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ember of the Royal Academies of Sciences at Paris and Bourdeaux ; and Professor of Philosophy and..Mathematics at Lausanne.


Printed for A. DODD, at the Peacock, without

Temple-Bar. M.DCC.XXXIX.

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DO not remember that ever 1 experienc'd the Power of Poetry so strongly as in

Mr Pope's Efray. What Author is there who is not loft in a Translation? And what Poet who is not misrepresented in Profe? If any are to be excepted, Mr Pope is one of the first. We find in him one oja the most judicious Remarks in Horace exoaftly verify'd.

IT is not enough to constitute' a Poem; " that the Verses be composed of certain Words in Number and Measure, if, when

you displace them, the Expressions are rea - duced to mere Profe. But change the Siz tuation and Order of these Words as much " as you please, there will always remain

certain noble and sublime Air, that silb.' retains the Rapture of Poetry.' A2



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