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under Pontius Pilate, Was cru- Priest. Endue thy Ministers cified, dead, and buried, He with righteousness

. descended into Hell;The third. Answ. And make thy chosen су day he rose again from the people joyful.

dead, Heascended into Heaven, Prieft. O Lord, save thy peo-
And fittech on the right hand ple.
of God the Father Almighty ; Answ. And bless thine inlieo
Froin thence he shall come to ritance.
judge the quick and the dead. Priest. Give

I believe in the Holy Ghoft; time, O Lord.
The holy Catholick Church ; Answ. Because there is none
The Communion of Saints; other that fighterh for us, buc.
The forgiveness of sins; The only thou, O God.
resurrection of the body, And Priest. O God, make clean
the life everlasting. Amen. our hearts within us.

And after that, these Prayers Answ. And take nocthy Holy
following, all devoutly kneel. Spirit from us.
'ing, the Minister first pro- Then shall follow three Collects;
nouncing with a loud voice, . The first of the day, which shall
The Lord be with

be the same that is appointed de

Anfw. And with thy spirit. atthe communion;The second

Minister. Let us pray. for Peace; The third for Grace ECP Lord, have mercy upon us.

to live well. And thetwo last Christ, have mercy upon us. Collets fall never alter, but Lord, have mercy upon us. daily befaid at Morning


Then the Minister, Clerks and er throughout all the year, as be People shall say the Lords followeth; all kneeling. ak Prayer with a loud voice, The second colle&t for

Peace. Ur Father, which art in of peace, and lover of cotiName. Thy Kingdom come. cord, in knowledge of whom Thy will be done in Earth, As ftandeth our eternal life, whose it is in Heaven. Give us this service is perfect freedom, De| day onr daily tread. And for- fend us thy humble fervants in .

give us our trespasses, As we all assaults of our enemies, that the forgive them that trespass a- we surely trusting in thy defeat gainst us. And lead us not in- fence, may not fear the power

to çemptation ; But deliver us of any adversaries, through the from evil. Amen.

might of Jesus Christ our Lord.. Then the Priest standing up Amen. Mall say,

The third Colle{t for Grace, O Lord, thew thy mercy up. O Almighty and everlasting

Anlir. And grant us thy sal- God, who haft safely brought Ely varion.

us to the beginning of this day; Priest. O Lord, favethe King. Defend us in the fame with thy

Answer. And mercifully hear mighty power, and grant that -ed us when we call upon thee. this day we fall into no fin,


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neither run into any kind of Prince of Wales, the Princess, danger ; but that allour doings and their Iffue, and all the may be ordered by thy govern. Royal Family: Endue them ance, to do always that is righ- with thy Holy Spirit ; enrich teous in thy fight, through Je- them with thy heavenly grace; fus Christ our Lord. Amen. prosper them with all happi

In Quires and Places where nefs; and bring them to thine they fing, here followeth the everlasting kingdom, through Anthem.

Jesus Christ our Lord Amen. Then these five Prayers fol- A Prayer for the clergy and lowing are to be read here,

People. except when the Litany is A God, who alone worket

L'mighty and everlasting read; and then only the two laft are to be read, as they great marvels ; Send down upare there placed.

on our Bishops and Curates, 9 A Prayer for the Kings Ma- and all Congregations commitjesty.

ted to their charge, the health

ful Spirit of thy, grace; and O high and mighty, King of pour upon them the continua? kings, Lord of lords, the only due of thy blessing. Grant this, Rulerofprinces, who dost from O Lord, for the honour of our thy thronebehold all the dwel. Advocate and Mediator Jesus lers upon earth; Most heartily Chrift. Amen we beseech thee with thy fa- ( A Prayer of St. Chryfoftom. cious "Sovereign Lord King Auventus "grace at this GEORGE,and io replenish him time with one accord to make with the grace of thy Holy Spi- our common supplications unrit, that he may alway incline to thee, and doit promise, that to thy will, and walk in thy when two or three are gathered way: Endue him plenteously together in thy Name, thou with heavenlygifts granthim in wilt grant their requests; Fulfil health and wealth Jong to live, now, O Lord, the desires and strengthen him that he may petitions of thy fervants,as may vanquish and overcome all his

be most expedient for them enemies; and finally after this

granting us in this world knowlife, he may attain everlasting ledge of thy truth, and in.the joy and felicity, through Jesus world to come life everlasting. Christ our Lord. Amen.

Amen. & A Prayer for the Royal Fa

me 2 Cor. 13. 14. [mighty God, the fountain Themen wie man einer love of A of all goodnets, we hum. God, and the fellowthip of the bly

beseech thee to bless his Holy Ghost, be with us all es Royal Highness GEORGE vermore. Amen. Here endętla the Order of Morning Prayer throughout the rear.



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At the beginning of Evening Prayer, the Minister Mall read with a loud voice come one or more of these sentences of the Scriptures, that follow. And then he mall say that which is written after the said Sentences.

THEN the wicked mani O Lord, correct me, but

turneth away from his with judgnient; not in thine

wickedness that he anger, left thou bring me to hath committed, and doth that nothing. Jer. 10. 24. Psal. 6.1. which is lawful and right, he Repent ye, for the kingdon shall save his soul alive. Exek. of heaven is at hand. S. Matth.

3. 2. I acknowledge my transgres I will arise and go to my fa. fions, and my sin isever before ther, and will say unto him, Fa. me. Pfal. 51. 3.

ther, I have finned against he2Hide thy face from my sins, ven, and before thee, and am and blot out all mine iniqui- no more worthy to be called ties. ver. 9.

