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Mar. 2; 14.
Lu. 5; 27

Mar. 2; 15.
Lu. 5; 29.

Hos. 6; 6. ch. 12; 7.

cu 9.
8 people saw and wondered, glorifying God, who had

given such power to men.
9 As Jesus departed thence, he saw a man, named

Matthew, sitting at the toll-office ; to whom he

said, Follow me. And he arose and followed him. 10 Afterwards Jesus, being at table in a house,

many publicans and sinners came, and placed 11 themselves with him and his disciples. Some Pha

risees observing this, said to his disciples, Why

doth your teacher eat with publicans and sinners ? 12 Jesus hearing them, answered, The whole need 13 not a physician, but the sick. Go, therefore, and

learn what this meaneth, “I require humanity, " and not sacrifice :" for I came to call, not the

righteous, but sinners to repentance. 7 14 Then John's disciples accosting him, said, We

and the Pharisees often fast: why do thy disciples 15 never fast ? Jesus answered, Do the bridemen

mourn, while the bridegroom is with them? But

the time will come when the bridegroom shall be 16 taken from them, and then they will fast. No.

body mendeth an old garment with undressed

cloth; else the patch itself teareth the garment, 17 and maketh a greater rent. Neither do people

put new wine into old leathern bottles; otherwise the bottles burst: and thus, both the wine is spilt, and the bottles are rendered useless. But they put new wine into new bottles, and both are

I Tim 1; 15.

Mar. 2; 18
Lil 5; 39:


Mar. 5; 22. 18

While he was speaking, a ruler came, and prostrating himself, said, My daughter is by this time


Lu. 8; 43:

Lu. 8; 51:

CH. 9. dead; but come, and lay thy hand upon her, and Lu. 8; 41. 19 she will revive. And Jesus arose, and, as he fol20 lowed him, with his disciples, a woman, who had Mar. 5; 25

been twelve years afflicted with a bloody issue, 21 coming behind, touched the tuft of his mantle ; for

she said within herself, If I but touch his mantle, 22 · I shall recover :' Jesus turning about, saw her,

and said, Daughter, take courage, thy faith hath
cured thee. And the woman was well from that

instant. 23 Being come into the ruler's house, and seeing Mar. 5;

the players on the flute, with the crowd making a 24 bustle, he said to them, Withdraw, for the damsel 25 is not dead, but asleep. And they derided him :

But when the people were put out, he entered,

and having taken her by the hand, the damsel 26 arose. Now the fame of this action spread through

all that country. 27 When Jesus departed thence, two blind men fol

lowed him, crying, Son of David, have pity upon 28 us. Being come into the house, the blind men approached: and Jesus said to them, Do


believe that I can do this? They answered, Yes, Master. 29 Then he touched their eyes, saying, Be it unto you 30 according to your faith. Immediately their eyes

were opened. And Jesus strictly charging them, 31 said, 'Take care that nobody know it. But being

departed, they spread his fame through all that

country. 32 They were scarcely gone, when a dumb demo- Lu. 11; 14. 33 niac was presented to him. The demon being ex

ch. 12; 22 13


CH. 10.


pelled, the dumb spake, and the people wondered,

saying, Nothing like this was ever seen in Israel. Mar. 3; 22. 34 But the Pharisees said, He expelleth the demons

by the prince of the demons.



Mar. 6; 6. 35 THEN Jesus went through all the cities and vil. Lu. 13; 22.

lages, teaching in their synagogues, and proclaim

ing the glad tidings of the reign, and curing every Mar. 6; 34. 36 disease and every malady among the people. But

when he saw the multitudes he had compassion upon

them, because they were scattered and exposed, 37 like a flock without a shepherd. Then he said to

his disciples, The harvest is plentiful, but the rea38 pers are few: entreat, therefore, the Lord of the

harvest, that he would send labourers to reap it.

Lu. 10; 2.

Mar. 3; 13. X.

And having called to him his twelve disciples, he Lu. 9; 1: Lu. 6; 13

gave them power to expel unclean spirits, and to 2 cure diseases and maladies of every kind. Now

these are the names of the twelve Apostles 14. The first Simon, called Peter, and Andrew his brother, 3 James, son of Zebedee, and John his brother, Phi

lip and Bartholomew, Thomas and Matthew the

Publican, James son of Alpheus, and Lebbeus, 4. surnamed Thaddeus, Simon the Canaanite, and Ju

is Missionaries.


CH. 10.

Lu. 10; 9.

Lu 9; 3:

1 Tim. 5;

5 das Iscariot, he who betrayed him. These twelve

Jesus commissioned, instructing them, and saying, 6 Go not away to the Gentiles, nor enter a Sama- Acts, 13:46.

ritan city ; but go directly to the lost sheep of the 7 stock of Israel. And as ye go, proclaim, saying, 8. The reign of heaven approacheth.' Heal the

sick; cleanse lepers, expel demons; freely ye have 9 received, freely give. Put not gold, or silver, or

Mar. 6; 8 10 brass in your girdles ; carry no scrip, no spare Lu. 10;7 .

coats, shoes, or staves ; for the workman is wor. 18.

thy of his maintenance. ll

And whatever city or village ye enter, inquire what person of worth dwelleth there; and abide 12 with him until ye leave the place. When ye enter 13 the house, salute the family. Ifthe family be worthy,

the peace ye wish them, shall come upon them : if

they be not worthy, it shall rebound upon your14 selves. Wheresoever they will not receive you,

nor regard your words, in departing that house or 15 city, shake the dust off your feet. Verily I say un- Acts, 13;

to you, the condition of Sodom and Gomorrha shall
be more tolerable on the day of judgment, than the Lu. 10; 3:

condition of that city.
16 Behold! I send you forth as sheep amidst wolves.

Be, therefore, prudent as the serpents, and harmless 17 as the doves. But be upon your guard with men;

for they will deliver you to councils, and scourge 18 you in their synagogues ; and ye shall be brought Mar. 13; 11

Lu. 12; 11. before governours and kings, on my account, to 19 bear tetimony to them, and to the Gentiles. But


ch, 24; 9.

Сн. 10.


Lu.6; 40,

when they deliver you up, be not anxious how, or

what ye shall speak; for what ye should speak 20 shall be suggested to you in that moment. For it

shall not be ye that shall speak; but the Spirit of Lu. 21; 16. 21 my Father who will speak by you. Then the bro

ther will consign the brother to death ; and the fa

ther the child ; and children will arise against their 22 parents, and procure their death.

And for my name ye shall be hated universally. But the man

who persevereth to the end, shall be saved. 23 Therefore, when they persecute you in one city,

flee to another, for verily I say unto you, ye shall

not have gone through the cities of Israel, ere the

24 Son of Man be come. A disciple is not above his Jo. 13; 16. & 15; 20. 25 teacher, nor a servant above his master. It is

enough for the disciple to be as his teacher, and for the servant to be as his master. If they have calle ed the master of the house Beelzebub, how much

more will they call his domestics? Mar. 4; 22. 26 Therefore fear them not'; for there is nothing

hidden that shall not be detected; nothing secret 27 that shall not be known. What I tell


in the dark, publish in the light; and what is whis

pered in your ear, proclaim from the house tops. 28 And fear not them who kill the body, but cannot

kill the soul; fear rather him who can destroy 29 both soul and body in hell. Are not two sparrows'

sold for a penny " ? Yet neither of them falleth to 30 the ground without the will of your Father. Nay,

Lu. 8; 17. & 12; 2.


41 Assarion, value three farthings sterling.

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