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The twenty-ninth annual commencement of the Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery was held at the American Academy of Music, Philadelphia, on Thursday, February 26, 1885, at 12 o'clock M.

The valedictory address was delivered by C. Osborne Tupper, A.B., D.D.S., and the address to the graduates by Henry Leffmann, M.D., D.D.S.

The number of matriculates for the session was one hundred and thirty-six.

The degree of D.D.S. was conferred on the following graduates by S. W. Gross, M.D., president of the faculty:


I: H. F. Albrecht Germany.

Deogracias Ascencio...U. S. of Col.,S. A. Thomas James Barrett. Massachusetts.

J. Irwin Bayles New Jersey.

L. N. Bedford Iowa.

Franz Binotsch Germany.

William Blanc New Jersey.

Librado Borja Mexico.

Carlos Bonilla Nicaragua, C. A.

Johanna von Bremen-Germany. Frederick H. Brown...New Hampshire.

Frank P. Cobourn Pennsylvania.

William B. Conner Ohio.

Frank G. Cooper Pennsylvania.

Alex. J. Culbertson....Pennsylvania.
Samuel B. Detweiler...Pennsylvania.

Carlton L. Dobbins New Jersey.

James M. Easton Pennsylvania.

Herbert H. Emley. New Jersey.

Edward A. Ferbach....Germany.

Frank R. Fisk Minnesota.

Henry J. Fisk Connecticut.

Elmer E. Fleming Pennsylvania.

J. Glen Fling Pennsylvania.

Oscar Gerdtzen Chili, S. A.

Rudolph Gilgenberg...Germany.

Paul L. Gibson New York.

Leon Goble New Jersey.

Paul Guye Switzerland.

Charles F. Hager Pennsylvania.

Eugene C. Honeywell.Pennsylvania.

Mason P. Harvey Maine.

Towsend H. Jacobs Minnesota.

J. Stewart Jackson New York.

Frank W. Williams.


F. H. Kendrick Massachusetts.

Richard Knobelsdorff..Germany.

Paul Karrer Switzerland.

Alfred H. Little.........New York.

Oliver P. Lund Pennsylvania.

Richard Longe Germany.

Percival E.Loder,MD.Pennsylvania.

Roscoe Murphy New Jersey.

A. How'd Macpherson.lNew Jersey.

John A. McClellan Ohio.

Ferdinand E. Mueller.Germany.

E. M.S. McKee Pennsylvania.

Rush J. McHenry Pennsylvania.

Willmer D. McKissick.Pennsylvania.

George C. Moore Pennsylvania.

Samuel E. Marshall....Delaware.

Herman Reamer Pennsylvania.

Delfin F. Restrepo U.S.of Columbia

David S. Reed Pennsylvania.

Anna B. Ramsay Pennsylvania.

Albert Rentzing Germany.

William F. Ravel France.

Marvin L. Row e........Canada.

Alfred Steiger Switzerland.

William S. Sullivan...Wisconsin.

George H. Swift Vermont.

E. A. Shulenberger Pennsylvania.

Edgar W. Smith Maryland.

Michael Jos. Spahn....Germany.

Wilhelm Seltzer Germany.

David P. Tait Pennsylvania.

C. O. Tupper, A. B Canada.

Charles E. Walrad New York.

Henry Weston Pennsylvani a.



The twenty-second annual commencement of the Philadelphia Dental College was held at the Academy of Music, Philadelphia, on Saturday, February 28, 1885, at 8 P. M.

The address to the graduates was delivered by Professor S. B. Howell, M.D., D.D.S., and the valedictory address by W. K. Mail, D.D.S.

The number of matriculates for the session was one hundred and twenty-nine.

The degree of D.D.S. was conferred on the following graduates by the president of the board of trustees:


George H. Adair New York.

A. S. Bailey Massachusetts.

William Baylor New York.

Noah S. Borneman Pennsylania.

