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racters in the county. No stronger proof need be Birth.) At Earsham Parsonage, Mrs. George given of the pressing call for such an institution, Day, of a daughter. than the following statement from a printed pro- Married.] At Norwich, the Rev. John Alexspectus which has lately been circulated and which ander, to Miss Priscilla Wraith, of Blackburn, Lanwe recommend to the careful perusal of our readers. cashire-At Wells, the Rev. V. Hill, rector, to " The following is the return of prisoners confined Miss Dickens, of Binham - At Freethorpe, Robert for trial in the Liverpool county jails in the years Browne, esq. of Reedham, to Miss Lucy Ann Read 1816, 1817, and 1818 respectively :

-At North Walsham, the Rev. James Browne, to 1816 .... Males.

Miss Gedge, of Honing — At Yarmouth, Mr. John Females .... 190—Total 672 Cole, of Thorpe Abbotts, to Miss Spanton, of the 1817 .... Males.

former place.
.... 135—Total 718

Died.] At East Dereham, the relict of Thomas 1818.... Males. 991

Wilson, esq.-At West Dereham, Mr. Thomas Females .... 227—Total 1218."

Shorten-At Yarmouth, James Fisher, esq. forAgain, to prove within the same period the enor- merly of Bombay, 85. He served the office of mous increase of juvenile depravity. In the Man- mayor of Yarmouth in 1774 and 1809—Captain chester house of correction the boys from 8 to 18 Thomas Riches, 71-Frances, wife of Captain are returned as follows:

James Flight, 71-Mr. Francis Ives-At Holt, Mrs. 1816 .....

In three years the number

Johnson, relict of Mr. Richard Johnson, surgeon 1817..... 119 of boy delinquents has --At Filby, Mrs. Mary Juby, 52-At Keswick 1818 181 been very nearly tripled.

Mills, Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. Wm. Toll, 19. Married.) At Liverpool, the Rev. John B. Monk,

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. A. M. fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, to Jane, daughter of Robert Ward, esq. of Liverpool-At Married.] At Northampton, Mr. Peck, of Wel. Bolton, Edward Heelis, esq. captain in the first lingborough, to Miss Caroline Clark, of Northamproyal Lancashire militia, to Alice, eldest daughter ton-At Moulton, the Rev. Francis Wheeler, to. of George Rice, esq. Birkett Cottage, near Wigan- Miss Elizabeth Rodgers-At Everdon, Mr. Wm. At Manchester, Richard Walker Rushforth, esq. to Warr, to Miss Sarah Goff, of Weedon Lodge-At Miss Elizabeth Gill, Crescent, Salford-At War- Upper Weedon, Mr. Samuel Billing, to Miss Earl rington, Mr. W. C. Watmough, to Miss Jane --At Heathencote, Mr. Caleb Parker, to Miss Atter. Stubbs.

bury, of Hollowell. Died.) At Manchester, Mr. John Robinson, at. Died.] At Northampton, John St. Mawe, esq. torney, 58—At Ulverston, Sarah Fell, 84, relict of A. B. 22, only son of Mr. Mawe, of the Strand, Dr. Fell, one of the society of Friends-At Liver- London. He died as a Christian should die, sending pool, Caroline, wife of Mr. Barnett Oakes, of the forth his last breath in humble prayer, and cheering Courier office, 24–Edward, son of R. M. Kynaston, with a heavenly hope the afflicted authors of his ésq. of Oswestry-At Fairfield, Thomas Tarleton being, who sat by the bed of death, beholding his Falkner, 27, eldest son of Edward Falkner, esq.- victory over the grave, and gathering from his unAt Walton-le-dale, Mr. Henry Wilson.

subdued reliance upon the life beyond the tomb,

the only solace this world could impart. His liteLEICESTERSHIRE.

rary attainments kept pace with the developement

of a mind of extraordinary comprehension; and Married.) At Leicester, John Booth Freer, M.D.

his friends have to mourn, in his early departure, to Martha, second daughter of Sir William Walker

the premature close of a career which was full of - Thomas Vowe, esq. of Hallaton, to Sarah, only

promised honour and distinction-Miss Mary Bil. daughter of the late James Howes, esq. of Strat.

lington-At Ravensthorpe, Mrs. Sarah Goodrich, ford, Essex-At Loughborough, Mr. Hawley, of

wife of the Rev. W. Goodrich-At Loddington East Lake, Nottinghamshire, to Miss Rebecca

Hall, Mary, relict of Charles Morris, esq. 80-At Cotes, of the former place.

