Therapeutics and materia medica, Volume 2

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Blanchard and Lea, 1864 - Materia medica

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Page 762 - That it does not relieve dyspnoea out of proportion with other symptoms. (9.) That the effects traceable to the oil in the most favorable cases are: increase of weight, suspension of colliquative sweats, improved appetite, diminished cough and expectoration, cessation of sickness with cough, and gradual disappearance of active physical signs. (10.) That in some cases it cannot be taken, either because it disagrees with the stomach, impairing the appetite (without itself obviously nourishing), and...
Page 252 - When the action of the drug is carried to a fatal extent, the individual becomes entirely blind, deaf and speechless. He either retains his consciousness to the last, or is affected with slight wandering delirium, the pupils are dilated, general muscular tremors, or even slight convulsions, supervene ; the pulse becomes imperceptible, both at the wrist and heart ; the temperature of the surface sinks still lower than before, and at length, after a few hurried gasps, death by syncope takes place.
Page 762 - ... 3. That the mean amount of permanency of the good effects of the oil is undetermined. 4. That it relatively produces more marked effects in the third than in the previous stages.
Page 104 - ... of alcohol. During the last six months, a great number of persons have drunk of the solution of chloric ether in my laboratory, not only very freely but frequently to the point of intoxication ; and so far as I have observed, it has appeared to be singularly grateful, both to the palate and stomach, producing promptly a lively flow of animal spirits, and consequent loquacity ; and leaving, after its operation, little of that depression consequent to the use of ardent spirits.
Page 617 - ... notice : Dilated pupils, flushed face, quickened pulse, heat and dryness of the skin, spasm of the facial muscles. convulsions, itching of the nares, nausea rising into the throat, burning red cheeks and lips, and marked abdominal pains.) Dr. Stille, an acute old-school observer, mentions the fact that there is a state of intestinal derangement presenting all the symptoms of lumbricoid ascarides, which is most frequently observed among strumous, feeble children. Then he mentions a list of symptoms...
Page 467 - ... affords rapid relief. In neuralgic pains, often met with in such patients in other localities, it is equally beneficial. Females at the period of life we are speaking of, frequently suffer from a distressing pain in the upper part of the head, recurring with greater severity at night. These cases are very satisfactorily met by this remedy.
Page 586 - It appears to be injurious to the child at all times; for in every case in which I have seen it exhibited, the child has been stillborn, and in the greater part of them it was not possible to restore it to life.
Page 584 - Ergot as an expulsive agent. He chiefly employs it at the moment of, or just before, the birth of the child, in order to secure a good contraction of the womb in women who are known to be subject to hemorrhage. To administer it merely for the purpose of hastening natural labor and abridging the attendant's weariness of waiting, is wholly inexcusable, and argues a culpable ignorance of the powers of the drug. Several cases are reported where Ergot has occasioned rupture of the uterus, from the excessive...
Page 197 - ... immersed in ice and salt, will often answer, and be a neater mode than the net. The moment a gauze net, or a thin metallic vessel containing ice and salt, is applied to the skin, it is benumbed. There is hardly a sensation of cold produced, and no tingling or smarting. If the contact of the frigorifie be continued a few seconds longer, the surface becomes suddenly white, in consequence, doubtless, of the arrest of the circulation ; and this change of color is attended with a slight smarting like...
Page 263 - Very soon a numb, pricking sensation was felt in the fingers, extending gradually to the elbows, producing a stiffness of the muscles of the parts, making it difficult to move the fore-arm and hand. In a few minutes the same sensation was observed in the feet, creeping slowly upward until it reached the upper part of the thigh. The eyes now began to feel uncomfortable, causing me to brush them frequently, to clear apparent obstructions from the lids. The pulse was soft and feeble, but not more frequent...