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Is the only perfect digestant.
Digests every kind of food, albumen, fat, starch,

cane sugar, reducing them to the exact con-
ditions required for assimilation in the

organism. Presents in physiological activity the digestive

principles, active and embryo ferments, from

all the digestive glands. Is the only preparation which contains the

enzymes isolated by a mechanical process, and unchanged from the condition as found

in the living gland. Peptenzyme is far superior to any other preparation in the treatment of all disorders of the digestive organs. It promotes digestion, both by aiding and perfecting the process itself, and by stimulating the appetite and secretory functions through the absorption of the embryo ferments. It not only gives immediate relief, but aids in curing Dyspepsia, etc. Pepsin, as found in the market, is prepared only by chemical methods, and has consequently lost most of its physiological properties, and is of little service in aiding digestion. Peptenzyme is prepared in three forms, Elixir, Powder and Tablets. SAMPLES, LITERATURE AND DIET LEAFLETS UPON REQUEST.


hours the temperature is invariably reduced, and the patient falls into a refreshing sleep. Under this treatment, within six hours I have seen the temperature drop from 104° to 100°, and the pain disappear as if by magic. Furthermore, I have time and time again witnessed the same results in severe cases of la grippe. The more severe the case, whether of rheumatism, la grippe, gout, sciatica or lumbago, the more I push the Tongaline by giving smaller doses at closer intervals and invariably in hot water in place of cold. In cases where the stomach rebels, and Tongaline cannot be administered in that way, have the affected parts, say the inflamed joints in case of rheumatism, or the lumbar region in that of lumbago, sponged with Alcohol or Soda Water -in fact, I prefer the latter-then rubbed with Tongalipe, and apply heat by a hot-water bag, or by some other convenient method. It is really surprising how quickly and thoroughly Tongaline is absorbed, and how effective its action when it is administered in that manner. In la grippe, when the stomach is very irritable, as is often the case, you will find that Tongaline applied locally, say under the inner side of the thighs and under the arms on the side of the chest, will eradicate the trouble more quickly and thoroughly than any other remedial agent.

I call to mind a case of sub-acute. localized rheumatism of the knee, which had defied every kind of treatment generally prescribed for that condition, snch as the Potassium Salts, Salicylate of Soda, tonics, blisters and counterirritants. I decided to try Tongaline in the manner above described. By the third day the pain had almost disappeared, and the swelling had been reduced two-thirds at least. The improvement was uninterrupted, and in ten days the patient pronounced himself cured. It is certainly somewhat remarkable to see an old, chronic rheumatic patient, who had been bedridden for months, able




NEVER PRODUCES Sick Stomach nor unpleasant Head Symptoms.

ALWAYS PRODUCES the same Therapeutic Effect as Sulphate of Quinine.

It is the active principle of Amorphous Quinine - teaspoonful equals two grains of the Sulphate.

Specially adapted for Children, and also for Ladies who dislike to tako capsules and who complain of the Sulphate hurting their head.

PHYSICIANS often wish to make palatable tonics for their female and youthful patients, and will here find some excellont combinations. MALARIAL TONIC.

Febriline (Tasteless Syrup

Quinine (Lyons)

Or. Iv.

Febriline (Tasteless Syrup
Fresh Simple Syrup

Oz, iv.
Quinine (Lyons)

Oz. Iv.
Iron by Hydrogen Grs. Lxiv.

Fresh Simple Syrup

Oz, Iv.
Dose one to two teaspoonfuls.

Iodide Potash

Grs. exxvi

Fid. Ext. Cascara Sagrada Os. 1

Dose one to two teaspoonfule.
Febriline (Tasteless Syrup
Quinine (Lyons)

Oz. iv.

Fresh Simple Syrup

Oz. iv.

Febriline (Tasteless Syrup
Iron by Hydrogen Grs. Lxiv.

Quinine (Lyons)

Oz. iv.
Iodide of otash Grs. xvill.

Syr. Dover's Powders Oz. iv.
Dose one to two teaspoonfuls.

Dose one to two teaspoonfule. FEBRILINE will combine with any por der, syrup, or fluid extract which does not contain acid or alcohol. Acids and alcohol, in any form or quantity, will develop the bitter taste. Samples sent froo by mall.


212 N. Main St., ST. LOUIS, MO.

College of Eclectic Medicine

and Surgery,
42 S. Butler St., Atlanta, Ga.

Eclectic Medical Journal.