Orlingbury, Amelia, eldest daughter of Allen Young,

esq. 15—-At Hardingstone, Mrs. Brothers—At LINCOLNSHIRE.

Peterborough, by a fall from his horse, John AtkinBirth.) At Burwell Park, the lady of M. B. son, gent. 42—At Great Brington, Mrs. Marston, 85 Lister, esq. of a son.

--At Gayton, Alice, wife of Mr. James Payne, 64
Married.) At Tetford, J. Goodbarne, gent, of At Kingsthorpe Lodge, Mrs. Green.
Boston, to Miss Soulby, of the former place—At
Boston, Mr. Robert Caparn, of Newark, to Miss

Caparn-At Haxey, Mr. John Gunby, to Miss
Jefferson, of Burnham--At Bawtry, Mr. Broughton,

Married.] John Murray Ayneley, esq. of Little attorney, to Miss Goody--At Misterton, near Guis

Harle Tower, to Emma Sarah, youngest daughter

of Samuel Peach Peach, esq. of Tockington House, borough, Mr. William Hopkins, 10 Miss Carr, of Stockwith-Mr. E. Jakes, to Miss Cousins.

Gloucestershire-At Berwick, Mr. James Peat, of Died.) At Lincoln, Henry Lee, esq.28, late second

Glasgow, to Miss Mary Morrison, of the former officer of the E. I. C.'s ship Charles Grant-At

place-At Newcastle, Mr. John Binney, to Miss Killingholme, Mrs. Tesh, 71-At Kirkby Green,

Eleanor Curry, of Wall's End. Mr. Nicholas Taylor-At Belchford, Mrs. Watson

Died.] At Newcastle, Mr. Edward Humble,

bookseller, of that town, 66—Mr. John Middle--At Loughton, Mr. Stainton, 54.

mas, 36- At Elswick, near Newcastle, John NORFOLK.

Hodgson, esq.-At Kirkhaugh, the Rev. Thomas

Kirkley, 39 years rector of that place, 76-At The Rev. George Lucas, A. B, is preferred to the

Moralee, near Wark, Mr. Thomas Laidler, 76. rectory of Billockley; patron, C. Lucas, esq. of Filby -The Rev. G. Hunt, to the rectory of Bough

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE. ton; patron, John Vernon, esq. Lincoln's Inn.The Rev. W. Killett, A. B. to the vicarage of Ken- Married.] At Beeston, Mr. James Betts, of ninghalt ; patron, the Lord Bishop of Ely.

Newark, to Miss Catherine Maria Hurt, of the for

SOMERSETSHIRB. Bristol new gaol is finished; and it is the opinion of every judicious person by whom it has been visited, that there is not a more complete structure of the kind in the kingdom.

The Rev. James Hooper is preferred to the rectory of Stowel, in this county.

Births.] At Upcott House, near Taunton, the lady of George Gardiner, esq. of a daughter-At Bath, the lady of John Carruthers, esq. late of the supreme court, Madras, of a son-At the Parsonage, Combeflowry, near Taunton, the lady of the Rev. J. H. Bradney, of a daughter-At the Deanery, Wells, the Hon. Mrs. Henry Ryder, of a son.

