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Between the principal Places, &c. in UPPER CANADA; and their Bearings, nearly, by the Magnet,

Grand River, where it intersects Dundas-street. | 139 150 104 212 22

Head of Lake Ontario. | 30 109 179 133 183 it

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Hungry Bay. 178 208 82 355 308 20 178

Kingston. | 28 175 204 92 354 308






Lake Simcoe.151 | 163 62 120 221 | 180161 | 62

Lake St. Clair. 194 321 321 148 119 244 9 14 329 140
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respectively, as for example :-

From Oswegatchie to Detroit is 412 miles, the former bearing east by north À north, the latter south-west and west west, from York.

From London to York is 107 miles, on a course west-south-west,




Abino Creek, in the county of Lincoln, empties itself into lake Erie, in the township of Bertie, at the head of the bay, east of Point Abino.

Abino Point, in the township of Bertie, on lake Erie, is nine or ten miles west of Fort Erie.

Addington and Lenox County, is bounded on the east by the county of Frontenac, on the south by lake Ontario, and on the west by the county of Hastings. This county comprehends all the islands nearest to it; it sends, in conjunction with Hastings and Northumberland, one representative to the provincial parliament.

Adolphus Town is situated in the bay of Quinté; it is bounded southerly, westerly, and northerly, by the waters of the bay ; and easterly by the township of Fredericksburgh in the midland district. The courts of general quarter-sessions of the peace are holden here annually, the second Tuesday in January and July.

Adolphus Town, the township of, in the county of Lenox, lies to the westward of Fredericksburgh, in the bay of Quinté.

Aldborough Township, in the county of Suffolk,

lies to the westward of Dunwich; it is washed by the Thames on the north, and by lake Erie on the south.

Alempignon Lake lies to the northward of lake Superior, and between it and the mountains which bound the Hudson's Bay Company, and New South Wales to the southward. It contains several small islands, and is about the size of lake Nipis. sing.

Alfred Township, in the county of Glengary, is the third township in ascending the Ottowa river,

Alnwick Township, in the county of Northumberland, lies in the rear and north of Haldimand,

Allumettes des, on the Ottawa river, above the Rapids, which are higher than riviere du Nord.

Alured Cape, in the township of Clarke, north side of lake Ontario.

Ameliasburgh Township, in the county of Prince Edward, is the westernmost township of that county, bounded by the carrying place, which leads from the head of the bay of Quinté to lake Ontario, and is washed by the waters of the bay and the lake.

Amherstburgh, the military post and garrison at the mouth of Detroit river, in the township of Malden,

Amherst Island, formerly called Isle Tonti, contains about 16,000 acres ; it lies opposite to Ernest-townand part of Fredericksburgh, in lake Ontario, towards the entrance of the bay of Quinté.

Amikoues, river of the, runs into lake Huron

from the north shore, east of the Missassaga river.

Ancaster Township lies to the southward of Dundas-street, and is bounded on the east by Barton and Glanford.

Angousoka River, now called the Shannon, empties itself into the bay of Quinté.

Annequionchecom Lake, one of the lakes on the communication between the Rice lake and lake Simcoe.

Ann's St. Island, in lake Superior, lies to the southward of Isle Hocquart.

Apostles, the Twelve, lie off the southern cape, which makes West bay, in lake Superior.

Appannee River, running through the front of the township of Camden, divides Fredericksburgh from Richmond, and empties itself into the bay of Quinté, at the Mohawk settlement.

Atokas, River aux, runs into lake Ontario, west of York, and the river Humber. The mouth of this river is the boundary between the Missassaga lands and the East Riding of the county of York. It is now generally called the Etobicoke.

Attica Bay, on the south side of the Ottawa river, in Monsieur de Longueïl's seigniory, lies at the mouth of the river of the same name.

Attica, River au, runs into the Ottawa river, in Monsieur de Longueïl's seigniory.

Augusta Township, in the county of Grenville, is the eighth township in ascending the river St. Lawrence.



Bachouanan Rider, empties itself into the easterly part of lake Superior, about half way between the falls of St. Mary and Red River.

Barbue Point, on the river St. Lawrence, about a mile and a half above the lower end of the fourth township.

Barbue River, now called the Orwell.

Baril, Isles du, in the river St. Lawrence, lie in front of the township of Elizabeth Town.

Baril, Pointe au, on the river St. Lawrence, above Osweigatchie, and higher than the shipyards.

Barque, Isle de , is a small island in lake Ontario, lying rather further out, and pretty near to the Isle de Quinté.

Barrier Point, the west point, where the river Petite Nation empties itself into the Ottawa.

Barton Township, in the county of Lincoln, lies west of Saltfleet, and fronts Burlington bay.

Bass Cove, in Adolphus town, bay of Quinté, lies northward of Perch Cove.

Bass Island, in the bay of Quintê, lies off, near to the townplot, in Adolphus town.

Bass Islands, a group of islands at the west end of lake Erie, situated between the Western Sister and Cunningham's Island.

Bastard Township lies in the rear, and to the northward of Lansdown and Leeds.

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