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31. 1. A man bought 2&make one dollar there will be as pounds tea of one man for 2 dol- many dollars as 20s in 199, or 9 Jars, and 5 pounds of another for 19-20h dollars. Hence to find 5$ dollars, how much did he buy? the value of an improper fraction What did it cost?

Jin a whole or mixed number, we 2. In 2} how many halves ? Ans. have only to diviue the numera. 5 halves, or 5-2.

tor by the denominator; the quo3. In 2 3-4ths how many 4ths? tient will be the whole number, Ans. 11-4ths.

and the remainder, if any, placed 4. When is a fraction calledjover the denominator will be the improper ?

answer required. 5. Is 11-4ths a proper or an im- 16. A person divided a dollar proper fraction ?

between four beggars, to the first 6. Reduce 4 3-71hs to an im- he gave half of a dollar, to the proper fraction.

Jsecond a quarter, to the third one 7. Reduce 6 4-5ths to an im-sixth, and the rest to the fourth, proper fraction.

what part of a dollar did the 4th 8. 1n 11 how many thirds? Ans. receive? How many cent did each 33 thirds.

receive ? 9. Why? Because, as there are 17. A boy gave to another boy 3 thirds in one, there must be 11 half of an apple, to another one times 3 thirds or 33 thirds in 11. third, another une fourth, and to

10. ln 20 how many 4ths? 5lhs: another one fifth of an apple, how 6ths ?

much did he give away in the 11. Reduce 4 2-thirds to an im- whole? proper fraction

| 18. How many 1-60ths are , }, 12. Reduce 12 3.5ths to an im- and 1-5th? Ans. 77-60ths or proper fraction.

117-60ths. 13. Reduce 44 and 5 1-5th to 19. How many guineas are 2 improper fractions to a common 1-51h guineas, 33-5ths and 51-5th denominator-anu find their sum.guineas?.

14. 4 3-5ths and 5 1-5th are 20. 2 1-6ths, 3 3-5ths and 51how many 20ths ?

15ths are how many 1-30ths ? 15. In 199-20ths of a dollar howl 21. 65-30ths, 108.30ths and many dollars? Ans. As 20-20ths 121-30ths are how many 1s?

32. 1. A boy paid away sev- 5. John is half as old as James, en cents, which were half of all he and James a third as old as Ruhad; how much had he?. ffus, whose age is 30 years; how

2. A boy gave 5 apples to hislold is James? how old is John ? sister, which were one third of 6. A post is one eighth in the all he had ; how many had he at mud and six feet above it; what first?

jis its length ? 3. A man spilled 4 gallons of 7. A post is four sixths in the brandy, which were two thirds of mud and 10 feet abuve it; what all he had ; how much had he?lis its length? If four sixths are in

4. Sarah is 6 years old, which the mud, two sixths are above it. is one quarter the age of her el. If two sixths are 10 feet, 4 sixths dest sister; what is the sister'slare 20 feet, and 10 and 20 are 30.






8. In a certain school 12 sludyster learn arithmetic, 1 sixth learn geography, which are one third of grammar, and 6 learn geography; the scholars; how many scholars how many scholars are there? are there?

i 12. What numher is that from 9. A post is one quarter in the which if 5 be subtracted 2 thirds mud, one half in the water, and 5 of the remainder will be four? feet above the water; what is itsi 13. What number is that which length?

being increased by 1 half and 1 10. A post is one sixth in mud, third, itself will be 22 ? one third in water, and 12 feet a- 14. What number is that whose bove the water; what is its length? third part exceeds its sixth part by

11. In a certain school I third three? whose à part exceeds its 8th of the pupils learn to read, I quar-part by 4?





DENOTED BY $. 10 mills, m. make 1 cent, ct./mills 10 cents 1 dimes. dolls. Leagles. 10 cents " i dime, d. 1001 101 10 dimes 4 1dollar, dol. 10001 - 100 101 ] 10 dollars " l eagle, E. 10000 10001 100 101 1

II. ENGLISH MONEY. 4 farthings, qrs. make 1 penny, dqrs. 4 pence 1 shill. pound 12 pence

“ 1 shilling, s. 48 12 11 20 shillings make 1 pound, l. or £./ 960 2401 2011

MONEY. 33. The above denominations of gold, the eagle, hall-eagle, and of Federal Money are authorized quarter-eagle, five of silver, the by the laws of the United States, dollar, half-dollar, quarter-dollar, but in the transaction of business dime and half-dime, and two of we seldom hear any of them men-copper, the cent and half-cent. tioned but dollars and cents. Of the small foreign coins current Hence the following may be use.jin the United States, the most comful,

mon are the N. E. four pence hali 25 cts. make 1 quarter of a dollar. penny or N. Y. sixpence worth 50 cts. " 1 half of a dollar. 16 1-4 cepts, the N. E. ninepence, 75 cts. " 3 quarters of a dollar.for N. Y. shilling worth 12 1-2 100 cts. " i dollar.

cents, the pistareen worth 20 cents, A coin is a piece of metal stamp- and the half-pistareen worth 10 ed, and having a legal value. Thescents. The value of the several coins of the United States are three denominations of English money

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III. TIME. 60 secouus, s. make 1 minute, m. 3.601 m. 11 hrs. ds. I 60 minutes 6 1 hour, hr.): 36001 601 11 24 hours " 1 day, d. 86400) 1440 24 1 7 days

