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long wilt thou be angry with upon the son of man whom chy people that prayech? thou madeit so strong for thine

Ś Thou fedelt them with own self. the bread of tears : and givest IS And so will not we go them plenteousness of tears to back from thee: let us live, drink.

and we shall call upon thy 6 Thou hast made us a very Name. strife unto our neighbours: and 19 Turn us again, O Lord our enemies laugh us to icorn. God of hosts : Thew the light of

7 Turn us again, thou God thy countenance, and we ihall of hosts : shew the light of thy be whole. countenance, and we shall be Plalm. 81. Exultate Deo. .

ye merrily unto God

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out of Egypt: thou hast cast noise

unto the God of Jacob. out the heathen,and planted it. 2 Take the psalm, bring hi

9 Thou madeft room for it : ther the tabret: the merry hari and when it had taken ruot, it wiih the lute. filled the land.

3 Blow up the trumper in the 10 The hills were covered new-moon i even in the time with the shadow of it: and the appointed, and upon our foboughs thercof were like the lemn feait-day. goodly cedar-trees.

4 For this was made a statute 11 She stretched out her for Israel: and a law of the Gol branches unto the sea : and her of Jacob. boughs unto the river.

Ś This he ordained in Joseph 12 Why hast thou then bro- for'a testimony:wien he came ken down her hedge: that all out of the land o: Egyp:, and they that go by pluck off her had heard a strange language. grapes ?

61 eased his Thoulder from the 13 The wild boar out of the burden : and his bands were dewood doch root it up: and the livered from making the pots. wild beasts of thefield devour it. 7 Thou calledst upon me in

14 Turn chce again, thou troubles, an:) I delivered thee : God of hosts, look down from and heard thee what time as heaven : behold, and visit this the storm fell upon thee.

8 I proved thee also at the 15 And the place of the vine- waiers of strife. yard that thy right hand hash 9 Hear, O my people, and I planted : and the branch that will assuré tince, o Ifrael : if ihou madest so strong for thy thou wilt hearken unto me, self.

10 There shall no 'trange 16 It is burnt with fire, and god be in thee : neither thalt cut down : and they shall pe- thou wor thip any other god. rish at the rebuke of thy coun. u Iam the Lord thy God, tenance.

who brought thee out of the 17 Let thy hand be upon land of Egypt: open thy mouth the man of thy right hand: and wide, and I shall fill it.

12 Buc


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12 But my people would not thou the earth : for thou shalt hear my voice : and Israel take all heathen to thine inhe. would not obey me.

ritance. 13 So I gave them up unto Psalm 83. Deus, quis fimilis? own luits : and let

, O nations.

refrain not thy self, O God. 14 O that my people would 2 For lo, thine enemies make have hearknert unto me: for if a murmuring: and they that Israel had walked in my ways, hate thce, have lift up their

15 I Tould soon have put head. down their enemies: and turn- 3 They have imagined crafed my hand against their ad- tilý against thy people: and taversaries.

ken counsel against thy fecret 16 The haters of the Lord ones. Thould have been found liars : 4 They have said, Come, but their tin.e should have en- and let us root them out, that dured for ever.

they be no more a people : and 17 He should have fed them that the name of liraci may be also with the finest wheat, no more in remembrance. flour : and with hony out of 5 For they have cast their the ftony rock should I have heads together with one consatisfied chce.

'sent : and are con.ederate aEvening prayer.

gainst thee; Psalm 82. Deus ftetit. 6 The tabernacles of the EOd standeih in the congre. domites and the Ismaelites : the

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Judge among gods.

7 Gebal, and Ammon, and 2 How long will ye give Amalech : the Philistines, with wrong judgment : and accept them that dwell at Tyre.

T the persons of the ungodly? & Assur also is joyned with

3 Defend the poor and fa- them : and have holpen the therless : see that such as are in children of Lot. need and necessity have right. 9 But do thou to them as

4 Deliver the out-cast and unto the Madianites: unto Si. poor : save them from the hand sera, and unto Jabin at the of the ungodly.

brook of Kison ; 5 They will not be learned 10 Who perished at Endor: nor understand, but walk on and became as the dung of the Hill in darkness : all the foun- earth. dations of the earth are out of 11 Make them and their course.

princes like Oreb and Zeb : 6 I have said, Ye are gods : yea, make all their princes like and ye are all the children of as Zeba and Salmana; the most Highest.

12 Who say, Let us take to ye Thall die like men : Our selves: the houses of God and fall like one of the princes. in possession. & Arife, O God, and judge

130 my God, make them А

7 But

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like unto a wheel: and as the 8 O Lord God of loits, hear stubble beforethe wind ; my, prayer : hearken, o God

14 Like as the fire that burn- of Jacob. eth up the wood : and as the 9 Behold, O God our deflame that consumech the fender: and look upon the face mountains.

of thine Anointed. 15 Persecute them even so 10For one day in thy courts : with thy tempeft: and make is better than a tirousand. them afraid with thy storm. II I had rather be a door

16 Make their faces asha- keeper in the house of my God: med, O Lord: that they may than to dwell in the tents of seek thy Name.

ungodlines. 17 Let them be confounded 12 For the Lord God is a and vexed ever more and more: light and defence: the Lord let them be put to shame and will give grace and worship, perish.

ad no good thing shall he 18 And they Niall know that withhold from them that live thou whose Name is Jehovah : agodly life. art only the most Highest over 13 O Lord God of hosts: all the earth.

blessed is the man that putteth Pfalm 84. Quam dileita! his trust in thee,

How anviable are thy Píalm 85. Benedixisti, Domine.

dwellings: hosts!

cious unto thy land : thou 2 My soul hath a desire and halt turned away the captivity longing to enter into the courts of Jacob. of the Lord : my heart and my 2 Thou hast forgiven the flesh rejoyce in the living God. offence of thy people : and co

3 Yea, the sparrow hath vered all their sins. found her an house, and the 3 Thou hast: taken away all swallow a nest, where she may thý displeasure: and turned lay her young: even thy al- thy self from thy wrathful intars, O Lord of hosts, my King dignation. and my God.

