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CH. 23.


Mar. 15; 21:

20 raising sedition in the city, and for murder. Pi21 late, willing to release Jesus, again expostulated.

But they cried, saying, Crucify, crucify him. A 22'third time he repeated, Why? what evil hath this

man done? I do not find him guilty of any capi.

tal crime; I will therefore chastise him, and re23 lease him. But they persisted, demanding, with

much clamour, that he might be crucified. At

last their clamours, and those of the chief priests, 24 prevailed: and Pilate pronounced sentence, that 25 it should be as they desired. Accordingly he re

leased to them a man who had been imprisoned for sedition and murder, whom they required, and

gave up Jesus to their will. Mat. 27; 32: 26 As they led him away, they laid hold of one Si

mon, a Cyrenian, coming from the country, and laid

the cross on him, that he might bear it after Jesus. 27 And a great multitude followed him, amongst whom

were many women who lamented and bewailed him 28 But Jesus turning to them, said, Daughters of Je.

rusalem, weep not for me, but weep for your29 selves, and for your children: for the days are

coming wherein they shail say, 'Happy the bar

ren, the wombs which never bare, and the breasts 30 · which never gave suck:' then they shall cry to

the mountains, • Fall on us,' and to the hills, 31 · Cover us:' for if it fare thus with the green tree, , 32 how shall it fare with the dry ? And two malefac

tors were also led with him to execution. Mat. 27; 35. 33 When they were come to the place called Calvary, Jo. 19; 18.

they there nailed him to the cross, and the male

Is, 2; 19.
Hos. 10; 8
Rev. 6; 16.


Сн, 93. .

factors also, one at his right hand, the other at his 34 left. And Jesus said, Father, forgive them, for they

know not what they do. And they parted his gar. 35 ments by lot. While the people stood gazing, even Mar. 15; 24.

their rulers joined then in ridiculing him, and say

ing, This man saved others ; let him save himself, 36 if he be the Messiah, the elect of God. The sol

diers likewise mocked him, coming and offering him 37 vinegar, and saying, If thou be the King of the 38 Jews, save thyself. There was also an inscription

over his head, in Greek, Latin, and Hebrew,

THIS IS THE KING OF THE JEWS. 39 Now, one of the malefactors who suffered with

him, reviled him, saying, If thou be the Messiah, 40 save thyself and us. The other rebuking him, an

swered, Hast thou no fear of God, thou who art 41 undergoing the same punishment? And we indeed

justly; for we receive the due reward of our deeds; 42 but this man has done nothing amiss. And he said

to Jesus, Remember me, Lord, when thou comest 43 to thy kingdom. Jesus answered, Verily I say un

to thee, To-day thou shalt be with me in paradise. 44 And about the sixth hour there was darkness 45 over all the land, which lasted till the ninth. The

sun was darkened, and the veil of the temple was 46 rent in the midst. And Jesus said with a loud

voice, Father, into thy hands I commit my spirit; Ps. 31; 5. 47 and having thus said, expired. Then the centurion

observing what had happened, gave glory to God, 48 saying, Assuredly this was a righteous man. Nay,

all the people who were present at this spectacle,


CH. 23.

and saw what passed, returned, beating their 49 breasts. And all his acquaintance, and the women

who had followed him from Galilee, standing at a distance, beheld these things.



Mar. 15: 42
Jo. 19; 38

Mat. 27: 57: 50• NOW from Arimathea, a city of Judea, there

was a senator named Joseph, a good and just man, who had not concurred in the resolutions and pro

ceedings of the rest, and who himself also expected 52 the reign of God. This man went to Pilate, and 53 begged the body of Jesus. And having taken it

down, he wrapped it in linen, and laid it in a tomb

cut in stone, wherein no man had ever been de54 posited. Now that day was the preparation", 55 and the Sabbath 52 approached. And the women

who had accompanied Jesus from Galilee, followed

Joseph, and observed the inonument, and how the 56 body was laid. When they returned, they provided

spices and ointments, and then rested the Sabbath 5s, according to the commandment.

51 Friday.

52 Saturday.

53 Saturday.


ch. 24.

Mat. 16; 21.

Mar. 9; 31

XXIV. But the first day of the week 5, they went by Mat. 28; 1;

day-break, with some others, to the tomb, carrying Jo. 20; 12 the spices which they had provided ; and

found the 3 stone rolled away from the monument; and hav

ing entered, they found not the body of the Lord 4 Jesus. While they were in perplexity on this ac

count, behold two men stood by them, in robes of a 5 dazzling brightness. The women being affrighted,

and fixing their eyes on the ground, these said to

them, Why seek ye the living among the dead? 6 He is not here, but is risen ; remember how he ch: 9; 22. 7 spake to you, before he left Galilee, saying, “ The & 17; 22 “Son of Man must be delivered into the hands of

sinners, and be crucified, and the third day rise 8 “ again.” Then they remembered his words. 9 On their return from the monument, they report- Mat. 28; 8.

ed the whole matter to the eleven, and to all the 10 other disciples. It was Mary Magdalene, and

Joanna, and Mary the mother of James, and other

women with them, who told these things to the 11 Apostles : but their account appeared to them as 12 idle tales ; they gave them no credit. Peter, how

ever, arose, and ran to the monument ; and stooping down, saw nothing there but the linen lying. And he went away, musing with astonishment on

what had happened. 13 The same day, as two of the disciples were tra- Mar. 16; 12.

velling to a village named Emmaus, sixty furlongs 14 from Jerusalem, they conversed together about all

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CH. 24.


15 these events. While they were conversing and

reasoning, Jesus himself joined them, and went 16 along with them. But their eyes were so affect17 ed, that they did not know him. And he said to

them, What subjects are these about which ye 18 confer together? and why are ye dejected ? And

one of them, named Cleopas, answered, Art thou alone such a stranger in Jerusalem, as to be unac

quainted with the things which have happened 19 there so lately? What things ?, said he. They

answered, Concerning Jesus the Nazarene, who

was a Prophet, powerful in word and deed, before 20 God and all the people; how our chief priests and

magistrates have delivered him to be condemned 21 to death, and have crucified him. · As for us, we

trusted that it had been he who should have re

deemed Israel. Beside all this, to-day being the 22 third day since these things happened, some wo23 men of our company have astonished us; for hav

ing gone early to the monument, and not found his body, they came and told us that they had

seen a vision of angels, who said that he is alive. 24 Whereupon some of our men went to the monu.

ment, and found matters exactly as the women

had related ; but him they saw not. 25 Then he said to them, O thoughtless men, and

backward to believe things which have been all pre26 dicted by the Prophets! Ought not the Messiah 27 thus to suffer, and so to enter into his glory? Then

beginning with Moses, and proceeding through all the Prophets, he explained to them all the pas


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