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ADLER, LEWIS H., Jr., M. D., Philadelphia, Pa.
ANDERS, J. M., M. D., Ph. D., Philadelphia, Pa.
ARNOLD, H. A., M. D., Ardmore, Pa.
AYERS, SAMUEL, Pittsburg, Pa.
BENEDICT, A. L., A. M., M. D., Buffalo, New York.
BENNETT, WILLIAM H., F. R. C. S., Eng., London.
BLAILOCK, W. R., M. D., McGregor, Texas.
BLOOM, I. N., M. D., Louisville, Ky.
BOWEN, A., M. D., Nebraska City, Neb.
BROKAW, A. V. L. M. D., St. Louis, Mo.
BROWER, D. R , M. D., Chicago, Ill.

[Pa. BRYAN, JAY MUSSINA, M. D., Fountain Springs, BUCHANAN, CHARLES M., M. D., Washington,

D. C CAKEY, CHARLES., M. D., Buffalo, N. Y. CARTLEDGE, A. M., M.D., Louisville, Ky. CECIL, J. G., M. D., Louisville, Ky. CHEATHAM, WILLIAM, M. D., Louisville, Ky. CHRYSTIE, T. M. LUDLOW, M. D., New York City. CLINE, LEWIS C., M. D., Indianapolis, Ind. COLTMAN, ROBERT, Jr., M. D. CRANDALL, JONH B., M. D., Sterling, Ill. DABNEY, S. G., M. D., Louisville, Ky. DALAND, JUDSON, M. D., Phila., Pa. DANA, C. L., M. D., New York, DAW BARN, DR, R. H. M., New York, DEAN, GEORGE R., M. D,, Spartanburg, S. C. DERCUM, CLARA T., M. D., Phila., Pa. DOWLING, FRANCIS, M. D., Cincinnati, O. DUNSMOOR, F. b., M. D., Minneapolis, Minn. EASLEY, E. P., M. D., New Albany, Ind. EICHLER, A., M. D., San Francisco, Cal. EVANS, JAMES, M. D., Florence, S.C. FARNSWORTH, P. J., A. M., M. D., Clinton, Iowa. FELL. GEORGE E., M. D., F. R. M. P., Buffalo, N. Y. FREGHAM, DR., Berlin, Germany. GIBSON, GEORGE HOMER, M. D,, Denver, Col. GILLIAM, D, TOD., M. D., Columbus, Ohio. GOGGASS, JAMES A., M. D., Alexander City, Ala. GRATTAN, NICHOLAS, F. R.S. C., Ed. GRUTE, R. H., M. D. HAGGARD, W. D., M, D., Nashville, Tenn. HARKIN, E, H., M. D., India. HOPPEL, T. J., A. M., M. D., Trenton, Tenn. HARRIS, ROBERT, A. M., M. D., Phila., Pa. HIRST, BARTON COOKE, M. D., Phila. Pa. HOBBS, ARTHUR G., M. D., Atlanta, Ga. HOVENT, Dr., Brussels, Belgium. HUGIES, C. H., M. D., St. Louis, Mo. HYDE, 0. A., M, D., New York, N. Y. INGALS, E. FLETCHER, M. D., Chicago, Ill, IRWIN, J. W., M. D., Louisville, Ky. JACKSON, EDWARD, M. D., Philadelphia, Pa. JEWELL, P. M., M.D., Ossian, Iowa.

KELLOG, E. W., M. D., Milwaukee, Wis.
KELLY, HOWARD A., M. D., Baltimore, Md.
KORTE, Dr, W., Berlin, Germany.
LANPHEAR, EMORY, M. D., Ph. D. Kansas City, Mo.
LAY, F. A., M. D., Denver, Col.
LEHLBACH, CHAS., F. J., M, D., Newark, N. J.
•LEONARD, P. I., M. D., St. Joseph, Mo.
LEONHARDI, F., M D., Dresden, Ger.
LINK, W. H., A. M., M. D., Petersburg, Indiana.
LYDSTON, G, FRANK, M. D., Chicago, Ill.
MCKELWAY, GEORGE I., M. D., Phila., Pa.
MANLEY, THOMAS H , M. D., New York, N. Y.
MANY, M. D., M. D., Buffalo, New York.
MANSFIELD, A. D., Baltimore, Md.
MASSEY, G. BETEON, M. D., Phila., Pa,
MATTISON, J. B., M. D., Brooklyn, N. Y.
MONTGOMERY, E. E., M. D., Phila., Pa.
MUNFORD, S. E., M. D., Princeton, Ind.
MYERS, J. D., M, D., Huntington, W. Va.
NORBURY, FRANK PARSONS, M. D.. Jacksonville,

