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By Veniso_b.c, out of Odessa, 93, 100, 198, 303

- b, c, out of Folly, 93, 95
– br. f, out of Victoria, 107, 133, 303, 311

b. f, out of Margellina, 107, 128, 300, 303, 311

b. f. out of Wedlock, 107, 300
- b. f, out of Sherbet, 131, 277
b. f. out of Bellissima, 291, 299, 299, 311

b. f. out of Fanny Callaghan, 300

- b. f. out of Wadastra, 300, 331
By VerULAM-b. c. out of Cruiskeen, 39, 45, 52, 133, 165

b.f. out of Zelinyra, 39,-165

ch. c. out of Zulima, 39, 44, 45, 133, 165

- ch. c. out of Brandy Bet, 39, 45, 165
By Vigo, Coronation, or WILLINGHAM-b. c. out of President's

dam, 277
By Voltaire-b.c, out of Mecca, 38, 47, 48, 52, 55, 94

br. f. out of Macremma, 42, 43, 49
br. c. out of Silistria, 44
br. c. out of Marmora, 44
b.c. out of Velveteen, 46, 47, 52, 94
br. f. out of Amy, 49, 52

br. c. out of Valance, 55, 94, 100
Wensleydale, b, f. by The Doctor, out of Florence, 39, 132, 165,

209, 210
Wensleydale, br. c. by Inheritor, out of Misconception, 166, 210
Westow, b. c. by Melbourne, dam by Muley Moloch, grandam,

Teetotum's dam, 163
White Lady, The, b, f. by Touchstone, out of Lady of Silverkeld

Well, 45
Windermere, b.c, by Lanercost, out of Eborina, 166
Wrestler, The, ch. c. by Gladiator, dam by Pantaloon, 268, 332



At Wheelock House, near Sandbach, in Cheshire, one mile from Sand

bach Station on the Manchester and Birmingham Railway, ACCIDENT ; thorough-bred mares at 10gs, and 10s. to the groom;

half-bred, at 5gs, and 5s. to the groom. Groom's fee to be paid down, and remainder and all expenses, previous to the mares being removed.

Accident stands 16 hands 14 inches high, sound constitution, and good temper, dark brown, and full of bone. He is sire of Intrepid, Romance, and several very promising colts. He was got by Camel, his dam, Miss Breeze, by Phantom, out of Breeze, by SoothsayerBlowing, by Buzzard, &c. He has had no thorough-bred mares except his owner's.

Hay and grass for mares and foals at 9s. per week ; barren mares, 8s. Corn, if required, at market price.

At Mr Isaac Sadler's, Stockbridge, ARCHY will serve 'mares this season at 5gs, and 5s. to the groom ; half-bred mares 3gs.

Archy is seven years old, got by Camel, out of Garcia, by Octavian, her dam by Shuttle, grandam by Delpini, &c. It will be observed that Archy is nearly allied in blood to the celebrated mare Crucifix, the latter's dam being by Octavian, her dam by Shuttle, and grandam by Delpini, &c.

Garcia, the dam of Archy, is also the dam of Archibald, the winner of the 2000gs stakes at Newmarket; of Malibran, the dam of Ionian and Queen Ann, the winner of the July stakes in 1845.

Archy is a remarkably fine horse, 16 hands high, short legs, with immense muscle and bone, and was a very good For particulars, see Book Calendar, 1842.

All expenses to be paid before the mares are taken away,



At Farnboro', AUCKLAND, by subscription, forty mares, besides two of his owner's, at 10gs a mare (groom's fee included). His stock are remarkably fine.

Every accommodation for mares and foals at 9s. per. week. Corn, &c. at market price.

All expenses to be paid before the mares are taken away.

Farnboro' is 31 miles from London, and easy of access from Winchester, Basingstoke, Ascot, Epsom, &c. and is a quarter of a mile from the Station.

When the subscription is full, it will be notified in the Racing Calendar.

. At Mr Harvey's Veterinary Establishment, Bath, BARNACLES, by Cain, dam by Bourbon, out of Tobosa, by Don

Quixote; thorough-bred mares, gratis, groom's fee excepted; halfbred, 3gs, and 5s. to the groom. He is a dark chesnut horse, 16 hands high, with capital feet and legs, and without exception is one of the finest-tempered animals in existence. His stock are very promising.

All expenses to be paid before the mares are taken away.

At the Turf Tavern, Doncaster,
BAY MIDDLETON, at 10 sov. a mare, and 1 sov. to the groom.

Bay Middleton, in 1843 and 1844, got more winners than any other sire in the empire, except Muley Moloch ; and in 1845, except Sheet Anchor and Velocipede; and, with the single exceptions of Touchstone in 1843, and of Slane in 1845, and without any exception in 1844, his progeny have won more money than the stock of any other horse. Princess Alice, Ennui, Joy, Midlothian, Planet, Projectile, Archness, King of Morven,, Villiers, Gabo bler, Jollity, &c. are some of his progeny which have successfully appeared as winners during the past season.

