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at two cents a piece ?-at three ? chaises ? bave two waggons ?

31. Wbat do five apples cost at 39. How many feet have three two cents a piece ?

andirons ? 32. How many feet have four 40. How many fingers are there men ?

on two hands? 33. How many shoes are there 41. If one cent buy tbiee cherin three pair?

ries, how many will three cents 34 How many legs have two buy? chairs?

42. What cost two lemons at five 35. How many wings have five cents a piece ? geese?

| 43. If you read twice each half 36. How many whcels have six day, how many times do you read wbeelbarrows ?

in two days ? 37. How many wheels have four 44. If I give five boys two apcbaises ?

ples a piece, how many apples do 38. How many wheels have five'i give to them all ?

4. 1. If I lay down two beans 18. Take two beans from ten and then take up one of them, hor beans, how many beans remain ? many beans will there be left ? 19. Take tbree beans from three

2. Take two beans from thre- beans, bow many beans remain ? beans how mauy beans remain ? 20. Take tbree beans from four

3. Take three beans from towy beans, bow many beads remain ? beans, how many beans remain ? 1 21. Take three beans from five

4. Take four beans fron five boaps, how many beans remain ? beans, bow many beans remain ? 22. Take tbree beans from six

5. Take five beans from six beans, boans, bow many beans remain ? how many beans remain ?

23. Take three beans from seven 6. Take six beans from seven beans, bow many beans rémain ? beans. bow many beans remain ? 24. Take three beans from eight

7. Take seven beans from eight beans, how many beans remain ? beans, how many beans remain ? 26. Take three beans from dine

8. Take eight beans from nina beans, bow many beans remain ? beads, how many beans remain ? 26. Take three beads from ten

9. Take nine beans from ten beans, how many beaps remain ? beans, how many beans remain ? | 27. Take four beans from four

10. Take two beans from two beans, how many beans remain ? beans, how many heans remain ? 28. Take four beans from five

11.' Take two beans from three beans, how many remain ? beans, how many beans remain? 29. Take four beans from six

12. Take two beans from fourbeans, how many remain ? beans, how many beans remain ? 30. Take four beans from seven

13. Take two beans from five beans, how many remain ? beans, how many beans remain ? 31. Take four beans from eigbe

14. Take two beans from sixibeans, how many remain ? beans, how many beans remain ? 32. Take four beans from dine

15. Take two beans from seven beans, how many remain ? beans, how many bea'ns remain ? | 33 Take four beans from ten

16 Take two beans from eight beans, how many remain ? beans, how many beans remain ? 34. Take five beans from five

17. Take two beans from nine benus, how many remain ? beans, bow many lcans remain ? 35. Take five beans from six

beans, how many remain ?

49. Take eight beans from nine 36. Take five beans from seven beans, how many remain ? beans, how many remain ?

50. Take eight beans from ten 37. Take five beans from eigbi beans, how many remain ? beans, how many remaio ?

51. Täke nine beans from ten 38. Take five beans from nipe beans, how many remain ? beans, how many remain ?

52. If you have three pins and 39. Take five beans from ten lose one of them, how many will beans, bow many remain ? you have left ?

40. Take six beans from sis beans, 53. If you have four apples and how many remain ?

leat two of them, how many will 41. Take six beans from seven you have left? beans, how many remain ?

54. If you have six cherries and 42. Take six beans from eight give away three of them, bow mabeans, bow many remain ? i ny will you have left ?

13. Take sis bears from nine 55. If there be seven candles beans, how many remain ? burning and you blow out three,

44. Take six beans from ten how many will be left burning ? beans, how many remain ?

56 If ten birds are sitting on a 45. Take seven beans from seven tree and you throw a stone and beans, how many rernain ? . scare away four of them, how ma

46. Take seven beans from eightlny will be left on the tree? beans, bow many remain ?. 167. If you have nine cents and

47. Take seven beans from nine pay away four of them for an orbeans, how many remain ? . Jange, bow many will you have

18. Take seven beans from ten let beans, how many remain ?

5. 1. In two beans how many! 13. In ten beans how many times times one bean?

two beaps ? 2. In three beans how many 14. In three beans how many times one bean?

