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sador was the worst man that ever was; for because my lady Cleveland will not love him, he strives to ruin her the basest in the world; and would have me to sacrifice the chevalier de Chatilion to his revenge ; which I shall not do till I see better proofs of his having meddled in the marriage of the Dauphin and Madamoiselle than any yet the ambassador has shewed me. This methinks is what you cannot but be offended

at, and I hope you will be offended with him for his holle proceeding to me, and let the world see you will never countenance the actions of so base and ill a man. I had forgot to tell you that he told the king of France, that many people had reported, that he had made love to me; but that there was nothing of it; for that he had too much respect for you to think of any such thing. As for my lady Sussex, I hope you will think fit to send for her over, for she is now mightily discoursed of for the ambassador. If you will not believe me in this, make enquiry into the thing, and you

will find it to be true. I have desired Mr. Kemble to give you

this letter, and to discourse with you at large upon this matter, to know your resolution, and whether I may expect that justice and goodness from you which all the world does. I promise you that for my conduct, it shall be such, as that you nor nobody shall have occasion to blame me. And I hope you will be just to what you said to me, which was at my house when you told me you had letters of mine ; you said, Madam, all that I ask of you for your own sake is, live so for the future as to make the least noise you can, and I care not who you love. Oh! this noise that is had never been, had it not been for the ambassadors malice. I cannot forbear once again saying, I hope you will not gratify his malice in my ruin.

(N. B. Ann Palmer, natural daughter by adoption of

King Charles II, by Barbara duchess of Cleveland, was married to Thomas Lennard lord Dacres, created earl of Suffolk by king Charles II. History of the Royal Family, p. 256. 8vo. London, 1713;-and Wood's Fasti, vol. II. c. 154.)


G. WOODFALL, Printer,
Angel Court, Skinner Street, London.

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