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Christ is my

joy awakened by intelligence of any others were read to him, "Glory! prosperity in Zion, the tearful gratitude glory!” fell from his lips, prompted by for kindness shown, and the unmurmur- a full heart. The day before he quitted ing acknowledgment, "What my Father mortality for life, he exclaimed, " I can wills is best,"'--these are reminiscences bear anything now. I am on the rock which will live many years. Throughout -I am on the rock now. his affliction, the fear of death never rock; He is my salvation.” It was thus, disturbed him. At times he longed to after about thirty-five years of labour as live, “to do a little more good ;" for he a Local preacher, and nearly forty years felt himself a very unprofitable servant. of Christian experience, that this servant “But,” he submissively added, “ all the. of God entered into rest, November days of my appointed time will I wait, till 30th, 1862. Doubtless to him the my change come.” When the tabernacle, Master says, “Well done, good and so much and so long shaken, was about faithful servant : thou hast been faithful to fall, the joy of his happiest days found over a few things, I will make thee ruler utterance in triumph.

When some

over many things : enter thou into the portions of the Book he loved above all joy of thy Lord.” GEORGE FOLLOWS.

RECENT DEATHS. OCTOBER 6th, 1863.----At Bramham, in the of religion in her native village, she obtained Tadcaster Circuit, Mr. Thomas Moon, aged the pardoning mercy of God. Her Christian seventy-one. When about eighteen he was character was marked by generosity, evenconverted to God; the fruits of which were ness, and stability. During the painful seen in immediate and continued efforts to affliction which terminated in death, she bring others to Christ. As a class-leader, was very graciously sustained by her his instructions were highly valued, and covenant-keeping Lord. Occasionally she greatly enhanced by his diligence in visiting was heard to say, very carnestly, “Lord, the absent, especially the afflicted. An make me perfect."-"The precious blood." ardent lover of children, he carefully watched Thus, as full consciousness remained, her over his own family, and manifested a heart was going out toward God. An hour Christian anxiety for the families of others, before her decease, she called for her mother, especially by his great diligence in assisting who repeated the lines,to establish a Sabbath-school in Bramham “O what are all my sufferings here, in 1835. As a Local preacher, he was con

If, Lord, Thou count me meet scientious in attending to his appointments, With that enraptured host to appear, and earnest in endeavouring to win souls for And worship at Thy feet !" his Master. During his last illness he was often severely tempted; but, by "looking she at once replied, firmly, but feebly,

When asked if she felt Jesus precious, unto Jesus," he overcame, and was kept in

in the affirmative. After desiring her sortom, peace. On the last Sabbath of his life, with decp emotion, he repeated the lines,

ing friends to pray on her behalf, she com

mended her babe to their care, and peacefully “ But, 0, when that last conflict's o'er,

fell asleep in the faith and hope of the And I am chain'd to carth no more, Gospel.

T. C, With what glad accents shall I rise To join the music of the skies!”

November 11th.-At Brownrigg, in the Soon after, he said, “God will bring me

Penrith Circuit, in her forty-first year, Mrs.

Elizabeth Muse. At seventeen she found through; I have nothing to do, but to ‘rejoice evermore, pray without ceasing, and in

peace through believing, being among the

first-fruits of the Wesleyan ministry in everything give thanks.'”

T. S.

Matterdale. She walked with God, and October 30th.-At Outhwaite, in the

exhibited the Christian Penrith Circuit, in his twenty-third year, seasons of prosperity and in times of difMr. John Sanderson. He was converted in ficulty and bereavement. Her children were early youth, and gave evidence of true piety anxiously trained in the doctrine and disby a holy life. He was rendered a blessing cipline of the Lord. Her trust in the to the Sabbath-school in his native village, providential government of God was firm and was active in various plans of benevolent and unshaken. Her last affliction, though enterprise. He died suddenly at Bowness, protracted, was borne with resignation ami Windermere; but he was found ready, and joyous hope. To the last moment she ex. experienced the support and consolations of pressed an entire reliance on the mercy of religion. With faith unshaken, and hope God through a crucified Redeemer. T. B. unclouded, he passed to his heavenly home,

November 23d. At Bramley, aged thirty peacefully trusting in the merits of Jesus alone.

five, Elizabeth, the beloved wife of Mr. W. T. B.