. times throe beans? 3. In four beans bow many times 15. In six beans bow many times one bean?

three beans ? 4. In five beans how many times! 16. In nine beans how many one bean?

times three beans ? 6. In six beans bow many times 17. In four beans how many one bean?

times four beans? 6. In seven beans how many 18. In eight beans how many tides one bean?

times four beans? In eight beans how manyl 19. In five beans how mapy tines one bean?

times five heans? 8. In nine beans how many times 20. In ten beans how many one hean?

limes five beans? 9. In two beáns how many times 21 If a boy gives three cent for two beans ?

Ithree apples, how much is that a . 10 in four heans how many piece?" times two bears?

T22 If three pears cost six cents, il in six beans how many time how much is that a piece? .. two beans?

23. Two oranges cust six cents, 12 In tisht bean's how many how many cents is that a piece ? times two beans?

24. if i divide eigut cents be.

6, 7.



tween tiro boys how many cents cents a piece can you buy for eight do they have a piece ?

cents ? * 25: If I give seven cents to four 29: I wish to divide ten cents boys and three girls how many equally between five little girls, will each of them bave?

how many cents must I give to 26. If I divide three apples equal-leach ? ly between two boys how many 30. If you distribute len apples will each have ?

among six girls and four boys, how 27. How many thimbles at five mpany will they have a piece ? cents a piece can you buy for ten 31. If you have eight apples and cents ?

give away one half of them, bow 28. How many toy books at two many will you have left ?

SECTION II. 6. Before proceeding to the questions in this Section, those chil. dren, who have not previously learned, should be exorcised in count. ing, in the manner recommended in Article I. till they can readily count to one hundred. This task may soon be accomplished by such: as have gone through the preceeding section and made themselves fainiliar with the method of forming numbers by tho successive addition of units. The teacher will, however, be able to facilitate the progress of those, who have already learned the games of the numbers from one to ten, inclusive, by showing them how the paines of the succeding numbers up to one hundred, are nearly all forined by inflections and successive repetitions of the names of these ten first. Thus thirteen is. three and ten, fourteen, four and ten, &c. up to nineteen, which is nine and ten. Now the addition of obe more unit completes the sum of ten and ten, or two tens, or twenty ; after which the names are formed by repeating the number of tens, as troo tens and one, or twenty-one, two tens and two, or twenty-two, &c. The names of the succeeding tens up to nine tens, or finely, are all formed in like manner, as three tens or thirty, four tens, or forly, &c. After having learned to count one hundred the little pupils will have acquired such a knowledge of the law by which numeration proceeds, that they will find no difficulty in extendidg the process to higher pumbers, whenever occasion shall require.

ADDITION. 7. 1. How many hands have your fingers bow many bave you

a one hand ? 2. How many feet have you? 18. How many fingers have you

3. If you count your hands analno both hands feet together how maps will in 9. If you count your thumbs hov make?

many does it make? 4. If you have tiro cents in one 10. I have three beans in one hand and one in the other, boghand, two in the other, how many many bave you in both ?

beans have I in both ? 6. How many thumbs have you 11. Two and three are bow ma.

6 How many fingers have youlny? ton one hand ?

I'12 George has three apples in s. If you count your thumb with one pocket and three more in an.

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other, how many has he in both ? many had he then?

13. Three and three are hou 27. A man bad five cows and inary?

bought four more, how many had 14. Henry has four cents and be then ? George two, how many cents have 28 If a barrel of flour costs six both ?

dollars and a barrel of soap five 15. Two and four are how many ? dollars, what do both cost ?

16. David gave three cents for al 29. A man has six cows at one lemon, and four foran orange, bow barn and seven ut another, how many did he give for both ? lipany bas he at both ?

17. Four and three are hou 30. Seven and six are how mamany ?

ny? 18 John had five plumbs and 31. James gave two cents for an Diek gave him three more, how apple, four for a lemon and sis for many bad te then?

an orange, 'what did he give for 19Three and four are how ina- the three?

| 32 A man bought two sheep for 20. Five and three are bow_ma-seven dollars and a call for six dol. ny?

llars, wbat did they all cost ? 21. How mary fingers are seven 33 A boy bas lived seven years fingers and three fingers ? ! in Montpelier and eight years in

22. Harriet is three years old, Burlington, how old is he? how old will she be if she lives six 34. Nine cafs and seven dogs years from this time?

are how many animals ? 23. A boy had six cents and biet 35 Twelve boys and sis girls sister had four cents, how many are how many childrin? sents had both?

