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Batteau Island, in the river St. Lawrence, above Bearded Island.

Batture Grand, on the Ottawa river, below the Portage du Chêne.

Bayham Township, in the county Middlesex, lies between Malahide and Houghton.

Bearded Island, in the river St. Lawrence, above lake St. Francis.

Beaucharnois Isle, in the north-easterly part of lake Superior, not a great way from the shore, and eastward of Isle Hocquart.

Beaver Creek rises in the township of Caistor, and, running through part of Gainsborough, empties itself into the Welland, to which river it runs close, and nearly parallel, for almost four miles, before it discharges itself into the river.

Beaver Creek, in the township of Humberstone, runs into lake Erie, west of Row's Point.

Beaver Creek runs into lake Superior, on the north side, between river Aupie and river Rouge.

Beaver River empties itself into the Narrows, a little below the Falls of St. Mary's, running from north to south.

Bedford Township, in the county of Frontenac, to the north of Loughborough and Pittsburg, and east of Hinchinbroke.

Belle River runs into lake St. Clair, to the eastof river aux Puces, and is navigable for boats some way up.

Bertie Township is on the west side of Niagara river, in the county of Lincoln; it lies south of Willoughby, and open to lake Erie.

Beverly Township, in the West Riding of the county of York, lies west of Flamborough, and opposite to Dundas-street.

Biche, Marais à la, empties itself into lake Ontario, at the north-east part of the township of Grantham, · Binbrook Township, in the county of Lincoln, is situated between Saltfleet, Glandford, and Caistor.

Black Bay, on the north shore of lake Superior, lies a little east of Isle de Minatte, and west of Shanguenac.

Black Creek, in the county of Lincoln, discharges itself into the river Niagara, in the township of Willoughby, some miles above Chippewa.

Blandford Township, in the West Riding of the county of York, lies to the northward of Dundasstreet, opposite to Oxford, and is washed by the Thames.

Blenheim Township, in the West Riding of the county of York, lies to the northward of Dundasstreet, opposite Burford.

Block Townships, or the Townships of the Six Nations, are numbered 1, 2, 3, and 4; they are situated on the river Ouse, or Grand River, and in the West Riding of the County of York.

Bodét, Pointe au, on the north shore of lake St. Francis, is in Monsieur de Longueïl's seigniory, and a little to the east of the cove, in which is the boundary between the provinces of Upper and Lower Canada.

Bodêt, River au, runs through part of the town

ship of Lancaster, and empties itself into lake St. Francis, east of Pointe au Bodêt.

Bois Blanc Island. This island lies east of Rocky Island (in the strait between lake Erie and lake St. Clair) but a little lower down, and close in with the east shore; it contains from 150 to 200 acres of good land; but little or no marsh; it is covered with wood, chiefly white wood. The common ship channel is between it and the east shore, which is narrow, and forms the best harbour in this country. From the situation of this island, it entirely commands the Detroit river, from lake Erie; at its upper end appear to be good situa. tions for water-mills. A wider ship-channel is on the west side of the island, but not so much fre. quented. The garrison of Amherstburgh, being on the east shore, in Malden, furnishes a small detachment to Bois Blanc.

Bonne Chere, Riviere de la, runs into the Ot. tawa River above the river Matavaaschie, west of the Radeau.

Bowen's Creek runs into the bay of Quinté, just below the Mohawk settlement, and near to John's island.

Brant's Village, or the Mohawk village, Grand River.

Bristol, now called the township of Darlington.

Burford Township, in the London district, lies between Windham and Dundas-street,

Burgess Township lies to the northward of the township of Bastard.


Cabot's Head is very a large promontory running into lake Huron, west of Gloucester, or Matchedash bay, and embays a large part of that lake at its easternmost extremity, stretching itself towards the Manitou islands.

Caistor Township, in the county of Lincoln, lies between Binbrook and Gainsborough, and is watered by the river Welland.

Grand Calumet, on the Ottawa river, on the south side, above the Portage de Montagne.

Caledonia Township, in the county of Prescott, is on the south, and in the rear of Longueïl's seigniory, ascending the Ottawa, or Grand river.

Calumet, Pointe au, on lake Superior, on the north shore, the first point west of river du Chêne, between which places the coast, consisting of perpendicular rocks, is dangerous.

Cambridge Township, in the county of Stormont, lies to the south, and in the rear of Clarence.

Camden East, the township of, in the midland district, lies northerly of Ernest-town.

Camden Township, in the county of Kent, called also Camden West, lies on the north side of the river Thames, opposite to Howard.

Canada, or the province of Quebec. By the Royal Proclamation of the 7th of October, 1763, this province was bounded on the east by the river St. John, and from thence, by a line drawn from

the head of that river through lake St. John, to the south end of lake Nipissing ; from whence the line, crossing the river St. Lawrence and lake Champlain in the 45th parallel of north latitude, passes along the high lands which divide the rivers that empty themselves into the river St. Lawrence, from those which fall into the sea ; and also along the north coast of the Baye de Chaleurs, and the coast of the Gulf of St. Lawrence to Cape des Rosiers; and from thence, crossing the mouth of the river St. Lawrence, by the west end of the island of Anticosti, terminates at the river St. John.

An Act of Parliament passed in 1774, has removed the northern and western limits of the

province of Quebec, adding to its jurisdiction all the lands comprised between the northern bounds of New York, the western line of Pennsylvania, the Ohio, the Mississippi, and the southern boundaries of Hudson's Bay Company.

Canada Upper, commences at a stone boundary on the uorth bank of the lake St. Francis, at the cove west of Pointe au Bodệt, in the limit between the township of Lancaster and the seigniory of New Longueïl; running along the said limit in the direction of north thirty-four degrees west, to the westernmost angle of the seigniory of New Longueïl ; thence along the north-western boundary of the seigniory of Vaudreuil, running north 25 degrees east, until it strikes the Ottawa river, and ascends by it into lake Tomis. canning; and from the head of that lake by a line

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