Married.) At Bath, Captain Grant, of the East India service, nephew of the celebrated Mrs. Grant, the Highland authoress, to Miss Grithes Williams, daughter of Sir George G. Williams, of the Circus -Col. J. Butler, Lieut.-governor of the royal military college, Sandhurst, to Frances Cornelia, second daughter of Col. Glover, of Pulteney-street, Bath--The Rev. Charles Turner, to Mary, fifth daughter of Mr. Banks-Mr. Thomas Shell, to Miss Sarah Hester, Chatterton-At Shepton Mallett, Mr. Wm. Kelly, to Miss Elizabeth Downe, of Sandford Orcas.

Died.) At Bath, Elizabeth, wife of Rear Admiral Christie, of Paberton, co. Mid Lothian, and eldest daughter of the late Admiral Brathwaite- Miss Frances Mary Kyan-Mrs. Charles Eyre --At Taunton, Miss Shepherd-At Clifton Hot Wells, Mrs. Mytton, wife of John Mytton, esq. of Halston, Salop, only surviving daughter of Lady Jones, and sister of Sir Tyrwhitt Jones, bart.-At Bowlish House, Shepton Mallet, T. Green, esq. He had taken his accustomed walk before dinner, and returning to his parlour, sat down and instantly expired.

STAFFORDSHIRE. Married.] At Wolverhampton, Mr. Jasper Cliveley, to Miss Mary Milner-At Burton-uponTrent, Mr. Wm. Cox, to Miss Mary Smith.

mer place—At Nottingham, Mr. S. Towle, to Miss Eliza Attenborough, of Bradmore--Mr. Thomas Davidson, surgeon, to Miss Sarah Cargill, of Fort Augustus, N.B.-At Newark, Mr. Daniel Bell, to Mrs. Jane Elizabeth Grigg.

Died.) At Nottingham, George Bott, dentist, one of the society of Friends, 72—Mrs. Tatham-Mrs. Catherine Ellis, 81-At Newark, Mr. Thomas Rumley, 60-At Beeston, Mrs. Bond, 73.

OXFORDSHIRE. Birth.) At Sarsden, the Rev. Charles Barter, of a son.

Married.) Mr. Thorne, of Banbury, to Ann, eldest daughter of the late Martin Racster, of Pershore, esq.–At Chippingnorton, Wm. Brown, esq. to Elizabeth, second daughter of Norman Bond, esq. of Abergwilly, Carmarthenshire.

Died.] At his rooms, in Magdalen Hall, the Rev. Wm. West Green, D. D. 60, rector of Hus. bands Bosworth, Leicestershire, one of the lecturers of Carfax, and for 29 years vice principal of Magdalen Hall-Mr. John Meredith, 67—At Rose Hill, near Oxford, Mr. James Tredwell, 26—At Putney, Surrey, the Right Hon. Lord Charles Spencer, 80, brother of the late Duke of Marlborough, formerly representative of this county, and for many years colonel of the Oxfordshire militia-At Marston, near Oxford, Mr. Robert Haines, 39—At Neithrop, Mr. Bolton, a respectable farmer and grazier-At Thame, Mrs. Frances Coles, 96——Mrs. Eeles, 96.

RUTLANDSHIRE. Married.] At Oakham, Mr. William Stafford, of Teigh, to Miss Mary Buttress, of the former place-In London, the Hor. Charles Noel Noel, eldest son of Sir Gerard Noel, bart. M. P. for this county, to Arabella, second daughter of Sir James Hamlyn Williams, of Clovelly Court, Devon, and of Edwinsford, Carmarthenshire, bart.

SHROPSHIRE. The bill for lighting the town of Shrewsbury with gas has received the royal assent.

The Rev. Charles Walcot, B. A. of Trinity coll. Oxford, has been instituted to the living of Hopton Wafers, in this county; patron, Thomas Botfield, esq. of Hopton Court,

Married.) At Shrewsbury, Major Parry, royal marines, to Catherine Mary, eldest daughter of the late Edward Loyd, esq. of Tufnant, Montgo. meryshire-At Much Wenlock, T. France, jun. esq. solicitor, of St. John's, near Worcester, to Miss S. E. Radnor, only daughter of Edward Howells, esq. of the former place, banker-At Ludlow, Mr. Wm. Passey, surgeon, of Knighton, to Mrs. Ayres, widow of Mr. Ayres, surgeon, of that place

- At Ellesmere, Mr. Sandlands, to Miss Crane, of the Lodge.

