Key to Davies' Bourdon: With Many Additional Examples, Illustrating the Algebraic Analysis; Also, a Solution of All the Difficult Examples in Davies' Legendre

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Page 91 - What two numbers are those whose sum, multiplied by the greater, is equal to 77 ; and whose difference, multiplied by the lesser, is equal to 12 ? Ans.
Page 188 - IN a Triangle, having given the Base, the Sum of the other two Sides, and the Length of a Line drawn from the Vertical Angle to the Middle of the Base ; to find the Sides of the Triangle.
Page 46 - A person has two horses, and a saddle worth 50 ; now, if the saddle be put on the back of the first horse, it will make his value double that of the second ; but if it be put on the back of the second, it will make his value triple that of the first ; what is the value of each horse ? Ans.
Page 189 - In a triangle, having given the base, the sum of the other two sides, and the length of a line drawn from the vertical angle to the middle of the base ; to find the sides of the triangle. PROBLEM XI.
Page 73 - To find a number, such that if you subtract it from 10, and multiply the remainder by the number itself, the product shall be 21. Ans. 7 or 3.
Page 50 - Ans. 20 days. 20. If A and B together can perform a piece of work in 8 days, A and C together in 9 days, and B and C in 10 days : how many days would it take each person to perform the same work alone ? Ans.
Page 37 - Two persons, A and B, lay out equal sums of money in trade ; A gains $126, and B loses $87, and A's money is now double of B's : what did each lay out ? Ans. $300.
Page 48 - To divide the number 90 into four such parts, that if the first be increased by 2, the second diminished by 2, the third multiplied by 2, and the fourth divided by 2, the sum, difference, product, and quotient so obtained, will be all equal to each other.
Page 89 - The sum of two numbers is 8, and the sum of their cubes is 152. What are the numbers ? Ans.
Page 49 - A man and his wife usually drank out a cask of beer in 12 days ; but when the man was from home, it lasted the woman 30 days ; how many days would the man alone be in drinking it ? Ans.

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