4. Turn us then, O God our 4. Blessed are they that dwell Saviour : and let chine anger in thy house: they will be al- ceasefrom us. way praising thee.

s Wilt thou be displeased at 5 Blessed is the man whose us for ever : and wile thou strength is in thee: in whose stretch out thy wrath from one heart are thy ways.

generation to another ? 6 Who going through the 6 Wilt thou not turn again vale of misery, use it for a and quicken us: that thy peowell : and the pools are filled ple may rejoyce in thee? with water.

7 Shew us thy mercy, O 7 They will go from strength Lord : and grant us thy salto strength : and unto the God vation. of gods appearech every one of 8 I will hearken what the them in Sion,

Lord God will say concerning

mt :

: thou Lord of

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me : for he Mall speak peace

All nations whom thou unto his people, and to his haft made, Thall come and wore saints, that they turn not again. Dhip thee, O Lord: and thall

For his salvation is nigh glorific thy Name. them that fear him: that glory 10 For thou art greaty and may dwell in our land.

dost wondrous things: thou art io Mercy and truth are met God alone. together : righteousness and

in Teach me thy way, O peace have kissed cach other. Lord, and I will walk in thy II Truth shall flourish out truth : O knit

my heart unca of the earth: and righteousness thee, that I may fear thy Name. liath looked down from heaven. 12 I will thank thee, O Lord

12 Yea, the Lord thall fhew my God, with all my heart : loving kindness: and our land and will praise thy Name for Thall give her increase.

evermore. 13 Righteousness shall go 13 For great is thy mercy tobefore him: and he shall di. ward me: and thou hast deli. redt his going in the way.

vered my soul from the nether

most hell. Morning Prayer. 14. O God, the proud are ri. Pialm 86. Inclina, Domine.

sen against me: and the congreOw down thine ear, o gations of naughty men have I am poor and in misery. not set thee before their eyes.

2 Preserve thou my loul, for 15 But thou, O Lord God, I am holy: my God, save thy art full of compassion and more fervant that puttech' his trutt cy: long-luffering, pienteous in thee.

in goodness and truth. 3 Be merciful unto me, O

16 O turn thee then unto Lord : for I will call daily ap- me, and have mercy upon me: on thee.

give thy ftrength unto thy fer4 Comfort the foul of thy yant; and help the ton of thine servant: for unto thes, O Lord, handmaid. do I lift up my soul.

17 Shew some token upon ş For thou, Lord, art good me for good, that they who and gracious: and ofgreat mer. hate me, may see it, and be cy unto all them that call upon ashamed': because thou, Lord, thce.

haft holpen me, and comfort6 Give ear, Lord, unto my ed me. prayer; and ponder the voice Pialm 87. Fundamenta ejus.. of my hunible desires.

Er foundations are upon 7 In the time of my trouble the holy hills : the Lord I will call upon thee : for thou loveth the gates of Sion more heareft me.

than all the dwellings of Jacobs 8 Among the gods there is 2 Very excellent things are none like unto thee, O Lord : spoken of thee: thou city of there is not one that can do as God. thou dost,

3 I will think upon Rahab


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and Babylon : with them that 9 My fight faileth for very know me.

trouble" : Lord, I have called 4 Behold ye the Philistines daily upon thee, I have stretchalfo : and they of Tyre, with ed forth my hands unto thee. the Morians, lo, there was he 10 Dost thou shew wonders born.

among the dead : or shall the 5 And of Sion it shall be re- dead rise up again, and praise ported that he was born in her : thee? and the most High Mall ftablish 11 Shall thy loving kindness her.

be fliewed in the grave : or thy 6 The Lord shall rehearse it faithfulness in deftruétion? when lie writeth up the people: 12 Shall thy wondrous works that he was born there.

be known in the dark : and thy 7 The singers also and trum- righteousness in the land where peters shall he rehearse : all all things are forgotten? my fresh springs fall be in 13 Unto thee have I cried, thee.

O Lord : and early Niall my Psalm 88. Domine Deus.

prayer come before thee. O Lord Gade of my falvatia 14 Lord, why abhorrest thou

on, I have cried day and my soul : and hideft thou thy night before thee : 0 let my face from me? prayer enter into thy presence, 15 I am in misery, and like incline thine car unto my call- unto him that is at the point to ing.

die : even from my youth up 2 For my soul is full of trou- thy terrors have I suffered with ble : and my life drawech nigh a troubled mind. unts hell.

16 Thy wrathful displeasure I am counted as one of them goeth over me : and the fear of that go down into the pit : and thee hath undone me. I have been even as a man that

17 They came round about hath no strength.

me daily like water : and com4 Free among the dead, like passed me together on every unto them that are wounded, fide. and lie in the grave : who are 18 My lovers and friends haft out of remembrance, and are thou put away from me : and cut away from thy hand.

hid mine acquaintance out of s Thou hast laid me in the my sight. lowest pit : in a place of darkness and in the deep."

Evening Prayer. 6. Thine indignation lieth Psalm 89. Misericordias Domini. hard upon me : and thou haft Y fong shall be alway of vexed me with all thy storms. the loving kindness of

7 Thou hast put away mine the Lord : with my mouth acquaintance far from me: and will I ever be shewing thy made me to be abhorred of cruth from one generation to them.

another. 8 I am so fast in prison : that 2 For I have said, Merey I cannot ger forth

Thall be fet up for ever : thy




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