Died.) At Ludlow, much esteemed by his family and friends, Mr. Benjamin Hughes, 88-At Bath, Laura, third daughter of the late Robert More, esq. of Linley Hall, in this county-At Shrewsbury, Mrs. Frances Wingfield, only surviving daughter of the late John Wingfield, M. D.-In Dogpole Court, Shrewsbury, the Rev. William Calcott, of Cainham Court, in this county, and many years rector of Great Witley, Worcester. shire, 63. His unaffected piety, extensive charities, and zeal for the Established Church, of which he was an able advocate, will long be had in remembrance by all who had the advantage of his acquaintance- At Bridgenorth, Joseph Milner, gent. 72 At Bellswardine, Wm. Henry Harnage, esq.

SUFFOLK. The display at Ipswich at the chairing of Messrs. Lennard and Haldimand, was great beyond parallel. In the procession, which extended a mile in length, the horsemen exceeded 3000, and the carriages 100, of which the greater part had four, and some six horses.

Births.) At Grundisburgh, the lady of Mr. Serjeant Frere, of a daughter-At Worlington, the lady of the Rev. James Gibson, of a daughter.

Married.) At Bury St. Edmund's, John Har. court Powell, esq. jun. to Mary Agnes, only daughter of the late Rev. Dr. Waddington, prebendary of Ely—The Rev. James Blomefield, to Anna, eldest daughter of John Smith, esq. of Bury-At Orford, Mr. H. Randall, to Miss Letitia Wade, of Gedgrave -At Stowmarket, Mr. Robert Ransom, solicitor, of Gray's Inn, to Miss Eliza Bayley, of the former place—At Woodbridge, Mr. James Martin, to Miss Elizabeth Salkeld-The Rev. C. F. Parker, rector of Ringshall, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late Rev. Joseph Eyre, rector of St. Giles, Reading.

Died.] In London, Frances, eldest daughter of John Fitzgerald, esq. of Bredfield-house, in this county, 18At Brandeston-hall, Mrs. Revett, relict of J. Revett, esq. of that place-At Bury, Mrs. Martin, 68-At Ipswich, Mrs. Davie, 88--At Eye, 89, the Rev. Robert Malyn, 59 years rector of Kirton, and since 1812 rector of Thornham Magna and. Parva, Suffolk. He was forinerly of Jesus college

Cambridge, where he proceeded A. B. in the year

WESTMORELAND. 1753. He was the oldest freeman of the corporation of Eye, and was chaplain on board the Prince Married.) At Kendal, Mr. Wm. Braithwaite, Frederick at the taking of Louisburgh in the year of Hutton, to Miss Mary Gibson, of Kendal-Mr. 1759, and one of the few remaining persons pre

E. Bradley, to Miss E. Dickenson-Mr. James sent at the death of General Wolfe, at the taking Lindsay, to Miss Jane Atkinson—The Rev. Henry of Quebec, 1759—At Stoneham Parva, Mr. Joseph

Wilkinson, M. A. fellow of St. John's coll. CamAlexander, 96_At Layham, Mrs. M. Kettle-At bridge, to Agnes, eldest daughter of the late Arthur Halesworth, Isaac Avarne, clerk, A. M. 80, for. Shepherd, esq. of Shaw End, in this county. merly of Queen's college, Cambridge ; 34 years

Died.] Ann, wife of the Rev. John Langton rector of Halesworth, with the vicarage of Chedis. Leech, M. A, vicar of Askham, 56. ton annexed, and 48 years rector of Bassingham, in Norfolk. He was a man of strong sense and the

WILTSHIRE. strictest integrity; of warm and generous feelings; and a most sincere and steady friend; and his

