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truth fhalt thou stablish in the von 6 Blessed is the people, o heavens. hr 1991: 3 (Lord, that can rejoyce in thee':

3 I have made a covenant they shall walk in the light of with my chofen e I have sworn thy countenance. unto David my fervant, 1914 19 2 17. Their delight shall be

4: Thy feed will I ftabkt for daily in thy Name : and in thy ever:and fecup thy throne from righteousness shall they make one generation to another.Com their boaft.

O Lord, the very heavens 18 For thou art the glory of shall praife. thy wondrous their strength : and in thy loworks and thy truths in the ving kindness thou shalt lift up congregation of the saints. » our horns.

6 For who is he among the rit19 For the Lord is our de clouds : that shall be compared fence: the holy One of Israel unto the Lord ?

is our King. 7 And what is he among the 20 Thou spakelt sometime gods : that fhall be like unto in visions unto thy faints; and the Lord ?

faidft : I have laid help upon 8. God is very greatly to be one that is mighty, I have exfeared in the council of the atted one chosen out of the peofaints : and to be had in reve ple. rence of all them that are round 21 I have found David my about him.

servant ; with my holy oyl 9 O Lord God of hofus, who have I anointed himn. is like unto thee : thy truth, .22 My hand thall hold him moft mighty Lord, is on every fast: and my arm shall strengthfide.

en him. 10 Thou ruleft the raging 23 The enemy fhall not be of the sea : and stilleft the able to do him violence : the waves thereof when they arise. Son of wickedness shall not hurt

al Thou haft fubdued Egypt him. and destroyed it : thou haft 24 I will smite down his foes scattered thine enemies abroad before his facer: and plague with thy mighty arm.

them that hate him. 1 12 The heavens are thine, 1.25 My truch also and my the earth also is thine : thou mercy thall be with him and haft laid the foundation of the in my Name Mall his horn be round world, and all that exalted. therein is.

26 I will set his dominion 13 Thou hast made the north also in the fer sa and his right and the south : Tabor and Her hand in the floodsi 4! mon shall rejoyce in thy Name. 27 He thall call mes Thou

14 Thou hafta mighty arm: art my Father : ny God, and ftrong is thy hand, and high is my ftrong falvacions zip u.. thy right hand.

28. And I will make him.ny 15 Righteousness and equity first-born : higher than the are the habitation of thy feat : kings of the earth. : mercy and auth shall go before 29 My merty will I keep for hy face.


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him for evermore and my glory: and caft his throne down
covenant Thall stand faft with to the ground.

44. The days of his youth 30 His seed also will I make halt thou thortnes : and coverto endure for ever and his ed him with dishonour. throne as the days of heaven. 45 Lord, how long wilt thou

31 But if his children for- hide thy felf, for ever: and fake my law : and walk 'not in hall thyo wrath burn like fire? my judgments;

27-46 O remember how short 1 32 If they break my ftafiués, my time is: wherefore bast thou and keep not my command- made all men for noughes: ments : I will visit their offen- 47 What man is he that lie ces with the rod, and their sin veth, and mall not fee death : with scourges.

and shall he deliver his foul 33 Nevertheless, my loving from the hand of hell? kindness will I not utterly take 48. Lord, where are thy old from him: nor suffer my truth loving kindnesses : which thou to fail.

swareit unto David in thy truth? 34. My covenant will I not 49 Remember, Lord, therebreak, nor alter the thing that buke that thy servants have : is gone out of my lips : I have and how I do bear in my bosom sworn once by my holiness, that the rebukes of many people ; I will not fail David,

50 Wherewith thine ene35 His feed fhall endure for mies have blafphemed thee ever : and his seat is like as the and Nandered the footsteps of fun before me.

thine Anointed : praifed be the 36 He shall ftand fast for Lord for evermore. Amen, and evermore as the moon : and as Amen. the faithful witnefsin heaven.

37 But thou hast abhorred and forsaken thine Anointed :

Morning Prayer. and art displeased ar him. Psalm 90. Dumine, refugium.

