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is situated between the town and the river Don. Vessels of all sizes may be conveniently built here, and a kind of terrace or second bank, in front of the town, affords an excellent situation for a rope walk. The remains of the old French fort Toronto stands a little to the westward of the present garrison, and the river Huniber discharges itself into lake Ontario, about two miles and a half west of that ; on this river and the Don are excellent mills, and all the waters abound in fish. In winter the harbour is frozen, and affords excellent ice for the amusement of northern countries, driving in trai. neaus. The climate of York is temperate, and well sheltered from the northerly winds by the high lands in the rear. The Yonge-street leads from hence to lake Sinicoe, and the Dundas-street crosses the rear of the town.

York Township is in the east riding of the coun. ty of York, and lies to the west of Scarborough, having the river Humber for its western limit; its front is principally occupied by a long sandy beach, which forms the harbour. The rest of the township in front is open to lake Ontario.

Sketch of the Length and Circumference of the following Lakes in Upper Canada, by Estimation.

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Table of Latitudes and Longitudes, from the

information hitherto received.

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42 Ditto River's Mouth| 41 Erie Fort

42 Grand Remou

44 Kingston

44 Landguard

42 Long Point carry

41 ing-place Michilimackinac 45 Michigan Lake

41 south end Manitou Islands 44 Niagara Oswego

43 Ontario, Lake,

43 head of, St. Regis

45 York




43 15 47

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Sketch of the Islands in the following Lakes of

Upper Canada.

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Lake Erie

Bass Islands
Isle Bois Blanc
Isle Celeron
Cunningham's Island
East Sister
Grosse Island
Middle Island
Middle Sister
St. George's Island
Ship Island
Turtle Island
West Sister

Lake Huron

La Cloche
Duck Islands
Flat Islands
Grosse Isle
Isle Traverse
Manitou Islands
Prince William's Island
St. Joseph's Island

Amherst Island
Isle la Barque
Carleton Island

Lake Ontario ..


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Isle de Petit Cataraqui
Cedar Island
Isle Cauchois
Isle au Cochan
Isle du Chêne
Duck Islands
Duck Islands
Isle la Force, or la Forté
Isle au Forêt

Gage Island
Lake Ontario... Grand Isle

Gull Island
Howe Island
Nicholas Island
Orphan Island
Isle de Quinté
Isle Tonti
Petite Isle Tonti
Isle aux Tourtes
Wolfe Island
Wapoose Island 101
Island Chenal Ecarte

Harsen's Island
Lake St. Clair Hay Island

Peach Island

Thompson's Island

bilan Isle Grange Lake Superior. Isle de Minatte

DI Michipicoten

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