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Thy name shall be praised in the great congregation; And saints shall delight in ascribing salvation.

Hallelujah &c.

4 When on Zion we stand, having gaind the blest

shore With our harps in our hands we will praise him ever

more, We will range the blest fields on the banks of the

river, And sing hallelujahs for ever and ever.

Hallelujah &c.

HYMN 140

The Heavenly Courtier..


ET Christ the glor’ous lover,

Have everlasting praise ;
He comes for to discover

The riches of his grace-
He comes to wretched sinners,

To woo himself a bride :
Resolving for to win her

And will not be deny'd,

2 Unwilling she discovers

Herself for tu deny,
To cast away her pleasures

And lay her honors by
To part with every notion

That puffs her up with pride, And take him for her portion,

And be his loving bride.

3 He calls aloud unto her,

“ Pursue your ways no more ;" She thinks it will undo her,

To part with all her store ;

She willinglly refuses

To yield unto his will, And in her heart she chuses.

Her former lovers still.

4. She bolts the door


him, And bids the Lord depart; She will not serve his honor,

Nor let him have her heart ; Vet Jesus loves the sinner,

And will not leave the door, But cries. « Oh wretched creature !

• Reject my grace no more.

5.“ Behold my matchless fulness!

66 Arise and let me in ; 66 How can you be so cruel

“ To bar your heart with sin ? • If calls and invitation,

66. Will not excite your love, • Prepare for condemnation,

66. For I will not remove."

6 He then displays his power,

By an almighty word ; He threatens to devour,

And shews a flaming sword : She now begins to tremble

At what she sees and hears ; And fain she would be humble,

And wash her crimes with tears.

7 She does not yet discover

The filth of her in-side ; She thinks the Lord will love her,

And take her for his bride ; But like refiners' fire

He searches every part ; Conviction rises higher,

She feels a troubled heart.

8 She now begins to languish,

And none can her relieve, Her heart is full of anguish,

To find she can't believe. Her hopes are now departed,

And left her full of woe, With all the broken hearted,

She cries what shall I do?:

9. But Jesus has compassion,

Still moving in his breast, Intends to give salvation,

Unto the souls distress'd ; One glimpse of love and power,

Makes her forget her pain, She cries, oh! happy hour,

Is this the lovely Lamb ?

10 Is he whom I rejected,"

Stoop'd down to me so low? Goodness, but unexpected,

It hardly can be true ; And still she cries more ferventy,

Lord don't thy mercy hide, . May I become a servant,

And fit to be a bride.

11 The marriage is made ready

The parties are agreed, The holy son of David

And Adam's wretched seed; The sinner is attir'de

With raiment clean and white, Her sins are freely pardon'd,

And she's her Lord's delight.

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12 They eat and drink togethers ,

And mutally embrace, Both saints and angels wonder,

At the surprising grace ;

This union shall continue,

For evermore the same; And nothing part asunder,

The christian and the Lambi.

HYMN 150, C. M;.


EGIN the high celestial strain,

My ravish'd soul and sing
A solemn hymn of grateful praisa

To heav'n's Almighty king.

2 Ye curling fountains as ye roll

Your silver waves along, Whisper to allyour.verdant shores

The subject of my soug. & Retain it long y’echoing rocks,

The sacred sound retain, And from


hollow winding caves. Return it oft again :

4 Bear it, ye winds, on all your wings,

To distant climes away,
And round the wide-extended world

My lofty theme convey.

5 Take the glad burden of his name,

Ye clouds as you arise,
Whether to deck the golden morn,

Or shade the ev’ning skies.

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6 Let harmless thunders roll along

The smooth etherial plain,
And answer from the crystal vault

To ev'ry flying strain.

7 Long let it warble round the spheres

And echo through the sky, Till angels with immortal skills

Improve the harmony,

8 While I, with sacred rapture fir'd;

The blest creator sing, And warble consecrated lays

To heav'n's Almighty king.

HYMN 151. L. M.

Human righteousness insuficient to justify Werbew myselt before thy face?

HEREWITH, O Lord, shall I draw near, How in thy purer eyes appear

? What shall I bring to gain thy grace

e ? 2 Will gifts delight the Lord most high? Will multiply'd oblations please ? Thousands of rams his favor buy; Or slaughter'd hécatombs appease?

3. Can these assuage the wrath of God ?:
Can these wash out my guilty stain ?
Rivers of oil, or seas of blood,
Alas! they all must flow in vain.

4. What have I then wherein to trust?
I nothing have, I nothing am;
Excluded is my every boast,
My glory swallow'd up in shame.

5 Guilty, I stand before thy face ;
My sole diesert, is hell and wrath ;
'Twere just the sentence should take place,
But O, I plead my Saviour's death !

6 I plead the merits of thy Song

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