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second year of his present majesty's reign, intituled, An Art for the settlement and regulation of Ferries, and for Dispatch of public Expresses, as to so much thereof as relates to the ferries thereby established from Henry Cary's land, over James river, to the land of the said Cary: From the land of colonel Richard Bland, in the county of Prince-George, to the land of Mss. Anderson, in the county of Charles-City; and from the land of William Pride, called the store landing, in the county of Henrico (now Chesterfield) to Anthony's landing, in the county of Prince-George, shall be, and the same is hereby repealed and made void.

IV. Provided always, That the execution of this act shall be suspended until his majesty's approbation thereof be first had and obtained.


An Act for the relief of the sufferers by To

bacco burnt in Crutchfiéld's and Pitt's Warehouses, and for other purposes

therein mentioned.

1. WHEREAS by an act of assembly made in the twenty-second year of the reign of his present majes- for tobacco

Reparation ty, intituled, An Act for amending the Staple of To-burnt in bacco, and preventing frauds in his majesty's Customs, Crutchfield's it is amongst other things enacted, That when any warehouses. public warehouses should be thereafter destroyed by fire the Joss thereby occasioned should be defrayed by the public.

II. And whereas large quantities of tobacco have been lately arcidentally burnt in the public warehouses at Crutchfield's, in the county of Hanover, and at Pitt's, in the county of Accomack; an account of which tobacco, with the names of the proprietors, as taken by the commissioners appointed for that purpose, is contained in a schedule hereunto annexed: Be it therefore enacted, by the Lieutenant-Governor, Council, and Burgesses, of this present General Assembly, and it is hereby enacted, by the authority of the same, That John Ro

binson, esquire, treasurer, or the treasurer of this colony for the time being, appointed by or pursuant to an act of assembly, out of the public money in his hands, shall, on or before the last day of October next ensuing, pay to the sufferers respectively, with an interest of five per centum per annum from the time of passing this act, according to the several quantities by them lost, as mentioned in the said schedule, after the rates following, that is to say: For the crop tobacco passed at Crutchfield's warehouse twenty shillings per centum: For the transfer tobacco passed at the said warehouse two pence per pound; and for tobacco refused at the said warehouse and put by to be picked twelve shillings and six-pence per rentum. And for the crop tobacco passed at Pitt's warehouse thirteen shillings and six-pence per centum: For the transfer tobarco passed at the said warehouse twelve shillings per centum: For tobacco viewed and put by to be picked eight shillings per centum; and for the tobacco burnt at the said warehouse before it was inspected nine shillings per centum.

IV. And whereas some of the suffereps by tobacco burnt in Bolling's-Point warehouse, in the county of Dinwiddlie, were omitted to be mentioned in the memorial of the inspectors, and therefore not reimbursed for such their losses under the former acts of assembly: Be it further enacted, by the authority aforesaid, That the said treasurer, out of the public money in his hands, shall, on or before the said last day of October next ensuing, pay to the said sufferers, with an interest of five per centun. per annum, from the ninth day of July, one thousand seven hundred and fifty five, according to the rates and for the quantities following, that is to say: To Thomas Tabb for one thousand and tweive pounds of tobacco, and Alexander Mackie for nine hundred and thirty-nine pounds of tobacco, at fourteen shillings per centum each: To Theophilus Field for one thousand and thirty-nine pounds of tobacco, at fift: en shillings per centum: To Lewis Burwell for three thousand pounds of tobacco, and the executors of Armistea: Burwell, deceased, for two thousand pounds of tobacco, at twelve shillings and sixpence per centum.


A SCHEDULE of Tobacco burnt at Crutchfield's

and Pilt's Warehouses, to which this Act refers.

[blocks in formation]

Crop Tobacco refused and not picked. Drury Pulliam,

One Hogshead Lewis Thomas,

One do. Alexander Reid,

One do. James Hooper,

One do. James Grantland,

One do. Andrew Manner,

Two do.

620 450 1000 350 710 1800

R_Voc. 7.


Owners Names.
William Spiller,
William Taylor,
Francis Jerdone,
John Snelson,
David Crafford,
Samuel Gist,
Harry Tomkins,
Thomas Tinsley, jun.
James Lewis and Lucy his wife,
Robert Donald,
Charles Smith,
Francis Jerdone,
Samuel Gist,
Harry Tomkins,
Rachael King,
Christopher Tomkins,
Bowler Cocke,
John Syme,
Thomas Tinsley,
Humphry Bell,
Benjamin Brown,
James Bunch,


347 190 430 124 442 818

63 232 601 410 158 728 173 209 760 400 515 400 164 611 185 315



Nett quan.

Owners Names.

Marks. Numbers. Edward Kerr,


1 do.


7 do.


1 do.


8 do.


1 Bowdoin Robins


1 Jamas Scott and


1 Archibald White,

2 do.

1 do.

2 do.

3 do.

4 do.

5 do.

6 do.


1 Edward Kerr, for Transfer Tobacco made Crop,


960 1022 1015 958 978 979 1074 983 950 955 951 954 952 950 985 8780


Owners Names.


Thomas Milman,
Catherine Pitts,
Francis Welburne,
Accomack County,
Robert Pitt's Executors,
Ephraim Waggaman,
Joseph Goutee,
James Parker,
Edward Thornton,
Thomas Bevans,
Isaac Hill,
Bartholomew Scot,
John Townshend,
Covengton Corbin,
William Cord,
James Scot and Archibald White,

45 102 220 1881 2267

28 846 1006 28 57 251 46 14 967 235 304

Tobacco Inspected and not Picked.

Daniel Mifflin,

5 Hogsheads,

Quantity 4300.

Uninspected Tobacco.

Henry Crosby,

150 Obediah Thornman,

80 Bartholomew Scot,

20 [Note.- Where the Asterism * is prefixed, the Letters should be in a Piece.]

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