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privy council, strictly enjoin and require that no pri. vate person do presume to make any purchase from the said Indians of any lands reserved to the said Indians, within those parts of our colonies where we have thought proper to allow settlements, but that if, at any time, any of the Indians should be inclined to dispose of the said lands, the same shall be purchased only for us, in our name, at some public meeting or assembly of the said Indians, to be held for that purpose by the governor or commander in chief of our colonies, respectively, within which they shall lie; and in case they shall lie within the limits of any proprietary government they shall be purchased only for the use, and in the name, of such proprietaries, cona formable to such directions and instructions, as we or they shall think .proper to give for that purpose: and we do, by the advice of our privy council, declare and enjoin that the trade with the said Indians shall be free and open to all our subjects whatever, provided that every person who may incline to trade with the said Indians do take out a license for carrying on suciz trade from the governor and commander in chief of any of our colonies, respectively, where such person shall reside, and also give security to observe such regulations as we shall at any time think fit, by ourselves or by our commissaries, to be appointed for this purpose, to direct and appoint for the benefit of the said trade; and we do hereby authorize, enjoin and require the governors and commanders in chief of all our colonies respectively, as well those under our immediate government, as those under the government and direction of proprietaries, to grant such licenses without fee or reward, taking especial care to insert therein a condition that such license shall be void, and the security forfeited, in case the person to whom the same is granted sball refuse or neglect to observe such regulations as we shall think proper to prescribe as aforesaid.

And we do further expressly enjoin and require all officers whatever, as well military as those employed in the management and direction of Indian affairs within the territories reserved, as aforesaid, for the use of the said Indians, to seize and apprehend all persons whatever, who standing charged with treasons, misprisions of treason, murders, or other felonies or misdemeanors, shall fly from justice, and take refuge

in the said territory, and to send them under a proper guard to the colony where the crime was committed of which they stand accused, in order to take their trial for the same.

[From Marshall's life of Washington, Vol. 1. Appendix Note X 37.)

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Statutes at Large.


Buckingham and Amherst
Allowed in tobacco payments formed 419. Part of Louisa
392, 423.

added to Albemarle 420.-

Justices of Albemarle to re-
Parish of Accomack, in coun fund to Amherst and Buck-

ty of Accomack divided, and ingham their proportion for
St. George formed 614.

weights and measures, before

the division 625.
of privates of militia, of what

to consist 94. Of officers 99. Town of, enlarged 604. Li-
Time allowed to provide mits 605. Privileges of own-
thein 99.

ers of marsh lots 606.

To be ferry free 103.

County, formed from Albe-

marle 419. Boundaries 420.
Edward Montague, Esq. ap-

Court days 420. Parish
pointed agent in Great Bri.

of Amherst formed from
tain 276. Committee of cor-

St. Anne 1421. Glebe land
respondence and their duty

of Sta Anne's parish to
276. A majority to act 276.

be sold and the money di.
Salary of agent 276. Agent

vided between that parish
removeable by committee 277.
Authorised to receive money,

and Tillotson and Amherst

422. Justices of Albemarle
granted by parliament, to

to refund to Amherst and
aid the southern colonies, in
the French & Indian war 374.

Buckingham, their propor-

tion for weights and mea-
Act for appointing an agent

sures before the division 625.
explained 375. Committee to
correspond with enlarged 646

ALBEMARLE. Vestry of Antrim parish in
Albemarle county divided, and Halifax dissolved 301. Au-

thorised to sell their glebe 438 347-464-495. Old regiment

completed and continued 370,
Owners of mills on Appomat 381, 464. Officers of Virgi-

tox river compellable to nia regiment rewarded, on
make slopes through their being disbanded 492.
dams 409. Act amended 590.

Trustees appointed 592.- Militia privileged from, when,
Penalty for building hedges, 100. When in actual service
or stops over 593.


of militia, how provided 94. Pay of 28-112. Part of new

Must be furnished by ex recruits to be employed as ar-
empts 94. Time allowed to tificers 279.
provide them 99. Privileged

from executions 100. Pe Act for encouraging arts and
nalty for embezzling 113. manufactures 288., Amend-

ed 563. Trustees appointed
Provision for recruiting to pro 288. Their duty 289. No-

secute French and Indian tice of premiums 289. Max-
war 11. New recruits to imum of premium 289. Use-
compose Royal American Re ful discoveries bow notified
giment 61. To be augment 289. Premiums, how paid
ed by drafts 69. Mode of 290. Subscriptions, how rais.
drafting 70-75. Forces aug ed 290. Premiums 567. Sub-
mented 163. Bounties 164. scribers names 568.
Huw forces disposed of 164.

Rangers 164. Friendly In- Act for better regulating elec-
dians, provision for 165. tion of members of &c. 518.
Reward for Indians' scalps An assembly to be held once
165. Act repealed 241. New in three years 518, writs to
taxes, land and poll 166-174. be issued, when 518. Free-
Treasury notes 167-174. holders qualified to vote 518.
Forts garrisoned by militia Number of members for
169. When to be discharged each county 518. James Ci.
168. Pay, of directed 172. ty 518. Qualification of vo-
Rangers employed 172-173. ters 518. Joint-tenants and
Payment for provisions to tenants in common 519.-
sundry persons 179-231. Further qualifications 519.
Forces continued in service, Who deprived of the privi.
to aid in attack on fort Du lege of voting 519. Penalty
Quense 252. Regiment in for voting, not being quali-
pay of the colony to be com fied 519. Onus probandi on
pleted 255. Additional for whom 520. Mode of elec-
ces 256-357-495. Forces fur. tion 520. Penalties 520.-
ther continued in service 531 Freeholders, under a penalty


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