38 Thou hast the co- Ord, thou hast our his crown to the ground. tion to another.

39 Thou hast overthrown all 2 Before the mountains were his hedges and broken down brought forth, or'ever the earth his strong holds.

and the world were made : thou con 40 All they that go by, spoil art God from everlasting, and

Him: and he is become a re world without end.
proach to his neighbours. 3 Thou turneft man to de

41 Thou haft set up the right ftru&tion : again thou sayft, hand ofhisenemies: and made Come again, ye children of all his

adversaries to rejoyce. men. 42. Thou hast taken away the 4 For a thousand years in edge of his sword : and giveft thy light, are but as yesterday

him not victory in the battle. seeing that is past asa watch in for 43- Thou 'hast put our his che

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5 As as

upon them, they are nou scatterest of the Lord our God be

as a neep : us': prosper thou the work of and fade away suddenly like our hands upon us, o prosper the grass.

thou our handy-work. and groweth up : but in the W defence of the most

6 In the morning it is green, Psalm 91. Qui habitat. up, and withered.

High : Thall abide under the 1 For we consume away in fhadow of the Almighty. thy displeasure: and are afraid 2 I will say unto the Lord, At thy wrathful indignation. Thou art my hope, and my

8 Thou haft set our misdeeds strong hold ; my God, in him before thee : and our secret fins will I trust. in the light of thy countenance. 3 For he shall deliver thee

9 For when thou art angry, from the snare of the hunter": allour days are gone : we bring and from the noisom peftilence. our years to an end, as it were a

He Thiall defend thee under tale that is told.

his wings, and thou shalt be 10 The days of our age are safe under his feathers: his faiththreescore years and ten, and fulness and truth shall be thy though men be so strong, that shield and buckler they come to fourscore years : 5 Thou shalt not be afraid for yet is their ftrength then but la- any terror by night : nor for bour and forrow; so soon pass- the arrow that flieth by day; eth it away, and we are gone. 6 For the pestilence that

11 But who regardeth the walketh in darkness : nor for power of thy wrath: for even the sickness that destroyeth in thereafter as a man feareth, so is the noon-day. thy displeasure.

7 A thousand shall fall be12 So teach us to number our fide thee, and ten thousand at days : that we may apply our thy right hand : but it Niall nut hearts unto wisdom.

come nigh thee. 13 Turn thee againi, O Lord, 8 Yea, with thine eyes thalt ar the laft : and be gracious un- thou behold : and see the reto thy fervants.

ward of the ungodly. 14 O fatisfie us with thy mer- 9. For thou, Lord, art my cy, and that soon : so shall we hope: thou hast set thine house rejoyce and be glad all the of defence very high. days of our life.

10 There shall no evil hap15 Confort us again now pen unto thee : neither Mall after the time that thou hast any plague come nigh thy plagued us : and for the years dwelling. wherein we have suffered ad- 11 For he shall give his anverfity.

gels charge over thee : to keep 16 Shew thy servants thy thee in all thy ways. work : and their children thy 12 They Thall bear thee in glory.

their hands that thou hurt not 17 And the glorious Majtfty thy foot against a stone.


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13 Thou Male go upon the

& For lo, thine enemies, lion and adder: the young lion Lord, Io, thine enemies, all and the dragon shalt thou tread perisk : and all the workers of under thy feet.

wickedness shall be destroyed. 14 Because he hath ser his 9 Bút mine horn shall be ex love upon me, therefore will I alted like the horn of an uni. deliver him: I will set him up, corn: for I am anointed with because he hath known my fresh oyl. cutana Name.

i Mine, eme alla chiall fie 15. He shall call upon me, his luft of mine Enemics and and I will hear him : yea, I am miñe car shati hear his desire with him in trouble, I will de- of the wicked that arise up aliver him, and bring him to ho- gainst me.

