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The xx. day. The Psalms.

The xx. day. 9

Thou hast set them their get them away together; and ounds, which they shall not lay them down in their dens. ass : neither turn again to co- 23 Man goeth forth to his er the earth.

work, and to his labour : until 10 He sendeth the springs the evening, nto the rivers : which run a- 24 O Lord, how manifold mong the hills.

are thy works : in wisdom haft 11

All beasts of the field drink thou made them all, the earth thereof; and the wild asses is fall of thy riches. quench their thirst,

25 So is the great and wide 12 Befide them fhall the sea also ; wherin are things fowls of the air have their hac creeping innumerable,

both bitation : and sing among the small and great beasts. branches.

26 There go the fhips, and 13 He watereth the hills there is that Leviathan : whom from above: the earth is filled thou hast made to take his pawith the fruit of thy works.

stime therein. 14 He bringech forth grass 27 These wait all upon thee: for the cattle : and green herb that thou mayft give them for the fervice of men.

meat in due season.
15 That he may bring food 28 When thou giveft ic
out of the earth, and wine that them, they gather it ; and
maketh glad the heart of man : when thou openeft thy hand,
and oyl to make him a cheer- they are filled with good.
ful countenance, and bread to 29 When thou hideft thy
stengthen mans heart. face, they are troubled : when
16 The crees of the Lord thou takeft

away their breath,
also are full of sap : even the they die, and are turned again
cedars of Libanus which he to their duft.
hath planted.

30 When chou letteft thy
17 Wherein the birds make breath go forth, they Mall be
their nefts : and the fir-trees made ; and thou shalt renew
are a dwelling for the stork. the face of the earth.

18 The high hills are a re- 31 The glorious Majesty of
fuge for the wild goats: and so the Lord Thallendure for ever:
are the ftony rocks for the cu- the Lord fhall rejoyce in his

19 Heappointed the moon 32 The earth thal, tremble :
for certain reasons : and the at the look of him if he do
fun knoweth his going down. but touch the hills, they shall 18

20 Thou makest darkness smoke.
that it may be night : wherein 33 I will fing unco the Lord.
all the beasts of the forest do as long as I live : I will praise

my God while I have my be-
21 The lions roring after ing.
their prey : do seek their meat 34 And so fhall my words
from God.

please him : my joy shall be in
22 The sun arifeth, and they the Lord.





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35. As for finners they hall a few of them and they stran. be consumed out of the earth, gers in the land; and the ungodly fliall come to 13 What time as they wont an end : praise thou the Lord,

om one nation to another : O my soul, praise the Lord. one kingdom to another

people; Morning Prayer.

hemuffered no man to do Psalm 105. Confitemini Domino. 1. wrong : but reproved


Lord, Name : tell the call upon his ans Touch not mine Anointa

people what ed. and do my prophets no things he hath done.

harm. 20 let your songs be of 16 Moreover, he called for him, and praise him: and let a dearth upon


land : and your talking be of all his won- destroyed all the provision of drous works.

bread. 3 Rejoyce in his holy Name: 17 But he had sent a man let the heart of them rejoyce before them: even Joseph, that feek the Lord.

who was sold to be a bond-ler4 Seek the Lord and his vant; strength : reek his face ever- 18 Whose feet they hurt in more.

che stocks : the iron entred in. 5. Remember the marvellous to his soul; works that he hath done : his 19 Until the time came that wonders and the judgments of his cause was known: the word his mouth

of the Lord tried him. 60 ye seed of Abraham his 20 The king sent, and deli. servane : ye children of Jacob vered him : the prince of the his chosen.

people let him go free. 7 He is the Lord our God: 21 He made him lord also of his judgments are in all the his house : and ruler of all his world.

substance; 8 He hath been alway mind- 22 That he mighi inform his ful of his c

covenant and pro. princes after his will: and teach mise : that he made to a thou: his senators wisdom. sand generations ;

23 Israel also came into E. 9. Even the covenant that gypr: and Jacob was a stranger he made with Abraham : and in the land of Ham. the oath that he sware unto 24. And he increased his peo

ple exceedingly : and made 10 And appointed the fame them stronger than their eneunto Jacob for a law : and to mies; Ifracl for an everlasting testa

25 Whose heart turned so, ment,

that they hated his people: and 11 Saying, Unto thee will I dealt untruly with his servants. give the land of Canaan : the

26 Then sent he Moses his lot of your inheritance.

fervant : and Aaron whom he 12 When there were yet but had chosen,

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- 27 And these fewed his co- 42 And he brought forth his '1 kens among them : and won people with joy and his choo ders in the land of Ham.

fen with gladness; 28 He sert darkness, and io 43 And gave them the lands was dark : and they were no of the heathen and they took obedient unto his word. In the labours of the people in 29Heturned their waters in- pɔfstffion;

13:13 to blood : and flew their fish.

44 That they might keep his 30 Their laad brought forth statutes : and observe his laws. frogs: yes, even in their kings Evening Prayer. * chambers. * 01 3: Pfalm 106.Confitemini Dominoort

31 He spake the word, and there came all manner of flies: Lord, for he is gracious :

O Lord, for me is greatest and lice in all their quarters. 3, and his mercy endureth fori

32 He gave them hailftones ever. for rain : and flames of fire in

2 Who can express the noble their laud.

ats of the Lord:or fhew forth 33 He smore their vines also. all his praise ? ani fig-erecs : and destroyedthe Ž Blessed are they that altrees that were in their coafts.':

way keep judgment: and do 34 He spake the word, and righteousness. the grafhoppers came, and ca- 4. Remember me, Ö Lord, terpillersinnumerable: and did according to the favour thai cat up all the grass in their land, thou beareft unto thy people :and devoured the fruit of their o visit me with thy falvacions: ground.