Married.] At Salisbury, Thomas Howard Fenmemory will be affectionately cherished in the wick, esq. royal engineers, to Marianne, second hearts of those, amongst whom he had so long re

daughter of the Hon. Mr. Justice Burrough--At sided, and to whom he had become endeared by a Bradford, Mr. Daniel Flemings, to Miss Eliza Tay." genuine benevolence of mind, and a conscientious lor, of Trowbridge-At Wootton Bassett, Charles and uniforin observance of all those moral and re

James Axford, esq. to Catherine Isles, eldest daughligious duties on the performance of which the ter of the Rev. Humphry Evans, late rector of pious Christian humbly builds his hopes of a happy

Glanvilles-Wooton, Dorset-At Trowbridge, Mr. eternity.

G. Wicks, to Miss Eliza Treasure, of Beckington.

Died.] At Salisbury, Mr. Joachim Hibberd, 59 SURREY.

-At Devizes, in the prime of life, Mr. Powell, The Rev. E. James, M. A. of Christ church,

painter-At Bradford, Mr. William Wall, 75. Oxford, is preferred to the perpetual curacy of Mortlake.

WORCESTERSHIRE. Marrier.) At Malden, the Rev. H. Williams, to Selina, youngest daughter of the late Rev. R. A. The Rev. Thomas Davies, M. A. vicar of Mamble, Johnson, of Wistanstow, Salop.

has been presented by the Lord Chancellor to the Died.] On Richmond Green, John Hussey, esq.

vicarage of Bayton, in this county, void by the 78-—At Lympsfield Parsonage-house, F. R. Mayne,

death of the Rev. Robert Knight. 16, eldest son of the Rev. R. Mayne-At Farnham,

Married.] At Pedmore, Henry, youngest son of the wife of Mr. Hollest, solicitor--At Epsom, Wm. Smith, esq. banker, Birmingham, to Susan, Susan, wife of John Ashley Warre, esq. 23.

second daughter of the late Mr. Thomas Smith, of

the Heath Farm, near Stourbridge-At Bromsgrove, SUSSEX.

the Rev. Thomas Thomas, to Miss Dale, of Leaton.

Died.] At Droitwich, Jonathan, son of the Rev. Birth.] At Binderton-house, the lady of Chris. Jonathan Jaques, 26, rector of St. Andrew's—At topher Teesdale, esq. of a son.

Bewdley, Thomas Jacob White, esq. Married.] At Brighton, Hugh Ingram, of Steyning, esq. to Mary, youngest daughter of the late

YORKSHIRE. Rev. Stileman Bostock, of East Grinstead--At Lewes, Mr. Weedon, of Wendover, Bucks, to Miss Three new churches are about to be built in Ann Saxby.

Leeds, each capable of containing 1200 persons. Died.] At Brighton, Robert Wells, esq. of The inhabitants of Leeds are to purchase the sites, Chester-place, Kennington, 25—At Wilmington, and the king's commissioners for building new Elizabeth Anne, wife of Richard King Sampson, churches have agreed to be at the expense of the esq. of Hailsham-At Arundel, Catherine, widow erections. The situations fixed on are, Meadowof the Rev. John Griffiths, of Kingston-upon- lane, Quarry-hill, and Woodhouse. Thames, 82.

The Rev. F. Wrangham, M. A. F. R. S. is pre

ferred to the archdeaconry of Cleveland, vacant by WARWICKSHIRE.

the death of the Rev. Archdeacon Baillie Hamilton. The Rev. Thomas Lea, A. M. of Trinity college, The Rev. John Overton, B. A. is preferred to the Oxford, has been collated by the Lord Bishop of vicarage of Ellhoughton; and the Rev. Ralph Lichfield and Coventry, to the vicarage of Bishops Spofforth, M. A. to the vicarage of Eastrington, Itchington, in this county.

near Howden. The Rev. Joseph Mitchinson to the Births.) At Warwick, the lady of C. Wake, perpetual curacy of Thorganby. M. D. of a son--At Barton Rectory, the lady of Birth.) At his seat at Nun-Apleton, the lady the Rev. J. Scholefield, of a son.