1 week, wk.j 6048001 10080) 1681 7j 11 365fd. or 365.25d or

365 ds. 6 hrs.. 1 year, yr. 31557600152596018766|36541 lt is different in different places. Al 10. How many shillings in one dollar is reckoned 45. 60. ia Eng-pound ? 2? 4? 6? 3? 5? ?? land, 5s, in Canada, 6s, in New-| 11. How many shillings in half England, Virginia and Kentucky, a pound? one fourth ? 82. in New York, Ohio and North 12. How many half cents in a Carolina, 7. 6. in Pennsylvania, dime? 2? 3? 5? 4? 6? New-Jersey, Delaware and Marx. 13. How many cents in 2 fourland, and 49. 80. in South-Caroli-pence half-pennies ? na and Georgia.

s 14. How many cents in 2 nineQUESTIONS. . pences ? 3? 4? 6? 8? 1. How many mills in one cent?! 15. How many pinepence in a 2? 3? 4? 5? 6? 7?

half dollar? in a dollar? 2. How many cents in 1 dime? 16. How many pista reens in one 2? 3? 4? 5? 6? 77 82 9?

dollar? 2? 3 3. How many dimes in one dol- 17. What is a coin? What are lar? 2? 3? 4? 5? 6? 77 8? 9? the gold coins of the U. S.? the sil.

4. How many dollars in one ea-fver coins ? the copper coins ? and gle? 2? 3? 4? 5? 6? 77 8? 9? ithe value of these coins in Federal

5. Ilow many cents in half a Money? dime? a dime and a half? | 18. Name some of the foreiga

6. How many cents in one dol-coins and their valaes ? lar? half dollar? quarter?

19. How is a dollar reckoned in 7. How many dollars in a balf English money in different places? eagle? in a quarter?

20. Repeat the tables of money 8. How many farthings in one and the contrartions by which penny? 2: 4? 3? 5? 7? 6?

the denominations are denoted. 9. How many' penee in 1 shil-! 21. How is Federal Money deling? 2? 4? 3? 5? 72 6?

noted ?

34. The year is commonly di-[year. Such years are called Bis-
vided into 12 months, as in the fol-sextile or Leap years. To know
lowing table, called Calendar whether any year is a common or

Leap-year, divide it by 4, if noth-
No. days. No. days.ling remain, it is Leap-year, but if
Jan. 0 31 July 311, 2 or 3 remain, it is ist 2 or 3d
Feb. i 28 August 7. 31 aster Leap-year. The bumber of
March 2 311 Sept. 8 30 days in the several months may be
April 3 30 October 9 31 called to mind by the following
May 4 31 Nov. 10 301verge.
June 5 30 Deo. 11 31 Thirty days hath September,

Another day is added to Febru. April, June and November, ary every fourth year, making 29 AB the rest have thirty-one, days in that month, and 366 in the February alone,



24 grains, grs. make 1 penny weight, put.(grs.24pwts. Iloz.tb.
20 penny weights.“ 1 ounce,

02. 4801 2011
12 ounces "1 pound, i 16. 5760 240/12, E

20 grains gr. make 1 scruple, 8c. grs.20. ssc. 1/drms. Joz|1b*

3 scruples. “ 1 dram, dr. 60 31' 111
8 drams " 1 ounce, oz. 480 24 8. 11

12 ounces " 1 pound, 16. 57601 2801, 9612 1 Which hath twenty-eight, nay 3. How many minutes in one more,

quarter of an hour? one half hour? Hath twenty-nine one year in third of an hour? one hour and

The true solar year consists of a half? 365 days 5 h. 48 m..57 . or nearly 4. How many hours in 2 days? to 3651-4 days. A common year 5. How many days in 2. weeks? is 365 days, and one day is added sin 3? 4? 5?:6?: in Leap-years to make up the loss 6. How many days in a year? of 1-4 of a day in each of the three 7. Into how many months is the preceding yeare. This method of year usually divided ? reckoning was ordered by Julius 8. What are they called ?: Cæsar, 40 years before the birth 9. Vame them in their order. of Christ, and is called the Julian 10: How many days in each? Account, or Old Styles. But as the 11: What is said of February true year fell 11 m. 39. short of 12: What is meant by Bissex. 365 1-4 days, the addition of a day tile or Leap year?: every 4th year was too much by 13. How can you ascertain 44 m. 12 s. This amounted to one whether any year is a leap year or day in about 130 years. To cor-not.. rect this error, Pope Gregory, in 14. Repeat the verse by which 1582, ordered that ten days should the number of days in each month be struck out of the Calendar, by may be called to mind. calling the 5th of October the 15th; 15. What is the true length of and to prevent its recurrenee, he the solar: year? ordered that each succeeding cen- 16: What is meant by the Ju. tury, dirisible by 4, as 16 hundred, lian, or Old Style? 20 bundred aud 24 hupdred, shoula 17. How much does this-di ffery be Leap years, but that the cen- from the true year? turies not divisible by 4; as 171 18. What was the consequence? hundred, 18 hundred and 19 hun- 19. Who corrected it? dred, should be common years. 20. What was the new reckonThis reckoning is called the Greg-Jing called ?: , orian or New Style The New 21. What was done to keep the Style differs now twelve days Árom same season @pon the same day of the old style.

the month for the future? QUESTIONS. I 22. What would the difference 1. Repeat the table of time.. now be between the old and new

2. How many seconds in two style? minutes ? balsa minute? one fourth 23. Is the present year a bigsex.i. of-a mingte?

tile or common year?:


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