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39 XV. MISCELLANEOUS. 12 things make 1 dozen, doz. 5 feet inake 1 pace. 12 dozen " 1 gross, gs. i BOOKS. 12 gross « 1 great gross. When a sheet is folded into two 20 things • 1 score. | leaves, it is called Folio. 24 sheets of paper, 1 quire. When folded into 4 leaves, it is 20 quires make I ream.

called Quarto. 112 pounds" 1 quintal. {When folded into 8 leaves, it is 10 things • 1 desm.

called Octavo. 10 desms " 1 gross. When folded into 12, it is called 10 gross « 1 great gross. Duodecimo, or 12ino. 6 points 66 1 line.

When folded into 18, it is called 12 lines " 1 inch.

18mo. 4 inches " 1 hand. When folded into 24, it is called 6 feet ." 1 fathom. 24s.

MISCELLANEOUS. . 39. Interrogate the papils iullength of clock pendulums.table XV. thus; how many things Hands are used in measuring the make one dozen ? how many doz-height of horses, and fathoms in en one gross ? and so on through measuring depths at sea ? the table. The habit of reckun

QUESTIONS. ing by the dozen is well adpated to 1. To what is the habit of reckthe English method of reckoningi oning by dozens adapted ? money; articles which were 4s a 2. What are points and lines used dozen being 4d a piece, 73 a dozen, in measuring ? 7d a piece, &c. Points, lines and 3. What is measured by hands? inches are used in measuring the by fathoms ?

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43, 11.


2 A boy bought a book for 231 8. What is the difference be. 4d and sold it for is 90, how much tween 14s 9d and 11s 110? did he lose?

í 9. A man having twelve bush13 If a gallon of molasses costels of oats in a bin, took out 7bush38 41 and a pound of tea 53 3d, howels and 3 pecks, how much remans much more did the tea cost than in the bin ? the molasses?

10. One side of a lot of land is 4. A person bought 61b 9oz of 14 rods 7 feet long and the oppobutter and sold 31b 12oz how much site side is 12 rods 13 feet, what is did he keep for himself?

the difference ? 5. There are 2 boxes of wheat, 11. T'he weight of a čart and one contains 76 lp and the other load of hay was 19 hund. 17 lb. 5b 3p, how much more does one and the weight of the cart 3 hund. contain than the other ?

261b. what was the weight of the 6. From a keg which contained hay? eleven gallons two quarts of wine, 12. If an eclipse begin at 8h. six gallons three qts were drawn 46m. and end 10h. 14m. what is its out, how much remains in the kez? duration ?

7. What is the difference be- 13. If the sun rise 4h. 52m. how tween 7 in 6fur and 6m 7 furlongs? many hours to noon ?

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off the right hand figure of the How much in eight? in len? five? price and those on the left show 1. If a person travel a mile in how much ihe things are a piece, & 20 minutes, how many rods does the figure cut off is to be regarded he go in one minute ? in 13? how as a decimal. Ten cenis a desm is many rods in an hour? one cent a piece, 15 cents is 1.5 or 12. If 360 degrees be divided inone cent five mills, &c.

to 12 equal parts, how many de3. At one dollar 20 cts. a desm. grees in each ? what are these dihow much a piece ? At $1,50: visions called ? (p.38) 1,75? 2? 2,25? 3?

113. In 12 shillings how many 4. If 100 neeilles cost 50 cents, times two pence? 3 pence? 41? how much is that apiece ? 80 ? 121 ?

5. If a quarter of a dollar be di- 14. In a rod how many times 3 vided between 2 boys, hory much feet? in 2 rods ? will each receive ?

| 15. I wish to draw off 9 gallons 6. If a person drink a pint or of wine into bottles, containing rum a day, how many gallons will uts, qts. and 3 pts, each an equal he drink in 4 weeks ? six weeks? gjiumber, how many must I have? weeks?. ,

I 16. Two boys are to carry in 7. If a gallon of molasses cost 121 bushels of apples, one with a 50 cents, what will one quart cust?basket which holds 3 perks, and One pint? . .

the other's holds half a bushel, and 8. If nine yards of ribbon cost they are to go an equal number of 108 cts. how much is that yard ? times; how maay times will it re

9. If two pounds of raisins be quire ? divided among eight children, bow 17. When the sun rises at 4h. many ounces will each receive? 115m. what is the length of the

10. How much wine in six bot-night? what the length of the lles, each containing 2 qts. one pt: Jay?


CHARACTERS EXPLAINED. 46. The expression of arithmetical operations is considerably abridged by the use of the following characters :

r Equality of two quantities, or sets of quanti

I ties, is denoted by two level, or horizontal =EQUALITY. {lines, placed between them ; a3 100 cent;=1

| dollar, which signifies that 100 cents are equal
(lo one dollar.
s Addilion is denoted by a cross, formed by

} one horizontal and one perpendicular line, +ADDITION.

7 placed between the nun,hers; as 4+5=9; sig| nifying that hadded lo 5,or 4plus5, are equalto 9 r. Multiplication is denoted by a cross form

ed by two oblique lines, callei! St. Andrew's X MULTIPLICATION. cross, placed beiween the numbers; as 5X3

i=15, signifying'that 3 times 5, or tbe product Los 5 multiplied by 3 is equal to 15.

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[ Subtraction is denoted by one horizontal

mark, placed between the numbers ; as 7--4 --SUBTRACTION. 3–3: signifying that 4 taken from 7, or 7 minus

(4, are equal to 3.
F Division is denoted in three ways; 1st, by
the reversed parenthesis ; 2illy, by a horizon-
tal line placed between the numbers, with a

dot on each side of it; and 3dly, by writing 16 or org the number to be divided over the one by Divisio.x.

{ which it is to be divided, with a line between in

the form of a vulgar fraction. Thus 2)6(3, and | 6:-?=3, and =3, all signify the same thing, i oamely, that 2 is contained in 6 three times, or

that if 6 be dividided into two parts each of

(those parts will be 3, Nole.--The pupils should be frequently and thoroughly exercised in the use of these characters upon the slate, or black board.

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