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and family, that English Wesleyan Methodism of spirit, loving attendance on the means of found a place in Carnarvon; and, during her grace, and thorough consistency of conduct. life-time, she loved that cause, and earnestly “In age and feebleness extreme," his condesired its prosperity. She died suddenly, fidence in God increased; he was often in the evening, whila passing from one room filled with joy and peace in believing, and to another. Her disposition was singularly made to abound in hope through the power amiable. Though she was distrustful of self, of the Holy Ghost. At the closing scene, and often self-accusing, those who knew her when a member of his family repeated the felt the influence of her gentle, kindly piety, lines, and never for a moment doubted that she

"O God! our help in ages past, walked with God. It was this deep convic

Our hope for years to come ; tion that assured her friends that God had

Our shelter from the stormy blast," taken her to Himself, although they had not the opportunity of hearing from her own the dying saint readily and cheerfully added lips a dying testimony.

E. " B.

the last line,

“And our perpetual home." July 1st.--At Lincoln, aged seventy-five,

Almost immediately after, he fell asleep in Mrs. Mary Richardson, widow of Mr


P. C. H. William Richardson, and sister-in-law of the Rev. Dr. Hannah. From the time in early life when she found the pearl of great eighth year, Frances, the beloved wife of

July 23d.--At Bayswater, in her sixtyprice, she maintained a steady determination

the Rev. Thomas Robinson. She was born to consecrate herself without reserve to God,

at Reading in 1796, and, with her parents, and to aspire after the higher attainments of

attended the ministry of the Independents spiritual and practical Christianity. And, by the grace of God, her proficiency was of

in that town, until she was about eighteen no common order. As long as strength

years of age, when she one Sunday evening allowed, she was unwearied in the discharge accompanied her father to hear the Rev. John

Waterhouse. The sermon was made a great of active duty, and was eminently successful

blessing ; and she decided at once to give as a class-leader, gathering many around her, particularly young persons, not a few of people. She joined the Wesleyan Methodists,

her heart to God, and her hand to His whom yet retain a vivid and grateful remembrance of her counsels, sympathies, and

and soon became a zealous Sunday-school

teacher and an untiring tract-distributer. To prayers. It pleased God to try her Chris

the close of her life, she maintained an untian graces by the discipline of painful affliction. Long years she was laid aside by wavering attachment to the church of her sickness, and reduced to a state of helpless proved to her husband a true “help meet;"

As the wife of a minister, she infirmity. But her patience did not fail.

and as a mother she was beyond all praise. During this season of seclusion, she abounded

As a friend, she was confiding and faithful. in prayer and thanksgiving, pursuing a

She had a high sense of Christian honour; course of regular intercession, according to a

and they who knew her best loved her most. daily arrangement, for Christian ministers,

The leading features of her character apfor Missionaries, for Bible, Missionary, and

peared to be a deep sense of her own un. other institutions, and for all sorts and con

worthiness, a simple trust in the atonement ditions of men ; daily pleading, also, for her

of Christ, and a child-like confidence in God's family, friends, and connexions. She was

She bore her trials with calm

paternal care. always prepared to converse on things

submission to the Divine will. Her end was Divine, and not unfrequently left an im

very sudden.

The day before she died she pression on the minds of friends who visited

entered into all her domestic engagements her as if they had been holding intercourse

with her accustomed cheerfulness; and little with a spirit no longer in the flesh. Latterly,

did her family think, when she bade them her sufferings were severe, and she longed for her release, but in the spirit of calm good-night, that it was the last

time they resignation. Once she said,

would hear that loving, gentle voice. About

“What a wonderful thing !--in two or three days three o'clock, the

next morning, her spirit time I shall see the face of God.At other passed to its rest, without a struggle

or a sigh. times, she said, “I am full of peace. I am

“She set, as sets the morning star, overjoyed at the prospect of glory. I long Which goes not down behind the darkened for Jesus to come, and take me home," At west, length the sweet hour of rest arrived, when But melts away into the light of heaven." she passed, in the serenity of Christian

R. death, without struggle or sigh, to the presence of the Lord.

J. H. July 24th.–At Thorpe-on-the-Hill, in

the Lincoln Circuit, Miss Theodosia Taylor, July 13th. -At Manchester, in the Grosve in her sixtieth year. Blessed with the innor-street Circuit, Mr. William Kay, in his structions and example of pious parents, eighty-third year.

He feared the Lord from and often deeply affected by the counsels his youth, and was in communion with the and prayers of the ministers who ever found Wesleyan Methodists fifty-eight years. He hospitable entertainment in her father's was distinguished by humility, dovoutness house, (as afterwards in her own,) she early


became a subject of saving grace. Great man, and bebold the upright : for the end was her veneration for the servants of God; of that man is pesce."

