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fence with thanksgiving : and Ś As for all the gods of the shew our felves glad in him heathen, they are but idols : with psalms.

but it is the Lord that made 3 For the Lord is a great the heavens. God: and a great King above 6 Glory and worship are bea all gods.

fore him : power and honour 4 In his hand are all the cor- are in his fanctuary, ners of the earth i and the -7 Ascribe unto the Lord, O ftrength of the hills is his allo. ye kindreds of the people : a

s. The sea is his, and he scribe unto the Lord worship made it : and his hands prepa- and power. red the dry land.

8 Ascribe unto the Lord the 6 O come, let us worship honour due unto his Name : and fall down : and kneel be- buing presents, and come into fore the Lord our Maker.

his courts. 7 For he is the Lord our 9.O.worship the Lord in the God : and we are the people of beauty of holiness:let the whole his pasture, and the sheep of earth stand in awe of him. his hand.

10 Tell it out among the & Today if ye will hear his heathen, that the Lord is King: voice, harden nor your hearts : and that it is he who hath made as in the provocation, and as the round world so fast that it in the day of temptation in the cannot be moved, and how that wilderness;

he shall judge the people righ9 When your fathers tempt- teously. ed me : proved me, and law 11 Let the heavens rejoycey my works.

and let the earth be glad : leč to Forty years long was I the sea make a noise, and all grieved with this generation, that therein is. and faid : It is a people that do 12 Let the field be joyful, err in their hearts, for they and all that is in it: then Thali have not known my ways; all the trees of the wood rejoyce

11 Unto whom I sware in before the Lord. my wrath : that they should 13 For he cometh, for he. not enter into my reft., ir cometh to judge the earth : and -Psalm 96 Cantate Domino. with righteousness to judge the

:unto the Lord, truth. all the whole earth.

Pfalm 97. Dominus regnavit. the Lord, and


be glad thereof : his falvation from day to day. the multitude of the ises inay

3 Declare his honour unto be glad thereof. the heathen : and his wonders 2. Clouds and darkness are unto all people.

round about him : righteous. 4 For the Lord is great, and nefs and judgment are the hacannot worthily be praised: bitation of his feat. he is more to be feared than all 3 There shallgo a fire before gods



Sing unto the conse 2.0 or ardd, and the people with his

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praise his Name : be telling. The word is King, the carth

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on every side

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him : and burn up his enemies A He hath remembred his

mercy and truth toward the 4 His lightnings gave thine house of Israel : and all the unto the world : the carth saw ends of the world have seen the it, and was afraid.

salvation of our God. 's The hills melted like wax s Shew your felves joyful at the presence of the Lord at unto the Lord, all ye lands.': cize presence of the Lord of the fing, rejoyce and give thanks. whole earth.

6 Praise the Lord upon the 6 The heavens have declared harp: fing to the harp with a his rightevusness; and all the psalm of soli people have seen liis glory. 7 With trumpets also and

7 Confounded be all they mawms : O fhew your selves that worship carved images, joyful before the Lord the. and that delight in vain gods : King. worship him, all ye gods. 8 Let the sea make a noise,

S. Sion heard of it, and re- and all that therein is': the joyced : and the daughters of round world, and they that Juda were glad, because of thy dwell therein. judgments, O Lord.

9 Let the foods clar their 9 For thou, Lord, art high. hands, and bet the hills be joyer than all that are in the fut cogether before the Lord : earth : thou art exalted far a- for he is come to judge the bove all gods.

earth. ye

that love the Lord, 10 With righteousness shall fee that ye hate the thing which he judge the world and the is evil : the Lord preferveth the people with equity. fouls of his faints; he shall de Psalm 99. Dominus regnavit. ungodly.

so . 11 There is sprung up a light ent : he fitteth between the for the righteous : and joyful Cherubims, be the earth never gladness for such as are true- su unquiet. hearted.

2 The Lord is great in Sion: 12 Rejoyce in the Lord, ye and high above all people. righteous : and give thanks for 3. They shall give thanks una remembrance of his holiness. to thy Name : which is great,

Evening Prayer. wonderful, and holy, Psalm 98. Cantate Domino. 4 The Kings power loveth

Sing unto the Lord a new judgment, thou hast prepared marvellous things.

judgment, and righteousness in 2 With his own right hand, Jacob. and with his holy arm : hath he 5.0 magnifie the Lord our gotten himself the vi&tory. God ; and fall down before his

3 The Lord declared his fal. footstool, for he is holy. vacion : his righteousness hath 6 Moses and Aaron among he openly shewed in the fight his priests, and Samuel among of the heathen.



live them from the hand of the Theoblecieveking hepatia

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such as call upon his Name

A froward heart shall dethese called upon the Lord, and part from me: I will not know he heard them.

a wicked person. 7 He fpake unto them out of

Whoso privily Randereth thécloudy pillar : for they kepe his neighbour : him will I dehis teftimonies, and the law stroy. that he gave them.

7 $ Thou heardest them, o fook Whoro hath afro a proud

high stomach: I will Lord our God : thou forgavest not suffer him. them, God, and punitheft 8 Mine eyes look upon such their own inventions. is as are faithful in the lant: that

90 magnifie the Lord our they may dwell with me. God, and worship him upon s Whofo teadeth a godly his holy hill : for the Lord our life : he Mall be my servant. God is holy.

10 There Niall no deceitful Pfalm too. Jubilate Deo. person dwell in my house':, he Be careful member the dood that reliebte lies thall not carry

ye lands: serve Lord in my sight. wich gladness, and come before n I Thall Toon destroy alt his presence with a song. the ungodly that are in the

2 Be ye sure that the Lord land : that I niay root out alf he is God; it is he that hath wicked doers from the city of

! made us, and not we our selves: the Lord. we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture.