Edward H. Buckland...Massachusetts.

O. J. Cameron Pennsylvania.

Leopold A. Carter Australia.

J. E. Cartland North Carolina.

William GL Chase Delaware.

Ernest Cohen Germany.

George Eadie .....Canada.

George E. English New Jersey.

Mary E. Fetherolf. Pennsylvania.

H. A. Eynn New York.

Isaac A. Goldsmith South Carolina.

Harry P. Griffith Pennsylvania.

William B. Griswold....Connecticut.

Henry J. Harwood France.

Franklin L. Henry Canada.

Burton E. Hoover Pennsylvania.

Kobert Sutcliffe Ivy England.

A. W. Jamison Pennsylvania.

Victor P. Janin France

Myron D. Jewell New York.

, Samuel H. Johns Delaware.

R. Prank Jones r New York.

Augustus D. Josselyn...Maine.

Leonard F. Kellogg Iowa.

Morris Zeadler.


Horace G. Lawson Canada.

Martin H. Lutz Pennsylvania.

Edwin R. Magnus Connecticut.

William T. Mahon Pennsylvania.

W. R. Mail Indiana.

Addison S. Melvin, Jr..Illinois.

Calvin R. Moulton California.

Bruno Albert Nernst....Germany.

Robert H. Nones Pennsylvania.

Frank Delavan Norton.New York.

George D. O'Neil Australia.

John F. O'Neil Iowa.

Allison J. Parker Massachusetts.

Myron F. Parmley Iowa.

Charles M. Porter Pennsylvania.

Edward W. Pratt Connecticut.

James J. Ryan Massachusetts.

Albert H. Schildt Wisconsin.

Forbes C. R. Scott France.

William S. Sherman Rhode Island.

Frank M. Swain Illinois.

Louis Teichmann Germany.

Edgar W. Thompson....New York.

Charles P. Tuttle New Jersey.

R. F. Yerrinder, M.D...California.

Hugh Walker Canada.

Frank W. Wolf. Illinois.

Hiram M. Wolf. Illinois.


MISSOUEI DENTAL COLLEGE. At the recent annual commencement (the nineteenth) of the Missouri Dental College, at St. Louis, Mo., the degree of D.D.S. was conferred on the following graduates:


J. H. Bland Missouri.

Qt. V. Collins Illinois.

0. B. Helm Illinois.

M. D. La Croix Illinois.


H. C. Miller Missouri.

S. T. Neill Missouri.

W. H. Wright Missouri.

T. A Williamson Minnesota.


The annual commencement of the Kansas City Dental College was held in the First Baptist Church, Kansas City, Mo., on the evening of Tuesday, March 17, 1885.

The following are the names of those successful in passing the examination, and upon whom the degree of D.D.S. was conferred:


W. M. Dunning Kansas. John E. Crozier Missouri

H. I. Parr Kansas. J. W.Buchanan MissouriNEW YOBK COLLEGE OF DENTISTSY.

The nineteenth annual commencement of the New York College of Dentistry was held at Chickering Hall, New York City, on Monday evening, March 9, 1885.

The valedictory was delivered by Louis A. Queen, D.D.S., and the address to the graduates by J. Smith Bodge, Jr., M.D., D.D.S.

The number of matriculates for the session was one hundred and sixty-five.

The degree of D.D.S. was conferred on the following graduates by M. McN. Walsh, Esq., president of the board of trustees.


Fremont Allen New York.

Lyndon C. Allen New York.

Wm. F. Atkinson New York.

Louis Arndt New Jersey.

Enrique G. de la Beldad..Spain.
Kamon G. de la Beldad...Spain.

Lemuel P. Blair Maine.

Max R. Brinkman Massachusetts.

Herbert W. F. Cady New York.

Robert H. Cochran Massachusetts.

Frank S. Crane New Jersey.

Martin Degenhardt New York.

Arthur Dodge Connecticut.