NOTHNAGEL, Prof. H., Vienna, Austria.
OLSHANSEN, ROBERT, M, D., Berlin, Germany.
PARK, ROSWELL, M. D., Buffalo, New York.
PETER, ROBERT, M. D., ( oal Dover, Ohio.
PHELPS, A. M., M. D., New York, N. Y.
PRICE, JOSEPH, A. M., M. D., Pbila., Pa.
PRYOR, J. E., M. D., Ocean City, N. J.
RENDU, Dr., Paris, France.
RIKER, J, D., B. L., M. D., Pontiac, Mich.
ROBINSON, FRED BYRON, B. S., M. D., Chicago,

ROCKWELL, A. D., M. D., New York, N. Y.
RODGERS, MARK A., M. D., Allegheny, Pa.
ROSS, ALICE MAC L., M. D., Swatow, China,
SIMPSON, A.R., M. D., Edinburgh, Scotland.
SHAFFER, J, M., M. D., Koekuk, Iowa.
SHAW, CHARLES S., M. D., Pittsburg, Pa.
STIMPSON, A. O., M. D., C. M., Thompson, Pa.
STOCKTON, CHAS. G., M. D., Buffalo, N. Y.
SWAIN, HENRY S., M.D., New Haven, Conn.
TOWER, FRANKLYN J., M. D., Milwaukee, Wis.
TOWLER, S. C., M. D., Marienville, Pa.
VEASEY, C. A., M. D., Philadelphia, Pa.
WARREX, A. E., M. D., Girard, Ohio.
WILEY, P. N., M. D., Norristown, Pa.
WILLIAMS, D. H., M. D., Knoxille, Tenn.
WILSON, H. AUGUSTUS, M. D., Phila., Pa.
YOUNG, W. B., M. D., Bon Air Coal Mines, Tenn.



lof L.C

Abdominal-Growths, 764.

Massage, 423.
Tumors, Supposed to be Ovarian, Goggans, 179.

Wound, Spontaneous Cure of, 434.
Abortion-A Landmark of Gynæcology, Robinson, 608.

Chlorate of Potash in Habitual, 635.
Its Treatment, Webb, 1043.
Missed, 595, 1026.

Treatment of, 570.
Abscesses—In Medulla Oblongata, 309.

In Pneumonia, Artificial Production of, 470.
Acetonæmia, 71.
Aconite, Crystalized Nitrate of, 347.
Acute Cerebral Meningitis Subsequent to Spontaneous

Abortion, 850.
Acute Oophoritis as a Sequel of Influenza, 314.
Addison's Diseases, 428.
Adenoid Tumors, Statistics of, 312.
Adenoid Vegetation, Symptoms Produced, 117.
Adler, Lewis H., Jr., 450, 927.
Adulterators, Punished, 319.
Esophageal Divertioulum, Excision of, 548.
A Few Notable Remedies, Munford, 261.
After Pains. Amyl Nitrate for, 608,
Agnew, D. Hayes, Biography of, 120.
Albumin, Reagent for, 199.
Albuminira-To Psyehoses, Relation of, 472.

As Means of Diagnosis, 676.
Alcohol. Its Value in Diseases (Prize Essays), 597.
Alcoholism-And its Treatment by Strychnine, 79).

Insomnia öf, 633.

Treated by Dr *8, 702. Alopecia Areata, 5..

Therapeutic Note on, 108. Alum in Drinking Water, Delicate Test for, 40. Amenorrhoea, 596. American “Crowbar and Skull Case,” 936. American Dermatological Association, 319. American Electro Therapeutic Association, 479. Amputated Limbs, Ownership of, 160. Anal Fissure-or Irritable Ulcer of the Rectum, the Treatment of, Adler, 927.

and Rectal Stricture, 317. Analin Stains, To Remove from the Skin, 32. Anæthesia, Local, 633. Anästhetics in Obstetrios, The Value of, 909. Anders, J. M., 361. An Educational Need, Price, 819. Animal Diphtheria, To Man, On the Contagion of, 747. Animal Tissues, Extracts of. 160. Ankylostomiasis, The Beriberi of Assam, 194. Antifebrin, Poisoning by, 749 Antinervine (salicylbromanilide), 348. Antipyrine, 109.

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And Eupborine, 80.
Blackening of the Teeth, by, 831, 311.