s. ThatI

may see the felicity: 35Hefmote all the first-born of thy chosen a and rejoyoe in in their land : even the chief the gladnessof thy people, and of all their strength.

give thanks with thing inheri, 36 He brought them forth tance. also with filver and gold: there 6 We have finned wit's our was not one feeble person a fathers : we have dons amils, mong their tribes.

and dealt wickedly. 37 Egypt was glad at their 7 Our fachers regarded not departing: for they were afraid thy wonders in Egypt, neither : of them.

kept they thy great goodnessin 38 He spread out a cloud to remembrance : but were dirbea covering: and fire to give obedientar the sea, even at the light in the night-season. Red sea.

s! 10 39 At their desire he brought 8 Nevertheless he helped quails: and he filled them with thern for his Namss sake: that tie bread of heaven.

he might make his power to 40 He opened the rock of be known. : ftone, and the waters flowed 9 He rebuked the Red fea our : fo that rivers ran in the also, and it was dried op: so he dry places.

led them through the deep, as 41 For why? heremetnbred through a wilderne's. his holy promise :-and Abram Id And he saved them from ham his fervant.



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the enemy,

the adversaries hand : and de- no credence unto his word. livereil them from the hand of: - 25 But murmured in their

tents: and hearkned not unto 11 As for those that troubled the voice of the Lord. them, the waters overwhelmed. 26 Then lift he up his hand them : there was not ons of against them : to overthrow them left.

pejti them in the wilderness; 12 Then believed they his. 27 To caft out their feed awords and sang praise untohim. mong the nations : and to scar

13 But within a while they ter them in the lands. forgat his works : and wouldi 28 They joyned themselves not abide his counsel.

unto Baal-peor:and ate the of14 Bur lust came upon them ferings of the dead. in the wilderness : and they 29 Thus they provoked him tempted God in the desert. to anger with their own inven.

15 And he gave them their tions: and the plague was great desire; and sent leanness with- among them. al into their soul.

30 Then stood up Phinees 16 They angred Moses also and prayed : and so the plague in the tents : and Aaron the ceased. faint of the Lord.

31 And that was counted un. 17 So the earth opened and to him

for righteousness:among swallowed up Dathan : and co- all pofterities for evermore. vered the congregation of Abi- 32 They angred him also at

the waters of strife: so that he 18 And the fire was kindled punished Mofes for their fakes ; in their company : the flame 33 Because they provoked burnt up the ungodly. his spirit : so that he ipake un

19. They made a calf in Ho advisedly with his lips. reb: and worshipped the molt- 34. Neither. destroyed they en image.

the heathen : as the Lord com20 Thus they turned their manded them; glory : into the fimilitude of a 35 But were mingled among calf that eateth hay.

the heathen: and learned their 21 And they forgat God works. their Saviour: who had done 36 Infomuch that they worso great things in Egypt Thipped their idols, which turn222 Wondrous works in the ed to their own decay : Fea, land of Ham : and fearful they offered their fons and things kye the Red sea. their daughters untd devils,

So he faid, he would have 37 And shed innocent blood, destroyed them had not Mofes even the blood of their fons and his chosen stood before him in of their daughters: whom they the gap : to turn away his offered unto the idols of Cao wrathful indignation, left he naan, and the land was defiled Thoukt deftroy them.

with blood. 24 Yea, they thought fcorn .38 Thus were they ftained of that pleasant land: and gave with their own works:and went

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a whoring with their own in- the lands, from the cast, and ventions.

from the west: from the north, 39 Therefore was the wrath and from the south. of the Lord kindled againft his 4. They went aftray in the people : insomuch that he ab- wilderness out of the way: and horred his own inheritance. found no city to dwell in

40 And he gave them over 5. Hungry and thirsty : their into the hand of the heathen : soul fainted in theme and they that hated them, were 6 So they cried unto the lords over them.

Lord in their trouble: and he 41 Their enemies oppressed delivered them from their dial. them : and had them in sub- stress. jection.

7 He led them forth by, the 42 Many a time did he deli. right way: that they might go ver them: but they rebelled to the city where they dwelt. * against him with their own in- 8 O that men would thereventions, and were brought fore praise the Lord for his down in their wickedness. goodness: and declare the won

43 Nevertheless, when he ders that he doth for the chil. saw their adversity : he heard 'dren of men ! their complaint

9 For he satisfieth the empty 44 He thoughıt upon his co- soul : and filleth the hungry venant, and pitied them, ac- soul with goodness; cording unto the multitude of 20 Such as fit in darkness, his mercies : yea, he made all and in the shadow of death : those chat led them away cap- being fast bound in misery and cive to picy them.

iron. 45 Deliver us, O Lord our 11 Because they rebelled a. God, and gather us from a. gainst the words of the Lord : mong the heathen : that we and lightly regarded the counai may give thanks unto thy ho- sel of the most Highest ; ly Name, and make our boast 12 He also brought down of thy praise.

their heart through heaviness :
46 Blessed be the Lord God they fell down, and there was
of Israel from everlasting, and none to help them.
world without end : and let all 13 So when they cried unto
the people say, Amen. the Lord in their trouble: he

delivered them out of their di..
Morning Prayer. stress.
Psalm 107. Confitemini Domino. 14 For he brought them out

Give thanks unto the of darkness, and out of the sha

Lord, for he is gracious : dow of death : and brake their and his merey endurech for ever bonds in sunder.

2 Let them give thanks 15 O that men would there. whom the Lord hath redeem- fore praise the Lord for his ed : and delivered from the gondness: and declare the wonhand of the enemy;

ders that he doth for the chile 3 And gathered them out of dren of men!

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