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tially, in selfish affections, desires, death eternal. Tenporal death is and designs. These compose the the dissolution of the connesiga carnal mind, or evil heart, which between the body and soul; eteall men possess by nature. Such mal death is destruction, or end. a heart, being not only of an evil, less misery, of both soul and body but active nature, spontaneously in hell. Moral depravity, or tomanifests itself in all those ways, tal sinfulness, is figuratively call. in which what passes in the mind ed spiritual death, as it is the opof one man, is made known to posite of disinterested, perfect others. It is natural for the sin- love, which is spiritual life. Of ful, selfish heart, to act itself out, this spiritual death, all mankind by profane and impure words, by are, by nature, subjects, being dishonest and fraudulent dealing, dead in trespasses and sins, and and by an unrestrained indulgence children of wrath.' This kind of of the animal appetites. A selfish death is not that in which sinful heart is the source of all the vices practices terminate ; for it always and crimes which have a name a- precedes them, and is the fountain mong men. There is no evil, from which they ilow. Sinful prachateful thing, which any one, who tices are the fruits and effects of has such a heart, may not do, the carnal mind, or selfish heart, when all restraints are removed in which spiritual death consists. and strong temptations presented. Do sinful practices then termiHence our Lord said, “From with nate in temporal death? That they in, out of the heart of men, pro- I often do, is not to be denied. All ceed evil thoughts, adulteries, for- kinds of sinful practices, have a nications, murders, thefts, covet- natural direct tendency to impair ousness, wickedness, deceit, las- both the mind and the body, and civiousness, an evil eye, blasphe- to cut short the thread of human my, pride, foolishness." And the life. Vicious indulgence is the apostle writes, "Now the works parent of innumerable diseases, of the flesh (the sinful, selfish heart) | which prove mortal. Sinful pracare manifest; which are these; tices often lead to suicide, the adultery, fornication, uncleanness, murder of one's self; and to malilasciviousness, idolatry, witch- cious homicide, the murder of acraft, hatred, variance,einulations, nother. Those who addict themwrath, strife, seditions, heresies, selves, habitually, to sinful pracenvyings, murders, drunkenness, tices, do not, generally, live half revellings, and such like." so long as they would, if they,

These are what we mean by lived soberly, righteously and godsinful practices. They are such ly. But though such practices actions and courses of conduct, as have a natural tendency to hasten flow from sinful affections and pas. temporal death; yet they are not sions ; such as are the natural always followed by it immediately. fruits and expressions of a selfish God bears long with many of the unsanctified heart. These are the ungodly in this world. The wickthings whose end is death.-Wc ed sometimes live, and becoine old. proceed to show,

Vicious sinners, of an hundred 11. What kind of death that is, years old, though a rare and pitein which such sinful practices ter- ous sight, are sometimes seen. minate.

Temporal death, therefore, is not Strictly speaking, there are but to be considered as the death two kinds of death, the first and intended in oor test. the second, or death temporal, and Eternal death is that in which

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vicious practices, persisted in, uni- stantly holy. He requires all men formly terminate. This is evi- to be holy, as He is holy. "Be dently the dreadful death which ye holy; for I am holy.” If inen Paul pronounces “the end of those transgress his law and do iniquity, things.” This is plain from the He denounces against them bis connexion in which his words wrath and curse. Cursed is evstand. “What fruit had ye then ery one, that continueth not in all in those things, whereof ye are now things written in the book of the ashzined? for the end of those law, to do them. The wrath of things is death. But now, being God is revealed from heaven, amade free from sin and become gainst all ungodliness and unrightservants of God, ye have your fruit eousness of men.” This is just. unto holiness; and the end ever- The law is holy, and just, and lasting life. For the wages of sin good; and all the workers of iniis death; but the gift of God, is quity deserve its penalty. "The eternal life, through Jesus Christ wages of sin is death." our Lord.” It is that death which 2. Sinful practices, while conis the opposite of eternal life, and tinued, exclude men from pardon which is the wages, or proper and the grace of the gospel. They punishment of sin, in which all. flow from a heart totally corrupt. sinful practices terminate. This When the heart is purified, sinful is eternal death, the death of the practices cease, and the fruits of soul, or the penalty of the Divine holiness are produced. “A good law, Such is the death, which sin, tree cannot bring forth evil fruit; when it is finished, never fails to neither can a corrupt tree bring bring forth. It remains to show, forth good fruit."

