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Adamson, Hon. Robert, Fire Commissioner, New York city.......2303, 2425 Andrews, Irene Osgood, Assistant Secretary American Association for Labor Legislation

2659 Arctander, Arthur, Taxpayers' Alliance of the Bronx, New York city.. 2465 Bangs, Charlotte R., Brooklyn, N. Y..

2806 Bloomingdale, E. W., Counsel Retail Dry Goods Association, New York city

2622 Blumstein, Louis M., department store, New York city.

2712 Brady, Peter J., Secretary Allied Printing Trades Council, New York city

2380, 2747 Brandeis, Louis D., lawyer, Boston, Mass.

2877 Brown, Rome G., lawyer, Minneapolis, Minn..

2851 Bruère, Hon. Henry, City Chamberlain, New York city.

2295, 2412 Buek, Charles, Real Estate Owners and Builders' Association, New York city

2466 Byrne, John F., Manager City Button Works, New York city.

2717 Cohen, Julius Henry, Counsel Dress and Waist Manufacturers' Association, New York city.

2367 Connolly, Hon. Maurice E., President Borough of Queens, New York city 2443 Conover, Frank E., Vice-President Mechanics and Traders' Exchange, New York city..

2483 Crankshaw, Alfred H., H. Bridgman Smith Co., paper box manufacturers, New York city...

2749 Davis, Gherardi, lawyer, New York city.

2515 Dean, Dr. Arthur D., Chief of the Division of Vocational Schools, New York State Department of Education......

2573 Devine, Dr. Edward T., Director School of Philanthropy, New York city. 2795 Dodge, Stephen W., President South Midwood Residents' Association ... 2483 Doyle, Edward P., Vice-President Realty Notice Corporation, New York city

2493 Dutcher, Elizabeth, Secretary Retail Clerks' Union, New York city 2833 Ehrich, Manfred W., lawyer, New York city..

2920 Emerson, Dr. Haven, Deputy Health Commissioner, New York city. 2452 Fardy, Mrs. Anna, low paid worker, New York city...

2811 Finley, Dr. John H., President of the University of the State of New York

2584 Firth, Margaret Kerr, compositor, New York city..

2771 Fischer, Benjamin, L. Loewy & Sons, shirt manufacturers, New York city

2730 Francis, Charles, President Charles Francis Press, New York city. 2671 Frayne, Hugh, New York Representative American Federation of Labor. 2735 French, Harry N., Counsel Building Trades Employers' Association, New York city



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Furst, Mr., President South Bronx Property Owners' Association ...... 2464 Gilbert, Mrs., former department store worker, New York city

2808 Goldberg, Abraham, New York Society of Architects..

2510 Goldmark, Josephine, Publication Secretary National Consumers' League 2772 Graff, Leslie B., Altman & Co., department store, New York city. 2700 Greenhut, Benedict J., department store, New York city...

2697 Hammitt, Joseph O., Chief, Bureau of Fire Prevention, New York city

2398, 2530 Hammond, Prof. Matthew Brand, member Industrial Commission of Ohio

2900 Hoile, James T., Secretary Manufacturers' Association of New York... 2291 Keish, Wm. C., S. E. Greenfield's Sons, candy manufacturers, New York city

2728 Kirkus, Alfred R., Merchants' Association, New York city.

2329 Kohn, Robert D., New York Chapter, American Institute of Architects.. 2453 Korn, Dr. Abraham, Harlem Property Owners' Association.. .2372, 2521 Laureyn's, Gustave G., engineer, New York city...

2384 Lee, Algernon, Director Rand School of Social Science. .

2814 Leonard, Robert J., Professor of Industrial Education, Indiana University

2598 Lynch, Hon. James M., State Commissioner of Labor.

.2283, 2477 Lynn, Preston, John Wanamaker, department store, New York city. ... 2709 McAneny, Hon. George, President Board of Aldermen, New York city.. 2419 McIntosh, Alexander, Brooklyn Chapter, American Institute of Architects

2471 McMahon, Rt. Rev. D. J., Supervisor of Catholic Charities, New York city

2754 Marks, Hon. Marcus M., President, Borough of Manhattan, New York city

2308, 2474 Marot, Helen, Member Bookkeepers' Union, New York city.

2823 Marsh, Benjamin C., New York city..

2848 Martin, Hon. John, Commissioner of Education, New York city. 2743 Matthewson, Hon. Douglas, President, borough of the Bronx, New York city

2430 Miller, Rudolph P., Superintendent of Buildings, New York city. 2406 Mitchell, Hon. John, Workmen's Compensation Commissioner.

2722 Moore, John W., Superintendent of Buildings, borough of Queens, New York city

2503 Murphy, Hon. John J., Tenement House Commissioner, New York city.. 2338 Nathan, Mrs. Frederick, President, New York City Consumers' League. . 2819 Newman, Pauline M., International Ladies' Garment Workers Union. . 2868 Nolan, James, Chief Clerk, Bureau of Buildings, borough of Richmond, New York city.

2451 Norwood, Frederick H., manufacturer, Brooklyn, N. Y.

2397 O'Brien, James A., builder, Elmhurst, L. I...

2487 O'Leary, Iris Prouty, investigator, Industrial Training Investigation.. 2589 Orenstein, Marie, investigator, cost of living, New York city.

2649 Packard, Esther, investigator, cost of living, in New York State. 2606

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Pounds, Hon. Lewis H., President, borough of Brooklyn, New York city.. 2441
Reville, Patrick J., Builders' Protective Association, New York city... 2478
Rosenbaum, Solomon G., President, National Cloak and Suit Co., New
York city


2840 Rubinow, Dr. Isaac, statistician, New York city Ryan, Thomas P., President, District Council of Carpenters, New York city

2872 Schaeffler, Joseph C., New York Society of Architects.

2462 Schoonmaker, Elmer, Taxpayers' Alliance of the Bronx, New York city.. 2472 Seager, Prof. Henry R., President, American Association for Labor Legislation

2790 Seligman, Edwin R. A., Professor of Economics, Columbia University..2764 Simon, Robert E., Real Estate Conference, New York city.

2422 Skeel, Roswell, Jr., investigator, wages in button industry.

2640 Stewart, F. J. T., Superintendent, New York Board of Fire Underwriters 2458 Stone, N. J., statistician, Wage Scale Board, New York city.

2779 Straus, Percy S., R. II. Jacy & CO., President, Retail Dry Goods Association, New York city.

2687 Swartz, Nellie, Secretary, New York City Consumers' League.

2846 Tomlin, F. S., Brooklyn Central Labor Union...

2716 Van Kleeck, Mary, Director of Investigation, Committee on Women's Work, Russell Sage Foundation.

. 2628, 2801 Veiller, Lawrence, Secretary, Tenement House Committee, New York city 2344 Waid, D. Everett, New York Chapter, American Institute of Architects. 2456 Weil, L. Victor, United Real Estate Owners' Association, New York city

2362 Weyl, Dr. Walter E., Editor, “ The New Republic," New York city. 2756 Williams, Hon. William, Commissioner of Water Supply, Gas and Electricity, New York city..

2360 Wilson, L. A., Inspector, Vocational Schools, State Department of Education

2586 Woolston, Dr. Howard B., Director of Wage Investigation.


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