In Epistaxis, 781.
Anti-Rheumatic, 110,
Intiseptic Mixtures, 155, 347, 633,
Antiseptics And Bebavior toward Salivary Digestion,


Antisepsis in Ophthalmology, 354.
Aphthous Stomatis, Etiology of, 478.
Apostolis Methods, 826.
Appendicitis-Pathognomonic Signs of Perforating,
Masked and Complicated by Ovarian Adhesions,

McKelway, 602.
Treatment of, 832.

And McBurney, 678, 387, 594,
Aristol and Europhen, Eichler, 53.
Arteries, Torsion of, 517.
Arsenic as a Prophylactic, 1017.
A Source of Danger, 873.
Asphyxia-In New-born Children, 115.

In the New-born, Treatment of, 36.
Ascites in Women, 77.
Association of Hospital Physicians and Surgeons of

Philadelphia, 320.
Asthma, 572.

Mechanical Treatment of, 307.
(Hay), Eupborbia Piluligera in, 307.
Its Intra-Nasal Origin and Surgical Treatment,

Swain, 287.
Atheromata, Treatment of, 146.
Atractylis Gummifora, Poisoning by, 73.
Atrophic Rhinitis, The Etiology of, 828.
Atrophine and Morphine, 543.

As a Hemostatic, 629.

As a Hæmostatic, 309.
Aural-Catheter Steam Sterilizer, 549.

Retractor, 146.
Avine Tubercle versus Human Tubercle, 198.
Ayres, Samuel, 18.
Bacillus of Typhoid Fever and Bacillus Coli Mon-

nanis (distraction between,) 356.
Bacteria of Melons, 398.
Bacteriological Notes, 700, 620, 735.
Beef Juice, 867.
Beef and Fish, Digisti Vility of, 871,
Belladonna in First Stage of Labor, 358.
Benedict, A. L., 573.
Bennett, William H., 481,
Beri Beri. Pathogenesis of, 349.
Biliary Duct-Catheterization of, 592. 435.
B liary Passages, Catheterism of, 433.
Bishop, Louis, rangeres,
Bismuth-Bepgoateg, 479

Sub-nitrate in Burns-New Mode of Employ.

ment, 829.
Bicyclists. Catarrhal Laryngitis of, 596.
Black, Carl E., 991.
Black Eye, 789.
Bladder, Rupture of, 550.
Blailock, W. R, 679.
Blood-Changes in, 711.

Exuminog specemins of, 557.
In Puerperal Seps 8, 157.
Specific gravity of, 34.
Ciot Treatment of Aneurism and Hæmorrhoids,





Davis and Keating, Mother and Child, 989.
Dapa, Text-Book of Nervous Diseases, 904.
Ewart, Cardiac Outlines for Clinical Clerks and Practi.

tioners, and First Principles in the Physical Ex-

amination of the Heart, for the Beginner, 528.
Epitomized Review of Principles and Practice of

Maritine Sanitation, 421.
Fuch's Text-Book of Ophthalmology, 828.
Hayt, Obstetrics, 674.
Ingalls, Diseases of the Chest, Throat and Nasal Cavi-

ties, 904.
Irwin, Hydrotherapy at Saratoga, 628.
Introduction to the Antiseptive Treatment of Wounds,

Keating, etc., International Clinics, 989.
Jackson, The Ready Reference Handbook of Diseases

of the Skin, 747.
James, Alaskana or Alaska in Description and Legen-

dary, 828.
Keen, an American Text-Book of Surgery, 989.
Kenner, Contributions of Physicians to English and

American Literature, 628.
Lydston, Gonorrhea and its Treatment, 674.

Bloom, I. N., 454.
Bone Grafting, successful case, 40.

BOOK Notices.
Allen, Mastoid Operations, Including its History, Ana-

tomy and Pathology, 828.
Adler, Fissue of the Anus and Fistula in Ano, 904.
Annual Report Philadelphia Bureau of Health, 990.
Brainard, Medical Society of Wisconsin, 378.
Billings, Public Scandal A, 989.
Beach, Histology, Pathology and Bacteriology, 904.
Bulkley, Acne and Alopecia, 828, 904.
Bell, A Manual of the Operations of Surgery. 628.
Brockway, Anatomy, 904.
Billings, A Public Scandal, 828.
R. Blanchard, Surles Estricles Americans, 628.
Brateuabl, Gynecology, 674.
Mrs Sawyer, Souvenir of Asheville or Sky Land, 828.
Miller, etc., Diseases of Eye, Ear and Throat, 989.
Miller, Die Mikroorganismen der Mundhable, 989.
Materia Medica and Therapeutics, Including Whole

