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Current Money To Thomas Coulthard, for a horse impressed and lost,

1. 6 To Benjamin Vanlandingham, an express,

1 5 To Edward Seed,


5 To Thomas Graffert,


1 3 4 To Garrett Bolin,


5 To William Sewell, for an express, and a cart and horses,

2 8 To William West, for necessaries and expresses, ,5 10 10 To John Gladin, for necessaries for the soldiers, 2 18 'To Richard Moxley,


16 3 To Carlyle and Dalton, for powder, lead, flints, and for an express,

6 10 71 To the clerk for certifying ten claims,

er to er er


To the Militia of the county of Culpeper, viz.

lbs. tob. To William Russell, Lientenant-Colonel,

640 To William Brown, Captain,

2700 To John Field, Lieutenant,

2375 То do. for two horses impressed and employed in the service,

2700 To George Weatherall, serjeant,

1710 To Roger Dixon, assignee of William Nalle, junior, 1656 To William Nalle, the elder,

1710 To Charles Yancey, Ensign,

1900 To John Strother, Captain,"

2850 To Francis Strother, Lieutenant,

- 2375 Tr William Roberds, Ensign,

1900 To Stephen Rogers, Serjeant,

1710 To John Gambill, do.

1710 To Henry Gambill, do.

1710 To Sallis Hansford, do.

1710 To do. for a horse impressed and employed in the service,

230 To eight foot soldiers, viz. Francis Cooper, William

M Daniel, John Thomas, Miles Murfee, John Hayes,
John Graham, assigned to John Strother, Joshua
Sherald, assigned to do. and William Wall, assigned
of William Green, 1385 each,

11080 To nineteen foot soldiers, viz. Jacob Browning. William

Boworn, John Laton, Richard Burk, Richard Parks,
Nicholas Yager, Cornelius Mitchell, John Browning,
William Tapp, Samuel Moore, John Willhoit, John

lbs. tol. Strother, assignee of James Gillison, Benjamin Morgan, John Shropshire, David Bridges, Roger Dixon, assignee of John Youmger, John Bowman, George Goggan, Martin Nalle, assignee of Mordock Mackenzie, and William Eastham, assignee of Jacob Wall, 1425 each,

28500 To William Russell, for his servant, John Dixon, Wright, a foot soldier,

180 To Roger Dixon, assignee of Daniel Delaney and Alexander Baxter, foot soldiers,

2760 To John Cave, James Nash, William Twiman, and Joel Yarborough, foot soldiers, 1380 each,

5520 To Francis Grant, foot soldier,

1245 To Adam Maland, Adam Barler, John Greson, John Rels

back, Andrew Carpenter, Lewis Fisher, John Gloor,
Matthias Weaver, Christopher Barler, Timothy
Swindele, John Plunketpeter, Matthias Rouce, and
William Yager, foot soldiers, 105 each,

1365 To John Grim, Jacob Harroback, and Harmer Young, foot soldiers, 150 each,

450 To Henry Gaines, a foot soldier,

120 To Henry Stringfellow,

260 To William Roberts, for one horse impressed and employed, 270 To Francis Strother, for do.

270 To John Strother assignee of William Shropshire, for do. 270 To do. assignee of James Gillison, for do.

270 To do. assignee of Benjamin Morgan, for do.

270 To do. assignee of Robert M.Clanahan, for one cow for the militia,

500 To William Brown, assignee of John Hite, for one sheep and two shoats for do.

300 To do. assignee of do. for 591 lbs. of flour, and two bags for do.

1382 To John Strother, assignee of Robert M.Coy, for bread for do.

100 To do. assignee of Sarah Chester, for one sheep for do. 150 To John Strother, assignee of John Hite, for meal for do. 80 To do. assignee of Robert M.Coy, for one steer for do. 350 To do. assignee of Charles Perkins, for waggon hire, 375 To George Weatherall, for bread,

40 To Samuel Moore, for corn,

100 To William Roberts, for meat and bread,

160 To William Johnson, for do.

310 To William Duncan, for beef,

300 To John Strother, for beef, bread, salt, and three bags, 510 ibs. tobo To John Rosin, assignee of William Judd, for one horse inpressed and employed,

120 To William Green, assignee of Charles Lewis, for one cow, 700 To the clerk for certifying 84 allowed claims,


To the Militia of the County of Prince-William, viz.

lbs. tob. To John Frogs, Major,

920 William Baylis, Captain,

2400 Richard Taylor, Lieutenant of Horse,

2790 William Splane, do.

2790 Williarn Farrow, Cornet,

2325 Samuel Porter, Corporal, ,

2046 Jacob Spilman, do.

2046 William Whaley, do.

2046 Lewis Reno, do.

2046 William Buchanan, Corporal,

1452 Thomas Foard, do.

1452 George Kenner, do.

1452 Henry Floid, Serjeant,

1188 Foushee Tebbs, Captain,

390 John Baylis, do.

780 Jaines Seaton, Lieutenant of Foot,

650 Richard Hampton, do.

550 To fifteen Troopers, viz. John Nevill, Richard Matthews,

Benjamin Wilson, Stephen Maurice, Thomas Mar-
shall, Richard Marshall, John Luttrell, Thomas
Doyle, Joshua Welch, Nathaniel Freeman, Standley
Singleton, Samuel Batson, John Murray, William
Fielder, snd Andrew Cannaird, 1860 each,