III. Why sinful practices ter- Pardon, through the atonement minate in this awful kind of death of Christ, is promised, in the gos

It is possible for those, who pel, to those only who exercise rehave long indulged in sinful prac. pentance toward God, and faith tices, to reform. With God all toward our Lord Jesus Christ. things are possible. There are Repentance includes hatred of sin some rare instances, in which the and godly sorrow for it. Repenthabitually vicious have cast away ance originates in that love to God, their transgressions and forsaken which the divine law requires, and their sins. And when the wicked, wbich constitutes purity of heart. however gross their vices and great Every true penitent, therefore, their guilt, turn from their wicked forsakes his sins, and renounces ways, their souls shall live.-- all his evil practices. Hence God • Though their sins be as scarlet, says by his prophet, “Repent and they shall be as white as snow; turn yourselves from all your though they be red like crimson, transgressions; so iniquity shall they shall be as wool.' The not be your ruin." And the aposbloud of Jesus Christ cleanseth | tle writes, “ If we confess and froin all sin.' But if the sinful forsake our sins, He is faithful practices of the wicked, be pursu- 1 and just to forgive us our sins, and ed and not forsaken, they will in- to cleanse us from all unrightevitably terminate in eternal death. cousness.” It is impossible to reThe reasons are obvious. For, pent, and at the same time, to

1. Sinful practices deserve eternal persist in any sinful course.
death. God has made mankind Faith worketh by love, purify-
rational, free, moral agents; and eth the heart, and overcometh the
therefore capable of being con- world." The fruits and evidences

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of a living faith, therefore, are good purity, to people them with the works." Faith without works is unholy and abominable. Should dead. I will show thee my faith impenitent, vicious sinners be reby my works,”

There cannot be ceived to the society of the just true faith in Christ, without puri- made perfect; instead of communty of heart and life.

ion, harmony and peace,

there Those, therefore, who continue would be aversion, discord, and in sinful practices, are impenitent war in heaven. " For what fel. sinners and unbelievers. They lowship hath righteousness with have no part in the pardon and unrighteousness?--An unjust man grace of the gospel of Christ. The is an abomination to the just; and wrath of God 'abideth on them. he that is upright in the way is “ If ye live after the flesh, ye shall abomination to the wicked."die. -Know ye not that the un- Those who persist in evil pracrighteous shall not inherit the king. tices, must not be permitted to dom of God ? Be not deceived: disturb and defile the realms of neither fornicators, nor idolaters, purity and peace: they are fitonly nor effeminate, nor abusers of for the company and the place of themselves with mankind, nor the devil and his angels. thieves, nor covetous, nor DRUNK

IMPROVEMENT. ARDS, nor revilers, nor extortion- 1. It appears from the descripers, shall inherit the kingdom of tion which has been given of sinful

It is morally impossible practices, that every impenitent, that persons of this description unrenewed sinner is liable to fall should inherit eternal life. For, into them. They all naturally

3. They are totally unfit for a flow from the corrupt, selfish heart, holy heaven. Their hearts are full which all unregenerate men posof evil. There is not an object in sess. Sinful practices are conheaven, that could afford them tained in the impenitent heart, as the least delight. Without a good streams are contained in their heart; without that disinterested fountains, and plants in their love, which is the essence of re- seeds. It is owing to various repentance and faith in Christ;-it straints in Divine Providence, and is impossible to be happy in heav- not to any goodness in the hearts en. To such as love and pursue of sinners, that some are more vicious practices, heaven would be moral than others, and that they a place of torment. Without ho- do not all run to the same excess liness, no man shall, or can see of riot. The Scribes and Pharithe Lord. The terms of the gos- sees were ignorant of themselves, pel are as low as God could make when they said, “ If we had been them.

in the days of our fathers, we would But, if the unrighteous and im- not have been partakers with them pure could enjoy the happiness of in the blood of the prophets:" for, heaven, it would be inconsistent by their treatment of Christ and for God to admit them to that ho- his followers, they made it manily, happy place. If He should fest, that they were the genuine treat the wicked and the righteous children of them, who imbrued alike, how would He appear to

their hands in the blood of those love righteousness and hate iniqui- ! holy men, who spake as they were ty? If Christ should receive un- moved by the Holy Ghost. Hasanctified sinners to himself, would zael was blind to the malignity of lle not become the minister of sin? his own heart, when he replied to It would defile the mansions of the prediction of the man of God,

** What! is thy servant a dog, that apostle, “Not by works of righthe sbould do this thing?” for, in eousness which we have done, but three day's time, he did it all. according to his mercy he saved And sinners are always ignorant us, by the washing of regeneration of the plague of their hearts, when and renewing of the Holy Ghost, ever they think themselves too which he shed on us abundantly, good to conduct like others, or im- through Jesus Christ our Saviour; agine there is any thing too bad that, being justified by his grace, for them to do.