The Annual Session will open on the first Tuesday in October, 1894, and continue till March. This is the only'Eclectic Medical College in the South,

It has an efficient Faculty, and the Course of Instruction is thorough and eminently practical Good Clinics, abundant Dissecting Material, good Museum and Laboratory for teaching. Come early and attend regularly. For Announcement, address


Sec'y of the Faculty.

The only Eclectic Journal in the South. Thoroughly practical, liberal and progressive. Published in the interests of Southern Eclecti. cism, monthly.

1. J. M. GOSS, M.D., LL.D.} Edition. J. W. STONE, M.D., Manager.


to walk comfortably, as if by magic, and due entirely to the effects of Tonga

On several occasions, when in the company of medical men, and the subject of rheumatism was introduced, I have mentioned this treatment, and stated that in my belief we had in Tongaline almost as thorongh a specific for rheumatic and neuralgic diseases as Quinine was for malaria. Some of the physicians remarked that they had not found Tongaline of so much value; whereupon I replied that the fault was in their manner of prescribing the preparation.



A Solution, in Water,
of CHLORO-PHENIC ACID, combined with

Aromatic Essential Oils.
Equal in Antiseptic Value to a 20 per cent. Solution of CARBOLIC ACID.

NON-TOXIC, A Safe, Sure and pleasant ANTISÉPTIC

for Internal and External Use.


Physicians, Surgeons and Dentists are respectfully invited to write for a sample of Chloro-Phénique, and for our pamphlet detailing its applications and uses, and what distinguished medical men and dentists say about it. Address the sole manufacturers, THE PHÉNIQUE CHEMICAL CO. MANUFACTURING CHEMISTS,

ST. LOUIS, MO., V. S. A.

Dr. FEHR'S Compound Talcum






The Hygienic Dermal Powder"

for Infants and Adults.

[blocks in formation]

SOLD BY THE DRUG TRADE EVERYWHERE. COMPOSITION—Silicate of Magnesia with Carbolic and Salicylic Acids. Antiseptic, Antizymotic and Disinfectant. A general Dusting Powder, with positive Hygienic Prophylactic and Therapeutic properties.

[blocks in formation]


Julius Fehr.

Hoboken NJ

BEWARE. The original is put up in round paper boxes only, thus avoiding the possibility of Lead poisoning from tin boxes.

There is nothing so delicate, so
susceptible as a baby's skin.



JULIUS FEHR, M. D., Established 1858.

Hoboken, New Jersey.



(Formula on Package.)

FERNINE is & positive and efficient tonic of the Organs of the

Female Pelvis,

WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE To the Uterus and Ovaries, and more especially in Menstrual Derangements, particularly Dysmenorrhea.

PUT UP ONLY IN TABLETS. Samples Free.-Correspondence Solicited. Physicians are cordially invited to write for our pamblet descriptive of the uses and application of Fernine, and giving the opinion of many eminent practitioners. Address,


Manufacturing Chemists,

ST. LOUIS, MO., U. S. A.

I explained to them how Tongaline must invariably be pushed to the extreme in certain obstinate cases, and always admințstered in hot water. Since then I have had the pleasure of hearing one of these physicians state that he is as firm a believer in the efficacy of Tongaline for rheumatism as I am, and that the reason he had never appreciated the preparation so thoroughly was because he bad never used it in sufficiently large quantities. In conclusion, I would state that if any reader of this article doubts the efficacy that I have ascribed to Tongaline in the more severe forms of the diseases for which it is indicated, just let him push the drug until the full physiological symptoms are secured, and I feel assured that he will agree thoroughly with my statements. Orkney Springs, Va.

C. W. CANAN, M.D. Sanmetto in Cystitis, Prostatitis and Gonorrhea, and in All Irritability and Inflammation of the Genito-Urinary Tract.—In my practice the administration of Saometto has given excellent results. I have found it unequalled in cases of cystitis and prostatitis and all cases of irritability and inflammation of the genito-urinary tract. In many cases of gonorrhea I have used it with excellent satisfaction. I am pleased to recommend Sanmetto to the profession as a preparation which has proven invaluable to me in treating the above-named conditions.

C. W. SHAVER, M.D., Jackson, Mich. Campho-Phenique.-Extract from a letter received from Dr. H. M. Starkloff, St. Louis, Mo., May 10th, 1897, says:

- It affords me great pleasure to state that I have used Campho-Phénique in its liquid and powdered form very extensively, and it has given me more satisfaction than any other remedy in all cases of wounds, ulcers and carbuncles.”


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