Cusack, M.F. History of Ireland.-Guizot, F.P.G. Popular history of France.-Müller, D. Popular history of Germany.-Beale, J.H. Our great republic

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W. Gay and Company, 1884 - World history

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Page 127 - ... apostatize, yet the cause will live; and though the public speaker should die, yet the immortal fire shall outlast the organ which conveyed it, and the breath of liberty, like the word of the holy man, will not die with the prophet, but survive him.
Page 36 - Henry King of England, Duke of Normandy and Aquitaine, and Earl of Anjou, to all his liegemen, English, Norman, Welsh and Scotch, and to all other nations under his dominion, sends greeting.
Page 263 - and tell those who send you, that we are here by the will of the people, and that we shall not budge save at the point of the bayonet.
Page 127 - ... freedom, am I to hear of faction. I wish for nothing but to breathe, in this our island, in common with my fellow-subjects, the air of liberty. I have no ambition, unless it be the ambition to break your chain, and contemplate your glory.
Page 19 - The Scots willingly received them all, and took care to supply them with food, as also to furnish them with books to read, and their teaching, gratis.
Page 105 - As' for that which you mention concerning liberty of conscience, I meddle not with any man's conscience. But if by liberty of conscience, you mean a liberty to exercise the Mass, I judge it best to use plain dealing, and to let you know, Where the Parliament of England have power, that will not be allowed of.
Page 93 - But those chiefs being basely informed, that witnesses were to be hired against them, foolishly fled from Dublin, and so taking guilt upon them, they were declared rebels, and six entire counties in Ulster were at once forfeited to the crown, which was what their enemies wanted.
Page 123 - Now know ye, that we having considered of the said articles are graciously pleased hereby to declare, that we do for us, our heirs and successors, as far as in us lies, ratify and confirm the same, and every clause, matter and thing therein contained.
Page 138 - The affirmative was languid but indisputable — another momentary pause ensued — again his lips seemed to decline their office : at length , with an eye averted from the object which he hated , he proclaimed , with a subdued voice ,
Page 114 - Do you remember," said Coligny to him, "the warnings I gave you a few hours ago? You will do well to take your precautions.

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