Morning Prayer: 30 go your way into his Psalm 102. Domine, exaudi. gates, , and into his courts with prale a he Haramy prayer, O Lord :

and let my crying come thankful unto him, and fpeak unto thee. guod of his Name.

2 Hide not thy face from 4 For the Lord is gracious, me in the time of my trouble : his mercy is everlasting : and incline thine ears unto mewhen his truth'endureth from gene- I call; O hear me, and that ration to generation.'

right Toon. Psalm ror. Misericordiam eu 3 For my days are consumed judicium.

away like smoke: and my bones Manapadşinent

: unto thee, brand. TY song shall be of mercy are burnt up as it were a fire. O Lord, will I sing.

4 My heart is smitten down, O let me have underítand- and withered like grass : fo that ing : in the way of godliness. . I forget to eat my bread.

3 When wilt thou come un s For the voice of my gros to me : I will walk in my house ning : my bones will scarcel with a perfeet heart.

cleave to my fell I will take no wicked thing 6 I am become like a pelican in hand; I hate the fins of un- in the wildernefs : and like an faithfulness: there shall no such owl that is in the desert. cleave unto me

7 I have watched, and am


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even as it were a sparrows thae moarnings of such as are in capfitte.h alone upon the housez civity : and deliver the chiltop.

dren appointed unto death; Mine enemies revileme all 21 That they may declare the day long and they that the Name of the Lord in Sion : are mad upon me, are sworn and his worship at Jerusalem ; together against me, in solo

22 When the picopie are a9 For I have eaten ashes as thered together :l and the kingit were bread and mingled my, doms also to serve the Lord. man drink with weeping i iri bisi

23. He brought down my 10 And that because of thine strength in my journey ... and indignation and wrath for shortned my days. thou

hast taken me up and caft 24 But I said, O my God, ' me down.

take me no: away in the midit 11 My days are gone like a of mine age : as for thy years thadow: and I am withered like they endure throughout all gefrals.

nerations. 12 But thou, O Lord, shalt 1.25 Thou, Lord, in the begins endure for ever : and thy re- ning hast laid the foundation membrance throughout all ge of the earth and the heavens nerations.

are the work of thy hands. 13 Thou shalt arise, and have 26 They shall perish, but mercy upon Sion : for it is time thou fale endure : they all that thou have mercy upon her, shall wax old as doth a garment, yea, the time is come,

27 And as a vesture Thale 14 And why thy servants thou change them, and they think upon her stones ; and it Thall be changed : but thou art pitieth them to see her in the the same, and thy years Thall

not fail. 15 The heathen Diallfear thy 28 The children of thy serName, O Lord : and all the vants shall continue : and their kings of the earth thy Majefty, seed shall stand fast in thy light

16When the Lord Niall build Psalm 103: Benedicą anima mea. up ":

Lord, O my soul : thall appears

all that is within me 27 When he turneth him praise his holy Name. unto the prayer of the poor de 2 Praise the Lord, O my soul fituce : and despiseth not their and forget not all his benefits; defire.

3 Who forgiveth allgby fin: 18 This Niall be written for and healeth all thine infirmi. those that come after : and the ties; 1. people which shall be born shall 4 Who saveth thy life from praise the Lord.

deftru&tion and crowneth thee 19 For he hath looked down with mercy and loving kindfrom his fan&tuary: out of the ness; beaven did the Lord behold the s. Who satisfieth thy moutlı tarth;

with good things : making thee 20 That he might bear the young and lusty as an eagle.

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nefes For look how high the P Rai Lord my God, elrou are

116 The Lord executech right his feat Th heaven and his
tepufnels and judgment: for all kingdom turecht over alt."
them that are oppressed with 20 praie

gels of his Lord, ye an. wrong. SKVO

Excel in 7. He shewed his

ways unto frohgch : ye that fulfil his comMoses: his works unto the chils mandment, and hearken unto of

the voice of his words.

Lord, all ye pallion and mercy: long-suffers his ing and of grear that do his pleasure, wing He will not alwayi

kechia 91220 fpeak good of the Lord, ding : neither keepeth he his all ye works of his, in all places anger for ever.

of his dominion : praise thou 10 He hath not dealt with us the Lord, O my soul. after our fins: nor rewarded & us according to our wicked in

i Evening Prayer. nesses.

Pfalm 104. Benedic, anima met:

; heaven is in comparison of the carth : so great is his mercy al- become exceeding glorious, thou fe toward them that fear him. art clothed with majesty and

12 Look how wide also the honour. east is from the west : so far: 2 Thou deckest thy self with hath he fet our fins from us. light as it were with a garment :

13 Yea, like as a father piti. and spreadeft out the heavens cih his own children : even fo like a curtain. is the Lord merciful unto tiem 1 3 Who layeth the bearis of that fear him.

his chambers in the waters: and 14 For he knowoth whereof makech the clouds his clarior, we are male : he remetnsrech and walkech upon the wings of that wcare but duit.

the wind. s Is The days of man are but 4 He maketh his angels spi. as grafs : for he flourisheth as a rits: and his ministers a flaming flower of the field.

fire. 16 For as soon as the wind ş. He laid the foundations of goeth over it, it is gone : and the carth: that it never should the place thereof shall know it move at any time. no more.

6 Thou covered it it with the D7 But the merciful good. deep like as with a garment : hiess of the Lord endureth for the waters ftand in the hills. ever and ever upon them that 7 At thy rebuke they flee: at fear Himn : and his righteoufness the voice of thy thunder they upon childrens children; are afraid.

18 Evet upon such as keep & They go up as high as the his covenant : and think up- hill, and down to the vallies of his commandments to do beneath : even unto the place them.

which thou haft appointed for 19 The Lord hath prepared them


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. Thou

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