Also, JOHN O'GAUNT, at 8 sov. a mare (groom's fee included); half-bred mares at 3gs.

He is a dark chesnut horse, nearly 16 hands high, with great depth and symmetry, a fine head, and altogether very handsome. He was got by Taurus, out of Mona, by Partisan, and while in training won and received forfeit 23 times at various distances. His action and temper are particularly good.

The money to be paid before the mares are taken away, and those not previously paid for to be sold by public auction at Doncaster races, to defray the expenses.

Mares at 9s, a week for hay and grass. Corn, if ordered, at the usual price.

Apply to Mr W. Cunningham, stud-groom, at the Turf Tavern.

At Mr Lucas's, Lutterworth, Leicestershire, BELZONI; thorough-bred mares at 10gs, and 5s. to the groom, half-bred mares, 3gs, and 5s. to the groom.

Belzoni is own brother to Belshazzar He is a brown horse, with immense size and power, was got by Blacklock, out of Manuella (the dam of Memnon) by Dick Andrews, grandam, Mandane (the dam of Lottery, Brutandorf, Altisidora, &c.) Good accommodation for mares and foals. All expenses to be paid before the mares are taken away.

At the Lodge, Wentworth, CAMEL, by Camel, out of Velocity (sister to Velocipede) at 10 sov.

thorough-bred mares, and 21. 10s. half-bred mares. SWINTON, by Mulatto, out of Ringlet, by Whisker; at 5 sov. tho.

rough bred mares, and 21. 10s. half-bred mares. ROSSOUL KHAN at 21. 10s. thorough-breil and half-bred mares.

Mulatto will not cover any mares but those of his owner this season,

At Willesden Paddocks, CHARLES THE TWELFTH, at 15gs each mare, and one guinea to the groom.

He is by Voltaire, out of Wagtail (the dam of M'Adam, Laurel, Belinda, &c. &c.) by Prime Minister - Orville-Weasel, &c. &c. He won nineteen times, beating the best horses of the day. He is 16 hands high, of great power, dark brown; his stock are very promising, racing-like, and strong.

He is an untried stallion ; his yearlings sold this year at Doncaster at higher prices than those of any other stallion.

Also, OAKLEY ; thorough-bred mares at 10gs, and one guinea to the groom half-bred mares 5gs and a half.

Oakley was got by Taurus, out of Oak-apple, by Royal Oak, dam, Mona, by Partisan-Patriot-King Fergus, &c. &c.

He won 31 times up to 1846, amounting to 5,0001. beating the best horses in England.

He is a beautiful bay, with black legs, 16 hands high, with great length and substance. He is an untried stallion.

Also, RATCATCHER; thorough-bred mares at 8gs, and one guinea to the groom ; half-bred mares, 5gs, and half a guinea to the groom.

Ratcatcher is by Langar, out of Rufina (sister to Velocipede). He is sire of Dog Billy, Molecatcher, &c. &c.

He was a stout runner, having won 24 times, at all distances. He is a sure foal getter, and his stock large, with fine action.

At the same place, upwards of forty mares, covered by Charles the Twelfth, Venison, Coronation, The Colonel, Ratcatcher, Bay Middleton, Melbourne, and Sir Hercules ; besides many colts and fillies, foals of this year, out of the above mares.

Every accommodation for mares, at 12s. per week; corn at the market price, if required.

For further particulars, apply to Messrs Tattersall and Son, Hyde Park Corner.

Willesden Paddocks are 4 miles and three quarters from London, on the left-hand side of the road to Edgware.

COTHERSTONE, by subscription, forty mares, besides those which

are the property of his owner, at 15 sov. a mare (groom's fee included).

The money and all expenses to be paid before the mares are taken away.

Mares, with or without foals, at 10s. a week for hay and grass. Corn, if ordered, at the market price.

Persons wishing to become subscribers are to apply to Mr John Elliot, Althorp, Northampton, from whom any other information may be obtained.

At Easby Abbey, near Richmond, Yorkshire. CLARION; thorough-bred mares at 5gs each, and 10s. to the groom; other mares 2gs, and 5s. to the groom.

Clarion was foaled in 1836, is got by Sultan, out of Clara, by Filho da Puta-Clari by Smolensko-Precipitate-Highflyer, &c.

He was a very good runner, having won at all ages from two to five years old, and amongst other races carried off the Cesarewitch at Newmarket, when 4 years old with 8st. 4ib. beating Bloomsbury, 4 years, 9st. and 17 other competitors.

The thorough-bred stock of Clarion, which will make their first appearance during the ensuing season on the turf, as two years old, are exceedingly promising; and as a stallion for half-bred mares it need only be remarked that he obtained the first prize of 30gs for

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