danger falle to-daye,

if that thow bee to longe.
Joseph: Nowe syth yt may non other bee,

Marye, sister, now hye wee!
an oxe I will take with mee,

that there shalbe soulde.



401 percer) perces D naugere) maugere

B 4 02 and ) axe HB, and a h, a W 404 riche 1 omit Wh 407 these 1 this B W what ] that H 408 of ] omit D h, now H B W 412 shold ] omit Wh 418 my) by my Wh 419 wonders ] wonderous B Wh 423 that ] omit W

the silver of him, soe mote I thee,
shall fynde us in that cyttye,
and paye tribute for thee and mee,

for therto wee bine howlde.




[Scene 6]
Maria: A! lord! what may this signifye?

Some men I see glad and merye,
and some syghinge and sorye

wherfore so ever yt bee.
Syth gode sonne, man to forbye,
is commen through his great mercye,
methinke that man should kindlye

be glad that sight to see.
Angelus : Marye, gode mother dere,
the tokeninge I shall thee lere,

(38 a the commen people, as thow seest here,

are glad as they well maye,
That they shall see of Abraham's seede
Christe come to helpe them in there neede; 445
Therfore the(y) ioyen, withowten dreede,

for to abyde this daye.
The morneinge men, take this in mynde,
are Jewes that shalbe put behinde,
for they passed out of kinde

through Christ at his comminge. 429 that this H

431 bine ] be Wr. after 431 ] (tunc Ioseph ligabit bovem ad caudam asinæ, et colliget Maryam super Asinam, et cum ad stabulam pervenerit, dicat Maria) H 434 syghinge ] all sickinge W

436 Gode] Gods H B Wh sonne sonne came DHB Wh 437 is commen) comon is B 439 ] that sight full gladlie for to see B 440 gode] Gods HBWh 442 as) that H 443 they ) the Wr. 444 seede] blood seede H

446 therfore ] wherfore W they) the D Wr. joyen ) joye W 450 they ) it H, the Wr. passed ] passes H Dm. h, passeth Wr., haue passed B of] of their H


ffor they shall have noe grace to knowe
that god for man shall light soe lowe;
for shame on them that sone shall showe,

therefore they bine mourninge.

[blocks in formation]

[Scene 7]
Joseph: Marye, suster, sooth to saye,

harbour I hope gett wee ne may,
for great lordes of stowte arraye

occupye this cyttye.
Therefore wee muste, in good faye,
lye in this stable tyll it bee daye ;
to make men meeke, leeve I maye,

show him here will he.
Maria: Helpe me downe, my leeffe fere,

for I hope my tyme bee neere ;
Christe in this stable that is here,
I hope borne wilbe.

Tunc Joseph accipiet Mariam in brachia sua.


Joseph: Come to me, my sweete dere,

the treasure off heaven, withowten were,
welcome in full meeke manere ;
him hope I for to see.

Tunc statuet Maria inter bovem et asinam.


Marye, sister, I will assaye

to gett too middwives, yf I maye, 452 shall should B they ) the Wr. 455 bine] be HBWh they ] the Wr. 457 wee] yf we B ne) nay H, non Wh, (in h before gett), omit B

459 occupye) do occupye Wh cyttye) plase

W 4 60 therfore) wherfore Wr. 463 he] IB 464 downe downe then H B leefe) life H B h Dm., leffe Wr. fere] dere B, in fere H 465 bee ) is H after 467 Tunc Joseph etc.) after 470 in H 473 too) II HB Wh

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