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it give us of the weakness of buman nature, that the same persons sa
frequently bold inconsistent principles ? How many


the strongest things in favor of an impartial search after truth, and with the very same breath tell

you, It is of no consequence at all, either for time or eternity, whetber you bold one opinion or another.

These reflections are only designed to procure a candid unprejudiced bearing to what is offered in the following pages, in defence of what appears to me the fundamental doctrines of the gospel, which are now so greatly neglected, or so openly despised. I am encouraged to this republication by the great demand ibere has been for some of the pieces, particularly The Essay on Justification.

I must observe bere, that I have received several letters on this subject, desiring that the pbrase imputed righteousness might be changed, as liable to great exceptions ; a request which I would readily bave complied with, if it could be made appear to be either unscriptural or dar.gerous. But as I apprebend it is fully warranted by Rom. iv. 6. and many other passages ; so I do not see what can be understood by it, different from or more dangerous tban forgiveness of sin and acceptance with God, not for our own but for Christ's sake. As the case stands, therefore it is to be feared, that a studied endeavor to avoid the expression would do more barm on the one band than it could do service on the ot ber.

In the Treatise on Regeneration, now first published, tbe same general design is pursued, but in a way more directly practical ; and indeed I am fully convinced, that it is not only of much greater moment to make experimental than speculative Christians, but tbat to explain and enforce ibe docirines of the gospel is a better way to produce an unsbaken persuasion of their trutb, iban to collect and refute the cavils of adversaries, wbich, thougb they are often trifling, are notwitbstanding innumerable. I bope this will excuse the introducing several passages of Scripture in the last mentioned Treatise, and applying them on what appears to me to be their obvious meaning, witbout taking the least notice of the unwearied pains frequently taken by wire drawing critics to interpret them in a contrary sense.

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London, June, 1764.

J. W.

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By the Rev. Dr. Joan RODGERS, of New-York.





An Essay on Justification,
To which is prefixed a letter to the Rev. James Hervey.

Treatise on Regeneration.

с н А Р. І. Some general observations on the metaphor used by the apostle

John, Except a man be born again ; and the fame or similar
expressions to be found in other parts of the word of God

From this expression, Except a man be born again, be cannot see

the kingdom of God, we may learn the greatness of that
change which must pass upon every child of Adam, before
he can become an heir of life


This expression, Except a man be born again, and other fimilar

expressions, imply that the change here intended is not
merely partial, but universal

From these words, except a man be born again, be cannot see

ibe kingdom of God, and other similar expressions in the holy
Scriptures, we may infer that the change here intended is
not merely external and imperfect but, inward, essential and


From this metaphor, except a man be born again, be cannot see

tbe kingdom of God, and other parallel expreffions in the holy
Scriptures, we may learn that the change here intended is




126 с н А Р.

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