27900 To twenty-one Troopers, viz. John M.Millon, Henry

Kemper, John Fishback, Clement Norman, Joseph
Martin, Richard Byrne, Peter Pierce, Michael Lynn,
John Cornwell, John Dowell, William Key, Robert
Nevill, Thomas Gardner, Charles Smith, Isaac Gib-
son, Benjamin Edwards, John Coreham, Griffin
Matthews, Jolin Bland, junior, William Peake, and
William Berry, 1320 each,

27720 To Gilbert Crupper, a Trooper,

180 William Barr, do.

160 Nathaniel Overal, do.

260 Samuel Grigsby, do.

180 To fifteen foot soldiers, viz. Nicholas Hill, John Bolling,

Edward Oneal, Joseph Neal, John Carter, Thomas


168. tob. Shirley, Lewis Oden, John Green, Martin Suttle, David Parsons, George Rose, John Low, James Crocket,

William Suttle and William Bolling, 1395 each 20925 To six foot soldiers, viz. Isaac Settle, William Jenings,

Valentine Barton, Williain Crouch, Moses Coppage,
and John Rice, 990 each,

5940 To William Baylis for paid John Edwards,

12 s. To George Calvert, junior, for an express, 6 s. 8d. To the clerk for certifying two allowed claims, For the following claims from the County of Hampshire, viz.

lbs. tob. To George Parker, for two hogs,

510 John Decker, for one barrel of Corn,

120 John Kirkendale, for corn and wheat,

175 Sarah Decker, for corn,

hang 2 Jolin Forman, for wheat,

180 William Buffinton, for one cow,

450 Do. for corn and wheat,

601 Do. for wheat and flour,

124 Margaret Sinder, for corn,

45 To Mary Sinder, for one hog and one shoat,

200 Nathaniel Kirkendale, for two steers,

1310 Do. for corn,

60 Do. for one hog and corn,

402 Henry Vanmeter, for three Beeves,

1080 Do. for salt,

360 Thomas M.Guire, for corn,

72 Benjamin Kirkendale, for corn,


1. S. d. To David Gummery, for corn,

4 To William Buffinton, for wheat,

16 6 To do. for four steers and one mutton,

8 12 To do. for two steers,

5 8 To George Parker, assignee of James Fowler, for one cow,

1 16 3 To Benjamin Kirkhendale, for pork and flour, 1 16 3 To Henry Vanmeter, for beef, pork, flour & corn, 11 2 2 To Abrahanı Hite, for corn,

1 18 ToJobn Kirkendale, forbeef, flour, pork and salt, 5 12 1 To Job Pearsal, for one log and salt,

1 6 4 To Joseph Edwards, for flour and bread, hany 18 12 To do. for cheese and salt,

8 7 To do. for pasturage of horses,

1 1 6 To David Edwards, for one cow,

2 D-VOL. 7.


An Act for amending the several acts, for

making provision against invasions and insurrections, and for amending and explaining ari act passed this present session of Assembly, intituled, An Het for raisins the sum of twenty five thousand pounds for the beiter protection of the inhabitants on the frontiers of this colony, and for other purposes therein mentioned.,

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Officers im- I. WHEREAS it is necessary that the act of Aspowered to sembly made in the twenty-second year of his majesimpress.

ty's reign, intituled, An act for making provision against invasions and insurrections, should be further amended, Be it therefore enacted, by, the Lieutenant-Governor, Council, and Burgesses of this present General Assembly, and it is hereby enacted, by the authority of the same, That when any forces shall be raised out of the militia of this colony, according to the directions of the said act, or according to the act made in the twenty ninth year of his majesty's reign, intituled, An act, for amending an act, intituled, An act for making provisions against invasions and insurrections, it shall, and

may be lawful for any commissioned officer, commanding any part of the same, by warrant, under the hand and seal of any county-lieutenant, colonel, lieutenant-colonel, or major, to impress and take up necessary provisions of, and from any person or persons, and to impress and take up sloops and boats necessary for the transportation of forces over rivers and creeks, or the main bay of Chesapeak, together with the rigging, tackle, furniture and apparel belonging thereunto, and also all manner of carts, wasgons, draught-horses or oxen, or other conveniences for the land-carriage of provisions, great guns, arms and amınunition froin place to place, and likewise any manner of utensils, tools or instruments, which shall, or may be wanted for digging or entrenching, or towards the mounting the great guns, and making them useful: And further, that it shall be lawful by warrant,

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