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Elizabeth : Marye, now redd I that wee gone

to Joseph, thy husband, anon,
leste hee to misse thee make mone,

for now that is most neede.
[34b] Maria: Elizabeth, nece, to doe so good is

leste hee suppose one mee amysse;
but good lord, that hath ordayned this,

wyll witnes of my deede.



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[Scene 3]
Elizabeth : Joseph, god the save and see !

thy wife here I (have) brought to thee.
Joseph: Alas, alas! and woe is mee!

whoe hathe made her with chyld ?
well I wist an ould man and a maye
might not accord by noe waye,
for many yeares might I not playe,

ne worke noe workes wild.
Three monethes shee hath bene from mee,
now hathe shee gotten her, as I see,
a great bellye, like to thee,

syth shee went away.
and myne yt is not, bee thow bould,
for I am both ould and could,
these XXXtie winters, though I would,

I might not playe noe playe.
113 now redd I] I rede nowe W now omit h 115 make
makes H, make great B 117 nece ) nice Wr. 119 good ) the
good W after 120 ] (tunc ibunt ad Ioseph) H 122 here) omit
Wh have omit D 123 woe is ] woes Wr. 124 hathe] hase Wr.
125 an ) and B maye maide h 126 accord ) agree h 127 for ]
nor B Wh yeares ] wynters

W 1 28 nej ner W 129 hath ] hase Wr. 130 hathe) has H B Wh 132 syth) since Wr. 135 these XXXtie ] this XXX H Bh Dm. winters wynter H B h Dm. 136 playe noe playe) plea no leaie w noe) that H




alas ! where might I lenge or lende?
for loth is me my wife to shende;
therefore from her will I wende

into some other place.
ffor to dyscreeve (her) will I nought,
feeblye though shee have wrought;
to leave her privelye is my thought,

that noe man knowe this case.
God lett never an ould man
take to wife a yonge woman,
ney seet his harte her upon,

lest hee beguyled bee.
ffor accorde ther maye be none,
ney the(y) may never bee at one,
and that is seene in manye one

as well as one mee.
Therfore have I slept awhile,
my wife that mee can thus beguyle,
I will gone from her, (for) yt to fyle

mee is loth, in good faye.
This case makes mee so heavye
that needes sleepe nowe muste I;
lord, one hir thow have mercye
for her misdeede to-daye.

160 Angelus : Joseph, lett bee thy feeble thought, (35 a]

take Marye, thy wife, and dred thee nought,



141 her) omit

D 142 feeblye fowlye Wh 144 this ) the B 146 to wife ] hym H B Wh 147 ney) ne H B, nay Wh 150 ney) nor HBW h they ) the D W 151 manye) manye a Wh 153 have I ] when I have Wh 154 me can thus, thus can me H B, can me thus Wh 155 I ] for I DW gone goe HB Wh for omit D yt] her W 158 nowe) after needes H after 160] (tunc dormit) H


for wickedly shee hath not wrought,

but this is gode will.
The child that shee shall beare, Iwys,
of the holy ghost begotten yt is,
to save mankynd that did amisse,

and prophecye to fulfill.
Joseph: A! nowe I wott, lord, yt is soe,

I will noe man bee her foe,
but while I may one yearth goe

with her I will bee.
Nowe Christe is in our kynde light,
as the prophete before hight;
lord god, most of might,

with weale I worshipp thee.



[Scene 4] Nuntius : Make rowme, lordinges, and give us waye,

and lett Octavian come and playe,
and Sybell, the sage, that well fayr maye.

to tell you of prophecye.
That lord that dyed on good fryday,
hee have you all, both night and daye.
farewell, lordinges, I goe my waye,

I may not lenger [abye.]


164 gode] Gods H B Wh 166 begotten ) gotten H yt] omit HB Wh 170 man] more H after 172] (Excitatus autem Ioseph) H 174 prophete) prophetes H B, prophescye Wh before) yore H B h Dm. higt ] beheigt H B h Dm. after 176 (somno fecit, ut iu ... erat sibi angelus domini) H 177 Nuntius) messinger h 179 that] tha W fayr) fraye W 182 have save B W 183 goe must B 184 not no H B Wh abye] abyde DH Wh, bide B

before fecit, ut iu ... €179 that] thaW

184 not ] 'n





Octavianus : I, preeved prince, most of powere,

under heaven highest am I here,
fayrest food to fight in fere ;

no freake my face may flee.
all this world, withowten were,
king, prynce, baron, batchlere,
I may destroy in great dangere,

through vertu of my degree.
My name Octavian called is,
all me about full in my blys,
for wholey all this world, Iwys,

is readye at my owne will.
Noe man one mould darre doe amisse
agaynst mee, I tell you this;
May no man saye that ought is his,

but my leave be thertyll.
ffor I halfe multiplyed more
the Cittye of Rome, sythe I was bore,
then ever did any (me) before,

syth I had this kingdome.
ffor what with streng(th) and strokes sore, 205
leadinge lordshipp, lovely lore,
all this world has bine yore

tributarye unto Rome. Segneurs tous si assembles

(35 b] A mes probes estates,

210 185 powere] postie W 186 here omit W 187 fayrest ] the fayrest B foot ) stoode B to fight | faightest W, to fraught B in ) with B, omit W 194 all me about] at my aboue H 196 owne) omit

B 1 97 mould liue W 199 may 1 ne H, nay B 203 me ) omit D 205 strength ) strenght D strength and strokes ] inverted in W 206 lordshipp] lordshippes Wr. 207 has ) nowe hase H B Wh 209 segneurs ] segurrs Wr. assembles ) asmeles Wr., arneles Dm. 210 omit h, combined with 212 W probes ] proles H Bh

[blocks in formation]

211 Ice Jeo Wr. 212) omit h 213 vous omit Wr. tous ) toutes H B h Dm. ne sortes ) me fortes Wh 215 je sn] Jesu D H B Wh 217—225 ] omit h 217 leo ] Iay HB h Dm. si able seable W, si alle B 218 Ieo su tent fayre ] combined with 217 Wr. Ieo su ) Iey su H h, Ieosu W, Iosice B, leable] beable H h 219 ] begins with et leable from 218 Wr. en treasoroce ] entransorce W, en tresarois H h ne tresagyle ) ne tresagait Hh me creaca W 220 de toyle) dotole Wr. 221 destret et sage combined with 220 Wr. su en) saen Wr., sout en B counsell comech W 222 ou dame) ondem Wr., ou dem Dm. 223 declare ] declaan W et sanke sake et H h, sauk et B Dm., sanke et Wr. 224 tell n'est ) tellnest Wr. uma ) un mame H h, vmaut B, un Dm. um Wr. 225 cayser) Carsell H, coysell D B Wh or ) and H knight] kinge Wr. 226 senatours) solitaryes W 227 pryests ) pryest D, preistes H B h, prese W

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