Remedies of British Pharmacopæia and Appendix,

Mental Diseases, 674.
Medical and Surgical Gynecology, 191.
Medical News Visiting List, 1893, 904.
Medical and Dental Register, Directory and Intelli-

gence of Pa., N. J. and Del., 628.
McNutt, Disease of the Kidney and Bladder, 789.
Matthews, A Treatise on Diseases of the Rectum, 989.
Manual of the Operations of Surgery, 674.
Mitchell, Characteristics, 674.
Nolte Lewis G., Milwaukee, Wis.
One Thousand Prescriptions, 990.
Park, Roswell, Prof., Buffalo, N. Y., 23.
Pan-American Medical Congress, 539.
Physicians' Visting List, 1893, 990.
Practical Midwifery, 146.
Principles and Practice of Bandaging, 674.
Pronouncing Dictionary of Medicine, 513.
Proceedings of the Fourth State Sanitary Convention

of Pennsylvania, 990.
Physicians' Pocket Diary, 990.
Physicians Complete Book of Records, 706.

roceedings of Philadelphia County Medical Society
Pfor 1891, Vol. XII, 674.
Peddie, a Manual of Physics, 747.
Page, R. C. M., Practice of Medicine, 29.
Rhodes, Diseases of Children, Students' Quiz Series,

Stevens, a Manual of the Practice of Medicine, 989.
Solis-Cohen, Essentials of Diagnosis, 628.
Senn, Tuberculosis of Bones and Joints, 747.
Seiffert, Consumption and Kochine, Original Observa-

tions and Reports Based on Individual Experience,

Science and Art of Midwifery, 385.
Local Boards of Health, 990.
Transactions of the American Otological Society, 990.
Text-Book of Diseases of the Skin, Shoemaker, 674.
Varicocele and Its Treatment, 275.
Wilson, Handbook of Hygiene and Sanitary Science,

Wharton, Henry R., Philadelphia.
Chadwick, Temperment, Disease and Health, 628.
Cancer and its I'reatment, Daniel, 30.
Cathell, Book on the Physician Himself, 628.
Currier, Jno. M., Newport, Vt.
Canfield, Hygiene of Sick-room, 749, 943.
Chapman, A Manual of Medical Juris-prudence and

Toxicology, 789.
Cerebran, Meningitis, 345.
Diseases of Urinary Apparatus, Phegmatic Affections,

Doubleday, Practice of Medicine, 674.
G. E. de Schweinitz, Diseases of the Eye, 72.
Davenport, Diseases of Women, 747, 942.
Davis the Physicians' Leisure Library, 904.
Davis, Diseases of the Lungs, Heart and Kidneys, 942,


Borland, E. B., 332.
Boorel Occlusion, Dean, 885.
Bowen, A., 225.
Brain Abscess resulting from Suppuration Otitis

Media, 908.
Breast-Excision of, 115.

Milk, Examination of, 439.
Bright's Disease, otrontium Salts in, 629.
Brokaw, A. V. L. 922.
Bromide of Ethyl Narorosis, 347.
Browers, D. R. 95.
Bryan, Jay Mussina, 331,
Buchanan, Charles M., 468, 884.
Buboes— Treatment of by Injection of Iodoformized
Vaseline, 32.

By Welanders Method, Abortive Treatment of,
Buffalo Lithia Water in the Treatment of Renal

Calculi, 910.
Burns, Complication and Death after. 552.

Cæsarean Section, 436.

In Extremis and After Death, 36.
In Placenta Iravæa, 670.

Technique of, 713.
Caluclus from Vermiforn Appendis, Pemoval of, 508.
Calomel-As a Diuritic, 623. .S

Injections, Mode of Action of, 947.
Calumba, Tincture of, Action and Use of, 32.
Campbor, New Solvent of, 40.
Camphorated Oil, Action of, 73.

In Relation to Insanity, 457.
Transmission of, 239.
Of Vagina, 159.

Uterine, 667.
Cannabis Indica, 637.
Casut Coli, Inflammation About the Lydston, 757.
Carbolic Acid Poisoning, 513.
Carcinoma-Transmissibility of, 79,

Of Brain, Secondary to that of Breast, 546.

Of Breast, recurrence of, 110.
Cardiac Disease, Dietic Treatment of, 149.
Carricura Pigeons and Vaccination, 455.
Carteledge, A. M., 652.
Caster Oil, 778.

Aromatie, 147.
Catgut-Evils of, 792.

Sutures, 978.
Catheter, Straight Tube the Simplest, 908.

Fixation of, 1023.
Catheterism in the Female, 978.
Cavazzani's Antiseptic Powder, 188.
Celluloid Buttons, Danger of, 358.

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