of Sir Wm. M. Milner, bart. of a son and heir. Married.] At Rugby, the Rev. Charles Eddy, of Married.] At York, Lieut.-col. H. A. Gordon, of Guilsborough, Northamptonshire, to Miss Birch, 5th dragoon guards, to Ann, only daughter of the of Rugby, and daughter of the late Rev. Thomas late Joseph Bilton, esq. of York-E.J. Lockwood, Birch, of South Thoresby, Lincolnshire-At Ly- of Richmond, esq. to Miss Sparke, late of Bury St. mington, Henry S. Pearson, esq. son of the late Sir Edmund's-At Thornton in Lonsdale, Ralph S, Richard Pearson, to Caroline, daughter of the late Pemberton, of Llanelly, second son of Richard John Lyons, of St. Austin's, near Lymington, esq. Pemberton, esq. high sheriff for the co. of Carmar-At Warwick, the Rev. A. C. H. Morrison, M. A.

then, to Ann Mary, only daughter of the late to Frances Mary, second daughter of the late Rev. Thomas Rippon, esq. of Low Mile, co. DurhamW, Wilton, rector of South Stoke, and vicar of At Bradford, Mr. John Rouse, to Miss Clapham, of Kirkford, Sussex.

Keighley-At Whitkirk, the Rev. Wm. Lindley, Died.) At his house, Islington, near Birmingham, of Halton, to Miss Anne Graveley. Thomas Laughlier, esq. 61-At Handsworth, near Died.) At Stainton, the Rev. Charles Baillie Birmingham, Mr. Joseph Joynson, 32.

Hamilton, archdeacon of Cleveland, second son of

the late Hon. George Baillie, of Jerviswood, and court 44 years At Edinburgh, Dr. John Murray, cousin to the Earl of Haddington-At Wholsey whose zeal for chemical science, and abilities as a Grange, near Market Weighton, Cornelius Bow. teacher, have for many years largely contributed to man, esq. 45-At Hull, 83, Mr. Bailey Marley, 62 the celebrity of the school of medicine in his native years organist of St. Mary's church, and one of the cityAt Soroba, Argyllshire, Mary, daughter of last survivors of the old school of music-At Brid. Major Macdougall. lington, Mrs. Thomas Dale-At Sharrow, Mr. John Shearwood, solicitor.


Births.] In Dublin, the lady of the Hon. A. A. WALES.

Hely Hutchinson, a son—The lady of Richard B. That fine relic of baronial magnificence, Chirk

Warren, esq. a daughter-At Annsgift, co, Cork,

the lady of John Bagwell, esq. a son and heir--At Castle, in Denbighshire, which had remained in an

Knockdrim, co. Westmeath, the lady of Captain unrepaired state during the late suit in chancery

Miller, a son. respecting the Myddleton property, is now being restored to its Gothic beauty.

Married.) In Dublin, Sir William Cox, of Cool. The handsome new public rooms at Aberystwith

cliffe, co. Wexford, to Miss Anna Hickson, of Din. were opened on Saturday July 1, to the numerous

gle, co. Kerry—The Rev. Wright Willett, to Miss and fashionable company at present at that bath

Emily Gynor-In Carlow, Robert Fleury, of Wa

terford, barrister, to Henrietta, eldest daughter of ing-place, About forty stone coffins were lately discovered,

John Fitzmaurice, esq. of Marble Hill, Carlow In

Waterford, Anthony Lanphier, esq. of Parkstown, in making the new road between London and Holyhead, at Dol Trebethaw. On some of the

to Miss Thomasina Russell, of New Ross---At coffins there are inscriptions, but they have not yet

Lurrha, co. Tipperary, Col. Arthur Disney, of Bal. been deciphered.

lysax, to Ellen, daughter of Gyles Eyre, of Eyre The Lord Bishop of St. David's has appointed

Court, co. Galway, esq.--At Loughborough, co.

