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unto Simon, Lanch out into to Jesus Christ, were baptized

the deep, and let down your into his death? Therefore we 3 nets for a draught. And Simon are buried with him by baptilin

answering, said unto him, Ma- into death : that like as Christ fter, we have toiled all the was raised up from the dead by night, and have taken nothing; the glory of the Father, even io nevertheless, at thy word I will we also should walk in newness let down the net." And when of life. For if we have been they had this done, they enclo- planted together in the likeness fed a great multitude of fishes; of his death, we shall be also in. and their nec brake. And they the likeness of his resurrection :

beckned unto their partners Knowing this, that our old man 를

which were in the other ship, is crucified with him, that the that they should come and help body of fin might be destroythem. And they came and filled ed, that henceforth we should both the ships, so that they be- not serve fin. For he that is gan to fink. When Simon Pe dead, is freed from fin. Now ter saw it, he fell down at Jesus if we be dead with Christ, we knees, saying, Depart from me, believe that we shall also live

for I am a finful man, O Lord with him; knowing that Christ 7. For he was astonished, and all being raised from the dead, di1' that were with him, at the eth no more ; death hath no

draught of the fishes which more dominion over him. For

they had taken : and so was in that he died, he died unto 1 allo James and John, the fons fin once : but in that he liveth,

of Zebedee, who were partners he liveth unto God. Likewise with Simon. And Jesus said un- reckon ye also your selves to be

to Simon, Fear not, from hence. dead indeed unto fin: but alive & forth thou shalt catch men. unto God, through Jesus Chrift B And when they had brought our Lord.

their ships to land, they for The Gospel. S. Matth. 5. 20. sook all, and followed him. Esus said unto his disciplesy,

J Except your righteoufners The fixth Sunday after Trinity. Tall exceed the righteousness The Collečt.

of the scribes and Pharisees, ye God, who haft prepared shall in no case enter into the

for them that love thee, kingdom of heaven. Ye have. 1

such good things as pass mans heard that it was said by them. understanding ; Pour into our of old 'time, Thou Nialt not kill :

hearts such love toward thee, and whosoever shall kill, shall o that we loving thee above all be in danger of the judgment.

things, may obtain thy promi, But I say unto you, that whom Bres, which exceed all that we foever is angry with his bro..

can desire through Jesus Christ ther without a cause, fall be our Lord. Amen.

in danger of the judgment:and The Epiftle. Rom. 6. 3. whosoever Diall say to his bro.. Now ye nos, that so many ther, Racha, shall be in danger

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Thall say, Thou fool, shall be become servants co God, ye
in danger of licll-fire. There- have your fruit unto holineis,
fore if thou bring thy gift to and the end everlasting life.
the altar, and there remem- For the wages of sin is death :
brest that thy brother hath but the gite of God is eternal:
ought a ainst thee; leave there life, through Jesus Christ our :
thy gift before the altar, and Lord.
go thy way, first be reconciled

The Gospel. S. Mark 8. 1. to thy

brother, and then come N those days the multitude and offer thy gift. Agree with thine adverlary quickly, whiles nothing to eat, Jeliis called his thou art in the way with him ; disciples unto him, and faith left at any tiine the adversary unto them, I have compaffion deliver thee to the judge, and on the multitude, becaule they the judge deliver thee to the have now been with me three ofhcer, and thou be caft into days, and have nothing to eat : prison. Verily I say unto thee, and if I send them away fafting thou shalt by no means come to their own houses, they will out thence, till thou hast paid faint by the way : for divers of the uttermoft farthing. them came from far. And his

disciples answered him, From The seventh Sunday after Trinity. whence can a man fatisfie these The Collect.

men with bread here in the L :

who art the author and gi- How many loaves, have ye? ver of all good things; Graft And they said, Seven. And he in our hearts the love of thy commanded the people to fic Name, increase in us true reli- down on the ground : and he gion, nourish us with all good- took the seven loaves, and gave ness, and of thy great inercy thanks, and brake, and gave to keep us in the same, through his disciples to set before them: Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen, and they did set them before