II The righteous shall fou16 With long life will I fa- rish like a palnı-tree: and shall tisfie him i and Thew him my sprcad abroad like a cedar in salvation.

Psalm 92. Bonum eft confiteri. 12 Şuch as be planted in the

is a good thing to give house of the Lord : Thall Rou.
thanks unto the Lord and rish in the courts of the House
to sing praises untu thy Nanie, of our God.
Omost Highest;

13 They also shall bring forth 2 To tell of thy loving kind. more fruit in their age: and ness early in the morning : and shall be fat and well liking. of thy truth in the night-lea. 14 That they may fhew byce,

true the Lord 'my strength : lec 3 Upon an inftrument of ten and that there is no unribd all ftrings, and upon the Jure: up- ousness

in him.
on a loud inftrument, and upon Evening Prayer.
the harp.

Psalm 93. Dominus regnavit.

Не me glad through thy works : put on' and I will rejoyce in giving the Lord hath put on his appraise for the operations of thy parel, and' girded himself with hands,


2 He bath made the round thy thoughts are world so sure that it cannot

be moved: 6 An, unwise man doth not

3 Ever since the world began well consider this :' and a fool hath 'thy seat been prepared : doch not understand it.


art frorn Everlasting. 7. When the ungodly are 4. The floods are rifen, O green as the grass, and when all Lord, the floods have lift up the workers of wickedness do their voice: the floods lift up flourish : then shall they be their waves. destroyed for ever ; but thou, 5 The waves of the sea are Lord, are the most Highest for mighty, and rage horribly : evermore

But yet the Lord who dwel.

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, Lord, haft
made this

or glorious apparel':

th's World, how glorious are

very deep.

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The xviii. day. leche

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The Psalms.

Tlue xix. day. high, is mightier. fity : until the pit be digged 6 Thy teftimonies, O Lord, up for the ungodly.

14 For the Lord will not meth thine house for ever. fail his people : neither will he

Psalm 94. Dens ultionum. forsake his inheritance; Overde di co whom ven. 15 Until righteousness turn

geance belongethi thou again unto judgment : all such God, to whom vengeance be as are true in heart thall follow longéth, Thew thy felf.

2 Arife, thou Judge of the 16 Who will rise up with me world, and reward the proud against the wicked : or who will after their deferving.

take my part against the evil 3. Lord, how long shall the doers ? ungodly , how long shall the 17 If the Lord had not ungodly triumph ?

helped me : it had not failed 4 How long shall all wick, but my soul had been put to ed doers speak fo disdainfully : filence. and make such proud boast. 18 But when I said, My foot ing?

hath Nipped : thy mercy, O They smite down thy peor Lord, held me up, ple, O Lord : and trouble thine 19 In the multitude of the heritage.

sorrows that I had in my heart: 6 They murder the widow, thy comforts have refreshed and the stranger : and put the my soul. fatherless to death.

20 W’ilt thou have any thing 1 And yet they say, Tush, to do with the ftool of wicked pow Lord shall not see : nei- ness : which imagineth mis. the shall the God of Jacob re- chief as a law ?

21 They gather them togea 8 Take heed, ye unwise a- ther again

it the soul of the mong the people : Oye fools, righteous : and condemn the when will ye understand ? innocent blood.

9 He that planted the car, 22 But the Lord is my resáll he not hear : or he that fuge : and my God is the made the eye, shall he not strength of my confidence see?

23 Hefhall recompense chem 10 Or he that nurturech the their wickedness, and destroy heathen : it is he that teacheth them in their own malice : yea, man knowledge, shall not he the Lord our God Mall destroy punith

them. II The Lord knoweth the thoughts of man' : that they Morning Prayer. are but vain.

Psalm 95. Venite, exultemus.

Come, let us sing unto the thou chastneft, O Lord : and teacheft him in thy law. joyce in the ftrength of our sale

13 That thou mayft give vation. him patience in time of adver- 2 Let us come before his pre.


the it.


12 Blessed is the man whoma O Lord : let us heartily re

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