we should be made heirs, accord

ing to natural fruits and expressions of a . 4. Do sinful practices terminate sinful heart; then moral sinners in death? Then the doctrine of have no ground to boast over vi. universal salvation is groundless. cious sinners. It is not because In order to support this delusive their hearts are better, by nature, doctrine, it must be made to apthat moral sinners do not addict | pear, that all the wicked truly rethemselves to vices and crimes: pent and reform, before they leave for if they were equally free from the world. But, is this the fact ? restraint and equally exposed to Do not multitudes, on the contratemptation, their practices would ry, persist in sinful practices, as be like those of the immoral and long as they live? But, the end of profane. In similar circumstances, those things is death. To mainin all respects, unrenewed men tain, that those who persevere in conduct alike. • The wicked are vicious courses, will be saved, is always inclined to do wicked- to give the lie to the whole gosly.' 'All things considered, every pel; which teaches us, that denyimpenitent sinner conducts as bad | ing ungodliness and worldly lusts, as he can. Thus God said to his we should live soberly, righteousancient, impenitent people, “Thou ly and godly. It is the father of hast spoken and done evil things lies, and his servants, who would as thou couldest.” Jerem. iii. 5. persuade us, that the unrighteous Jews, by nature, are as bad as shall inherit the kingdom of God. Gentiles: for all are included un- 5. In view of this subject, it apder sin. “ Are we better than

pears, that to be stopped in one's they? No, in no wise.- Where is sinful course by death, must be boasting then? It is excluded." dreadful! It is a great change, to It hence follows,

leave the body and enter the in3. That saints have reason for visible and eternal world. Death, humility. They were, by nature, in itself, is, naturally, the king of dead in trespasses and sins, and terrors to all mankind. But, "the children of wrath, even as others. sting of death is sin." This arms “And such were some of you," the grim monarch with power to fornicators, idolators, thieves,cov- terrify and destroy. Saints, howetous, drunkards, &c. but ye are ever, who have peace with God washed, but ye are sanctified, but through our Lord Jesus Christ, and ye are justified, in the name of the good hope through grace, are enaLord Jesus, and by the Spirit of Bled, with the armour of righteousour God.-By grace are ye saved, ness, the shield of faith, the sword through faith; and that, not of of the Spirit and the helmet of yourselves-it is the gift of God,” salvation, to triumph over their last Well may all saints, with the enemy. deepest humility and self-abase- But none of this peace, and ment, adopt the words of the hope, and triumph, is experienced by the unhappy man, whose career Let all, then, as they value these of sinful indulgence is checked lives and their souls, beware of : only by death. It would be no this prolific and deadly vice, less than Deism, to suppose that which is more prevalent, at the such an one, when absent from the day, than any other, and which is body, is present with the Lord, the parent of most of the crimes Ah no! His end is destruction. If and sins which defile the land. there be truth in the word of Him, Temptations tə this vice, are auwho cannot lie, in hell he lifts up merous and powerful. There is his eyes, being in torment.' And nothing so easily obtained as the o, how dreadful, to go, in a mo- intoxicating draught. The desire ment, an unexpected moment, of gain in individuals, and a defrom á scene of sensual indul- sire of revenue in the public, here gence, heedless dissipation, and opened a mart for the mortal po wanton excess, into the lake which tation, at every corner. “Aroid burneth with fire and brimstone, it, pass not by it, turn from it, and to dwell, forever, with devils and pass away." Let none imagine, damned souls!

that they are secure from the at6. We

may infer from what has tacks of a fiend, who has made been said, that the situation of all many a strong man weak, and such, as habituate themselves to many a wise man mad. Beware sinful practices, is awfully danger of the most distant approach to ous. They are pursuing a course the jaws of the monster, which whose end is death. They are in yawn to devour, and which isthe broad way to destruction.gulph thousands, yes, ten thousand Their sins have already gone be- wretched victims, every year, in fore them to judgment. They are this good land! constantly exposed to death, and I warn the young, in particular. as much exposed to perdition. There is yet some hope of them. Their feet stand on slippery 0, go not in the paths of the desplaces.

troyer. Shun, as you would the Such, in a peculiar manner, is plague, as you would the gates of the dangerous and fearful condi- hell, shun every company, and evtion of those, who are addicted to ery place, which would seduce you the vice of intemperance. Of all to handle, touch, er taste the liq vices, this most rapidly under- uid poison, which induces a permines the constitution, and expos-petual sleep—the sleep of death. es its wretched victim to sudden ** If sinners entice thee, consent death. Those who practice this thou not. Be sober; be vigilant. vice are chargeable with deliberate Abstain from fleshly lusts, which suicide. They are self-murderers; war against the soul. Follow afand “no murderer bath eternal ter righteousness—lay hold ou life abiding in him.” Intemper-eternal life.” ance not only exposes the misera- “ Wue unto him that giveth his ble man to sudden death; but to- neighbour drink, that puttest the tally disqualifies him to make the bottle to him, and makest hit least preparation for his great and druuken also,” Hab. ii. 15. last change. It fits the soul for I charge those, whose duty it is. hell, as fast as it fits the body for as they fear the oath of God which the grave. The end of this course is upon thein, to execute the good is inevitable destruction. Drunk and wholesome laws of the land. enness is the high road to dam- I call upon all the friends of pation.

their country and of man, to unite

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