36 Five and three and eight are 24. Horace had five cherries and how many ? Ja neg' gave him four more, how 37. A boy bad ten cherries and nany had he then? .

another boy gave him seven more 25. Five and five are how ma how many had he tben?

38. Eight and five and sevea 26. John had seven plumbs and are how many? . George gave bira four more, boul

MULTIPLICATION. 8. 1. What cost two apples at three nutmegs cost? what will four one cent a piece?

cost?--five ? 2. What cost two pears at two 8. If a piece of tape cost four cents a piece ?

• Scents what will two pieces cost ? 3. If one orange cost six cents what three pieces cost?-four! what will two oranges cost ? five ? --six ?

4. If one lemon cost three cents 9. If two pounds of rice cost what will three cost? what will eight cents what will four pounds four cost? what will hve cost ? cost? what will six pounds cost?

5. If a book cost eight cents 10 Three feet make a yard; what will two such books cost ? how many feet are there in three

6. At five cents a quart what yards ? how many in four yards ?-, will two qunits of berries oost ? in five-in sis? what will three quarts cost ?-four 11. Ten cents make a dime, how quarts? - five quarts?

many cents in two dimes ? bow 7. Al six cents a piece what willimany in three !--in four in five

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in six-in seved ?-in eight-infat five dollars a yard?-at six ? nine-in ten ?

19. What will three pounds of 12. If I buy fonr apples for two raisins cost at nine cents per cents how many can I buy for six pound? cents ? how in any for seven cents 20. How many are twice three !

13. What are three barrels oil-iwice four ?-iwice five ? wice flour worth at six dollars a barrel six ?--Iwice seven ?-twice eight? what are foar barrels worth? twice nine ?-twice ten?

14. What cost five yards of rib- 21. How many are four times bon at five cents a yard ?-at four four? four times five ? four times cents ?-at three cents ?-at two lix? four times eight? four times

15. How many are two timesthine ? four lines ten? three ?three times three?-four 22. What will seven yards of times three?-five times three ?-shirting cost at two shillings a yard! six times three-eight times three? at three shillings ? at four ?

- nine times three ten times 23. There are twelve penee in a three?

khilling; how many in two shil. 16. At four cents a yard whailling me how many in three ?-in Will four yards of ribbon cost ? Tour

17. If a man travel three miles 24. What will ten pounds of su. an hour how far will he travel in a cost at four cents a pound ? at six bours?

live cents ? at six ? at seven? at 18. What will eight yards otlight ? at nine ? at ten? cloth cost at four dollars a yard ?--|

SUBTRACTION, 9, 1. David had three plumbs! 10. Take four from ten what reand gavę two of them to George, nains ? bow many had he left ?

111. A man bought a barrel of ci2. A boy had four cents and losifter for one dollar and sold it for one of tbem, how many had house dollar and a balf; what did he left ?

gain? 3 If a boy buy a wbistle for fourt 12. If you have eleven cents and cents and sell it for six, bow much pay eight of them for a book, how does he gain ?

many will you have left? 4. Dick had ive cherries and 13. A man shot at thirteen via gave two of them to James, how geons and killed all but five; how many had he left ?

many did he kill? 6 Two from five, what remains ? 1. Fifteen men are overset in a

6. A lad had six pencils and lost boat and only four of them are two of them how many had he saved; how many are drowned ? left?

[ 16. If you have twenty cents 7. A boy had au orange worthland spend tep of them, how many fice cents which he exchanged for will you have left? a pear worth two cents; how much 16. If you lose fourteen pins and boot should he have?

lind sis of them; how many are 8. A little girl having eight cent till lost? Jost three of them, how many hai 17. Take six from fourteen, what she left ?

mains ? 9. James had ten apples anos 19. A boy had sixteen cents with gave four of them to Horace; bou hich he bonghi eight cents worth many had be left?

of gingerbread and three ceata

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