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50. 1. By how many methol . How would you express que oli is divisioa denoled? Write division 34 by 4? what would the them dow:).

answer, or quolient be? 2. How would you signify the 9, How would you express the division of 12 by 4, according to division of 1$ among 5 men? how the first method ? the 20 ? the 3u? many cents would each receive?

3. 39(=how many? 4)93 10. Divide 21b. of raisins among how many ?

13 boys, how many ounces would 4. 15:5=how many? 17:-4? each receive? 25+-6?

11. What is the expression by 5. 14=how many ? 18=? characters of 7 plus 5 multiplied

by 8 and divided by 16 ?

12. How would you dennte by 6. 17:5=low many ? 7. How would you express the

Jcharacters 9 minus 3 plus 4 iul. division 2 by 12 ? of 12 by 2?

"tiplied by 5 and dividei by 6 ?


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53. 1. If a staff' 4 ft. long cast way; one at the rate of 3 miles a shadow 5 feet, what is the height an hour, and the other at the rate of a tree that casts a shadow 50 ft. or 31 miles an hour, how far are at the same time? what is the they apart at the end of one hour? height of a tree whose shadow 2 hours? in how many hours will measures 25 feet? 75 feet? 100 feet?they be just one mile a part?

2. When a staff 6 feet long casts 8. A man failing in trade, could a shadow 5 feet, what is the height pay his creditors only 60 cents on of a liberty pole whose shadow the dollar, how much would he measures 100 feet?

pay on $2? $5? $8? $10? $12? 3. If a cistern, which holds 90 9. If 5 bushels of oats will gallons, receive 53 gal, and dis- serve 4 horses 1 week, how many charge 44 gal. per hour, in what bushels will serve 12 horses the time will it be filled? if it receive same time? 36 and discharge 37 gal. per hour, 10. If 6 dollars worth of provisin how many hours will it be fill-ions will serve 3 men 9 days, how ed?

many days will it serve i man? 4. If a cask of wine cost $64,2 men? ñ nien? What is the cost of of it?

11 If $10 worth of provisions 5. If a man spend $24 a day, will serve 7 men 4 days, how mahow much will he spend in any days will they serve 9 men: week?

14 men? 3 men? 6. If a man travel 3 miles and 12. If $3 worth of provisions a half an hour, how far will helwill serve 7 men 3 days, how matravel in 3 hours? in 5h? in 12h? Jay men will it serve 1 day? 2 days:

7. Two men start froin the 5 days? 8 days? same place and travel the samel

54. 1. If a peck of wheatser $40, and the other $50, and make 12 ten peony loaves, how they gained $72 dollars; what/ many penny loaves may be made was each man's share? from it? how many two peonyl 5. Two men hired a pasture loaves? 5 peppy loaves?

for $24, one put in 3 cows for 4 2. If a peck of wheat male 10 months, and the other 2 cows for eight venny loaves, how many 615 inonths, how much ought each penny loaves may be made from to pay? 3 cows 4 bo=cow 12 it?

mo, and 2 cows 5mo=lcow 10 Ten 8 penny ioaves=30 pennyimo. Their shares then are as 12 loa vés, and 800 loaves=13} six to 10. The three preceding quespenny loaves.

lions involve the principles of sel* 3. "Two men hired a pastarelowship. for 60 dollars; one put ia 7 hors. 6. A and B trade in company; es, and the other 3, what ought A puts in 1 dollars for 4 months, each to pay?

and B 2 dollars for 3 months and 4. Three men commenced trade they gained 90 cents, how many together; one put in $30, anoth-cents must each have?


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FAMILIAR QUESTIONS. 17. Cand D trade in company :/ 8. EF and G trade in compaC puts in 2 dollars as often as D ny; E puts in $23 F 40 and G 60. puis in 3; C's money is employed F's money is in twice as long as 7 months and D's 5 months and G's, and E's 3 times as long as they gained $58, what was each F's; they gained 88 dollars, what man's share of the gain?

is each man's share of the gain?

55. 1. Of what number is 6 number? one third part? one fourth ? 13. 16 is 3 fifths of how many

2. What is one sixth of the num-times 6 ? ber of which 6 is } ? of which 6 is! 14. 24 is 3 fisths of how many

times 10? 3. Of what number is 2 one 15. 23 is 7 tenths of how many fourteenth part? one 19th part ? times 9?

4. Eight is 2 times what num- 16. 30' is 5 eights of how mapy ber? 4 times what number? times 7?

5. John received 4 çents, which 17. Horace gave George four were of the whole, and James re-cents, which were one third of all ceived f, how many did James re- he had, how many had he? ceive?

18. 5 apples are of how many 6. If 5 eighths of a load of hay apples? one sixth of how many? cost 10 dollars, what would the one eighth? whole load cost? How much salt 19. Four dollars are of how at $4 a barrel would pay for the many dollars? are 4? }? load ?

I 20. A man bought a horse and 7. 10 are of how many times 4? saddle for 25 half eagles and the

8. If of a pound of coffee costjhorse is worth 4 fifths of the price 16 cents, what wil a pound cost? lof both, what was the worth of

9. If 4 fifths of a yard of cloth each? cost 20 cents, what is that a yard?' 21. A man sold a harness for how many melons at five cents a 36 dollars, which was 6 fifths of piece woulè pay for a yard of the what it cost him, how much did cloth ?

The gain? 10. 20 is 4 fisths of how many 22. A man bought 12 barrels of times 5 ?

four aod sold them for $54, which 11. A man sold a cow for 14 was 9 eighths of what they cost dollars, which was 4 sevenths of him; what did it cost per barrel ? what she cost him, how much did and how much did he gain by the he lose?

bargain? 12. 14 is 4 sevenths of what!

56. ). How much is of }? compound fraction, which is the of}? Ans. 1 ; for 1 half is three fraction of a fraction, as £ of one sixthe. and i third of 3 sixths is 1 fifth is reduced to a single one by sixth, or 1 third is 2 sixths and multiplying thenumerators togethof 2 sixths is 1 sixth.

er for a new numerator and the . 2. How much is t of 1 fifth ? denominators together for a new is 5 twentieths and 1 fifth of 5ldenominator. twentieths is 1 tweatieth, i.e. a 3. How much is 4 of 1 seventh

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