H. Scott. She “feared the Lord from her November 10th.--At Saltfleet, in the youth," and about the age of fourteen Louth Circuit, Mrs. Hannah Phillipson, in experienced converting grace, and united her twenty-eighth year. During a revival herself to the church of God. A naturally

graces both in

amiable disposition was disciplined and church" in her youth, she walked humbly regulated by Divine grace; and, combined with God thirty-four years. Praying often with a cheerful spirit, and unaffected with and always for her children, and humility and meakness, endeared her to alluring them by gentle words and circummany. The poor and destitute ever found spect behaviour, she joyed greatly that they in her a helper. While health permitted, were all made "wise unto salvation through her attendance on the means of grace was faith which is in Christ Jesus.” Bewailing exemplary. “The heart of her husband' with no common grief the brutal murder of did "safely trust in her," and her domestic her saintly mother, when herself a young virtues will be long and gratefully remem- mother,--and experiencing, in addition to bered. Her removal was comparatively manifold cares, uninterrupted bodily afflicsudden, but she was not unprepared for the tion during the last twelve years of her great change. Among her last words were, pilgrimage, --- she “ patiently endured.” "I am resting on my Saviour.” J. P. L. Shrinking often from death in prospect, she

calmly defied “the last enemy" in actual conNovember 30th.-At Padiham, in her flict. Her last expression was, as if addressed seventy-fifth year, Elizabeth, the beloved

to “ministering spirits,"_“Crown Him! wife of Mr. James Whitaker. She received crown Him! crown Him!”

S. a godly training, and was early the subject of deep convictions ; but she for awhile December 29th.--At Bridport, Mr. John resisted the Holy Spirit. Under the ministry

Hinde, in his seventy-eighth year. For the of the late Rev. Lawrence Hargreave, (who long space of fifty years he maintained an was suddenly cut down by fever, at Padiham,

unimpeachable Christian profession. His in 1813,) she was powerfully affected ; but disposition was retiring and affectionate ; but sach was her aversion from the pointed

his zeal for God induced him to accept the appeals of this man of God, both in the office of class-leader, which he sustained, notpulpit and at home, that, when he entered withstanding much constitutional timidity, the door of her father's house, she would with great acceptance, until increasing inmake her escape at the window, and hide firmity compelled him to seek relief from its herself in the garden till he was gone. In

duties. When the present Bridport chapel 1829 the labours of the Rev. W. Illingworth was erected, he was enrolled among the were owned of God in the conversion of

number of its Trustees. He so lived before souls, among whom were Mrs. Whitaker, God and man, as to secure the esteem and

The her surviving husband, and others who rest confidence of all who knew him. in Jesus, while some continue unto this passive graces obtained a beautiful exday." The conviction wrought in our de

pression in his character. The services of parted sister was strong, and her change the sanctuary were his delight. Several decided : at a lovefeast held in the old years he suffered greatly from the encroachchapel, she was pleading with God for ments of disease; but his sufferings were mercy ; and as Mr. William Hopwood, then borne with uncomplaining submission, and of Burnley, whispered words of encourage

his mind was preserved in constant peace. ment into her ear, that precious promise was

On Sunday, December 27th, he twice atapplied to her heart, "I will never leave

tended public service, and returned home in thee; I will never forsake thee.” Light the evening expressing his thankfulness for broke in upon her mind; and, with all the the ministrations of God's precious word. ardour and joy of a new-born soul, she

After a few minutes he was seized with Mike and besought her friends to unite with violent pain in the head. He felt the sumher in praising God. Affliction was her lot mons was come, and exclaimed, “I am for several following years. A class-meeting dying ; I am going home. Come, Lord Jesus, helil in her own house was highly prized and

and take me. He soon sank into a slumber, duly improved. Her death, though sudden,

only to awake in the presence of the Saviour was not unexpected. She had retired to whom he had long loved and served. M. G. rest without any presentiment of approaching dissolution. But, when she was apparently Hyde-terrace, 'Leeds, in the Oxford-Place

January 3d, 1864.- At her residence, enjoying sweet repose, the Son of Man came,

Circuit, Miss Sarah Russell, aged sixty-nine. and she fell asleep in Jesus. J. B.

For many years she had enjoyed the salvaDecember 24.-Of consumption, in the

tion of Christ, and had sustained with fidelity eighteenth year of her age, Edith H. Spink,

and efficiency the office of a class-leader. of Duggleby, in the Malton Circuit. Her

Her piety was simple, deep, and unostenafliction was protracted and painful, but

tatious; and her love of the means of grace she was enabled to trust in Christ, and

strong and unwavering. Her blameless found His grace suficient. As her suffering deportment and habitual kindness secured and weakness increased, she became in

the esteem of all who knew her; and the Crasingly patient; and her end was peace.

approach of the last enemy found her ready R.

for the Saviour's call. She had anticipated

with great interest the annual Covenant-serDecember 21st. - In the Manchester First vice on the first Sabbath of the new year; Circuit, Mrs. Mary Cooke, in her fifty-third but, on the morning of that day, she was unFear. Born at Carlisle, she was

expectedly summoned to the heavenly sancagain" at Manchester. “Added to the tuary, to be with Christ for ever, H. W.W.


