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| DESIRE, in publishing the present volume, to

thank the editors of The Nineteenth Century and After, of The North American Review, and of The English Illustrated Magazine, for permission to include in it portions of papers on Lord Edward FitzGerald, the Irish Informers, and Pamela, which appeared in their respective Magazines.

I also wish to thank Mr. Walter Crane for his kindness in allowing me to reproduce his design upon the cover of the book; Lord Walter FitzGerald for valuable information and help with regard to portraits and illustrations; Mr. Strickland, of the National Gallery of Ireland, for assistance of the same kind ; Lord Cloncurry and Mr. Bischoffsheim for permission to reproduce pictures in their possession ; and Mr. T. W. Rolleston for his kindness both in revising the proofs of my book and allowing me the use of his photograph of St. Werburgh's Church.

I. A. T.

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