T. K. and great her love to the sanctuary. She

no honorary member of the class. October 20th.-At Bedford-Place, Leeds, Nothing but illness was allowed to prevent in her seventy-ninth year, Wr. Harriet her attendance. And no wonder that she Hirst. She had been an exemplary member of delighted in the communion of saints; for the Wesleyan-Methodist Society Deariy suty truly her "fellowship” was « with the years. Her early religious course was marked Father, and with His Son Jesus Christ.” by simplicity, decision, and holy fertour. She was a happy Christian, and the con She delighted in the means of grace; and solations of God were not small. Steadfast, not only fed on the truth of God, wbich sbe unmovable, she abounded in the work of the heard from the pulpit and read in secret, lut Lord as much as her nervous debility per- rejoiced to mingle with the people of God mitted. Ready for every work of kindness in class-meetings and lovcfeasts. Her mar. and sympathy, she let her light of experi- ried life was comparatively brief; and sbe mental and practical religion shine with was left a widow nearly forty years ago, with increasing lustre. The neatness of her abode five young children to train and educate. and her dress, and the simplicity of her But she “trusted in God." Assured of ber manners, were in harmony with her gentle, personal interest in Christ, she felt that the loving character. For years she lived as a promises of Divine guidance and blessing stranger and a pilgrim, showing plainly that were hers; and in her darkest boons sbe she sought a better country, even a heavenly was enabled to commit herself to the prom one; and her st: eme

of Christian expe

tection and care of her Heavenly Father. rience became increasingly edifying and in In the feebleness of age, she calmly relied on structive. Latterly, in intense suffering, the provisions of redemption, and with the lively hope and blessed earnest of the huinble confidence awaited her great change. inheritance above was as an anchor of the During her last illness Christ was unspeaksoul, both sure and steadfast. No murmur ably precious to her. Again and again sbe escaped her lips; patience had its perfect quoted the lines of Dr. Watts, work; and with unaffected humility, and

"But Christ, the beavenly Lamb, grateful joy, she testified the sufficiency of Divine grace, in death, as in life.

Takes all my sins away;

A Sacrifice of nobler name,
H. H. C.

And richer blood, than they." September 24th.- At Shipton, in the She retained until the last her mental p«wer; eighty-third year of his age, Mr. Henry

and in great peace-a peace imparted and Clough, being at the time of death the sustained by the Holy Ghost-* fell asleep oldest Local preacher in the York Circuit, in Jesus."

E. W. W. and having been engaged in that branch of service upwards of fifty-four years. His October 21st. - At Gillingham, Kent, in piety was practical, cheerful, fervent, and

the seventy-first year of his age, Mr. William thoroughly consistent. The constancy, Robinson. He lived “according to the punctuality, and joyousness which marked course of this world," till after his marriage. his attendance upon the house of God was a A sermon by the late Rev. R. Treffry, sen, very pleasing feature of his character, and

at Brompton Chapel, on Matt. vii. 11, at showed that “Jerusalem was his “chief length came with power to his soul, and te joy." As a leader, and Local preacher, became very earnest about his acceptance his services were eminently acceptable and with God. In a few days he found that useful; and in the several relations of life blessing, which he held firmly for upwards of he was “known and read of all men," as a forty years.

In time he became leader of Christian indeed, in whom was no guile. A three classes ; and, having retired from the proof of the esteem in which he was held Dockyard, he was able to devote his edirts by his landlord may be mentioned. When very largely to the interests of God's cause. he was no longer able to attend to his farm, In every office he was found faithful, while that gentleman, with a kindly consideration many others became faithless. Alout six which did him honour, allowed him a months before his death he was taken ill; retiring pension, which was continued to the but he so far recovered as to be able again day of his death. “In age and feebleness to attend the house of God, even till ibe extreme," his mind was often filled with Monday evening before his death. He had peace and joy through believing; and the taken part at the public prayer-meeting, and name of Jesus was music in his ears, long on his way home he sank. Medical aid wus after most other names were forgotten. He found to be unavailing. He was conscious came to his grave in a full age, like as a that his change drew nigh, and said, “I am shock of corn cometh in in his season. a poor worm of the dust, but the atonement clergyman of the parish, who had often of Jesus is my refuge." His last wenis visited him, improved his death on the were, I have a hope-a bope." ** Lite's Sunday following, by preaching on the conflict is now over; and all is right." appropriate words : “ Mark the perfect

J. P.


" The



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