January 6th.- At Warwick, aged sixty- his integrity and honourable bearing won six, Emily, wife of the Rev. Thomas Collins. the esteem of his fellow-townsmen generally. The strict training of her mother in regard He was one of the original Trustees of the to the Lord's day, though somewhat irksome Oxford-Place chapel; and he stood in a in the buoyancy of youth, proved a life-long similar relation to other chapels in the blessing. The ministry of the Rev. Gerard Circuit, readily taking upon himself any Noel was the means of alluring her to desire care or toil which such a position might the salvation of the Gospel. She heard some involve. He was the leader of a large class ; pious Wesleyans in Cumberland, from whom for many years he was the Circuit-Treasurer she learned the views of their body; and for the Foreign Missions; he filled, on when she saw the privilege of believers to different occasions, the offices of Society and enjoy the knowledge of adoption, by the Circuit steward; while to the last he conwitness of the Spirit, she rested not until tinued to labour in the unpretending but she found that grace. The doctrine of important work of tract-distribution. It entire sanctification, also, she embraced as was only on the 30th of December last that scriptural; and in it she ever rejoiced. Her he retired from the Circuit-stewardship, spirit was engaged in the work of the Lord receiving from a large Quarterly Meeting a at all times; but for some years bodily health most cordial acknowledgment of his valuable and strength failed. She guided her house, services. During the last few months, his and brought up her children, according to health had begun to fail ; but there was 10 Bible teaching; and she had the joy to see apprehension that his earthly course was so them walking in the truth. The death of near its close. When the probable issue of her elder daughter, (Mrs. Broadbent, Lough- his disease was made known to him by his borough,) on the 20 July last, was a great medical attendant, there was, at first, a trial to her. Since that time she more conflict between the innate love of life with evidently walked in eternity. The last time its varied activities, and the religious prinshe was at her class, she said, “I am told, ciples on which his character was based: but and I feel, that I may go at any moment." that conflict was soon over, and he was A few days before her death her husband enabled to look forward to his departure asked if she had any message to the sick he with holy confidence and hope. He en). was going to visit; “Tell them," she phatically expressed his trust in the atoneanswered, “to come to Christ immediately ment of Jesus, the all-sufficiency of which

--immediately.When the summons came, opened itself fully to his mind; and, as his she departed to be with the Lord. C. change drew near, he enjoyed the rich, deep

peace of God.

H. W. w. January 6th.–At Penryn, aged eighty. two, Mrs. Mary Tregaskis, mother of the January 21st.–At Tavistock, aged thirtyRev. Benjamin Tregaskis. She feared the nine, Elizabeth, the beloved wife of the Lord from her youth, and at an early age Rev. William Parsonson. She was "transbecame a member of the Methodist Society. formed by the renewing of her mind," when It was her delight to attend the house of about twenty ; and from that time, to the prayer; and, when increasing infirmities period of her death, she “walked with rendered her visits no longer possible, still, God." Her end was somewhat sudden; at home,“ in age and feebleness extreme,” but she frequently gave utterance to a full she patiently waited for the coming of her confidence and hope in Christ, and died, Lord. Her last days were peaceful and as she had lived, “clinging to the cross. bright ; her testimony to the preciousness To her family the loss is great indeed; of Christ, and the efficacy of the atonement, while the poor bave cause to mourn for a was highly satisfactory; her joy was full; pattern and a helper, and we all feel that and as she spoke of the Redeemer's presence, we are bereft of a sister and a friend. And of the security she felt in His arms of love, yet Mrs. Parsonson is not wholly lost to us : and of her father's house, her countenance she lives and acts among us still. Nor shall became radiant, and those who were pre- we soon forget the simple piety, unaffected sent found the chamber where she lay manners, genial disposition, and generous “quite in the verge of heaven." In a heart, by which she, “being dead, yet good old age, her work being done, she speaketh.”

F. F. fell asleep, and was taken home to God.

R. C. B. February 12th.--At his house in Milton

street, the Rev. Philip Hardcastle, of January 18th.-- At his residence, Cale- the Seventh London Circuit, in the thirtydonian-road, Leeds, in the Oxford-Place fourth year of his ministry. For several Circuit, Mr. George Reinhardt, aged fifty- weeks his health had been in a declining eight. In early life he was led to Christ; state, but hopes were entertained of his reand during nearly forty years he maintained covery till within a short time of his death. an unbroken connexion with the Wesleyan He was an ingenious, interesting, and inMethodist Society. He adorned his Chris- structive preacher; and his unexpected retian profession by a blameless deportment ; moval is deeply lamented by the congregatious and, while his cheerfulness and kindness to whom he was accustomed to minister the endeared him to the circle in which he moved, word of life.

T. J.

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