The Foreign Sources of Modern English Versification: With Especial Reference to the So-called Iambic Lines of 8 and 10 Syllables

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E. Karras, 1898 - English language - 104 pages

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Page 103 - O'ER the glad waters of the dark blue sea, Our thoughts as boundless, and our souls as free, Far as the breeze can bear, the billows foam, Survey our empire, and behold our home!
Page 49 - Ideo autem non aliquo carminis genere id fieri volui, ne me necessitas metrica ad aliqua verba quae vulgo minus sunt usitata compelleret.
Page 80 - More miserable. Both have sinn'd ; but thou Against God only, I against God and thee ; And to the place of judgment will return, There with my cries importune Heaven, that all The sentence, from thy head removed, may light On me, sole cause to thee of all this woe ; Me — me only, just object of his ire...
Page 11 - Bel auret corps, bellezour anima. Voldrent la veintre li Deo inimi, Voldrent la faire diaule servir.
Page 59 - Quo modo et ad instar iambici metri pulcherrime factus est hymnus ille praeclarus : rex aeterne domine, rerum creator omnium, qui eras ante saecula semper cum pātre filius, et alii Ambrosiani non pauci. Item ad formam metri trochaici canunt hymnum de die iudicii per alphabetum : apparebit repentina dies magna domini, fur obscura velut nocte improvisos occupans.
Page 1 - And Lamech said unto his wives: " Adah and Zillah, hear my voice; Ye wives of Lamech, hearken unto my speech: For I have slain a man for wounding me, And a young man for bruising me: If Cain shall be avenged sevenfold, Truly Lamech seventy and sevenfold.
Page 9 - Ad perennis vitae fontem mens sitivit arida ; Claustra carnis praesto frangi clausa quaerit anima : Gliscit, ambit, eluctatur exul frui patria.
Page 104 - The Life of St. Cecilia, from MS. Ashmole 43 and MS. Cotton Tiberius E. VII, with Introduction, Variants, and Glossary. Bertha Ellen Lovewell, Ph.D.
Page 4 - THE OLD FAMILIAR FACES. I have had playmates, I have had companions, In my days of childhood, in my joyful school-days ; All, all are gone, the old familiar faces. I have been laughing, I have been carousing, Drinking late, sitting late, with my bosom cronies ; All, all are gone, the old familiar faces.
Page 27 - A solis ortus cardine | ad usque terrae limitem | Christum canamus principem | natum Maria virgine.

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