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What impressed me most about The God Franchise was how Alan Dawe was able to take a complex topic, usually reserved for the bookshelves and halls of elite academia, and put it into simple, everyday terms. He manages to explore a variety of questions and sub-questions while maintaining a readable, logical, and cogent flow to the book. Those wishing to learn more about the ultimate questions of life will find The God Franchise an excellent addition to their libraries. 

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I found this book to be most interesting and thought-provoking. The author has written everything in such a way that it is easy to follow and understand and keeps one keen to carry on reading to find out more about his theories and ideas. He has covered a very wide range of subjects, of interest to most enquiring minds, and I feel that this is a wonderful book to have on one's bookshelf to read at regular intervals. "The God Franchise" idea is an excellent one and I hope that thousands of people will subscribe to the concept and once that happens the world will be much improved! I can highly recommend this book and suggest you buy it for yourself and your family and friends. You will all be better equipped for having read it. 

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This book entices the reader out of their usual way of believing to a wider perspective on life. It is written in a readable and clear manner, with the theory brilliantly made understandable. It leads one to realise that the most important and only question worth asking is "Who am I?" It intertwines the theory with the personal. I experienced a growing excitement as I read, developing a deeper sense of me. 

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Alan Dawe's book will appeal to believer and non believer, to the novice seeking the purpose of life and the veteran seeker alike. Alan hasn't just written a book, he has crafted it like an artist. Initially, he presents a sketch of The God Franchise and then as the reader turns the pages Alan adds colour, shade, contrast, light and perspective; he adds depth and a simplistic, stunning beauty so that as the last page is turned the reader has revealed a masterpiece. Different readers will see different aspects of the masterpiece and they will perceive them through the veils of their religious beliefs, their education, their social mores and their personal opinions and biases. However, everyone who reads this book is really looking at the same thing, and over time you will hear something, or read something that will remind you of one of the gems you read in The God Franchise and you will gravitate back and want to read it again; you will gravitate from the point within you that defies intellectual input, from the point that is wanting to push away the veils.
The second time around will seem like the first time around. It will be new again, and you will discover deeper truths, a deeper understanding so that when you finish the masterpiece will glow a little brighter as you reveal a little more. On the third reading you will take notes, or if you are like me underline, asterisk and use exclamation marks to highlight the parts that are important to you. With each reading a veil will thin, or the veils could be removed altogether and you will be left with the simple beauty that is everything. Quite simply, Alan is pointing to you through the God Franchise and saying, You are the masterpiece.

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