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Till we meet at the feast of the Lamb.

6 There, there 'at his feet,

We shall suddenly meet, And be parted in body no more

We shall sing to our lyres,

With heavenly choirs,
And our Saviour in glory adores

7 Hallelujah we sing

To our father and king,
And his rapturous praises repeat's

To the Lamb that was slain

Hallelujah again,
Sing all heaven, and fall at his feet

8 In assurance of hope,

We to Jesus look up,
Till his banner unfurld in the air,

From our graves we shall see,

cry out, “ It is he,” And fly up to acknowledge him there.

HYMN 140. S. M..

Nature and Grace.

And all believers know, That Adam's race, poor fallen worms,

Have lost their power to do.

2 And though restor'd by grace,

By mighty grace indeed! The strength we in ourselves possessg.

Is like a bruised reed.

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S A will to serve my God,

Through soy'reign grace is mine ;

But daily strength must be bestoweds,

If I would conquer sin.

4 Old nature in my breast,

Still struggles with the new ; A mortal enmity subsists

Between the waring two.

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5 Nature would fain confine

My thoughts to earthly things ;But grace points up to things divine,

And gives me heavenly wings.

6 Nature indulges pride,

And gives free will the throne ; But grace

instructs me to confide. In God my strength alone.

7 Nature's a friend to earth,

And loves its maxims much ; But grace constrains me to go fortha

And bear the Lamb's reproach.

3 Nature esteems his yoke,

To be a grievous load ;
Grace puts it on, and bids me look.

To the Almighty God.

9 Nature cries, “ friend desist,

And leave this rugged way." But

grace says, “ this is not thy rest; Go on, make no delay.”

10 Nature repines and frets,

At the chastising rod; But taught by grace my soul submi!s.

To all the will of God.

11 Nature disdains to bow

Before the mercy-seat'

But grace will lay and keep me low

At the Redeemer's feet.

12 Nature knows nothing of

Communion with the Lamb.; But drawn by grace, O how I love?

To call upon his name !

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Difficulties, in the way of duty, surmountedi

THEN Abram's servant to procure !

A wife for Isaac went,
He met Rebekah-told his wish-

parents gave consent.

2. Yet for ten days, they urg'd the man

His journey to delay;
Hinder me not, he quick reply'd,

Since God hath crown'd my way:
3. 'Twas thus I cry'd when Christ the Lordy

My soul to him did wed;
Hinder me not, nor friends, nor foes,

Since God my way hath sped.
4 Stay, says the world, and taste a while

My ev'ry pleasant sweet ; Hinder me not, my soul replies,

Because the way is great..,

5 Stay, satan my old master cries

Or force shall the detain'; Hinder me not, I will begone,

My God has broke my chain.

6 In all my Lord's appointed ways

My journey I'll pursue ;

Hinder me not, ye much-lov'd saints,
For I must go


you. 7 Through floods and fames, if Jesus lead,

I'll follow where he goes ; Hinder me not, shall be my cry,

Though earth and hell oppose.

% Through duty, and through trials toe,

I'll go at his command ; Hinder me not, for I am bound,

To my Immanuel's land.

9 And when my Saviour calls me home,

Still this my cry shall be,
Hinder me nut, come welcome death,

I'll gladly go with thee.

HYMN 142. S. M.

Salvation by grace, from first io last. Eph.

ii. 5. RACE! 'tis a charming sound ! !

Harmonious to the ear ! Heaven with the echo shall resound,

And all the earth shall hear.

Grace first contriv'd a way

To save rebellious man,
And all the steps that grace display,

Which drew the wond'rous plan.

[3 Grace first inscrib'd my name

In God's eternal book : 'Twas grace that gave me to the Lamb,

Who all my sorrows took.]

4 Grace led my roving feet

To tread the heavenly road;
And new supplies each hour I meety

While pressing on to God.

[5 Grace taught my soul to pray,

And made my eyes o'erflow : 'Twas grace which kept me to this day,

And will not let me go.]

& Grace all the work shall crown,

Through everlasting days ;
It lays in heaven the top-most stone

And. well deserves the praise.

HYMN 143. C. M.

The rich fool surprised. fool surprised. Luke xii. 16


ELUDED souls! who think to find

A solid bliss below. :
Bliss the fair flower of Paradise,

On earth can never grow.


2 See how the foolish wretch is pleased,

T'increase his worldly store ; Too scanty now he finds his barns,

And covets room for more.

3 “ What shall I do?" distress’d he cries,

6 This scheme will I pursue : “ My scanty barns shall now come down,

“ I'll build them large and new.

4.6 Here will I lay my fruits, and bid

My soul to take its ease : " Eat, drink, be glad, my lasting store

* Shall give what joys I please."

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