John Dunges Germany.

Charles H. Eagleton New York.

Thomas A. Fitzpatrick...New York.
Edward S. Fonda, M.D..New York.

Frederick W. Gibbs Connecticut.

Arthur F. Hawes New Jersey.

Ignacia V.' Herrera Cuba.

George J. Harnung New Jersey.

Joseph M. Henriques West Indies.

Charles W. Howard New York.

Henry J. Hull New York.

Lyman S. King New York.

Daniel W. Kleinhaus....New Jersey.

Leonard K. Knox New York.

Allan S. McDougal New York.

Joseph W. Moore New York.

Wellslake D. Morse New York.

Charles J. Mooney New York.

Henry L. O'Brien New York.

Frederick W. Pape Germany.

Virgil F. Parker New York.

Louis A. Queen New Jersey.

Julius W. Rivinius New York.

Livingston J. Roberts New York.

John Roberts Wales.

Joseph N. Shenstone New York.

Samuel Simon Massachusetts.

Karl C. Smith New York.

Charles R. Smith New Jersey.

Arthur L. Swift New Jersey.

Louis M. Villalon Porto Rico.

Johan A. Theo. Weber...Finland.
William M. Wyant New York.


The seventh annual commencement of the Dental Department of the University of Tennessee was held, in connection with that of the Medical Department, at Nashville, February 24, 1885.

The salutatory address was delivered by Kobert S. Griggs, D.D.S.; the valedictory by Kichard L. Smith, M.D.

The number of matriculates for the session was twenty-nine.

The degree of D.D.S. was conferred on the following graduates by Hon. John L. Moses, president of the board of trustees:

Samuel B. Anderson Tennessee.

A. Y. Cartwright South Carolina.

T. S. Cartwright Kentucky.

Southall Dickson Tennessee.

George W. Dodson Tennessee.

James M. Glenn Tennessee.

M. E. Shelton Missouri.

Robert S. Griggs.... Georgia.

H. D. Harper North Carolina,

Hardy B. Harrell Georgia.

John F. Johnston Mississippi.

John A. Lee Tennessee.

Miles M. Puckett Georgia.

INDIANA DENTAL COLLEGE. The sixth annual commencement of the Indiana Dental College was held in the college lecture-room, Indianapolis, on March 4, 1885. There were twenty-seven matriculates during the term. The degree of D.D.S. was conferred on the following graduates:


William C. Archer Indiana.

William H. Bucher Indiana.

Frank Dowd New York.

John E. Davis Indiana.

William K. Dunn Indiana.

Fred. H. Emmerling Wisconsin.


Frank H. Horner Pennsylvania.

Marshall M. Keep Pennsylvania.

B. G. Miller Michigan.

James W. Prall Indiana.

J. Monticello Sprinkle Indiana.

George W. Tainter Missouri.

Gust. Weinmann Pennsylvania.


The sixth annual commencement exercises of the Dental Department of Yanderbilt University were held in the chapel of the university, Nashville, Tenn., on Wednesday, February 25, 1885.

The charge to the class was delivered by W. H. Morgan, M.D., D.D.S., and the address on the part of the class by George W. Stokes, D.D.S.

The number of matriculates for the session was fifty-five.

The degree of D.D.S. was conferred on the following graduates by L. C. Garland, chancellor of the university:


Charles F. Barham Arkansas.

Geo. C. Cooper, M.D England.

Jonathan A. Ellard Alabama.

John W. Fambrough Georgia.

Frank H. Field Georgia.

James A. Frazier Alabama.

David R. Garrison Texas.

Fred. W. Gradolph Ohio.

Edwin L. Hays Kentucky.

Wm. H. Hogshead California.

Robt. H. McNair Mississippi.

Wm. C. Naif Tennessee.

Clarence V. Rosser Georgia.


Jessee W. Shoemaker....Alabama.