The Epistle. "Rom. 6. 19. the people. And they had a I

men, because of the infirmi- sed,and commanded to set them ty of your fiest, : for as ye have also be ore them. So they did yielded your members servants eat, and were filled : and they to uncleanness, and to iniquity, took up of the broken meat unto iniquity ; even so now that was left, seven baskers. yield your members fervants to And they that had eaten were righteousness, unto holiness. about four thousand; and he For when ye were the servants fent'them away. of fin, ye were free from righteouiness. What fruit had ye then. The eiglıth Sunday after Trinity. in those things whereof ye are

The Colleit. ! now aliamed? for the end of those things is death. But now


God, whose never-failing

providence ordereth all being made free from fin, and things both in heaven and


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earrh ;We humbly beseech thce to the kingdom of heaven : but
to put away from us all hurtful he that doth the will of my
things, and to give us those Father who is in heaven.
things which be profitable for
us, through Jesus Christ our The ninth Sunday after Trinity
Lord. Amen.

The Collect.
Epifle. Rom. 8.

Rant to , Lord, we be-

not to the flesh, to live af. think and do always such things ter the flesh: for if ye live after as be rightful; that we who the field, ye shall die : but it cannot do any thing that is goud ye through the Spirit do morti. without thee, may by thee be fie the deeds of the body, ye enabled to live according to chy Thall live. For as many as are will, through Jesus Christ our led by the Spirit of God, they Lord. Amen. are the sons of God. For ye have The Epistle. 1 Cor. 10. 1. ! not received the Spirit of bon- Rethren, I would nur that received the Spirit of adoption, how that all our fathers were whereby we cry, Abba, Father. under the cloud, and all passed The Spirit it felf beareth wit- through the fea; and were all ness with our spirit, that we are baptized unto Moses in the the children of God. And if cloud, and in the sea ; and did children, then heirs : heirs of all eat the same spiritual meat, God, and joynt-heirs with and did all drink the fame spi. Chrift: if so be that we suffer ritual drink : ( for they drank with him, that we may be also of that spiritual Rock that folo glorified togсther.

lowed them; and that Rock The Gospel. S. Matth. 7. 15. was Chrift.) But with many

Eware of false prophets, of them God was not well plea

which to you in fed; for they were overthrown Meeps clothing, but inwardly in the wilderness. Now these

they are ravening wolves. Ye things were our examples, to 11. Shall know them by their fruits: the intent we should not lust

Do men gather grapes of after evil things, as they also

thorns,or figs of thistles ? Even lusted. Neither he ye idolaters, ufo every good creebringeth forth as were some of them; as it is å good fruit; but a corrupt tree written, The people sat down

bringeth forth evil fruit. A go`d to eat and drink, and rose up till tree cannot bring forth evil to play. Neither let us commit

fruit; neither can a corrupt tree fornication, as some of them bring forth good fruit. Every committed, and fell in one day tree that bringeth not forth three and twenty thousand. good fruit, is hewn down, and Neither let us tempt Chrift, as cast in:o the fire. Wherefore by some of them also tempted, and their fruits ye shall know them. were destroyed of serpents. Not every one that faith unto. Neither murmur ye, as some mc, Lord, Lord, snall enter in. of them also murmured, and

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were destroyed of the destroy, score. And the lord commend, er. Now all these things hap- ed the unjust steward, because pened unto them for ensamples: he had done wisely : for the and they are written for our ad. children of this world are in monition, upon whom the ends their generation wiser than the of the world are come. Where children of light And I say fore let him that thinkech he unto you, Make to your felves ftandeth, take heed left he fall. friends of the Mammon of unThere hath no temptation taken righteoufnefs ; that when ye you, but sikh as is common to fail, they may receive you into man : but God is faithful, who everlasting habitations. will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but The tenth Sunday after Trinity. will with the temptation also

The Collect. make a way to escape, that ye L Lord, be open to the pray.

Er thy merciful ears, O may be able to bear it.