1:3 thy fon. S. Luke 15.18, 19. The sacrifices of God are a Enter not into judgment 1

broken spirit: a broken and a with thy fervant, O Lord ; for contrite heart, O God, thou in thy sight shall no man living wilt not despise. ver. 17. be justified. Pfal. 143. 2.

Rent your hearts, and not Ifwe say that we have no fin,

your garments, and turn unto we deceive our selves, and the the Lord your God : for he is truth is not in us. But if we gracious and merciful, flow to confess our fins, he is faithful anger, and of great kindness

, and just to forgive us our sins, & and repenteth him of the evil. and to cleanse us from all 10 Joel 2. 13.

righteousness. 1 S. John 1.8, 9 To the Lord our God beloog mercies and forgiveneftes; Dearly beloved brethren, the though we have rebelled against sundry places to acknowledge him: neither have we obeyed and confess our manifold finis the voice of the Lord our God, and wickedness, and that we to walk in his laws which he set should not diffemble nor cloke before us Dan. 9. 910"

them before the face of Almigh



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ty God our heavenly Father, Jelu our Lord. And grant, O. but confess them with an hum- most merciful Father, for his. ble, lowly, penitent, and obs- fake ; That we may hereafter dient heart, to the end that we live a godly, righteous, and somay obtain forgiveness of the ber life, To the glory of thy same by his infinite goodness holy Name. Amen. and mercy. And although we 4 The Absolution or Remission ought at all times humbly to ac of fins, to be pronounced by knowledge our sins before God, the Priest alone standing; . yet ought we most chiefly so tó the People still kneeling. together; to render thanks

for A Four Lord Jesus Chrift, the great benefits that we have who desireth not the dcath of received at his hands, to set a sinner, but rather that he forth his most worthy praise, to may turn from his wickedness, hear his most holy Word, and and live; and hath given powto ask those things which are er and commandment to his requisite and necessary, as well Ministers, to declare and profor the body as the soul.Where. nounce to his people, being pefore I pray and beseech you, as nitent, the abiolution and remany as are here present, to ac- mission of their fins : He par: company me with a puie heart, doneth and absolveth all them and humble voice, untu the that truly repent, and unfeignthrone of the heavenly grace, edly believe his holy Gospeh faying after me.

Wherefore let us beseech him A general Confession to be said to grant us true repentance and of the whole Congregation af- his Holy Spirit, that those ter the Minister, all kneeling. things may pleate him which A

Lmighty:and most merci- we do aç this present, and that red and strayed from thy ways may be pure and holy, fo that like loft sheep. We have fole at the last we may come to his lowed too much the devices eternal joy, through Jesus and desires of our own hearts. Christ our Lord. Amen. We have offended against thy & Then the Minister shall kneel, holy laws. We have left un and say the Lord's Prayer ; thé dune those things which we People also kneeling, and res onght to have done; And we

peating it withibim. have done those things which


Ur Father, which art in we ought not to have done; Heaven ; Hallowed be chy And there is no health in us. Name. Thy Kingdom come, Bit thou, O Lord, have mercy Thy will be done in Earth, Aş upon us, miserable offenders. it is in Heaven. Give us this Spare thou them, God,which day our daily bread. And forconfess their faults. Restore give us our trespasses, As we thou them that are penitent; forgive them that trespass aAccording to thy promises de gainst us. And lead its not into clared unto mankind in Chrift temptation; But deliver-us from

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evil: For thine is the King- the proud in the imagination i
dom, the Power, and the Glo- of their hearts.
ry, For ever and ever. Amen. He hath put down the migh-

Then likewise be shall say, ty from their leat : and hath 1

O Lord, open thoir our lips. exalted the humble and meck..

Answ. And our mouth Niall He hath filled the hungry Thew forth thy praise. with good things: and the rich

Priest, o God, make speed he hath sent empty away. to save us.

He remembring his mercy Answ. O Lord, make haste hath holpen his fervant Israel:. to help us.

as he promised to our forefa-Here all standing up, the thers, Abraham, and his feed Priest mall say,

for ever. Glory be to the Father, and Glory be to the Father, & ea to the Son : and to the Holy As it was in the, cc.

Or else this Pfalm; Except it Answ. As it was in the begin. ' be on the Nineteenth Day of ning, is now, and ever shall be :: the Month, when it is read world without end. Amen.. in the ordinary course of the

Priest. Praise ye the Lord.' Psalms.

Answ. The Lords Name be Cantate Domino. Psalm 98. praised.

song : for he hath done Psalms in order as they are marvellous things. . appointed. Then a Leffon of With his own right hand, the Old Testament, as is ap- and with his holy arm : hath: pointed : And after that, he gotten himself the victory, Magnificat (or the Song of The Lord declared his falva-the blessed Virgin Mary, in tion: his righteousness hath he.: English, as followeth. openly fnewed in the fight of Magnificat. S. Luke 1. 45. the heathen.

Y magnifie the He hath remembred his mer.. hath rejoyced in God my Sa- of Hírael : and all the ends of viour.

the world have seen the salva... For he hath regarded: the tion of our God. lowliness of his hand-maiden. Shew your selyes joyful unito

For behold, from henceforth: the Lord, all ye lands: fing, re..

all generations Thall call me joyce, and give thanks. cly blefled.

Praise the Lord upon the is with a magnified me : and holy is his psalm of thanksgiving. Name.

With trumpets also.. and And his merey is on them Jiawms : 0 thew your selves that fear him : throughout all joyful befyre the Lord. the generations.

He hath Mewed strength Let the fea make a noise,and widi bis amm: he hath scattered all that therein is : the round

B 6

Then shall be said or Sung the O Sing unto the Lord a new

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M Lord : and may ipitie cy and truth toward the house


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