Geo. W. Slaughter Alabama.

Lawrence A. Smith Mississippi.

Geo. W. Stokes South Carolina.

John T. Taylor Tennessee.

Tyra F. Tynes" Mississippi.

Joseph W. Peete Florida.

Pinckney L. Weekley...South Carolina.

Thomas C. West Mississippi.

Sheridan A. Williams...South Carolina.

Lucius D. Wright Tennessee.

John Wood, L.D.S., R.C.S., Edinburg and Ireland, of Dumfries, Scotland.

The ad eundem degree of D.D.S. was conferred on James S.

Franklin, M.D., D.D.S., of Tennessee.

MINNESOTA COLLEGE HOSPITAL-DENTAL DEPAKTMENT. At the annual commencement of the Minnesota College Hospital, held in Minneapolis, Minn., on the evening of February 27, 1885, the degree of D.D.S. was conferred on the following graduates in the Dental Department: John H. Spaulding, John H. Dwight, and Charles L. Opsal, all of Minnesota.


The third annual commencement of the Dental Department of the University of Maryland was held at the Academy of Music, Baltimore, Id., on Tuesday, March 17, 1885.

The reading of the mandamus was by the dean, Professor F. J. S. Gorgas, M.D., D.D.S.,

The annual address was delivered by Professor E. Dorsey Coale, Ph.D.

The number of matriculates for the session was seventy-four.

The degree of D.D.S. was conferred on the following graduates by Hon. S. Teackle Wallis, LL.D., provost of the university:


Madison A. Bailey.......South Carolina.

E. Payson Beadles Virginia.

Henry Clinton Bradford. Virginia.

Claude D. Brown Virginia.

John P. Carlisle South Carolina.

Joseph W. Carter Missouri.

Thomas M. Comegys....Tennessee.

Frank J. Cooke Texas.

Willie Edward Dorset...Virginia.

Joseph Fournier, Jr New York.

Ferdinand Groshans Maryland.

Charles W. Hebhel Maryland.

John W. Helm Maryland.

Charles E. Hill Australia.

Ulysses S. Hougland Indiana.

Clarence H. Howland....D. Columbia.

A. Hersey Howlett Pennsylvania.

Peyton Hundley Virginia.


Eli E. Josselyn, M.D....N. Brunswick.

John S. Kloeber Virginia.

Augustus Matthews North Carolina.

Robert T. MeQuown Virginia.

William P. MeQuown...Virginia.

Will W. Parker Minnesota.

Henry Clay Pitts North Carolina.

Capers D. Perkins Georgia.

James M. Ranson, Jr....West Virginia.

Brooks Rutledge South Carolina.

Charles T. Schaer Maryland.

Wm. Sherman Trapp....Pennsylvania.
Fred. A. Twitchell.......Minnesota.

Albert Wangemann Germany.

Floyd J. Welch Virginia.

William F. Wegge Wisconsin.

Frank Le Eoy Wood....Maine.


The third annual commencement of the Dental Department of the State University of Iowa was held in the Opera House, Iowa City, Iowa, on Monday evening, March 2, 1885.

The annual address was delivered by Hon. John T. Stoneman, and the valedictory by Emory L. Brooks, D.D.S.

The number of matriculates for the session was thirty-five.

The degree of D.D.S. was conferred on the following graduates by President Pickard:


Emory L. Brooks Iowa.

Henry Clemens Iowa.

H. M. Dalzell ...Iowa.

L. K. Fullerton Iowa.

O. E. Fisher Iowa.

H. A. Harlan Iowa.

John P. Hunt Iowa.

J. C. Holland, M.D Iowa.

J. C. Mitten Iowa.

H. M. McAlister Iowa.

J. A. Eoss Iowa.

F. H. Rule Iowa.

H. H. Smith Iowa.

J. L. Small..; Iowa.

0. G. Thomas....: Iowa.

S. R. Wagoner Montana.

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