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:5 Scarce had ke spoke, when lo ! from heaven

The Almighty made reply : * For whom dost thou provide, thou fool ?

“ This night thyself shall die.”

6 Teach me, my God, all earthly joys

Are but an empty dream And

may I seek my bliss alone, In thee the good supreme.

HYMN 144. C. M.

The incarnation of Christ. Luke ii. 14.

ORTALS, awake, with angels join, MI

And chant the solemn lay; Joy, love and gratitude combine

To hail th' auspicious day...,

2 In heaven the rapturous song began,

And sweet seraphic fire y Through all the shining legions ran,

And strung and tun'd the lyre.

3 Swift through the vast expanse it flow,

And loud the echo rolld;
The theme, the song, the joy was new,

'Twas more than heaven could hold.

4 Down through the portals of the sky

Th’impetuous torrent ran; And angels flew with eager joy

To bear the news to man.

[5 Wrapt in the silence of the night

Lay all the eastern world,
When bursting, glorious, heavenly light

The wondrous scene unfurld.]

6 Hark! the cherubic armies shout,

And glory leads the song:
Good-will and peace are heard throughout

The harmonious heavenly throng. [7 O for a glance of heavenly love,

Our hearts and songs to raise ; Sweetly, to bear our souls above,

And mingle with their lays !] 8 With joy the chorus we'll repeat,

"Glory to God on high; 66 Good-will and peace are now complete,

66 Jesus was born to die."

9 Hail! prince of life, for ever hail !

Redeemer, brother, friend,
Though earth, and time, and life should fail,

Thy praise shall never end.

HYMN 145.

The long-suffering, or patience of God.

L Not in Forments, not in hell !

Still doth thy good spirit strive !
With the chief of sinners dwell!
Tell it, unto sinners tell,
I am, I am out of hell!
2 Yes, I still lift up mine eyes,
Will not of thy love despair ;
Still in spite of sin I rise,
Still I bow to thee in prayer.
3 O the length and breadth of love !
Jesus, Saviour, can it be?
All thy mercies height I prove,
All the depth is seen in me,

Tell it, &c.

Tell it, &c.

4. See a bush that burns with fire
Unconsum'd amid the flame!
Turn aside th' sight to admire,
I the living wonder am.

Tell it, &c;

5 See a stone that hangs in air !
See a spark in ocean live!
Kept alive with death so neary
I to God the glory give.
Ever tell-to sinners tell,
I am, I am out of hell,

HYMN 146. C: M.
Mercy and truth met together ; or the harmoa

ny of the divine perfections.
TYEN first the God of boundless grace

Disclos'd his kind
To rescue our apostate race
From misery, shame and sirt."-

Wisclosd his kind design,

% Quick, through the realms of light and bliss,.

The joyful tidings ran;
Each heart exulted at the news,

That God would dwell with man.

3 Yet 'midst their joys they paus'd awhile,

And ask'd with strange surprise, « But how can injur'd justice smile,

" Or look with pitying eyes ?

[4" Will the Almighty deign again

" To visit yonder world ; 6 And hither bring rebellious men,

6 Whence rebels once were hurl'd ?

5 « Their tears, and groans, and deep distress

6 Aloud for mercy call; 6 But ah! must truth and righteousness

To mercy victîms fall?”

G So spake the friends of God and matig

Delighted, yet surpris'd ; Eager to know the wond'rous plan,

That wisdom had devis'd.]

7 The Son of God attentive heard,

And quickly thus reply'd ; " In me let mercy be rever'd,

“ And justice satisfy’d.

3" Behold!'my vital blood I pour,

6 A sacrifice to God; “ Let angry justice now no more

« Demand the sinner's blood.”

9 He spake, and heaven's high arches rung,

With shouts of loud applause ; # He dy'd," the friendly angels sung,

Nor cease their rapt'rous joys.

HYMN 147. C. M.

The successful resolve. OME, humble sinner, in whose breast,

: , A thousand thoughts revolve, Come, with your guilt and fear opprest,

And make this last resolvé.

2 “ I'll go to Jesus, though my sin

" Hath like a mountain rose ; * I know his courts, I'll enter ing

66 Whatever may oppose.

3 « Prostrate I'll lie before his thrones

« And there my guilt confess, " I'll tell him I'm a wretch undone

« Without his sov'reign grace.

4" I'll to the gracious king approach,

“Whose sceptre pardon gives, 66. Perhaps he may command my touc!, .

" And then the suppliant lives.

5 « Perhaps he will admit my plea,

6 Perhaps will hear my prayer ., « But if I perish I will pray,

" And perish only there...

6." I can but perish if I go,',

“ I am resolv'd to try : 66. For if I stay away, I know

66. I must forever die.".

HYMN 148...

Free Grace..

НЕ voice of free grace cries, escape to the moun.

For Adam's lost race Christ has open'd a fountain,
For sin and transgression and ev'ry pollution,
The blood it flows freely in streams of salvation.


Hallelujah to the Lamb who purchas'd our pardon,
We'll praise him again when we pass over Jordan.

2. This fountain so clear, in which all may find pardon, From Jesus's side flows plenteous redemption, Though your

sins they were rais'd as high as a moun

tain, The blood it flows freely in streams of salvation..

Hallelujah &c.

3 O Jesus ! ride on, thy kingdom is glorious, Over sin, death and hell thou wilt make us victorious,


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