Clare, Garrett Molony, esq. to Miss Catherine the Rev. Evan Griffith, late senior assistant at the

O'Meara, of Limerick-At Tipperary, the Rev. royal free grammar-school in Shrewsbury, to be

Wm. S. Birch, to Anna Maria, second daughter of master of the free grammar-school, Swansea. The Rev. James Evans, B. D. is instituted by

John P. Paul, esq. of High Grove, Gloucestershire. the Earl of Plymouth to the vicarage of Penerth,

Died.) At Mary Vale, near Newry, Captain with Lavernock annexed, near Cardiff.

Wm. Crow, late of the 87th regt.-At Clonfedle

Glebe-House, the Rev. Wm. Richardson, D. D. 80, Married.] At Clyro, Radnorshire, Thomas Francis Kennedy, of Dunura, Ayrshire, esq. M. P.

well known to the literary world by his refutation

of the Huttonian theory of the alternate decay and to Sophia, only daughter of the late Sir Samuel Romilly- At Llanfyllin, the Rev. Edward Davies,

reproduction of the earth, and to the agriculturist to Miss Sarah Lewis—At Llandoggett, Denbigh

by the zeal with which he brought into notice the shire, John Fernihough, esq. of Liverpool, to Miss

valuable properties of the fiorin grass--At Caher, Salt, of Wem.

at the great age of 106, the Rev. James Keating. Died.) At Holyhead, Richard Griffiths, esq. 69,

He was parish priest of Kilgobinet, co. Waterford, late agent for his majesty's post-office packets on

72 years ago, and afterwards at Clogheen for more the Holyhead and Dublin stations-At Brynglas,

than 40 years-At Ennis, George Voker, esq. 56, of

Kilcolman, co. Limerick-In Black Rock, Cork, near Beaumaris, Mr. Owen Williams—At Emlyn

Mrs. Croker, relict of Walter Croker, esq. of Cottage, Cardiganshire, Mary, daughter of the late

Clonmel, and sister-in-law of J. W. Croker, esq. of Captain Brigstock-At Llanidloes, Mrs. Susan Owen, 100.

the Admiralty-At Annakissy, the lady of Pierce Nagle, esq. and second daughter of Sir Richard

Nagle, bart.--At Bundorum, John Aiken, esq. of SCOTLAND.

Pettigo, justice of the peace for the counties of Birth.) At Warriston Crescent, Edinburgh, the Fermanagh and Donegal. lady of Lieut.-col. Moodie, of a daughter. Married.]

DEATHS ABROAD. At Kilpaun's Castle, the seat of Lord Gray, John Grant, esq. of Kilgraston, to the At St. Vincent's, of a consumption, Wm. Ottley, Hon. Margaret Gray, his lordship’s 2d daughter-At esq. 23, second son of the late President Drewry Glasgow, Josiah Howard, esq. late of Stockport, Ottley of that island, and brother to the present Cheshire, to Janet Buchanan, youngest daughter Sir Richard Ottley-At Berne, Madame Charlotte of James Provand, esq. of Glasgow At Edinburgh, James De Lerber, 28, wife of Major-general Du Captain James Stirling, R. N. of Glenlyan, to Suere De Lerber, of the Swiss artillery, and youngest Mary, third daughter of the late Day Hort Mac- daughter of Sir Walter James, bart.-In February dowall, esq. of Castle Semple-At Creetown, the last, of a fever, whilst on his return from the expeRev. John Sibbald, of Kirkmabrack, to Miss Mar- dition in the Persian Gulf, Edmund, youngest brogaret Young.

ther of Sir Tyrwhitt Jones, bart.-At Calcutta, Died.] The Hon. Fletcher Norton, senior baron Major-gen. John Garstin, of the royal engineers, of the Court of Exchequer in Scotland, one of the after a residence of 44 years in that climate-In oldest judges in the kingdom, having sat in that Paris, Thomas Deasy, esq. of Pateil, co. Cork.

Printed by S. and R. BENTLEY, Dorset Street, Meel-Strect.

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