The Gospel. S. Luke 16, 1. ers of thy humble servants; JELE FEfus said unto his disciples, and that they may obtain their

There was a certain rich man petitions, make them to ask who had a steward, and the such things as shall please thee, fame was accused unto him that through Jesus Christ our Lord. he had wasted his goods. And Amen. he called him, and said unto The Epiftle. 1 Cor. 12. !. him, How is ić that I hear this Oncerning spiritual gifts, of thee? give an account of thy brethren, I would not stewardship; for thou mayst be have you ignorant. Ye know no longer fteward. Then the that ye were Gentiles carried steward faid within himself, away unto these dumb idols, eWhat shall I do? for my lord ven as ye were led. Wherefore taketh away from me the fiew, I give you to understand, that ardship : I cannot dig, to beg I no man speaking by the Spirit am aliamed. I am resolved of God, calleth Jefus accurled; who to do, that when I am put and that no man can say that out of the feward hip, they Jesus is the Lord, but by the may receive me into their Holy Ghost. Now there are di. houses. So he called every one versities of gifts, but the same of his lords debters unto him, Spirit. And there are diffeand said unto the first, How rences of administrations, but much owest thou unto my lord ?- the same Lord. And there are And he said, An hundred mea diversities of operations, but it 17 sures of oyl.' And he said unto is the same God, who worketh him, Take thy bill, and fit all in all. But the manifestati. down quickly, and write fifty: on of the Spirit is given to ea Then said he to another, and very man to profit withal. For how much owest thou? And he to one is given by the Spirit the said, An hundred measures of word of wisdom ; to another

1 wheat. And he said unto him, the word of knowledge by the is Take thy bill, and write four. Came Spirit ; to another faith


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tongues ; to another the interi Blerim golpel which I preacli


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d by the fame Spirit; to another commandments, may obtain

the gifts of healing by the same thy gracious promises, and he Spirit; to another the working made partakers of thy heavenly of miracles; to another prophe- treasure, through Jesus Christ cy; to another discerning of spi- our Lord. Amer,

rits; to another divers kinds of ca

The Epiftle. 1 Cor. 15.1.,

Rethren, I declare unto you pretation of tongues. But all these worketh that one and the ed unto you, which allo, you self-fame Spirit, dividing to e. have received, and wherein ye very man severally as he will. stand. By which also ye are 1a. Thc Gospel. S. Luke 19. 41. ved, if ye keep in memory

near, he beheld the city, less ye have believed in vain. c and wept over it, saying, If Foi I delivered unto you first of

thou hadît known, even thou, all, that which I also received, at least in this thy day, the how that Christ died for our things which belong unto thy sins according to the Scriptures; peace! but now they are hid and that he was buried; and from thine eyes. For the days that he rose again the third day shall come upon thee, chat thine according to the Scriptures; and enemies shall cafta trench about that he was seen of Cephas, then thee, and compass thee round, of the twelve. After that, he and keep thea in on every sides, was seen of above five hundred and shall lay thee even with brethren at once; of whom the the ground, and thy children greater part remains'unto this within thee; and they shall nor present; but fome are fallen aleave in the one stone upon an- sleep. After that, he was seen of other, because thou knewcft not James; then of all the Apostles; the time of thy visitation. And and last of all he was seen of he went into the temple, and me also, as of one born out of began to cast out them that fold due time: for I am the least of therein, and them that bought, the Apostles, that am not meet saying unto them, It is written, to be called an Apoftle, because My house is the house of pray: 1 persecuted the church of God. er, but ye have made it a den But by the grace of God I am of thieves. And he taught daily what I am: and his grace which in the temple.

was bestowed upon me, was not

in vain ; but. I laboured more The eleventh Sunday after Tri, abundantly than they all; yet nity,

not. I, but the grace of God The Collect,

. i which was with me : therefore O

Almighty power most preach, and fo ye believed. chiefly in thewing mercy and The Gospel. S. Luke 18.9. pity; Mercifully grant unto Elus fpake this parable unus such a measure of thy grace,

that we running the way of thy themselves, that they were righ, .


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