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19 Form and sufficiency of the certificate.

20 Conclusiveness of the certificate.

21 Proof by subscribing witness.

22 Acknowledgments by married women.


23 As to what constitutes—General principles.

24 As to what constitutes-Particular cases.

25 Necessity of actual occupancy.

26 Uncultivated lands held under conflicting patents-Sufficiency of


27 Extent of possession-Under deeds.

28 Proof of adverse possession-Sufficiency of.

29 Title by-Elements necessary.

30 Title by-As to necessity of good faith on the part of the claimant.

31 Title by-Good faith-Tacking possessions.

32 Title by-Payment of taxes-Time necessary..

33 Title by-Easements - Burial lots—Municipalities.

34 Color of title-As to what is—Necessity.

35 Adverse possession of highway.

36 Cotenants—Life tenants and remaindermen-Vendor and vendee.

37 Landlord and tenant-Parental and filial relations.

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71 Construction of contracts.

72 Time as the essence of the contract.

73 Breach of land contract-Measure of damages.

74 Breach of land contract-Liquidated damages.

75 Fraud --Representations as to amount, quality or value.

76 Fraud-Statements of opinion or intention.

77 Innocent misrepresentations-Concealment of facts,

114 Jointure.

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tions-Burden of proof.

160 Quitclaim deeds-Bona fide purchaser-Prior equities.

161 Miscellaneous notes.

162–179 Form of deeds-Recent constructions of, and amendments made

in, the statutes of the several states and territories since the compil.

ations on this subject in Vol. I, $$ 57-105; Vol. II, SS 133-147; Vol.

III, SS 181-197; Vol. IV, SS 156-168.


180 Miscellaneous definitions.

181 Statement of case reported.

182 Descent to next of kin- Property acquired from ancestor-Blood

of ancestor-Statute construed.

183 Same-Cases reviewed.

184 Descent of Indian lands.

185 Descent of lands acquired by gift-Statute construed.

186 Per capita or per stirpes.

187 Adopted children.

188 Rights of child adopted in one state to inherit lands in another


189 Bastards.

190 Descent to surviving husband.

191 Descent to surviving wife—Statutes construed.

192 Conveyance by widow remarrying-Statute construed.

193 Widow's quarantine.

194 Advancements.

195 Rights of creditors as against heirs.

196 Miscellaneous notes-Statutes construed.


197 Sufficiency of-General principles.

198 Sufficiency of particular descriptions.

199 Construction of descriptions.

200 Evidence to aid construction of.


201 Creation of by prescription.

202 Creation of a highway by adverse use-Construction of statutes-

Creation of municipality.

203 Creation by grant.

204 Construction of grants of easements.

205 Way of necessity-Implied grand of.

206 Abandonment or vacation of an easement.

207 Destruction or change of an easement-Owner of servient estate.

208 Removing lateral support-Making excavations-Measure of dam-

209 Washing away quicksand by a city sewer.

210 Light and air.


211 As to when the action will lie.

312 Sufficiency of the complaint.

213 Defenses in ejectment-Particular cases.

214 Equitable defenses - Vendee in possession under written contract.

215 Answer--Equitable defenses-Inconsistent defenses.

216 Practice in ejectment- Particular cases.

217 Proof-Plaintiff's title-Defendant's possession.

218 Proof-Possessory title.

219 Judgments in ejectment.

220 Attorney's fees in actions of ejectment against a railway company

_Constitutional law-Class legislation.


221 Statement of case reported.

222 Constitutional law–Statute authorizing condemnation of land for

an elevator.


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